B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/21/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/21/17


Episode # 7720 ~ Eric and Quinn share a special moment sharing how thankful they are for each other and their love; Bill feels guilty when Liam expresses his feelings for him and how much he loves his father.

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Steffy: Tell me you're not gonna say anything! I'm not gonna lose my marriage over this! I'm gonna be a good and loyal wife to your son, and neither one of us are gonna breathe one word to liam or to anyone about this!

[ Door opens ]

Justin: Dollar bill. You're supposed to be on the stella maris.

Bill: Change of plans. Cancel the stella maris and the jet. Trip's off.

Justin: What happened?

Bill: I'm not going anywhere, justin. Aren't you listening? Just cancel the trip. What I thought was happening isn'T.

Liam: Cancel all your big plans for the day?

Steffy: What?

Liam: At the office.

Steffy: Oh, no, I wanted to stay here.

Liam: Well, I'm glad you did.

[ Laughing ] I -- I came out, and I was just standing there, staring at you, and... I don't know how I missed it so easily.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Just...how precious this all is. How close I came to losing you. One thoughtless, stupid reckless moment, and I put everything i care about in jeopardy, and... you are such a wonderful woman, and I am so glad you chose to forgive me, and I am so sorry that I broke my vows to you.

Steffy: Please stop, liam. I'm not that wonderful.

Rick: Who needs mistletoe?

Maya: Oh, it is too soon for that.

Rick: Are you kidding me? The mannequins down on rodeo already have santa hats on.

Maya: [ Giggles ] You're right.

Rick: Yeah.

Eric: Hello, you two. Not even thanksgiving yet, and the house is filling up with revelers.

Maya: Hello.

Eric: Hello.

Rick: Hey, dad. How are you?

Maya: Caught!

Eric: How are you?

Rick: Good. We didn't show up too early, did we?

Eric: Well, if you've come to help us get ready, you're right on time.

Maya: All right. We're ready. [ Chuckles ]

Maya: We came to lend a hand.

Rick: Thanksgiving is a big event around here.

Eric: Well, I'm told it's gonna be bigger and better than ever.

Maya: Oh! Really?

Quinn: No! No, no. Don't look at me. I've been told to stay out of my own kitchen.

Maya: By who?

Quinn: Well...

Pam: I don't know, charlie. I felt like the ratio was totally off last year.

Charlie: Well, yeah, I mean, we had to cut back on the butter for eric, but, honey...

Pam: I know.

Charlie: It was delicious.

Pam: Not really.

Maya: Hey, guys.

Pam: Ooh! Hi!

Maya: We've come to help!

Pam: Oh! How nice of you.

Charlie: Yeah! That's really, uh... that's really, uh... isn't that great, honey?

Pam: That's sweet, maya, but you know what, we really got it totally under control.

Charlie: Yeah.

Maya: Okay.

Pam: But you're coming tomorrow, right?

Maya: We wouldn't miss it.

Pam: Oh, good. I mean, it's a shame that zende won't be here, but you must be so excited that your sister's back from paris.

Maya: I am, yeah.

Eric: Well, zende will be missed, but we're gonna have a full house for thanksgiving.

Rick: The bigger, the better, right, dad?

Eric: Friends, family -- everyone's welcome.

Quinn: Well, I know one person who's not gonna be welcome, and that would be sheila carter.

Eric: Uh, no, sheila carter will not be here. After everything that's happened, she wouldn't dare try to crash our thanksgiving.

Justin: What's going on, man?

Bill: I did something unforgivable.

Justin: That's practically an everyday occurrence around here. What?

Bill: Forget it. Just cancel the trip. That's all I need right now.

Justin: Hey. You're not still feeling guilty about spectra, are you?

Bill: No!

Justin: Well, is it liam? The holidays?

Bill: The holidays?

Justin: Being apart from your son, I know it's taken a toll on you, bill. Being at odds with liam, the way he betrayed you.

Bill: I wonder where he learned that from.

Liam: It's like all I saw was my father's selfishness and greed, and you saw this whole other side to him that I didn't see, and you were right. I mean, I should have listened to you. So I promise you, every time you open your mouth from now on, I'm -- I'm all ears.

Steffy: I -- I thought you wanted to move on and put this all behind us.

Liam: I do, I do. I just -- I just want you to know that i get it now, the importance of family loyalty and just being able to trust each other. Obviously I don't approve of what my dad did, but the fact is... he would never betray me the way I betrayed him.

Pam: So, we got to get the turkey in the oven first thing in the morning.

Charlie: I know. We got to peel the potatoes, we got to chop the bread.

Pam: You know what, I think, really, we should do that tonight.

Quinn: No, no! No! I told you you could have my kitchen all day tomorrow, but not a moment before.

Pam: 6:00 A.M., Then.

Quinn: 9:00.

Pam: 7:00.

Quinn: 9:00.

Pam: 8:30.

Quinn: 9:00.

Maya: [ Laughs ] So you aren't gonna let us do anything?

Pam: Oh, there's gonna be plenty to do tomorrow, maya. Don't worry about that.

Eric: I can't wait for this meal. You always do such a wonderful job.

Pam: Thank you so much, eric.

Maya: Let's just hope all the surprises are on our plates, hmm?

Rick: [ Scoffs ] I've seen the guest list. If you're looking for a laid-back, stress-free thanksgiving, you better make plans to eat someplace else.

Eric: No. No, no, no, no. Thanksgiving is always a very magical time in this family. No matter what's going on in our lives, we always manage to rise above.

Pam: I know, but... I hate to say this, eric. This year, I think it might take a miracle worker to bring everyone together.

Bill: I condemned liam for not putting this family first.

Justin: He was blackmailing you.

Bill: And we got past it! Steffy asked me to make things right with liam, and I did that. I couldn't leave it alone. My gut says "go," and it's full steam ahead. I built an empire with those instincts. I mean, they're not wrong, justin. I can't get other people to listen to them. I expect everybody to follow my rules, be loyal to me, loyal to the family. I confront liam about his betraying me, and what do I do? I hit him. I nearly killed him in that explosion.

Bill: The things I've done... terrible things. For a father to do that to his own son... I don't deserve liam's respect. Or his love.

Liam: It's true. Family should have been my priority.

Steffy: So much conflict and emotion... anyone can lose their bearings.

Liam: I was confused. And hurt and angry and frustrated.

Steffy: Those are powerful feelings.

Liam: Powerful enough i almost lost you.

Steffy: No, you didn'T. We renewed our vows. You want a fresh start.

Liam: I know. But I think I want that with my father, too. I do! [ Laughs ] I mean, I know we're gonna disagree and we're gonna butt heads, but... god, he's my dad, and he loves me, and I have to... I have to trust that. You know? And I have to take responsibility for my part in all of this.

Steffy: No. No. No, you don'T. No, you don'T.

Liam: No, I do -- I really do, steffy. I mea, I blackmailed him. I blackmailed my own dad, and i disrespected you, and I broke my marriage vows...

Steffy: But then we made new vows. I thought we were gonna put that all behind us and focus on moving forward.

Liam: I know, but that's -- that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to set things right with my dad. Look, he asked for my forgiveness. It's time that I asked for his. I need -- I need to rebuild his faith in me. But, steffy, I can't -- I can't do that alone. And I'd really like for you to come with me to spencer.

Steffy: No, no, I don't think that's a good idea.

Liam: Why not? Why not? Nobody was as invested in us reconciling as you, right?

Steffy: I -- I know, and i still want that. I just think having me there might complicate things.

Liam: Steffy, this is not just about my father and me. I mean, everything that happened, everything good that happened was because of you.

Justin: I know what you need. A night out. I can't remember --

Bill: That's not what I need.

Justin: Listen, I know everybody's coming down on you, telling you what a bad guy you are, making you question yourself. But you got to stop that. That's not you! That's now what you do!

Bill: No. No, it's not.

Justin: That's right.

Bill: I act.

Justin: That's right.

Bill: I see what I want, and I just -- I just take it.

Justin: That's right! Look at sky, all right? She'll get you out of that mood. All that steel. Concrete. Mirrored glass. When that beauty is built, you will be able to see yourself every way you turn.

Bill: No. No, I don't want to look at myself right now. Just do what I asked. Cancel the stella maris and the jet.

Justin: No trip?

Bill: No trip! And I don't want to hear another word about it!

Pam: Where are we on the seating chart?

Quinn: I left a few messages for steffy. She has not gotten back to me yet.

Maya: Do we really need a seating chart?

Rick: Yeah, we're all family.

Pam: Are -- are you kidding? Other than the food, the seating chart is the most important part of thanksgiving.

Quinn: Yeah, but I think she has a lot going on right now.

Charlie: You know, eric, as head of forrester security, my powers of observation are legendary. So if you need me, I got your back. And your front, you know.

Eric: Thank you, charlie. I think I'll be fine, really. And you're gonna be very, very busy in the kitchen.

Quinn: Yeah, look, I'm sure I'll hear from steffy today. It probably just slipped her mind.

[ Knocks on door ]

Bill: What do I have to do to get some peace around -- liam. Steffy.

Steffy: I, uh, told liam to talk to you himself, but he wants me here.

Liam: I, um...I know I said I'd never come back here, that i was cutting all ties with spencer publications, that we were -- that we were done.

Bill: And I believed you.

Liam: I know you did. You both did. And, uh... I was wrong. I've been wrong a lot lately, and, uh...I'd like to come back. I'd like to work with you again. If you'll have me. I handled this poorly from the beginning. I blackmailed you. My own father. I forced you out of your company, I... I spent all my time focusing on righting your wrongs and never examining my own, and most of all, I didn't listen to this amazing, wise woman who did nothing but try to broker peace, who wouldn't let anything come between us.

Steffy: That's the big thing. That's what we need to be focusing on.

Liam: My values haven't changed. Obviously I have a different vision for this company. Obviously I won't agree with all of your tactics, but... I also know that I'm not always right, and I have to be big enough to admit when I'm wrong. Well... I'm wrong. I betrayed you, and I'm sorry. Would you forgive me?

Quinn: We agreed.

Eric: You won't even notice them.

Quinn: Except for every 10 minutes, they come out of the kitchen wanting us to taste something.

Eric: Well, maybe we should hide out. We'll hide out in the bedroom.

Quinn: [ Gasps ] Oh, mr. Forrester, I love how you think.

Eric: You were gonna try to call steffy again, though.

Quinn: No, I texted her this morning. I'm sure she'll get back to me. You're really worried, aren't you?

Eric: Well, I'm -- I'm wondering if maybe I should be. We find her bracelet in the guesthouse, and then it's not like her to be out of touch. It's like you said. Maybe something's going on in her life.

Quinn: I don't want to think that she and liam are having problems.

Eric: Yeah, neither do I. At any rate, we'll see them tomorrow. They'll be here, and we'll have a wonderful thanksgiving no matter what.

Quinn: Aww, and just the way you like it -- a house full of family.

Eric: I do love that

Quinn: Mm-hmm.

Eric: But I love my time alone with you.

Quinn: Aww. I know. I feel exactly the same way.

[ Sighs ] Especially after this year. I almost lost you. The love of my life. I am so proud to be your wife. To be a part of this...this family tradition and this house with my portrait hanging above the fireplace. I know what it means. You know, it's a honor to be mrs. Eric forrester. And I'm so thankful to you and everything you have brought into my life.

Bill: You want me to forgive you?

Liam: And I -- I understand if you want to think about it, given the way I've behaved.

Steffy: No one's been blameless in this. We've all made mistakes.

Liam: Well, it's time for me to admit mine. Look, there are a lot of causes in this world worth fighting for, but there's nothing more sacred, nothing more... foundational than loyalty. And I'm not -- I'm not just talking about the commitment between a husband and wife. I'm talking about the bond between father and son, and i want you to know I'm ready to make that a priority.

Bill: Why now? We've both said this before.

Liam: Yeah, but the difference is, you meant it. And despite the impressive shiner you left on my face, you've been nothing but loyal and faithful to me, and I think it's time I returned that faith and loyalty.

Bill: Liam...

Liam: No, listen. I got to get this out, okay? I know that you didn't mean to demolish the spectra building with me and sally inside. I know that. And, yeah, it happened, and, yeah, I almost died, but i also know that you saved my life. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way that i treated you afterwards. And I -- I guess what I'm trying to say is... I love you, dad.

Bill: I love you, too, son.

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