B&B Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 10/17/17


Episode # 7695 ~ Eric is forced to deal with the aftermath of Quinn's cruel behavior towards Katie.

Provided By Suzanne

Mateo: Everything will be okay.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I don't see how. My son is being corrupted by katie logan, and when I dare express my concern, my husband gets mad and he walks out.

Mateo: It'll blow over. I'm sure no man could stay mad at you for long.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Mateo: Are you okay?

Quinn: It's my back.

Mateo: You must have aggravated the sprain.

Quinn: [ Groans ] Things got a little...physical with katie.

Mateo: Well, let's put you back on the table before the muscles tighten up.

Quinn: What was I supposed to do? I had to get that woman off of my son, and then to add insult to injury, I find out that my husband knew and he didn't tell me.

Eric: Oh, god, katie. My wife did this?

Katie: She burst into my house, found me and wyatt together, and...attacked me.

Charlie: I don't eat anything I can't pronounce.

Pam: [ Whispering ] Oh, my god, charlie! Charlie. Look over there.

Charlie: What? Where?

Pam: Follow my eyeballs. Over there. Sheila carter is working here! I should have listened to you and not come here. Now our lunch is ruined.

Sheila: Charlie, right? Pam. I know you both look, uh, a bit surprised, but it is true. I'm waitressing here at my favorite restaurant. "My name is sheila, and I'll be your server."

Pam: Cute. And your favorite restaurant just happens to be as close to forrester creations as possible?

Sheila: That's just a happy coincidence. I'm trying really hard to jump-start a new life.

Pam: I'm calling malarkey on your "happy coincidence." You just happened to find a job here, practically five steps from forrester creations?

Sheila: I know, it'S... it's true, though.

Charlie: Yeah. Of all the restaurants in los angeles...

Sheila: You know, I'm sorry, charlie. Does my presence here bother you?

Charlie: No. No, no, no, no. I'm just -- I'm just saying, i mean, you could have waitressed anywhere.

Sheila: Well, I got a job here, and I really do like it here. So I'm -- I'm not gonna quit. So can I get you anything?

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Charlie: Oh, come on. Not now.

Pam: What?

Charlie: Pammy, I got to go.

Pam: Oh!

Charlie: I got to put out a minor forrester fire.

Pam: You want me to get you takeout?

Charlie: Yeah.

Sheila: You know what, don't worry, I'll keep pammy company.

Charlie: Uh, are you okay with this? I mean, you can come back with me, you know.

Pam: I'm fine, charlie. I'm fine. I'm a big girl.

[ Laughs ] So, I guess you're gonna be taking my order?

Sheila: Well, you know, first, there are just a couple things I'd like to say.

Pam: Okay. I can't imagine what.

Sheila: You have reservations about me.

Pam: [ Scoffs ] Yeah! Based on the past.

Sheila: Okay, but what did you just say? The past. Now, I did some terrible things, pam, but I'm not that person anymore. You know, rehabilitation, it truly does work, and I am the best self right now than I have ever been. Ask eric. He'll vouch for that. That much, at least. Which brings me to what you and I do have in common. We both want what's best for eric.

Katie: Okay, I know that you have invested a lot in the new and improved quinn, but that woman is as unstable as she has ever been.

Eric: I admit, she's been pretty intense these days.

Katie: You think? She came into my house, clearly uninvited, burst into my bedroom, and went berserk!

Eric: All right, katie. Tell me exactly what happened.

Katie: I'll tell you what happened. You married a crazy person! That's what happened!

Quinn: I can't unsee what i saw. My son in bed with that... cougar. Oh, I don't like katie. I don't trust her. And everyone knows that, including my husband and my son. Especially them. And eric knew all along --

[ Sighs ] How could he do that?

Mateo: Did you ask?

Quinn: He said that wyatt wanted to tell me himself.

Mateo: Sounds reasonable.

Quinn: It does?

Mateo: Yeah. You're just too wound up to see it. Let go, mrs. Forrester.

Quinn: [ Exhales sharply ]

Mateo: Focus on your breath. Come on. In... ...and out.

Quinn: [ Exhales sharply ]

Mateo: In... ...and out. There you go. Relax. Stop thinking. Give yourself over to me.

Katie: Wyatt and I were together in the privacy of my own bedroom. We were...spending some time together, which is probably why we didn't hear quinn come in, because she certainly wasn't invited! And then suddenly, I hear her voice from the doorway!

Eric: And that's when she saw you and wyatt together.

Katie: She screamed like someone was being murdered. And then she ordered wyatt out of the bed, which obviously he couldn't do, and then she ordered me out of the bed, and yanked me by my arm. I mean, out of my own bed! And then she threatened me. She said I could never even lay eyes on wyatt again.

Eric: I can't believe this. I knew it would upset her to find out about this, but this -- this is too much.

Katie: Listen, it's way too much, okay? You have forgiven her for everything that she's done, all of the terrible things she has done. You have been her champion. You have invested in this image of her, that she's changed, but she has not changed. She was violent before, and she's violent now. She gave sheila a concussion in your home, and she attacked me in my home! I mean, really -- is this the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Pam: I have to give you credit. You have been shooting pretty straight since you came back. I mean, at least from the little I've heard from eric.

Sheila: So eric's been talking about me.

Pam: No -- [ Scoffs ] I wouldn't say that.

Sheila: He knows that I've changed.

Pam: Well, you know eric. He wants to think the best about everybody, until you give him reason not to.

Sheila: I'm not gonna do that. You know, it means so much to me that eric is okay with my presence here in L.A., And you know, I love L.A. L.A. Is my home. And so are the forresters. Including you. We go back so far. We have so much history. Albeit, not all of it was good. We're still connected. You know, everyone who knew loved and feared stephanie.

Pam: [ Sighs ] I miss her so much.

[ Sighs ]

Sheila: I know. And we had our differences, but quinn? This deranged, crazy, blight on stephanie's memory? I mean, do you honestly believe your sister would approve? She is a bad mark on eric's reputation, on the whole family, and you know that, pam. Your stephanie's sister. People listen to you. This is about eric's happiness. Do you honestly believe stephanie would approve of quinn?

Quinn: [ Groans ] It hurts.

Mateo: Breathe through it.

Quinn: [ Inhales sharply ]

Mateo: Better?

Quinn: Yeah.

[ Moans ] I so needed this.

Mateo: Well... you're very tense.

Quinn: I'm scared. Eric was so angry. Do you think I overreacted?

Mateo: No. I understand a mother's instinct of wanting to protect her son.

Quinn: It feels really good to be understood.

Mateo: Well, I'm here for you, mrs. Forrester. Whatever you need.

Eric: Look, I -- I have to admit that quinn's behavior lately...distresses me.

Katie: Yeah! It should! Eric, she attacked me in my bedroom! I mean, my bedroom! I mean, there's zero justification for this. I realize that she is your wife and you love her, but she is completely out of control, and i have serious doubts about her mental stability. I mean, is this really how you want to live your life? Just running after quinn doing damage control and cleaning up her messes? I mean, what happens when she does something that you can't fix? When she seriously hurts someone. Or worse! Eric, I care about you. I do. I don't want to see you get hurt because you...fell for a nutcase. There's got to be someone else out there for you.

Sheila: Come on, pam. It's just us girls. Be honest.

Pam: [ Sighs ] Do I think that quinn is the best partner for eric? No. But neither are you, sheila.

Sheila: Me?

Pam: Yeah, I mean, come on. Just us girls, you got to admit it. You want him back. That's why you're hanging around.

Sheila: No. No. I -- I told you -- I just want his happiness, regardless of how he gets there. I don't think quinn is the one to do that. On the short term, maybe, but she's gonna hurt him again, pam. You mark my words.

Pam: Eric doesn't want to hear one word against her. He disowned the family when we tried to tell him that marrying her was a mistake.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what, I think it'd be hard for the forrester family to really accept anybody after stephanie.

Pam: It is so nice to hear somebody give my sister the respect she deserves. Sometimes, it feels like she's just gone. From everybody.

Sheila: You know that's not true, pam. It's just... you know, life goes on.

Pam: Yeah, well, part of me wishes that it didn't, and part of me is, like, screaming inside -- "where's my sister?!"

[ Sighs ]

Sheila: Look, I'm sorry. You had a difficult loss.

Pam: Thank you for noticing.

Sheila: I have so enjoyed this girl time, but I've got to tell you, I've got to get your order in. They're probably screaming in the kitchen. If -- if you ever want to pick up where we left off, you know where to find me. I'm not going anywhere.

Quinn: Mmm.

[ Exhales deeply ] Why does that feel so good?

Mateo: Certain nerves, muscles, blood vessels are being stimulated. It induces relaxation.

Quinn: Mmm. You certainly know your stuff, mateo.

Mateo: As long as you're pleased.

Quinn: You worked wonders on me. Really. I'm having a very hard time clearing my mind, focusing on my breath. Eric and I rarely disagree, let alone fight. Maybe... you know, maybe I did overreact, seeing wyatt and katie together.

Mateo: You said you didn't trust her.

Quinn: Mnh-mnh. Not a bit.

Mateo: You were looking out for your family. I get that. Your fire. Determination. You're a passionate person. I am, too.

Mateo: How do you feel?

Quinn: So much better. Your hands are a national treasure. They know exactly where to go and how much pressure to apply.

Mateo: Well, massage is a dialogue. Your body directs the conversation.

Quinn: Huh.

[ Knocks on door ]

Eric: Quinn, I want to talk to you.

Quinn: Eric!

Eric: What's going on with you? I can't believe you! I just came from katie! You attacked her? What's wrong with you?!

Quinn: Eric, I --

Eric: I want to talk to my wife alone. Katie thinks you're out of control, and I can't deny that. I mean, first, it was sheila. Not once, but twice, in this house there were violent altercations, one of them ending in a concussion, and now today, you go to katie's house, you attack her in her own home, you yank out of her own bed? She has marks on her arm from what you did to her today! I can't keep defending you! I'm so disappointed! I'm so disappointed in you!

Sheila: Tell me you're not making this up.

Mateo: No, it's all true. Mr. And mrs. Forrester got into a huge argument.

Sheila: Quinn went after katie logan? Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why on earth would she do that?

Mateo: You're not gonna believe it, but mrs. Forrester found her son in bed with katie.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] Yes! God, I knew it. This is wonderful! Quinn must have imploded!

Mateo: Yeah, she dragged her out of bed.

Sheila: Oh, this is so gloriously dumb! She has to know how eric feels about his precious little katie, little miss logan that can do no wrong. And yet, quinn still attacks her? After doing the same to me? This escalating pattern of violence... ooh. Not good, quinn.

Mateo: Well, she must have dragged ms. Logan pretty hard. She threw out her back.

Sheila: [ Laughs ]

Sheila, table 23 is waiting for their check.

Sheila: Okay. You took care of the situation, right?

Mateo: Well, I did my job.

I gave her a massage.

Sheila: Excellent.

Mateo: [ Sighs ] It hardly felt like a chore. Mrs. Forrester's an attractive woman.

Sheila: Yeah, well, i wouldn't go so far as to say that, but what about eric?

Mateo: Well, mr. Forrester came in looking for her. He had just come back from ms. Logan'S. I've never seen him more angry. He laid into her right then and there. I stood by the door trying to see if I could hear, but i didn't want to risk him storming out and catching me. I would have been fired.

Sheila: No, we -- we have you perfectly positioned, mateo. We don't want anything like that to happen. Good work.

Mateo: I better go in case mrs. Forrester needs me.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] You keep me posted. We will be together again, eric. Together at last.

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