B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/8/17


Episode # 7711 ~ Brooke lays into Bill for putting his son's life in jeopardy for the sake of a skyscraper; heartbroken and angry over the events that have just occurred, Steffy questions Liam about his loyalty to her and their marriage.

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[ Liam coughing ]

Mr. Spencer, didn't we have you on the other side of that privacy curtain?

Sally: It's -- it's okay, doctor. Liam can hear anything you have to say to me.

Liam: And vice versa.

You ought to have compound fractures, hematomas, at least a hairline cranial break.

[ Sally coughs ] Your lungs are a cloudy mess from all the dust you inhaled, but outside of that, your -- your cuts, your scrapes, your bruises, they're the worst of it. Diagnosis -- insanely lucky.

Liam: Wo-- [ Coughs ]

You're gonna be coughing for a while. And if it lasts longer than 48 hours or you bring up some blood, you need to get back here and see us.

Sally: [ Coughs ] That's it?

That's it. You got a crowd waiting outside for your good news.

Liam: Wow.

[ Groans ]

[ Sighs ] Good to be alive, huh?

Sally: [ Coughing ] Yeah, I'm just now sure how to...

[ Sighs ] How to do that.

Liam: Heh... just keep breathing, maybe. Stay away from falling concre--

[ Coughs ]

Sally: I mean go back to the lives that we had.

Steffy: What did the doctor say?

Liam: Um, well...

[ Sally coughing ]

[ Coughs ] Actually, uh... nothing bad. All good.

Steffy: What? Oh, my god! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

[ Crying ] I'm so happy you're okay.

Saul: You really think either of the patients will want to see you?

Shirley: You could always blow the place up if they don'T.

Bill: I was told they were out of the building.

Coco: And that way if they died, it would be their fault. Not yours.

Shirley: Oh, it's never his fault.

Brooke: Wait, what?! Liam and sally were in the building when it -- it got demolished?

Katie: Bill didn't know that they were in there.

Brooke: Oh, my god!

Katie: He must be devastated.

Katie: Do you think that you should go and... check on bill?

Brooke: Well, isn't he at the hospital?

Katie: [ Sighs ] I-I'm not really sure how long he's gonna be there.

Brooke: How did you find out about all of this?

Katie: Um, I-I was at, um... bill's office, and -- and wyatt was there, and he told me.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Oh, god. I-I can't believe this, really. I... why does he have to be so impatient? Why does bill have to -- have to want everything right now?

Bill: I hope none of you ever has to know the fear for even one moment that you may have unknowingly caused the death of your own child. You work with my wife. If I was -- [ Coughs ] If I was the heartless killer that you say I am, would she be married to me?

Coco: I didn't think she was anymore.

Bill: Look, my people have identified a space right on the edge of the fashion district. It's a little bit more compact than your former place of business, but it -- it'll work for you guys. It'll work perfectly.

Saul: Nothing's more compact than our former place of business is now.

Bill: All right, look, I'm willing to cover your relocation costs, and I'll pay for your first year's rent.

Shirley: You know what, you can buy off the planning commission, you can buy off the cops, the courts. But don't think for one little minute that you can buy off your shriveled little conscience. We. Don'T. Want. Your. Help.

Steffy: Seriously?! No broken bones? No -- no -- no internal injuries? Nothing?

Liam: No. No, nothing. I mean, nothing too messed up but my lungs.

[ Coughs ]

Steffy: And for you?

Sally: Same. Except for feeling like the cause of so --

Steffy: No, don't -- don't talk about that right now. I'm just glad that both of you are alive.

[ Coughing ]

Bill: I just spoke --

[ Coughs ] Just spoke to the doctor. But I wanted to see for myself that you're all right.

Liam: None of this is all right.

Katie: Wyatt says that things have been better between bill and liam, that they had this huge emotional reconciliation.

Brooke: And you heard all of this from wyatt?

Katie: Yeah.

Brooke: Wow. He must really trust you.

Katie: Uh... yeah, I-I -- I guess so. I mean, we -- he and I, um... we...

Brooke: No, no, it's good. It's good that you got so close ever since the two of you have been working together on that fashion challenge.

Katie: Yeah, it's been really nice.

Brooke: And you're on bill's side, so...that's good.

Katie: I'll always root for bill when he tries to do the right thing.

Brooke: I feel the same way.

Bill: I heard your grandmother sing out, "thank you, god!" So I assume that she got some good news, too.

Sally: Is my grams okay? Who's out there with her?

Bill: She's good, she's good. Uh, she's out there with, um... your -- your team. I-I don't know their names.

Liam: Oh, yeah? Does that make it easier to take away their livelihood?

[ Coughing ]

Bill: Liam, I'm -- I'm -- I'm not about running a popularity contest. I'm their boss, not their friends.

Liam: They know that. I just don't think the concept of other people is a real thing to you.

Bill: You're real to me. And as god is my witness, I was told you were out of the building.

Liam: Yeah, well, you would have known if you checked for yourself.

Bill: You were seen leaving! Why would you go back in? You knew what was gonna happen.

Liam: Because, dad, I thought maybe the prospect of me dying would be a deterrent.

[ Coughing ]

Steffy: Okay, liam, all that matters is that you two are okay.

Liam: Is it? Is that all that matters? I don't think so.

[ Sally coughing ]

Bill: Sally, um... I want to help you guys get back on your feet. And -- and I think I've found the perfect location for you.

Sally: I don't think so, thank you.

Bill: All right, I-I-I -- I appreciate pride. I-I -- I respect it. But you still have your talent, you have your team, and the rest of it can be replaced.

Sally: No, it can'T. Spectra has owned that building for generations. It's where we had our family reunions. It's where my aunt sally gave

[Coughs] Her inspirational pep talks, and it is where we were measured for our christmas presents. So I can accept that you didn't want to kill me. Just my future. And my past.

Steffy: Oh, god. God, I wish you just saw bill's face when you guys went inside the building. He wants to make things right.

Liam: Oh, so -- so what? He feels bad, so we're supposed to feel bad? I've -- I've seen this before. I know how this works. I've fallen for this trick like a million times, okay? If you want to fire me, just fire me. You have wyatt's vote. That's all you need. So, please, go -- go keep setting fires and blowing stuff up.

Bill: Everyone will disappoint you if you know them long enough, liam. Everyone.

Liam: What -- oh, just 'cause she doesn't have your connections and money? You almost killed us. So why don't you go home and tell everyone, hey, at least you tried?

Bill: I'll tell you what. Uh... we can pick up this conversation after you've cooled off.

Liam: I won'T.

Shirley: The business office says my granddaughter can go home unless you need some more information.

Mm, sally's had a prior admission, so she's already in our system.

Sally: Right. Yes. Smoke inhalation. I have to stop breathing things that aren't air.

The doctor's writing your discharge order now.

Sally: [ Coughs ] How much fancy footwork did that take?

Saul: You didn't try that fake credit-card thing again, did you?

Shirley: No! They said mr. Spencer took care of the bill.

Sally: Liam or his father?

Shirley: Look, let's all let sally get dressed so we can take her home.

Saul: I, uh... I should've been there. With you.

Sally: No. You have the hands of an artist. What we do if they got crushed?

Saul: Well, um...

[ Voice breaking ] I'm just -- I'm glad that -- that -- that somebody could be with you. You know, even if it -- if it wasn't me.

Liam: [ Coughing ] It's not like I can't drive.

Steffy: You said your leg hurts.

Liam: Am I walking funny?

Steffy: I'm just trying to be nice.

Liam: I'm s--

[ Clears throat ] I'm sorry.

Steffy: No, I'M... I'm sorry.

Liam: No, you're -- I mean, you're right. You're right. If it had... if it had been you in there, i would have been out of my mind with worry.

Steffy: I wouldn't be in that situation.

Liam: Yeah, well, we can only hope.

Steffy: Because I would never involve myself in those kind of problems.

[ Coughs ]

Liam: [ Sighs ] Steff... steffy, I -- [ Scoffs ] I am sally's problem. I swore to her that the spectra property was hers. She borrowed money against it that she can't pay back now because my dad pulled the rug out from under her, and me. You don't think I have some responsibility to -- to make amends or -- or try?

Steffy: No.

Liam: I see. Okay. So... so, my dad's whole crusade to ruin her is just -- just one of those things, huh?

Steffy: Is sarcasm really necessary, liam? God, what your father did, it wasn't personal. It was just typical corporate ruthlessness that just went too far.

Liam: No, it is personal when you're on the receiving end. It is personal when it's all directed at one person.

Steffy: I just hope you never have to see, much less feel, the kind of terror I saw in your father when he found out you were still inside the building.

Bill: [ Breathing hard ]

Brooke: Bill, my god! Are you okay? Is liam?

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, e-e-- everybody is, uh... is safe now, and liam'S... liam's okay. But, uh... things are not good between us.

Brooke: Well [Sighs] Yeah, I would imagine not.

Bill: I'm glad you're here. I appreciate you coming to check on me.

Brooke: Yeah, of course. I wanted to come and make sure that you were okay, and liam also. So, you actually blew up a building with your son in it?

Bill: I-I didn't know that he was in it. I-I was told the building was empty.

Brooke: You didn't check yourself. You didn't realize that liam did that because of his honor, not because he was having a tantrum.

Bill: Yeah. I, uh -- I-I -- I got that. You see, uh... b-before the sit-in and -- and everything that happened since... liam, uh, forgave me. We forgave... we forgave each other. We had a clean slate.

Brooke: Well, that's good.

Bill: Why -- why can't we have a clean slate, brooke?

Bill: I love you, brooke. That will never change.

Brooke: Oh, bill. Love has never been our problem.

Bill: You know, I've accomplished extraordinary things in my life. But I seem to have a problem making the ordinary ones work.

Brooke: Well, maybe if you worked a little bit more on your violent behavior and your capacity for cruelty, then things would change.

Bill: When have I ever been violent or cruel with you, ever?

Brooke: I've seen the way that you speak to liam, how you treat him, how you belittle him.

Bill: Well, maybe you need to pay more attention to the way that liam speaks to me, the way that he treats me. He needs to see the world the way it is. Liam should be at my side learning the business, not insisting that he knows better.

Brooke: Maybe you need to see liam for who he is -- a gentle, compassionate young man. Maybe there's things that you can learn from liam.

Bill: Funny you say that, brooke, because if you'd been around, you would see that I've gone to great effort to do that. What he did today was inexcusable.

Brooke: Bill, you almost killed him.

Bill: No, he almost killed himself. Wh-what is he doing running back into a building that he knows is set to implode? I mean, it's -- it was an accident!

Brooke: So many accidents happen around you, bill. Maybe things aren't so accidental after all.

Bill: It's been a hell of a day. Actually, it's been a day from hell. And you clearly have absolutely no understanding of what I've been through, thinking that i might have been responsible for my own son's death.

Brooke: But if you lived your life with a little bit more compassion, maybe you wouldn't have to run around looking for this love that you feel so cheated of. You know, I said vows to you, and I was going to honor them for the rest of my life.

Bill: You still can.

Brooke: Goodbye, bill.

Steffy: This day is dead to me. Are you ready for bed?

[ Coughing ]

Liam: Why are you mad at me?

Steffy: I'm not.

Liam: Yes, steffy, you are.

Steffy: Well, you scared me to death.

Liam: You don't think that there's some principle somewhere in there worth fighting for?

Steffy: I think this is how people like sally get to people like you.

Liam: What people are those?

Steffy: You haven't discovered it yet, but there are users out there that will just use you as a gangway to a better life. You try to right their wrongs and mend their broken hearts, but they're never gonna change. They got to fix themselves.

Liam: Steffy [Sighs] We have more than our fair share of the good things in life, and I think that comes with responsibilities.

Steffy: To criminals?

Liam: Maybe.

Steffy: 'Cause that's what sally is. You believe you're fighting for goodness, but the only one who really benefits has been nothing but trouble for me and my family.

Liam: [ Clears throat ]

Steffy: You know, sometimes i just wonder... "does he have a thing for her?" Don't look at me like that. Your love and loyalty are my rock. But you need to get off this merry-go-round of hard feelings with your father and let sally land on her feet like she always does.

[ Coughs ] I'm just glad that you're home. I'm just glad that you're alive, baby.

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