B&B Transcript Monday 10/9/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/9/17


Episode # 7689 ~ Quinn learns Mateo possesses a hidden talent that can ease her pain; Liam makes it crystal clear to Sally that their trip to San Francisco is strictly business.

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Sally: This san francisco firm sounds really fancy.

Liam: Yeah, they are, but spencer already paid their retainer. Might as well use them to rehab spectra.

Sally: Trust me, I am totally okay with it, especially now that I know that your father started the fire.

Liam: Yeah, I kind of feel like you would have figured that out sooner or later.

Sally: Still, you put a lot on the line to defend me, and i really don't know how I can thank you enough. By the way, uh, that little kiss on the cheek earlier was totally innocent.

Liam: Oh, yeah. Oh -- I know that. I'm very committed to my wife, and I'm sure you and I will be friends for a long time, but, uh, I mean, steffy and I will be together forever.

Bill: Liam's world will come crashing down if he doesn't wake up. I will make sure of it.

Steffy: I know you're hurting. You lost spencer publications, and you're worried that you're gonna lose your real love -- brooke.

Bill: If I lose brooke, you tell liam I'm coming, and hell's coming with me.

Eric: So your mother still hasn't told you what happened between her and bill?

Rick: Mnh-mnh. She doesn't want to talk about it.

Eric: I really have to wonder what that means for ridge and for everybody else.

Nicole: Bonjour!

Eric: Hey, nicole! Hi!

Rick: Maya said you were in town!

Nicole: It's a quick trip. I actually just came from seeing my parents.

Eric: And zende -- is he with you?

Nicole: No, he stayed in paris.

Rick: I hear he's doing a great job at international.

Nicole: He loves it there. We both do. Thank you for the opportunity.

Rick: Mm.

Nicole: So, where is everybody?

Eric: Quinn hurt her back, so she's upstairs taking a steam.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Mateo: Oh!

Quinn: Oh! Oh, mateo! I didn't know you were still here.

Mateo: My guys couldn't fix the steam, so I thought I'd give it a shot. It may take longer than i thought.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] All right. Well, I guess I could take a bath, then.

Mateo: You all right?

Quinn: Oh! I threw my back out.

Mateo: That can be very painful. Number-one complaint amongst my clients.

Quinn: Your clients?

Mateo: I'm also a massage therapist.

Nicole: Is quinn okay?

Eric: Yeah, she went to see the doctor, but she's still in a lot of pain.

Rick: I'm sure she'll be fine in a few days.

Eric: Oh, she will. I just want to be sure she gets all the help she needs.

Sheila: [ Sighs ] Quinn has an eye for you. I think you could make a move.

Mateo: No! Mr. Forrester would fire me if he found out.

Sheila: Take it. Even if you don't want the job, take it.

Mateo: Thank you.

Sheila: No, thank you, mateo. And one day, mr. Forrester will thank you, as well.

Quinn: You're a massage therapist?

Mateo: Well, on the side.

Quinn: Oh, that's right! I forgot. You said you had just gotten your license when we interviewed you.

Mateo: Have you had it looked at?

Quinn: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I went to my doctor. She gave me a muscle relaxant.

Mateo: Yeah, that will only mask the problem.

Quinn: Don't I know it. Hey, would you mind...?

Mateo: I'm -- I'm not sure...

Quinn: Oh, no, no, no. I totally get it, but I don't want to keep living with this pain.

Mateo: Well, you wouldn't happen to have a massage table tucked away somewhere, would you?

Quinn: Uh...no. I don't think so, but hey, would this do?

Mateo: Sure.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Thank you, mateo. You are a godsend.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Liam: Hey, so, the pilot says we should be landing any minute.

Sally: And the architects are coming here on the jet. Ooh! How vip!

Liam: Uh, yeah. Well, steffy wasn't really thrilled about us being here together, and I kind of want to respect that, so I just figured it would speed up the meeting.

Sally: I totally get it. Strictly professional. I just hope steffy knows how lucky she is to have a husband like you.

Bill: You can admit it. I'm sure you'd like to see your father happy, have his precious logan back.

Steffy: Of course I want my father to be happy.

Bill: [ Sighs ]

Steffy: But ultimately, it's brooke's decision, and I have no idea what she's gonna do.

Bill: I had to tell her. I mean, she knew I was responsible for that fire. I would never leave my company under any circumstances. I take a leave of absence. She saw right through that. And all because liam blackmailed me. My own self-righteous boy scout of a son could ruin my life! Well, he better pray it doesn't come to that.

Liam: So, I really love this idea, with the clean lines and the simple materials. I mean, if we can have some kind of outdoor space, that would be great. Sally, do you have any -- what are you thinking?

Sally: I'm just excited to have a legit building, so I'm loving everything that you're saying.

Liam: Awesome. I might have mentioned this on the phone. We do want to keep this as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

That shouldn't be a problem.

Liam: Cool. Well, sorry for the change in plans.

Hey, these things happen.

Liam: Yeah.

We understand.

Liam: I imagine you're a tad disappointed that spencer tower got canceled.

It was going to be quite the project. Your father had a very specific vision.

Liam: Ah, yes. Tallest skyscraper in L.A. My dad, um... he can dream a little too big sometimes.

Well, either way, we're delighted to work with you on the new project, mr. Spencer.

Liam: Well, thank you for being flexible.

Our pleasure. We'll draw up the blueprints and send staff to los angeles to properly assess ms. Spectra's building.

Liam: Wonderful! Thank you guys so much for doing this.

Of course.

It was lovely meeting you, ms. Spectra.

Sally: Likewise. Thank you guys so much.

We look forward to working with you.

Liam: Pleasure. Pleasure.

Sally: What?! Pinch me!

Liam: I would say that went pretty well.

Sally: Yeah! It sure did! Oh, my god, I'm getting emotional. I can't believe all this is happening, and it is all thanks to you.

Bill: I've been nothing but great to that kid! I've given liam opportunities he could only dream of!

Steffy: He knows that, and he's grateful for everything --

Bill: He was a little computer geek! A nothing! A nobody! And he would have nothing if it weren't for me! Including you. How's he thank me? With the ultimate betrayal. I mean, he talks a good game about virtue and righteousness. Come on! What a hypocrite! I don't even understand how you put up with him.

Steffy: Bill, stop. He's my husband and I love him.

Bill: Well, he's got a funny way of showing that he loves you! Flying off with another woman? Sally spectra? Lets her lead him around like he's on a leash? That's how he treats his wife? Well, I'm sorry, but he doesn't respect you. Not the way you deserve.

Nicole: As much as I'd like to stay and hang out, I'm going to meet up with maya and lizzy for lunch.

Rick: Well, I'm heading home, so I'll drive you.

Nicole: Okay! Eric, as always, it's great to see you.

Eric: I'm so glad I got to see you. Give my best to zende, all right?

Nicole: I will, and tell quinn I said hi and I hope her back gets better.

Rick: Yeah, dad. Take good care of your wife.

Eric: All right!

Mateo: I normally use oil, but uh...

Quinn: Oh, it's okay. Just go for it.

Mateo: Too hard?

Quinn: No, no. You can use more pressure.

[ Exhales sharply ] Honestly, I'm not really feeling anything.

Mateo: Well, I can't get deep into the muscle with a towel in the way.

Quinn: Oh, well, just move it.

[ Moans ] Oh, yeah. That's it.

[ Moaning continues ]

Liam: For you, miss.

Sally: You are such a pro.

Liam: What do you mean?

Sally: The way that you handled that meeting, I was blown away. You clearly know how to get things done.

Liam: [ Laughs ]

Sally: I am very lucky to have you on my team.

Liam: Ah, well, like I said before, I'm happy to help, and it would be wrong if I didn'T.

Sally: I have never had a man treat me the way that you do. That -- that came out totally wrong. I didn't mean it like that! I... I would never cross the line. I respect you and steffy. Well, okay, maybe not steffy, but I do respect her marriage, and clearly she's done something right to be married to a man like you.

Liam: Oh. Trust me, I am far from perfect.

Sally: You, my noble friend, are what they call a catch.

Liam: [ Laughing ] Okay.

Sally: A prince among men. But there is only one of you, and you are taken. But if you weren't, I could, you know, maybe see the potential for more. But I would never push it or, you know, do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, so you do not have worry about me trying to seduce you because that is not what I do or who I am. Besides, I know that you are completely faithful to steffy, and she would be an utter fool not to be completely faithful to you.

Steffy: I don't like that liam flew to san francisco with sally! I am not happy that he wants to rescue her again!

Bill: And he justifies it by hiding behind his "mr. Crusader for truth and justice" routine. Come on!

Steffy: [ Sighs ]

Bill: I have had zero for his kind and their hypocrisy my entire life! They don't have the first clue what it takes to make the world a better place! It takes money, it takes leadership! Forget all this kumbaya B.S. You don't fix the world by doing yoga and eating quinoa. You don't do a warrior pose. Be a warrior! Little liam, he doesn't know how to do that. And it will be the demise of our family and my company! It's already been the demise of my skyscraper! My greatest gift to L.A. Not to me! Not to myself, contrary to popular belief! The construction of that building would have employed thousands of people! I would have spent millions upon millions in construction materials. Not to mention all the office space that would have been filled with jobs afterward. But no. Thanks to liam -- poof! It's all ruined. He just wants to hand money to everybody. Well, people don't want handouts! They want to feel empowered! They want to feel valued! Anybody worth their salt wants to earn a living! It's about growth and progress. Liam thinks he's helping my employees? No! He will be the ruin of them. They will lose their jobs. I will lose mine! But you know what I better not lose? My wife.

Sheila: Soon, you're going to replace quinn's portrait and her place in eric's life.

Quinn: Oh! That's it, mateo. Right there.

Mateo: You're so tight. Your muscles are rotated. I'm trying to relax them.

Quinn: Oh, well, whatever it is you're doing, it feels so good.

[ Moans ] Thank you, mateo. God, you're really good at this.

Mateo: Well, I've been told my hands have eyes. They see trouble and release it.

Quinn: [ Moans ] That feels really good.

Mateo: This doesn't feel right.

Sheila: This does, doesn't it? It's yours, and there's a lot more where this came from. Take it.

Quinn: Oh, I'm sure your clients tell you you're worth every penny.

[ Moans ]

Liam: Looks like we're landing soon.

Sally: That went by way too fast. Can you tell the pilot to just keep going down to cabo, and we can grab a margarita or two?

Liam: That would be nice.

Sally: I can't believe that you've been so kind and done this extraordinary thing for me. I'm excited to see what the future holds for us.

Liam: Yeah. Me, too. I mean, I know for me, I have this company to run now, and... and, uh, a marriage to get back on track. It's been kind of a long road for steffy and me, and I... I need to make sure nothing ever comes between us again.

Steffy: Please don't make the situation any worse.

Bill: Tell that your husband.

Steffy: I know you two are upset right now. I get it. But you're gonna get through it. You're father and son.

Bill: That's on him! I've been nothing but patient. I've even tried to forgive him for blackmailing. But if brooke doesn't come home, that will the final straw.

Steffy: Liam didn't tell brooke that you had a hand in the fire. It was her decision to leave you.

Bill: That's all well and good, but if liam hadn't backed me into a corner, none of this would have happened.

Steffy: [ Clears throat ]

Bill: If my marriage falls apart over this, liam will pay dearly. I will bring down pain on him that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, let alone my son.

Quinn: Somebody got a haircut. You look very handsome.

Eric: Thank you. Tobias just left. How was your steam?

Quinn: I didn't take one. It's still not working, but i will tell you that mateo is mr. Fix-it.

Eric: What does that mean?

Quinn: Well, I'm not 100% yet, but he worked on me for quite a while. He even got his elbow into that place in the lower part of my back.

[ Grunts ]

Eric: Mateo gave you a massage?

Quinn: We forgot. He told us he had just gotten his massage therapy license when we interviewed him.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. I forgot that.

Quinn: Yeah. I wanted to give him some cash, but I forgot to ask him how much he charges his clients.

Eric: Quinn, he's our estate manager. I'm not exactly certain how i feel about that.

Quinn: Oh, eric, don't be silly. In fact, you should try it.

Eric: What? A mateo massage?

Quinn: [ Laughing ] Yes! A mateo massage. And, you know what, we should get a massage table! Wouldn't it be great to have his talents here in this house?

Mateo: I was trying to fix the shower.

Sheila: And that's when she came to you saying that her back was hurting.

Mateo: Yes, and I tried to help.

Sheila: And she said yes?

Mateo: She seemed to enjoy it.

Sheila: Right there on their marital bed...

Mateo: Well, there was no other place.

Sheila: No, no, no! That's perfect! Does this mean that you're considering my proposition? I really think it would benefit both of us.

Mateo: I'm still not sure i can do it. Break up a marriage? Although mrs. Forrester is a very attractive woman, and any extra money would really help my family.

[ Sighs ]

Sheila: Then what if I double it? You won't get the rest of that money until I become mrs. Forrester again. Do we have a deal?

Mateo: Yes. We do.

Sheila: You get quinn to cross that line. You get the job done, mr. Fix-it, and you will be rewarded. Handsomely. Very, very handsomely.

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