B&B Transcript Monday 10/23/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/23/17


Episode # 7699 ~ Bill makes Liam surprising offer of employment; Sheila pressures Mateo to accomplish a devious task she hired him to complete.

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Bill: Uh...I understand your -- your frustration. I'm -- I'm your father, and I'm supposed to, uh, supposed to lead by example. And I have failed. I let my -- my obsession, my -- my need to win drive me to do things that no man, no father ever should. But, liam, blackmailing me, that -- that was wrong, too. And -- and you used it to exploit the situation --

Steffy: Bill, bill.

Bill: I'm not --

[ Sighs ] What I'm trying to say, I-I want to use this as an opportunity for things to get better. I want to be more like -- more like you. Kinder and, uh, you know, a little more sensitive to people. My bullheadedness had made me extraordinarily wealthy. But in the process, I lost my company, my wife...and my son. And I want my son back.

Liam: I want you back, too, dad.

Wyatt: Maybe I should call alison, see if she's heard anything more.

Katie: You mean like if any blood has been spilt?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: Sorry. I just know that bill is not for turning the other cheek.

Wyatt: Yeah. Evidently he's back as C.E.O. How that happened, who knows. But it's not like he's not gonna let liam off the hook, either, for blackmailing him. I mean, that's not gonna fly. I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should go over there, make sure nothing happens.

[ Fire alarm beeping ]

[ Door opens ]

Mateo: What happened?!

Quinn: I-I don't think there's a fire because I can't smell any smoke!

Mateo: Are you sure?

Quinn: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm trying to turn this off by the app! It's not working, and eric is gone for the day! The rest of the staff is gone for the day! Can you shut it off manually?

Mateo: Of course, mrs. Forrester. I'll handle it. I'll take care of you.

[ Beeping continues ]

Sheila: You get quinn to cross that line. You get the job done, mr. Fix-it, and you will be rewarded. Handsomely. Very, very handsomely.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Mateo: Well, I'll get the alarm company out here to come service it.

Quinn: Oh, thank you, mateo. Thank you so much. I'm so sorry to drag you away from whatever it is you were doing.

Mateo: Oh, yeah. I was overseeing the new sprinkler system with the gardeners, uh, when I got your text. I apologize for my appearance.

Quinn: Oh! No, no. Nonsense. You rescued me from that infernal noise, so I'm grateful to you.

Mateo: Well, um, anything else I can do?

Quinn: No. No. I mean, I was gonna take a nap before the alarm started blaring 'cause, you know, I'm not sleeping very well.

Mateo: I'm sorry.

Quinn: No, it's okay. It's just every time I close my eyes, I-I-I see that cougar with her disgusting hands all over my son, and it just makes me sick!

Mateo: Okay, okay, you're getting worked up again. How about a massage before you take a nap?

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Wyatt: I should call security.

Katie: Okay, let's just for a moment entertain the idea that maybe bill won't react the way we anticipate.

Wyatt: What? Like forgive and forget? Come on, katie. That's not dad.

Katie: Is it too much to ask that he learned something from the situation? Maybe it changed him? Just a little bit?

Bill: You really mean that? You want to be my son again?

Liam: Dad, I could never not be your son. I'm a spencer. That's -- that's not gonna change.

Bill: Exactly! We're family! We shouldn't be at war with each other!

Liam: We really let things get out of hand, didn't we? Maybe we shouldn't do that again.

Bill: And we never will. That's not gonna happen. I promise. I'm not saying that we're not gonna, you know, butt heads. We're both strong-willed. But in the future if we have a disagreement, instead of, uh, fighting with each other, we -- we will -- we'll channel that in a positive direction to the betterment of the company and our relationship.

Liam: I don't get it. I mean, you -- you have all the power now that the confession's gone. You could have -- you could have charged in here and kicked me to the curb, destroyed my whole life, never talked to me again.

Bill: It was tempting.

Liam: Why didn't you?

Bill: Steffy. She finally got through my thick skull, made me realize what I'd be doing if I came after you, that I would be tearing my family apart. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Liam: And so will I.

Bill: How about a fresh start? But we can't do that -- I can't -- I can't learn from you if you don't stay on. Will you stay on, son? Will you do me the honor of staying here at spencer and being my right hand?

Quinn: A massage?

Mateo: I don't mean to be presumptuous. I just see how tense you are.

Quinn: [ Scoffs ]

Mateo: Worried about your son.

Quinn: Well, yeah.

[ Sighs ]

Mateo: So it's a yes to the massage?

Quinn: No, I -- thank you, mateo, but I think I'm just gonna go upstairs and lie down.

Mateo: Of course, mrs. Forrester. But just remember, I'm always at your service.

Quinn: Thanks.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Wyatt: You think dad and liam's relationship is ever gonna come back from this?

Katie: I don't know. But I do speak from experience when I say that it can happen. It doesn't happen overnight. But if two people really care about each other, then they'll work through it no matter what they did to each other.

Wyatt: Like you and brooke, you mean.

Katie: I mean, I'm sure most people think that I'm crazy for wanting to have anything to do with her, and -- and after what happened with my marriage, there was a period of time when i didn't want to hear her name and I didn't want to even be in the same room with her, but she is -- she's my sister. And...I love her. I can't help it. And I don't want to live my life in anger, you know. It's -- it's too painful. It's all-consuming. It turns you into someone that you don't recognize, and -- and I made a deal with myself a long time ago that I would not live with resentment.

Wyatt: So you and your sister, one way or another, have moved past all this.

Katie: It took a lot of work, but hopefully bill and liam will be able to do the same after the dust clears and then this is all behind them.

Wyatt: I know, but that's -- okay, that's the problem. What if it's not behind them? Like, what if family doesn't win out in the end, and what if they just, I don't know, they can't move past this?

Katie: That's where you come in, because liam and bill are too important to you. You can't let that happen.

Bill: It's the last thing i expected to say after what you put me through. I'll confess that I felt...hate. Hatred for my own son. Probably a lot like the hatred my father felt for me whenever i would do something to displease him, which was pretty much everything. And yet there I was, reacting the same way towards you that he would have if I had done something to him like you did to me, only I couldn't see it. And it took steffy... to help me see what I was doing and to make me realize that we could get through any differences as long as we remember the love and the blood and the ties that bind us as spencers. I appreciate the man you are, liam. And maybe some of your, uh, compassion and sense of right and wrong could rub off here... if you help me.

Liam: You know, I, uh, could use your help, too. I can be...a little self-righteous at times.

Bill: I hadn't noticed.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah, me neither.

Liam: It's -- it's just -- it's the last thing I expected when you walked in here. I mean, I just... I don't -- I don't know. I couldn't -- I couldn't see you as anything but this corrupt, narcissistic man.

Bill: I am. But I'm gonna work on all those things. You have my word.

Liam: I'm not sure I really believed you until now. But I'm looking at you, and i can see they're not just words. I can see you want us to be father and son. I believe you. And I forgive you. And I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

[ Dialing ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sheila: I thought you were supposed to keep me posted.

Mateo: I've been busy.

Sheila: Yeah, seducing the missy of the manor, I hope.

Mateo: It's not that simple.

Sheila: Are you worried about eric?

Mateo: No, mr. Forrester isn't here.

Sheila: But quinn is?

Mateo: Yes. Only she didn't get much sleep last night. She's still upset about her son and katie logan.

Sheila: Look, she's confiding in you, mateo, so... where's quinn now?

Mateo: In her bedroom.

Sheila: [ Scoffs ] That's perfect. Why don't you go up and join her?

Mateo: I don't know. I don't want to push this.

Sheila: Damn it, mateo, you know, I'm paying you to seduce quinn, so stop with the excuses and just get it done.

[ Knock on door ]

Mateo: Mrs. Forrester?

Quinn: Mateo?

[ Door opens ]

Mateo: Sorry to interrupt, but I think I may know the issue with the alarm. I just need to check the access panel in your closet. I hope I didn't wake you.

Quinn: No, no, I still can't get comfortable.

Mateo: Well, you won't be able to until you get rid of that tension. I can help.

Quinn: You know, you're right. Maybe I do need a massage.

Mateo: Stay here. I'll go get the table.

Quinn: Thank you, mateo.

Mateo: It's my pleasure.

Bill: This was all your doing, you know.

Steffy: It's not all my doing. I just kept pushing.

Liam: Which is exactly what my dad and I needed if we were ever gonna get to this point.

Steffy: You know, there were times when I-I didn't know if you would. There was just so much pain and anger. But what's really amazing is that you came here, bill, and you offered your forgiveness, and liam offered his in return. And you're right, liam. What bill did, it was wrong. But sentencing your father to a life without his company, I'm really happy you know that was wrong, too.

Liam: You know, I... I didn't even want to be at odds with you. I just... I got so carried away, liam the crusader, doing the right thing at all costs, even relationship with his father be damned. And I... you wouldn't accept that. You wouldn't give up on my dad and me.

Bill: More importantly, she wouldn't give up on our relationship, even though it didn't seem like there was much of one left. That made the difference, steffy. You made the difference.

[ Door opens ]

Wyatt: Everything okay in here?

Liam: Yeah. Everything's okay. Dad forgave me.

Bill: We forgave each other.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Mateo. The way you're touching me is very inappropriate.

Mateo: Does that feel good, mrs. Forrester? Do you want me to stop?

Wyatt: No retribution? Bloodshed? You didn't kick him out of here?

Bill: That's what you were hoping for?

Wyatt: So you're just letting him get off scot-free?

Steffy: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Wyatt: I just walked in here, okay?

Bill: All right, look. I want to run spencer with my boys at my side. You know that. And now, yes, liam can be extremely annoying. But I can be even worse. We're at opposite ends of the spectrum. But he's forgiven me, and I've forgiven him. Now, there's one more person I'm gonna get to forgive me, and that's brooke. I'm not gonna let this keep us apart. And I'm certainly not gonna lose her to that poseur.

Steffy: Okay, I'm staying out of this one.

Wyatt: I mean, I can't believe it. So you're C.E.O., You're not in jail, he's still in one piece. That's always a good thing. All right, well, uh, I guess at the risk of endangering all this goodwill, what are we gonna do about all the changes liam made? 'Cause he made quite a few of them.

Liam: Uh, yeah, about that. Dad, those -- those changes i made, they're really making a big difference in the lives of the people that work here.

Bill: And I'm going to review each and every one of them soon with an open mind.

Liam: You know, it's funny. Part of the reason I didn't want to let you back in was I didn't think this was possible. I didn't think the three of us could work together. I didn't think you were capable of it. And I... I underestimated you. Still gonna harass you about changing your ways, though.

Bill: I want that. And there's one thing you're going to do for me.

Liam: Gulp.

Bill: You're going to treat steffy like the extraordinary woman that she is. She literally brought us back from the brink. So we owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude. If you ever mess up with her, I'm really gonna come after you.

Liam: Oh, don't worry. No messing up. No taking for granted. And you know that goes for our relationship, too, right? You're my dad. And, man, I am really enjoying not being at odds with you right now.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Liam: Let's keep it that way, huh?

Bill: Yeah. Let's keep it that way. The spencers are back, boys!

Wyatt: Okay.

Liam: Oh, boy.

Bill: Spencers 2.0. And we are gonna burn this house down.

Both: No.

Liam: No, no.

Wyatt: No burning.

Bill: That was not my best choice of words.

Liam: Terrible choice of words.

Wyatt: You can't say things like that.

Liam: You know, you could say...

Wyatt: Thoroughly offensive. .

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