B&B Transcript Thursday 11/9/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 11/9/17


Episode # 7712 ~ Wyatt offers Bill his absolute and steadfast allegiance after having seen Bill and Liam's fallout; Liam visits Sally and they rehash their moments in the collapse, which has bonded them forever.

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Liam: [ Coughs ]

Steffy: I got a text from my dad!

[ Coughs ] He just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Liam: Well, tell him -- tell him I am.

Steffy: I did. I told him you were the luckiest man alive.

Liam: Okay. Okay.

Steffy: Oh, my god, liam...

Liam: Hey. Hey. I'm okay.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] Are you? After everything you've been through? After what you and sally have been through, are you really okay?

Sally: I love you, liam.

Coco: I made all your favorites, sis. Well, almost all of them. We didn't have any chocolate chips for the pancakes, so I had to improvise.

Sally: You should not have gone through all this trouble.

[ Coughs ]

Coco: Are you kidding? You're my big sis and my roomie. I almost lost the most important person in my life.

Sally: But you didn'T.

Coco: Thank goodness. But we did lose spectra. And I will never forgive bill spencer for that.

Bill: Have you talked to your brother this morning?

Wyatt: He was in the shower when I called. Steffy said that he's a little sore, coughing a little, but he'll be okay. Physically, at least. What about you? You said you talked to brooke. How'd that go?

Bill: She's more or less written me off. No, correction -- she has written me off.

Wyatt: Geez. Dad....

[ Scoffs ] What happened to liam and sally wasn't your fault. You had no idea they ran back in the building. Brooke understands that, right?

Bill: I don't think she wants to, wyatt. And liam? He's done with me, too.

Wyatt: What exactly happened at the hospital between you and liam?

Bill: Oh, your brother just kept going on and on and on, not pulling any punches, just defending sally spectra. You know, it's like she's got the hold over him.

Wyatt: What do you mean, the hold?

Bill: The hold, wyatt.

Wyatt: The hold. Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Right? Look at his behavior, the decisions he's been making. Everything about propping up sally and spectra. And that was before the explosion. Well, now that she's lost the building, imagine how insufferable he's gonna be. I mean, she's more pathetic than she was before.

Coco: Hey, do you want jam for your toast? We're out, but I could probably borrow some from mrs. Everhart.

Sally: [ Coughs ] The lady across the hall who has six cats all named zoey?

Coco: Yeah. Hey, we should get a pet. Like a sweet little stray from the local shelter. Hey, liam's still a part of that, right? Like, uh, the animal rescue?

Sally: How'd you know about that?

Coco: Steffy must have mentioned it, or maybe it was R.J. Anyway, it's yet another wonderful cause that liam champions. Besides spectra. And you. You have mentioned multiple times that he's your guardian angel.

Sally: [ Coughs ]

Our guardian angel. But you're right. I mean, yeah, without liam... I was really scared that i wasn't gonna make it out of there alive. That I was never gonna see you or grams ever again. But if that had been my last moment, at least I said what i needed to say to liam. I told him how I feel.

Liam: My dad just never should have authorized the --

Steffy: Shh.

Liam: [ Coughs ] He shouldn't have done it. There were -- there were other options on the table, and I was trying to convince him, but no, leveling the building right now was just non-negotiable for him. It'S... it's an obsession.

Steffy: What about your obsession? You defending sally at every turn. Going toe-to-toe with your father over sally, that wasn't enough? You staged a sit-in, liam. You staged a sit-in, something i knew that was gonna end badly, and it did, and for what? For sally spectra? Liam, I could have lost you.

Liam: Trust me, I wish things could be different with my dad, but after this, they're not gonna be.

Steffy: Baby... don't say that. [ Coughs ] He's your father and he loves you.

Liam: Yeah, he loves me in his own way. But I meant what I said at the hospital.

Steffy: Okay, emotions were high, all right? Let's just go back to a place of forgiveness and understanding like you were only a few days ago with your father.

Liam: How am I supposed to do that when I don't trust him? You understand? I don't trust my own father because he almost killed sally and me. And all of that was preventable. But, no! Oh, no! Big dollar bill spencer, he can't look like he's caving in, especially not a puny little sit-in. He has to win, right? He has to win at all costs. That's his thing, and that's exactly what happened. Spectra's gone. Now he gets to build his...idiotic skyscraper and just bask in the glory of that to his ego's content. Well, I don't want to be a part of that, steffy.

[ Coughs ] Especially if it means compromising what I stand for, which is righting wrongs like this.

Steffy: Wrongs done to sally spectra in particular? A woman who have strong feelings about, a woman who has crossed so many lines and undoubtedly will again? You say you don't trust your father. Well, hey, I don't trust sally. Look, I'm glad that she's okay. I know that you two went through something very intense together.

[ Sighs ] I'm just -- I don't want you to feel like you need to help her anymore. Liam... I get it, okay? You've been a friend to her.

[ Coughs ] You've been.... you've been a real, real good friend. Baby... listen to me. I think you need to cut ties with sally spectra. You need to kiss her goodbye.

Liam: Hey, steffy. I, um... I need to go.

Steffy: Okay.

Wyatt: You know I'm here for you, right? Whatever you need me to do...

Bill: Wyatt, listen... you've already shown me so much support and understanding. You've been more loyal than a father could ever hope for.

Wyatt: Well, I'm -- I'm proud to be bill spencer's son. I mean, you've given me a ton of opportunities and an amazing life and everything. Running this company with you and liam is a dream.

Bill: Well, liam's turning his back on that. You know, he'd rather continue playing the knight in shining idiot to sally's damsel in distress. I promise you this -- no good is gonna come from it.

Coco: I read somewhere that people in life-or-death situations tend to share things that they otherwise wouldn'T. Is that what happened with you, sis? You thought you and liam wouldn't make it out alive, so...

Sally: [ Coughs ]

[ Knocks on door ]

Liam: Hey, sally. It's me.

Coco: No, I'll get it.

Sally: [ Coughs ]

Coco: Hey.

Liam: Hey, coco. How's your sister?

Coco: See for yourself. But first, I just -- I want to thank you again for everything you did for sally. I'm gonna go see if the cat lady has any jam.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

[ Coughs ] I know why you're here. The kiss. I get it. Look, it never happened.

[ Coughs ]

Liam: Sally...

Sally: No, liam. The things that I said, the crazy-frightening circumstances, I honestly did not think we were gonna make it out of there alive. You know, when you're young, you don't ever think about dying. You just take risks because you think it'll all be all right, no matter how much the odds are against --

Liam: Sally, the sit-in was my idea. I take full responsibility --

Sally: No, no, no. Look, I don't blame you for any of that, okay?

[ Coughs ] You were trying to save spectra because you knew how much it meant to me and my family, and you were not gonna let bill destroy it without a fight. I have never had anyone in my corner like that ever before.

Liam: I'm sorry I couldn't stop him.

Sally: Me, too, you know? But we gave it our all. And then some.

Liam: Well...

Sally: [ Coughs ]

Liam: Hey, the building may be gone...

[ Coughs ] ...But the talent behind it -- it's still there. You can find a way back from this, sally.

Sally: Maybe. But I doubt it will be here in L.A.

Liam: Why not?

Sally: I told you I loved you, liam. And I said a lot of other things, none of which I want to retract, but... I will keep my mouth shut. About the kiss, about all of it. Steffy does not need to know.

Liam: Actually, um... I think she does.

Sally: Why?

Liam: I have to be honest with my wife, sally.

Steffy: I called alison. She said you were at the office and then you left.

Bill: Yeah, I wasn't getting much accomplished, so... here I am. I thought you would be with your husband.

Steffy: I was. And then he had to run out, so i just wanted to check up on you.

Bill: Appreciate it. And as you can see, I'M... fine and dandy.

Steffy: I talked to liam. I'm really trying to get through to him.

Bill: Yeah, let me guess.

Steffy: I'm not giving up, bill. The spencer family, we need to heal.

Bill: What's left of the spencer family. Brooke's already bailed.

Steffy: Have you spoken to her since --

Bill: I almost blew my son and his favorite redhead to smithereens. Yeah, she was here. To give me an earful about all of it.

Steffy: Well, did you tell her it was an accident?

Bill: Well, of course I told her. It didn't make any difference. This time, brooke and I are finally over.

Steffy: I'm really sorry, bill.

Bill: Yeah. Me, too. I'm sorry that brooke couldn't be more understanding. Like you.

Steffy: Brooke and I are very different. I don't always get her, but the one thing I do know is that she loves you. Despite everything.

Bill: Well, I'll always love her, too, but the fact is, when I needed her, when I needed her support, she couldn't give it. Not like you.

Steffy: Maybe because I've seen what you've gone through firsthand and brooke hasn'T. She left you. She walked away before all of this happened.

Bill: You're incredible, you know that? You don't judge. You don't jump to conclusions. You really try to see all sides.

Steffy: I really just want peace in this family, bill. I really do. You, wyatt, and liam -- you are all phenomenal men. I mean, yeah, you guys are different, but you really need to just value and appreciate those differences. Don't use them against each other. You're a leader, you're a renegade, and, yeah, okay... liam is sensitive. But he's committed. And that's why I love him, you know? His commitment, especially to our marriage.

Bill: How can you be so wise?

Steffy: Because I come from a marriage with rock-solid foundation. I see the goodness in people. And that's really because of liam. He's opened my eyes to see the importance of devotion and trust in every relationship. Especially a marriage.

Sally: Liam, you can'T.

Liam: I have to. Sally, I -- I have to. I can't -- I can't be keeping secrets from my wife.

Sally: I know! I know, okay? But the second she finds out that it was me that you kissed...

Liam: I promise you I will make it absolutely crystal-clear it wasn't your fault. I mean, it wasn'T. It came out of this life-or-death situation.

Sally: [ Coughs ] Which it did. It did, okay? But steffy will never understand that, especially when she feels about me the way that she does. If it was any other woman, maybe, but the fact that it was me...

Liam: I can't not tell her. I mean, I -- I already broke the loyalty vow. I'm not gonna break the honesty one, too.

Sally: Even if it could tear you two and your marriage apart?

Liam: I don't think it'll come to that. I -- [ Scoffs ] I have to believe it won't come to that.

Sally: Well, I hope not. For your sake. But why even take that chance? Look, I'm not gonna breathe a word to anyone -- not to my grams, not to coco. I will take this to my grave. Look, liam, people have their moments, their secrets. I don't expect anything from you. I feel nothing but gratitude and respect for you.

Liam: I -- I appreciate that. But it's not really about you. It's about me, my principles, and the vows I made to steffy when we were married. I -- [ Scoffs ] I couldn't sleep last night.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Oh, my god. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Liam: No. Don't be.

Sally: No! I never wanted to hurt you or to haunt you. You are a kind, good man who has been nothing but wonderful to me, and I want for you what you want. Which is steffy. I just don't have a good feeling about it. I really don't have a good feeling. Please don't tell her, liam. Do not tell steffy.

Steffy: Liam is loyal and committed. And you two can have that again. Just like liam and I do in our marriage, and we always will.

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