B&B Transcript Thursday 10/12/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 10/12/17


Episode # 7692 ~ Steffy warns Liam about the possible consequences he faces as he continues his quest for revenge against his father; Liam finds himself on the receiving end of Bill's wrath about Brooke and their imploding marriage.

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Bill: I disappointed you. I went too far. Look in my eyes and you'll see regret. You'll see conviction that i will never do anything like that again. Tell me you see that, brooke.

Brooke: I do.

Bill: Then put this ring back on your finger and stay married to me. Do it. Let's get on with our lives.

Ridge: So brooke didn't tell you one way or the other?

Katie: No, she said that she needed to clarify things, that it wasn't fair to you or to bill. And she texted him, said that she wanted to talk to him.

Ridge: Talk to him about what? About ending the marriage or trying again?

Katie: I guess that's the question, isn't it?

Liam: I can have a courier sent to your office, the one on cahuenga? Of course. No problem.

Bill: I'm at the end of my rope. It's enough. I have reached out to liam. I've asked him to compromise, meet me in the middle. He won't do it. And he disrespects you, his wife, this way? Well, he's gonna pay for this. I will have my revenge.

Liam: Honestly, this is how we should have been doing business all along.

Bill: Liam's world will come crashing down if he doesn't wake up. I will make sure of it.

Liam: No, anytime, seriously.

Bill: If I lose brooke, you tell liam I'm coming. And hell's coming with me.

Liam: All right, thanks a lot. You, too. Bye. Well, look at that. Talking to people like they're human beings instead of minions is actually working. Who knew? Are you team minion?

Steffy: I'm team liam.

Liam: Oh, good! Good to know. That's, uh... what? Is team liam a depressing place to be?

Steffy: I can't -- I can't help it, okay? I'm concerned.

Liam: About what?

Steffy: About your father.

Liam: Oh.

Steffy: You're in his office. You're sitting behind his desk while he's at home angry and he's plotting. Don't be naive. You have to be ready. Bill will fight back.

Liam: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: Brooke isn't going back to bill, is she?

Katie: Well, she's forgiven him before.

Ridge: I'm under the impression that this time he went too far.

Katie: Maybe.

Ridge: Well, enough is enough.

Katie: [ Chuckles ] Need I remind you that she has forgiven you on multiple occasions. So if you're keeping score...

Ridge: I'm not. I'm not keeping score. Bill and I both let her down.

Katie: Yeah, you both did.

Ridge: So you think she's gonna give him another chance?

Katie: Bill can be very persuasive, especially if you're in love with him.

Bill: This has been very difficult for all concerned. I understand that. I let you down. I let everyone down. If I could go back and change things, I would. But I can'T. I can just swear to you that i have learned from this. I needed a wake-up call, and i sure as hell got one. Giving up on us is not an option, not with our connection, our passion for each other, our passion for life. Giving up will never be an option. We'll get through this, brooke. We'll get through it together.

Katie: Listen, I'm glad that you're confident, but...

Ridge: But what?

Katie: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Ridge: I don't want to see you be negative.

Katie: I'm not being negative. I'm just -- I'm being realistic.

Ridge: Brooke and bill were never a realistic pair. Never.

Liam: Fight back? Well, that's an interesting choice of words.

Steffy: He will.

Liam: I'm not naive about that, steffy. Fighting is how my father thinks. It's what he does. It changed our relationship permanently when he sucker-punched me, trust me.

Steffy: A moment of anger doesn't have to change things forever. He regrets it.

Liam: He regrets it, but he's also at home plotting his revenge. Okay, yeah, sure.

Steffy: Okay, because he's hurting. Look, I'm not excusing his behavior, but...you did hit him, too. Not physically, but you can't deny the damage is done.

Liam: What's going -- I thought you were team liam.

Steffy: I am team liam. I'm just -- I'm trying to have you see his point of view.

Liam: You're my wife. Shouldn't you be trying to see my point of view?

Steffy: I am trying. I-I really am. But I got to admit, it's -- it's kind of weird seeing you behind your father's desk knowing that you blackmailed him to get here.

Liam: Yeah, because I'm righting all of his wrongs.

Steffy: Look, I'm not on your father's side. I just -- I want you to see that he has a side. Yeah, there's black and white, but if you both choose to see the gray area, then maybe you'll be able to fix this instead of this family falling apart.

Liam: Steffy, he had spectra burnt to a crisp.

Steffy: Yes, but --

Liam: And his regret is false. He regrets getting caught. That's what he regrets. He regrets losing control.

Steffy: And if he loses brooke, he's gonna blame you for that.

Liam: I can't be worrying about that.

Steffy: Well, you should. Because if brooke walks out on him, bill's vowed to make you pay.

Liam: [ Sighs ]

Bill: I know that I'll be making up for what I've done for a long time to come. But I will make it right with everyone. With liam, even with sally. But, brooke, it starts with you. I need my wife in my corner.

Brooke: And if I can't?

Bill: You can. You have to.

Brooke: People could have died, bill.

Bill: Look, I-I have told you over and over --

Brooke: Because you just wanted what you wanted.

Bill: I have apologized again and again!

Brooke: Yeah, because you got caught. You felt that you were losing something. I was slipping away. Liam was. Your business was. You didn't feel sorry for sally or the fact that you committed a crime. You're just feeling sorry for yourself.

Bill: That's not true.

Brooke: Look, I -- [ Sighs ] I appreciate the time that we've had together. But as husband and wife --

Bill: No, brooke. Don't say it. Put the ring back on your finger. Put it on now.

Brooke: Because you want me?

Bill: Of course I want you. You're my wife. I want us. I want our life together.

Brooke: Right. The same way you wanted your building.

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Brooke: You didn't care about what I wanted, bill. You didn't care about what anybody wanted. You just cared about what you wanted. And you always get what you want. Right, bill? You take risks. You risk other people's lives. You risk going to jail. Well, I don't want to take those kinds of risks. I want to feel safe. Call it giving up if that's what you want to do, but I call it growing up. I want to stand up for myself and my life, and I want to do what's right.

Bill: W-what's right is honoring the vows that we said to each other right here in this very room, in this spot! You promised that you would love me as fiercely and ferociously as I love you!

Brooke: And I always will. Just not as your wife.

Bill: Then what? What? Those were just -- just words? Words that sounded good on the day but that meant nothing? That were just empty? Well, I don't believe that! No! And I'm not taking it.

Brooke: Yes. Take it!

Bill: I won't do it, brooke! No! You're not leaving.

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Bill: This is your home. This is your home. I'm your husband. You're coming back to it, and you're coming back to me. You're never walking out that door again.

Ridge: I'm gonna text brooke.

Katie: [ Laughs ] Really? Really? You're gonna do that mid-breakup?

Ridge: So you agree she's breaking up?

Katie: Or mid-reunion?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Who is that?

Ridge: Pam. I got a meeting. Let me know if you hear something.

Katie: Yeah, sure. Of course. Ridge. I'm sorry, I-I don't mean to be such a downer. I... I'm rooting for you.

Bill: You're not leaving.

Brooke: Just try to understand.

Bill: I need you to try and understand. I swear to you, I will never do anything like that again. I will never let you down.

Brooke: I know that you regret what you did and you think that this is the first and last time that you will ever go this far.

Bill: It is.

Brooke: Says the man who dumped ridge into the ocean.

Bill: Oh, come on. That's not fair. You can't talk about that like it happened in a vacuum. The guy crashed our wedding. He hits me in the face when I'm not looking and drags my bride down the beach? Yeah, I was gonna do whatever i had to, to get you back. I mean, that's a totally different set of circumstances.

Brooke: No, not really. I mean, if you look closely, that is exactly the same kind of behavior.

Bill: Oh, come on.

Brooke: Yeah, no, you do something, and then you regret it, and then you say you will never, ever do it again. I want to believe you. I do. But this isn't the only incident. Okay, wait, maybe you won't order somebody to burn down a building or you won't throw somebody into the ocean again. But one thing I can guarantee you -- you are going to take what you want whenever you want it and however you want to do it, and that... that scares me.

Bill: That's not fair.

Brooke: You scare me, bill.

Bill: Tell me what I can do. How do I convince you?

Brooke: The fact that you could even hit your son like that.

Bill: He deserved it!

Brooke: [ Sighs ] What? Oh, my god.

Bill: I'm not saying that it was right. I'm just saying --

Brooke: What if R.J. Does something like that to upset you?

Bill: What are you talking ab-- he's your kid. He's not my son! Look, liam blackmailed me. He betrayed me, and I reacted.

Brooke: And that is exactly why I cannot put this ring on. Don't you understand? I trusted you. I fought to be with you, and your reactions just don't make me feel safe, bill.

Bill: Tell me what to do, brooke. I'll do anything to make you feel safe. Just -- just tell me what you want.

Brooke: You were gonna give me a stable life, and you didn't do it, bill. So if I stay married to you, what does that mean? I have to explain away your behavior? I have to forgive you and accept your terrible choices? I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I have to end this marriage.

Bill: You don't want to do that. I can see it in your eyes. You don't want this.

Brooke: I will always see the good in you, bill. And I wish this could have lasted forever. But I will always have our memories.

[ Voice breaking ] You don't realize how hard this is for me.

[ Sniffles ] And how much I really loved you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Steffy: In his eyes, it's your fault.

Liam: Steffy, this is on him. All of it. I didn't make his decisions for him. He did. I'm not gonna feel guilty if he loses his wife because of it. Look, if he left spectra alone, he'd be sitting at his desk right now instead of wondering whether his marriage is over.

Steffy: So you have no sympathy?

Liam: Should I?

Steffy: He lost his company and his marriage.

Liam: All of which he set in motion. How about he faces some consequences like a big boy?

Brooke: I am hoping to see the ring back on my finger. Will you marry me?

Bill: There's nothing I want more. I love you, brooke logan.

Liam: You went too far, dad.

Bill: You're going to tell me...

Liam: You will take not only a leave of absence but a long, hard look at yourself, as long as it takes! Until then, I'm C.E.O.

Brooke: You set the fire? When do I stand up and say enough is enough?! Damn it! God!

Bill: Don't do this. Brooke, don't go. Brooke! If I lose brooke, you tell liam I'm coming. And hell's coming with me.

Ridge: Katie told me you went to see bill.

Brooke: It's over.

Ridge: Oh.

Brooke: That doesn't mean --

Ridge: I know it doesn't mean that. It does mean that I'm here for you. That's enough for right now. That's enough. I'm sorry.

[ Telephone rings ]

Liam: This is liam. What? How -- how did that happen? Who let him in?

Steffy: What's wrong?

Liam: Well, thanks for letting me know.

Steffy: It's your dad.

Liam: Yeah, apparently he's on his way up.

Steffy: Maybe this will be good for you two --

Liam: Doubtful.

Steffy: Liam, please. Come on.

Liam: Don't look at me. He's the one showing up where he doesn't belong.

Bill: You satisfied yet? You couldn't just take my company? You had to take my wife, too?

Steffy: Oh, no. Did brooke leave you?

Bill: Brooke's divorcing me.

Steffy: I'm so sorry, bill.

Bill: Yeah, so am I.

Liam: You really surprised that brooke doesn't want to stay married to a son-punching arsonist?

Bill: You got punched. You deserved it. Stop crying and get over it.

Liam: No, I don't think so. Actions have consequences.

Bill: Truer words have never been spoken, you self-righteous son of a bitch. Consequences you can't even imagine.

Steffy: Bill, please don't do this. Please don'T.

Bill: You're everything i despise.

Liam: Oh, you despise the truth?

Bill: I despise hypocrisy, an extortionist who hides under the skirt of honesty and integrity and truth and doesn't understand that family comes first.

Steffy: [ Gasps ]

Liam: All right, is this where you hit me?

Bill: No, bruises fade away. I'd prefer long-lasting damage.

Steffy: Oh, bill, you don't mean that.

Bill: Oh, but I do. I've lost brooke. All the years I fought to be with her, and now she's gone. I hold you responsible. I blame you, liam.

Liam: Blame yourself, and then make some changes.

Bill: There he is. Preacher liam! Hallelujah! Today's sermon -- today's sermon is about change. Well, there are changes coming, all right. Changes coming your way. You think burning down a rat-infested, old building was bad? Well, you think again. Your life is about to go up in flames.

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