B&B Transcript Thursday 10/19/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/19/17


Episode # 7697 ~ Steffy presents Dollar Bill with a major stipulation when she offers to mediate between he and Liam.

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Steffy: You're serious about this.

Bill: I want my son back, yes.

Steffy: Then you'll have him back. I'll see to it.

Bill: Well, I might want liam back, but he doesn't want me back, steffy.

Steffy: He will. Just let me work on him.

Bill: For how long? I'm losing my patience.

Steffy: Hey, you are the leader of this family. You've got to keep trying. And we can do this together. I'll be your advocate. Just let me talk to liam. No more threats against your son.

Liam: Yeah, and you tell the foreign minister, if there aren't changes in his policy toward underpaid workers, we're gonna buy our raw materials elsewhere.

Justin: Look, there's a lot of families that depend on these jobs in that country, liam.

Liam: That's not an excuse for those conditions, justin. Deliver my message.

Justin: Yeah, all right.

Liam: You know, I've been getting a lot of pushback from you, man. And your arguments are sounding eerily similar to a certain someone.

Justin: Oh, they are?

Liam: Yeah, you know they are. And that's what concerns me. My dad was in here the other day telling me, to my face, that he has a plan to hurt me.

Justin: Want me to alert security?

Liam: No. I'm --

[ Sighs ] I'm taking care of that. My -- my point is, I need to be able to trust you. You were his right-hand man. In fact, you -- you -- are the only in he has left here.

Justin: Liam, I'm loyal to the company -- and my paycheck. Don't ever doubt that.

Liam: Okay. Then make me believe it. Make me believe, 100%, that you are with me. Otherwise...you got to go.

Wyatt: How is your arm?

Katie: Oh, it's okay. It's -- it's -- it's better. I mean... [ Sighs ] If she wasn't your mother --

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] Don't let me stop you. You do what you got to do, girl.

Katie: I just can't believe that she burst into my house and yanked me -- literally yanked me out of my own bed.

Wyatt: I know. Listen. That's -- that's typical quinn. All right? The person I'm worried about is my father. When he finds out about us... he'll probably... he'll probably have my head.

Wyatt: Trust me, it's only a matter of time before dad hears it from mom. And then the real fun will begin.

Katie: I don't know. I think he has a lot on his plate.

Wyatt: You're joking, right? He's got all the time in the world on his hands, which is a terrible recipe for the old man.

Katie: Yeah, well, he might have time, but he doesn't have a wife.

Wyatt: I don't know. I-I think they're gonna get back together. They always do, right?

Katie: I don't know. Not this time. Brooke is filing for divorce.

Wyatt: Wait, what?

Liam: My father, he's a dangerous man, justin. And now that brooke is filing for divorce, I'm in his cross hairs. He blames me, okay? He's coming after me. That's why I need my team in place. And if you get any inkling about anything and you don't come to me...

Justin: You don't think that I would?

Liam: Listen, you say you're loyal. I take you at your word for now. But if I find out, if I even get a hint that you're still working with my father, you're out of this company immediately. You understand that, right?

Steffy: If you really want to make things right with liam, he needs to know.

Bill: [ Sighs ] Come on, steffy. I've reached out to him over and over again, and he shuts me down every time. You know that.

Steffy: Then fine, then don't go see him. Maybe just... maybe write him a letter.

Bill: Write him a letter? I don't write letters.

Steffy: Okay, fine. Then I will go see him. I will plead your case.

Bill: I appreciate that. But you have to know that time is running out. And if you don't get through to him today --

Steffy: If I don't get through to him, what? What are you gonna do, bill?

Justin: You have reason to suspect I'm not being loyal to you?

Liam: I don't know. Business calls on your private cell, constantly questioning my instructions, my dad's inexplicable lack of outrage at your shift in loyalty... yeah, I got a few, justin.

Justin: Paranoia's a dangerous trait, liam. Causes people to make rash judgments.

Liam: I'd rather be rash than wrong.

Justin: I'm not your enemy.

Liam: Well, that's good. That's, uh... that's wise. 'Cause if it ever gets to a point where I'm forced to tell the truth about this "accidental" fire... my dad's not the only one going down.

Justin: I wasn't involved, so...

Liam: Well, that may be true. But my dad's recorded confession says otherwise. Suffice it to say, if he attacks me at all, in any way, I go to the authorities. You get me?

Justin: [ Scoffs ] I don't know, liam. I-I don't know if it's being in this office or what, but... you're becoming more and more like your father every day.

Wyatt: I mean, I-I feel for dad. Divorce? I just -- I hate to see him this way.

Katie: Yeah, divorce sucks. But I guess my sister just couldn't get past what he did. You know, she thought she knew him, and she thought she knew what she was getting herself into marrying him, but apparently she didn'T.

Wyatt: For better or for worse, right?

Katie: Yeah, for better or for worse. He could've killed someone.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, he covered his bases.

Katie: Are you defending him?

Wyatt: No. I mean, I can... I know it sounds like it, but no. God! Oh... dysfunctional parents, dysfunctional brother... how the hell did i end up so normal?

Katie: I don't know.

Wyatt: No.

[ Both laugh ]

Katie: Are you normal?

Wyatt: No. I am not.

[ Katie laughs ]

Steffy: I don't agree with liam's blackmail tactics. But I also don't agree with your threats.

Bill: Well, there's a simple answer to all this. Get liam to delete that file. If he's willing to cooperate with me, I'll cooperate with him. If not --

Steffy: There's no "if not." I'll get him to cooperate.

Bill: [ Sighs ] I appreciate your determination, steffy. But some problems can't be solved. And if I have to force my way back into my company, there won't be a place for liam at spencer or in my life.

Steffy: Okay, you were just talking about how much you love liam. Let's just focus on that.

Bill: I am focused on that. But he's got to be willing to meet me halfway. This can't all be on me.

Steffy: He will. I'll get through to him. In the meantime, just show some leadership. Rise above it. Do it for your family's sake. Do it for me.

Bill: All right. One last peaceful attempt.

Steffy: Thank you.

Bill: But make no mistake -- I will be back in control of my company again. Time's running out.

Steffy: I'll do everything i can.

Bill: Thank you. I don't know how I'd get through this without you.

Bill: What are you doing, justin?

Justin: Yeah, I, uh, came in through the back in case liam has eyes on the place. So what's going on, dollar bill? Couldn't help overhearing. You want to make amends with liam? After everything he's done to you?

Katie: I mean, maybe bill has learned his lesson.

[ Wyatt laughs ] There have been a lot of repercussions from that fire.

Wyatt: Dad doesn't learn lessons. He gets even, okay? As for repercussions, there's gonna be a ton of them, and they're all gonna be directed at liam.

Katie: Has he threatened liam?

Wyatt: Katie... [ Scoffs ] Yeah. And, uh, he's probably gonna start acting on his threats.

Katie: Well, then, someone needs to stop him.

Wyatt: No, I have. I've tried. I'm not doing that again. Steffy's probably trying right now. But when dad feels cornered or betrayed, abandoned...

[ Scoffs ] He's gonna get his payday, you can count on that.

Katie: Is liam as certain about this as you are?

Wyatt: If he's not, he's an idiot.

Liam: I know he used to be C.E.O. He's not allowed in the building anymore.

Alex: You want me to ban mr. Spencer?

Liam: Yes. Alex, if he threatened me, i have to take that seriously. So do you. You're head of security, for god's sake. This is your job. Do it.

Alex: Yes, sir.

Liam: Thank you. I-I know I can count on you. Go.

Liam: The one person I needed to see more than anyone. Here you arrive.

Steffy: I talked to your father. He wants a reconciliation.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] Before or after I hand him the keys to the kingdom?

Steffy: Liam, he means it.

Liam: Why did you go to him?

Steffy: I want this war between you two to be over. And... if you're not gonna do something about it, I will. Because your father's not plotting against you. He wants peace. Just like I do.

Ken: I've been working on a backdoor. Getting into all of his devices, including his phone. I'm on a brute-force attack.

Bill: Which is?

Ken: An automated search of every password into his system. It's not brilliant, but you marry it to a clone phish... and it's interesting. I'll be in the work room. Earl gray?

Justin: It's back there.

Ken: Got to have my tea.

Bill: Oh. Can I get you some lemon?

Ken: That'd be nice.

Bill: It'd be nice if you found the damn file! I'm paying you to gross national product of a small country. Get it done! "I need my tea." Are you kidding me? A bunch of talk and no file. What is it with this guy? Are you sure about him?

Justin: Yeah. Yes. Kenny comes highly recommended.

Bill: By whom?

Justin: Don't worry about it, all right? He's all right.

Bill: Have you been back there? The monitors, the gizmos, the computers -- it looks like nasa!

Justin: It's a hacker's paradise.

Bill: Does he have any idea?

Justin: What, that the file he could find could put you in prison?

Bill: Us, justin. Us.

Justin: No. He doesn't have any idea. The only question these guys ask is "how much?"

Bill: Well, just so he finds the file and deletes it. That's the only way I can neutralize my extortionist son.

Justin: Yeah, it couldn't come a minute too soon. He's -- he's getting squirrelly. He called me out -- you know, questioned my loyalty. Threatened to fire me.

Bill: Oh, well, imagine that. Liam's feeling paranoid.

Justin: Yeah, I told him so, too.

Bill: Yeah, well, he should. I'm gonna cut him off at the knees.

Justin: Yeah. So, what you said to steffy, sounds like you're trying to work things out with liam peaceful-like. Is that where you're coming from, considering everything he's done?

Bill: It doesn't matter what I want. Liam couldn't care less. I wish the whole thing never happened. He cost me my company. He's cost me my marriage. Well, I won't give up on brooke. And I will have spencer publications back. Whatever it takes.

Katie: Feels like a lot of chaos happening around us.

Wyatt: Yeah. We're still standing, right?

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Wyatt: We're, um... we're good, aren't we?

Katie: Yeah. Better than good.

Steffy: This has gone on long enough.

Liam: [ Scoffs ] Agreed.

Steffy: So then let's end it. Your father doesn't want to be at odds with you.

Liam: Steffy, he stood right here in this office and vowed revenge.

Steffy: I get it. I get it. He was out of control. And he knows that. But he loves you. And he means it.

Liam: I love him, too. I just don't like him anymore.

Steffy: Because of what he did. But you've done some questionable things. Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to be at odds with your father? Because, I'm sorry, liam, watching the two of you go at it is torture. I know this person is so important to you. And if -- if it's not for anybody else, please do it for me. Do it for me before this gets really serious.

Liam: You -- you don't -- you don't think this is already serious? My dad committed a crime. By all rights he should be in prison. And I stopped that. I kept him out. I gave him an out.

Steffy: You forced him out.

Liam: Well, it's better than doing hard time.

Steffy: Okay, you -- you have a strong position, and you've proven it. So now let's go to the table and -- and make peace, okay?

Liam: Ste-- [ Sighs ] I don't -- [ Scoffs ] I wouldn't even know where to start on that.

Steffy: Okay, well, first off, maybe you could delete -- you could delete the audio file.

Liam: I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. It's my only bargaining chip. Without that, there's no proof that he ever did anything wrong.

Steffy: Well, it's a show of good faith.

Liam: No, it's an invitation. It's an invitation for him to walk right through those doors and take over the bully pulpit, and I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Steffy: Liam, I am telling you, he feels horrible.

Liam: He -- he doesn't know how to feel horrible. He knows how to attack. That's what he does. And that's what he's planning now. I can feel it.

[ Sighs ] Listen, I appreciate what you're trying to do. I really do. Peace is not possible in this family, not right now.

Steffy: Well, then -- then -- then when? He feels genuine remorse. He's in pain because he lost you. He's lost this company. He's lost brooke. Just delete the recording. And please just end this feud.

Bill: It's critical, justin. We need that recording.

Justin: I know. I've been on it since the start.

Bill: Well, stay on it! And hurry him up!

Justin: Can you calm down? All right? We have to be careful, considering liam's I.T. Background. If he catches us accessing his files, it's game over.

Bill: I don't want excuses. I want execution. I want it deleted. From his phone, from his computer, from his cloud. I don't care if he has it stuck up his -- wherever the hell it is, it needs to be eliminated forever.

Steffy: Just delete the recording. That's all your father is asking.

Liam: I can'T. I can'T. I can'T. It's the only protection I have against a man who vowed to bring me down.

Bill: If steffy doesn't come through, I will take matters into my own hands. One way or another, I will get rid of that recording and end this blackmail. What I do with liam after that, I don't know. But first things first -- that audio file.

Justin: Look, we're -- we're getting close.

Bill: I don't want "we're getting close"! I want completion. I want my company back. I want that recording eliminated. That means an end to liam's blackmailing power grab. I want to be C.E.O. Of my company again. Find that recording, justin!

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