B&B Transcript Monday 11/6/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 11/6/17


Episode # 7709 ~ Satisfaction turns to terror for Bill regarding the demolition of the Spectra building; Wyatt confesses to Katie his anxiety about Bill learning of their relationship and his conflict with Liam.

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[ Building rumbling ]

Bill: No, no... no... noooooo!

Steffy: Bill, what's wrong? What's wrong? Bill, what's wrong?!

Bill: What is this text?! What is it?!

Justin: It's -- it's liam, man!

Bill: Liam was out of the building, right?!

Justin: I don't know! He was out of the building --

Bill: What do you mean, you don't know?!

Justin: I think he ran back in!

Bill: What do you mean, you don't know?!

Steffy: Oh, my god...

[ Debris falling, building groaning ]

[ Rubble clattering ]

Katie: Yeah? Everyone's getting along? You and liam and bill?

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, more or less. Although I-I do have to admit, I-I am kind of worried that our sense of unity is gonna fall apart when dad finds out about you and me.

Katie: Oh, I don't know. He has a lot of respect for you professionally.

Wyatt: I like to think he, uh, sees me as the future of the company.

Katie: That's how I see you. You look like a man in charge.

Wyatt: Thank you. I mean, liam's too busy putting on his cape, flying around town saving kittens that I don't think dad cares if he's running the company or not.

Katie: Yeah, he seems to have a bit of a hero complex, doesn't he?

Wyatt: Wait till you hear what he's done now.

Steffy: Where is my husband? Where is he?!

Justin: That's what I'm saying, I-I don't know where he is!

Bill: You gave the all clear, justin!

Justin: Yeah, but I-I was trying to call you --

I don't understand. I thought the building was supposed to be completely evacuated?

Bill: "We're good to go"! Those were you exact words! "We're good to go"!

Justin: He was out, man! They were all out! And then he just must have ran back in! I-I don't --

Steffy: You didn't -- you didn't bother to do a double-check?!

Well, nobody was supposed to be in the building in the first place! We'd already done a sweep.

Steffy: You realize what you've done? Do you realize what all of you have done?!

I'm gonna call in the rescue team right now.

Steffy: Oh, my god!

[ Sobbing ]

Justin: S-steffy --

Saul: What the hell?!

Darlita: We barely made it out of there!

Justin: No, no, all of you guys were clear! You were clear!

Shirley: No! Not my granddaughter! And not your son! You killed them! You killed them!

[ Sobbing ] You killed them!

Bill: [ Hoarsely ] I'm -- I'm going in. I'm going in!

Absolutely not! There's no way I can guarantee your safety.

Bill: I don't give a damn about my safety! My son's in there!

Steffy: I'm coming with you.

[ Suspenseful music plays ]

Liam: [ Gasps ]

[ Coughing ]

[ Groans ] Oh, oh...

[ Breathing hard ] Oh, god... sal-- sally? Sally? Sally? Hey! Hey! Sally...

[ Grunting ] Aaah! Sally!

[ Coughing ] Sally? Sa-- sally!

Saul: I-I should go in there, too. See if they need help.

Darlita: What? No. Saul, you heard what they said in there. It's dangerous!

Saul: Well, I got to do something!

Darlita: No!

Hey, you're staying put, okay? It's bad enough there's four people in there right now. Now, the rescue team will be here any minute. Tell them I'm trying to talk some sense into the idiots who just went in.

Justin: You all walked out. I -- I was the one who told bill it was okay, so blame me. Don't blame him.

Shirley: You're both to blame! And you better pray that my granddaughter survives.

Bill: Liam! Sally! Liam!

[ Rubble clattering ] Liam! Steffy, be careful! Liam!

Steffy: Liam!

Bill: Sally!

Steffy: Liam!

Bill: Sally! Liam! Sally! Liam! Liam! Sally!

Steffy: Liam!

Bill: [ Coughing ] Liam! Sally!

Steffy: [ Coughing ] Liam!

Bill: Liam!

[ Steffy coughing ]

Bill: You okay?

Steffy: Yeah.

Bill: All right. Let's go. Liam!

Sir! Mr. Spencer! Bill! Coming! [ Coughing ] I'm coming!

Hey, mr. Spencer!

Bill: Hang on! Hang on! I'm coming! Hold on! What are you doing here? I told you you're not gonna stop me.

If you're gonna be foolish enough to come down here, you at least need hard hats and flashlights.

Bill: All right. Thank you.

The rescue crew is on its way. I think we should wait here --

Bill: No, no. You can stay here. We're gonna keep going. Steffy?

Steffy: I'm here! Here. Put this on.

Steffy: Maybe -- maybe we should split up to cover more ground.

Bill: No. I don't want to lose you.

Steffy: Bill, we've got to find them.

Bill: We'll find them. We'll find them.

Liam: [ Coughing ] Sally? Sally? Sally!

Sally: [ Coughing ]

Liam: Come on! Yes! Yes! Hey. Hey! You okay?

Sally: Oh, god! [ Coughing ]

Liam: Oh, thank god.

Sally: Oh, my legs!

Liam: Are they -- are they broken?

Sally: I don't -- I don't -- I don't know. I just can't move.

Liam: I don't think I can move mine, either.

[ Straining, yells ] Damn it!

Sally: Oh, my god...

Liam: [ Coughs ] Oh... oh... phew! We're lucky.

Sally: Lucky?!

Liam: Yeah. Look. Look. Look, this -- this -- this slab hasn't fallen on us. That's the only reason we're alive right now.

[ Stammers ] If that goes...

[ Breathing hard ]

[ Sally crying ] Oh, my god. Oh...

Sally: Help! Help!

Liam: Help! Somebody! Aah!

[ Building creaking ]

Katie: Locking yourself in a building that's wired with explosives -- I don't know. I mean, I'm sure there are safety measures, but that seems really dangerous. Something could go wrong.

Wyatt: That's what's freaking steffy out.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Maybe that's her, telling me that she finally talked some sense into my brother.

Katie: Mm. Is it steffy?

Wyatt: No, it -- it's justin. Um...

Katie: Something wrong?

Wyatt: Still in... still in the building? I don't -- I don't understand. He didn't come out...

Katie: [ Scoffs ] Wow.

[ Chuckling ] He must really want to save that building.

Wyatt: No, katie. It's too late. They brought it down with liam and sally still in it.

[ Siren wailing, horn honks ]

Darlita: The medics are here!

Shirley: It's the rescue team! Saul, go show them where they went in!

[ Bill coughs ]

Steffy: Be careful.

Bill: Sally!

Steffy: Liam!

[ Coughing ]

Bill: Liam!

Steffy: Bill. Bill.

[ Coughs ]

Bill: Liam!

Steffy: Liam!

Bill: Sally!

[ Indistinct shouting ] Over here!

We need you guys out now.

Bill: We'll go out after I find my son. Now, you guys go that direction, and we're going this way.

[ Coughing ]

Here. Take this.

[ Walkie-talkie chatters ]

Bill: Yeah. Thank you. One of us damn well has to find him.

Liam: I think -- I think the slab is holding.

Sally: I can barely breathe.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. You know, we're in shock. I think that's -- I think it's normal.

Sally: Ugh! Nothing about this is normal.

Liam: Hey. Look at me. Can you look at me? You got this.

Sally: Liam... [ Sobs ]

Liam: You got this. You do. 'Cause we're fighters, right? Sally. Hey, sally. How did you get to where you are? Because you've never given up on anything in your life, and you're not about to start now. All right? You have to believe that we're getting out of here. You have to dig down, and you have to be the woman that you've always been. Can you do that?

Sally: A fighter.

Liam: Yes. A fighter.

Sally: To the -- to the end.

[ Coughing ]

Liam: Hey, can -- hey, can I tell you something? Can I tell you something? I'm really glad I stood up to my dad. Maybe he doesn't see how unique you are, how gifted you are. Maybe he doesn't see that you have things to offer this world. But you do, and you will, and I'm gonna make sure of it. Okay? Because I see it even if he doesn't, sally. I see it.

[ Groans ]

[ Sally coughing ]

Katie: No. No, no, no, no. That can't be right.

Wyatt: "Liam and sally inside."

Katie: No, that can't be right. There's got to be some kind of mistake. Bill would never -- he would never --

Wyatt: He didn't know they were in the building. He thought that they were safe.

Katie: Oh, my god, wyatt...

Wyatt: I know.

Katie: Wyatt...

Wyatt: I-I don't know.

Katie: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Darlita: Sally's alive. She'll come out of this just fine. Spectra will, too.

Saul: There is no more spectra. Not without sally.

Darlita: But we'll have her.

[ Voice breaking ] She'll tell us -- she'll us what -- just what to do.

[ Crying ] I need her to be okay. Sally gave me a chance. She believed in me when no one else did.

Shirley: Believes. Present tense. Sally believes in you and me and saul. She's gonna come through this. She'll be okay. [ Sobs ] 'Cause she knows we need her to be. She is a spectra. And spectras never give up.

Bill: Liam!

[ Steffy coughing ] Sally! [ Coughing ]

Steffy: Liam!

Bill: Liam! Sally!

Steffy: Bill, what if he's --

Bill: Don't say it. We're gonna find him. Come on.

Steffy: [ Coughing ] Liam!

Bill: Liam! Sally!

[ Building rumbles ]

Liam: No. Hey. Help! Hey! Anybody! Help! Aaah! Aaah!

Sally: Thank you for being here with me.

Liam: [ Gasping ] No problem. It's not like I got somewhere better to be, right? Heh...

Sally: Just for staging -- staging the sit-in and --

[ Groans ]

Liam: Oh, stop. I'm sure plenty of guys want to switch -- switch places with me. I mean, look, I get to -- I get to spend the afternoon under 300 metric tons of pure concrete with a hot redhead. That's cool.

Sally: Yeah, sure, right. Yeah, come one, come all. Please, spend the rest of the few hours of your life with the girl who thought she could take on [Sobs] Bill spencer and win.

[ Crying ]

Liam: You did win, you know. No matter how this ends.

Sally: I really don't know how you can possibly --

Liam: Do you think that my dad can go forward with this --

[ Coughs ] ...With this project now? Especially...

[ Sally coughs ] I'm -- I'm just saying, he's not gonna come out of this looking like a hero.

Sally: That was never an option with you around. Because that's -- [ Groans ] That's exactly what you are. To me... and to all of the spectras. You know, I thought I knew what it was to be a good person, and I thought I even knew what love was, but... no. You showed me that it goes much deeper. And I'm not -- I'm not hitting on you. I'm not. It's not about that. This is different. This is about kindness. And about dedication. And everything that you have done for me [Sobs] And our cause. Maybe even willing to die for what is right. Willing to die for me.

[ Sobs ] I really wish I could tell you what -- what you've shown me... about the person that I want to be if I some-- [ Coughs ] ...Somehow get out of here. Words can't express how much I appreciate you and what you have come to mean to me. Or maybe... maybe they can. I love you, liam. In an innocent way. In a beautiful way. With all of my heart. For who you are and for what you have done. And I will never meet anybody like you ever again.

[ Building creaking, rumbling ]

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