B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/25/17


Episode # 7701 ~ Charlie tries to warn Pam about her friendship with Sheila; Quinn and Sheila stare each other down, with Eric in between them.

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Eric: Sheila. All right. I'm doing this against my better judgment, but I'm here, and if you're gonna disparage my wife again -- I mean, is that what this is about? 'Cause I'll walk right out of here.

Sheila: No, I think you're gonna want to stay for this. And I-I think you're gonna thank me in the long run.

Eric: All right. What is it?

Sheila: I ran in to mateo, your mr. Fix-it.

Eric: And?

Sheila: He's been seeing a woman.

Eric: Good. Good for him.

Sheila: No. No, it's not, because that woman is quinn. That's right. Your wife and your estate manager -- they're having an affair, eric.

Wyatt: Attacking katie is completely unacceptable. Like, busting into her bedroom uninvited, and then you drag her out of her own bed?

Quinn: Maybe I could have shown a little bit more self-control.

Wyatt: Uh, you think?!

Quinn: But I --

Wyatt: No "but." No. You cannot and will not do anything like that again, ever! Do you understand? Whether it's with katie or someone else that you choose not to approve of, if you want to be in my life, you need to respect me and my boundaries. You understand?

Quinn: Fine.

Wyatt: Fine?

Quinn: Fine! Fine! I hear you, okay? I don't want to waste the precious time we have together talking about the inappropriateness of the disgusting katie logan.

Wyatt: Mom, oh, my god.

Quinn: Okay. All right. I have been hearing it from eric, as well. He's very upset and disappointed at the way I-I acted. I'm trying to keep a cool head. I don't want to let him down... especially with shelia carter around, trying to undermine my marriage.

Charlie: So... anything happening around here i should know about?

Pam: [ Scoffs ] Like what?

Charlie: Oh, you know, like somebody stealing top-secret designs or staples or someone causing trouble, you know, like sheila carter.

Pam: Oh. Well, you mentioned sheila. I'm not sure.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Pam: Well, charlie, I can't stop thinking about that talk that I had with her at il giardino after you left.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, you haven't mentioned much about that. I mean, should I be worried?

Pam: Oh, no, no, no -- not worried. In fact, she was really nice. I really liked her. She was all gal-pally and everything.

Charlie: Sweetheart, there's nothing pally about that woman.

Charlie: This is one serious nut job. But then I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know. Am I?

Pam: No. Not really.

Charlie: And, also, word is that she's very charming and convincing. Don't fall for it, pammy. Sheila carter is straight-up crazy.

Wyatt: What, you think sheila's still after eric?

Quinn: You know mateo?

Wyatt: Your estate manager?

Quinn: Also a licensed masseur.

Wyatt: Seriously?

Quinn: Well, I hurt my back, and he's been helping me out.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: Mm-hmm, only I came to find out that he was also helping out sheila to try and seduce me into betraying eric.

Eric: My estate manager and my wife?

Sheila: Eric, I-I know that this is a shock.

Eric: Sheila... quinn wouldn't betray me -- not again. She wouldn't do it.

Sheila: Yeah, well, you know what? Apparently, all of those massages weren't so innocent.

Eric: Massages? So, you really did speak to mateo? And he t-- he told you this? In my home, on -- on the table I bought them?

Sheila: Eric, it is so horrible the way that she blatantly disrespects you. And, according to mateo, quinn was the one who was initiating everything.

Eric: All right, stop. Stop. I can't hear any more of this. I can't believe this. I mean, first... she betrays me with my son, and now -- and now mateo? In my house?!

Sheila: I'm sorry. But you needed to know the truth.

Eric: [ Sighs ] Well... well, it's you, isn't it?

Sheila: Me?

Eric: I don't know why -- why it was so hard for me to believe... the fact that you're the one person who's been honest with me... the one person who's told me the truth all this time, the one person in my life I can trust.

Sheila: Yes, you can trust me, eric. Always.

Eric: I can't believe i trusted quinn again. She showed me her true colors when she got involved with ridge, and now this?!

Sheila: Yeah, but you took her back, eric -- you believed in her -- because that's -- that's what you do. You see the best in people, and that's not a bad thing. Quinn, instead of accepting the love of a wonderful man -- she took that trust, and she just threw it right back in your face.

Eric: Just like you told me she would.

Sheila: I take no, uh -- no pleasure in being right, I assure you.

Eric: You're the only person who's told me the truth in all this... in spite of the fact how much I made it hard for you.

Sheila: Yeah, but your eyes are open now, eric, and that's what matters.

Eric: Yeah, they are. You know what I say? I say that... that damnable portrait of quinn... above the fireplace -- she doesn't deserve to be in stephanie's place of honor.

Sheila: No, I agree with you completely.

Eric: Well, that picture comes down today. Better to be alone than to be there with quinn. Better to -- better to be all by myself.

Sheila: You're not, though. You're not. I'm here, and I care.

Eric: You do, don't you? You've proven that to me over and over again.

Sheila: You know... this might sound a little strange... but I have one -- a portrait.

Eric: Of who?

Sheila: Me. It's something that I've always -- I've always wanted, and I met this artist in town, and I thought, "well, why not?" You know? I think it's pretty good, if i say so myself.

Eric: You could bring that portrait to me? Can -- can -- quinn's portrait comes down today, and yours goes up. Can -- can you -- can you get out of here right now?

Sheila: Yeah.

Eric: Yes?

Sheila: Yes, I can.

Eric: Get the portrait. Bring it to me. Bring it to me at the house. We'll take quinn down, and we'll put you up right now, today.

Sheila: Eric, are you... are you serious?

Eric: This... this has been a long time coming.

Sheila: This is happening so -- so quickly.

Eric: Don't be long.

Wyatt: I can't believe sheila convinced mateo to seduce you.

Quinn: You throw enough money at somebody who needs it, they'll do just about anything.

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ]

Quinn: Ever since sheila came back to L.A., She has been actively trying to destroy my marriage. She wants to be eric's wife again. Drives me crazy how much leeway he gives her -- gave her.

Wyatt: Mom, something going on?

Quinn: If something means that I'm not letting sheila sabotage my marriage anymore, then, mm-hmm, it's in the works, and it is something -- ha ha! -- That sheila is never going to expect.

Wyatt: Okay.

Quinn: Oh, lose the look! I didn't have to resort to desperate measures. I simply told my husband the truth.

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] Mom, what's going on? What are you planning?

Quinn: Let's just say sheila sorely estimated by bond with eric. And she's about to find out exactly how much.

Wyatt: Okay. Let's try this. On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned should I be about whatever it is that you're hatching?

Quinn: Why should you be concerned?

Wyatt: Because you're my mother and because sheila's nuts.

Quinn: I'm not scared of her.

Wyatt: Clearly, but I think maybe you should be, because you might be dealing with a sociopath.

Quinn: Mm. You're sweet to worry.

Wyatt: An answer, mom. How are you handling sheila?

Quinn: I'm not. Eric is handling her... once and for all.

[ Door opens ]

Eric: There you are. Come in, mrs. Forrester.

Sheila: Wh-what did you say?

Eric: You wore the title once, did you not?

Sheila: Proudly.

Eric: So you wouldn't mind if I resurrect it from time to time, to see if it, uh -- if it still fits?

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] No. No, not at all.

Eric: Good. I cannot wait to see this.

Sheila: Well, here it is.

Eric: But first, uh... I want to thank you.

Sheila: For what?

Eric: Being you. Being so supportive. Putting me first before everyone else. You're very special to me, sheila.

Sheila: That means a lot to me, eric.

Eric: Martini?

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] I'd love one.

Eric: Yes?

Sheila: Yes.

Eric: Good. It's my specialty, you know?

Sheila: You always were the best.

Eric: Yes. Well... let's see. Let's see if you still -- if you still think so. Here.

Sheila: Thank you. Mmm. That's perfect.

Eric: [ Laughs ] Good. Well, here. Here's to you. Here's to sheila... proving that what goes around comes around.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ]

Eric: Well, come on. I can't wait. I want to see this.

Sheila: Are you sure?

Eric: Yes, absolutely sure.

Sheila: Okay.

Eric: I can't wait any longer.

Sheila: You're awfully quiet. Do you -- do you like it?

Eric: It's a wonderful likeness. I want it up right away. The sooner I get rid of this abomination, the better. Will you help me?

Sheila: [ Laughing ] Yes.

Charlie: Okay. So, how do i stop sheila carter? One thing for sure -- she's gonna keep coming until I do.

Pam: [ Scoffs ] Charlie, you seem really concerned about her.

Charlie: Everyone should be.

Pam: Have you had some kind of personal contact with her that you are not telling me about?

Charlie: Honey, the woman is everywhere. I mean, how do you not run in to her? And now she's working at il giardino, huh? And don't -- don't think for a minute that wasn't carefully orchestrated. Look, if she comes on all sweetness and light, trust me -- you will have served her purpose, and then she'll chew you up and spit you out. And I swear, if she does anything to harm you, I --

Pam: Charlie! Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen to me.

Charlie: Yeah. I-I'm sorry. I'm just so paranoid.

Pam: It's okay. You're just being cautious.

Charlie: Yeah. Well, I just wish we could back to normal. I just wish this era of sheila carter manipulation would just come to an end.

Eric: Well... what do you think?

Sheila: I-I never -- I never dreamt that this day would come. To be in this house and -- and having martinis with you --

Eric: [ Chuckles ]

Sheila: Eric, I have always loved and admired the forrester family, and I really had hoped that, one day, I would once again become part of that family. But I almost -- almost didn't dare think that it would ever happen, and now -- now it's happening.

Eric: I think we should celebrate. I'll open a bottle of champagne? What do you say?

Sheila: Definitely!

Eric: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Sheila: [ Laughs ]

Eric: Sheila, there's one thing I want you never to forget.

Sheila: What's that?

Eric: You're getting exactly everything you deserve.

Sheila: Thank you. Eric, you have made this the happiest day of my life. Oh, I'm home! God!

[ Chuckles ]

Quinn: What are you doing here? Get out!

Sheila: Oh, it doesn't work that way. You're the one that's leaving. You finally did it, quinn. Eric wants absolutely nothing to do with you. This is your last day in this house, and I get to stand here and witness it. Eric knows.

Quinn: Knows what?

Sheila: You're a naughty girl -- unfaithful again.

Quinn: You're insane. I want you to leave.

Sheila: Your little secret is out, quinn -- you and mateo.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Sheila: Yeah. With your estate manager? Well, he certainly did manage you. Yeah, you had the lottery ticket right there in your hand, and you just threw it away, and for what? I'm taking your place, quinn, and I'm gonna give eric the respect that you didn't, and i will cherish his love and his commitment, and I will not disrespect and abuse him. I will be the new mrs. Eric forrester. And you will be erased like you never even happened. Time for you to leave.

Quinn: What the hell is that?

Sheila: It's really something, isn't it?

Quinn: You just happened to have a portrait of yourself lying around?

Sheila: You know, what happens in this house no longer concerns you. Just leave.

Quinn: This is my house. And I'm not going anywhere. Not...ever. You, sheila, on the other hand -- there's the door. Use it.

Sheila: Oh, eric. Gosh. Thank god you're back. You should hear the things that she's been saying. Tell her to leave now. Eric, tell her. Tell her you know about her affair with mateo! Eric, say something. Eric! Oh, eric.

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