B&B Transcript Monday 10/2/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/2/17


Episode # 7684 ~ Sheila strategically gains employment at an establishment where she can keep a close watch on the Forrester family; Eric hires an estate manager.

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Quinn: This... this is inspired.

Ivy: Seriously?

Quinn: Oh, I should stay away from the office more often. I mean, these are -- these are beautiful. They really are.

Ivy: Oh, quinn, thank you so much. Hey, congratulations, as well. I've been meaning to say. I hear that everything between you and eric is going great.

Quinn: Ohh. Did ridge tell you that?

Ivy: Yeah, he did, actually. He seems very positive about the family at the moment.

Quinn: Oh, so am I. Especially about my marriage. When I think of how close I came to losing eric... but you know what? All of that is behind us now.

Ivy: Yes. Good. Good. I like this. You seem...happy. Like you're at peace.

Quinn: I am. I am. Yeah, everything is -- is going really well again. And it doesn't hurt that we haven't heard from sheila in a while, either.

Sheila: Okay, so, chef josh's specials are the meatballs and baked cannelloni. Right?

Jody: Yeah, but... I wouldn't recommend the meatballs.

[ Chuckles ]

Sheila: Okay. Thank you for the tip, jody. I appreciate it.

Jody: Of course. I'll be back.

Mr. Barwick: Sheila. Hey, I wanted to catch you in between tables. You're doing an excellent job. It's hard to believe you've only been here for a week.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] Well, I'm -- I'm glad you're so happy, mr. Barwick. Thank you.

Mr. Barwick: But more importantly, so are our regulars. They've had very complimentary things to say about you.

Sheila: Well, that's -- that's nice. That's nice. I just want everyone to have a really great experience here. I mean, this is one of L.A.'S finest eateries, and you have such a special clientele. You've got celebrities, you've got fashion icons, it'S...

Mr. Barwick: It's hard to beat our location. We're close to the studios, agencies. You know, forrester creations isn't far from here, actually.

Sheila: Really? I-I wasn't aware.

Mr. Barwick: Yeah, the forrester family and their employees have been coming here for many years. Keep up the good work.

Sheila: Yeah. Thank you.

Mateo: You wanted to see me, mr. Forrester?

Eric: Yes, mateo. Thanks for coming up.

I was just down by the pool, showing the guys a different way to fix a calcium build up.

Eric: This won't take long. I've been very impressed with what you've done around here lately.

Mateo: Thank you.

Eric: I think it's time for us to discuss your future here.

Eric: I'm very happy with the job you're doing, especially the changes you've made. I mean, converting the pool to salt water, and having your crew change out these chemical pesticides with non-toxic ones. Thank you.

Mateo: Well, yes, I believe in organic solutions.

Eric: Well, we do, too. Especially quinn. My wife is very much into organic solutions. So she's as impressed with you as I am.

Ivy: Well, I'm just glad everything worked out. It is crazy to think how close sheila came to destroying your marriage.

Quinn: Ugh, tell me about it. I'm just so grateful that eric was able to see through her. You know, despite how generous and forgiving he is. That woman is dangerous.

Ivy: [ Sighs ] Look, quinn, if that is true, I mean, how can you be so certain that you've gotten rid of her? Look, I know. And I'm sorry. I'm not trying to bring up old stuff, it's just that --

Quinn: No, no, no. You make a really good point.

[ Exhales sharply ] I mean, you should never underestimate sheila carter, or be lulled into a false sense of security. But, you know, I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder. You know, eric and i are back together. Our marriage is solid. And if sheila does try anything again, she's gonna get her fangs into my husband.

Jody: It's such a beautiful day. Here are your menus. Your server will be right with you.

Katie: Hi!

Wyatt: Sorry I'm late.

Katie: No. No, you're not. Uh, I just got here.

Wyatt: Yeah? Oh, I should've got a reservation. It's packed.

Katie: Do you want to go someplace else?

Wyatt: Why, miss logan, I am a gentleman.

[ Katie giggles ] Whatever do you mean?

Katie: You are not a gentleman.

Wyatt: Yes, I am.

Mateo: I have all the gardeners using natural fertilizers. And composting, too.

Eric: I like this. Somebody who actually takes initiative. That proves to me it's not just a job for you. It's something you really believe in passionately. That's good.

Mateo: Well, only the cleanest and healthiest environment for you and your family.

Eric: Thank you. My family's very important to me, as I'm sure yours is to you.

Mateo: Yes.

Eric: Managing a big estate like this is, uh -- it's a huge responsibility, mateo. And for me to find somebody i can actually trust to do it is very important to me. My family's big. And although we don't all live here, we all consider this a safe haven. A place they can be safe and -- and private. Both of those qualities need to be maintained just as carefully as the property itself. Look, I like the changes that have happened around here, and I give you all the credit for it. I appreciate your work ethic, and the way you treat the people you oversee. So, what do you say? Let's officially make you the full-time estate manager.

Mateo: Yes. Absolutely.

[ Laughs ]

Eric: Good. It's a done deal. I'm very happy. My wife's gonna be very happy, too.

Mateo: Thank you both for your confidence and trust in me. I won't let you and mrs. Forrester down.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I should've stayed home with eric. You're handling things beautifully around here.

Ivy: Oh, quinn, stop. If you keep complimenting me like that, I might actually believe you.

Quinn: No, I mean it. I really appreciate all of your work. And, hey, so does eric.

Ivy: Hey, I'm just happy that you two are happy. And that sheila is keeping her distance after worming her way into the house.

Quinn: You know that was all part of her plan? To insinuate herself into eric's life? Of course I played right into it, right? I mean, I gave her an excuse, and she used it against me.

[ Sighs ] And, of course, sheila being sheila, she was very clever about it. That's why I never believed her when she said that she had changed.

[ Sighs ] I just -- I need to keep her away from eric and our family. Because when sheila carter is around, trouble follows.

Jody: Guys, I'm so sorry about the wait, but it looks like it's gonna be another 20 minutes or so.

Wyatt: Oh, well, that's okay. I don't mind the company.

Katie: Yeah, we're fine.

Jody: Okay.

Wyatt: Um, well...

[ Clears throat ] Actually, we are not fine, because I am dying to kiss you right about now.

Katie: Well, I guess it's too bad that we're in a public place, because who knows who could be watching?

Wyatt: Right. But, I mean, what's, like, a friendly little kiss on the cheek. Like a "mwah." You know what I mean? Like...

Katie: Oh, really? And you could stop with just a friendly kiss on the cheek? Because I'm not so sure I could.

Wyatt: Okay. I know that we told them we were gonna wait, but we should probably get the hell out of here.

Katie: Well, where are we going?

Wyatt: Your place. It's closer. And you have stuff to make sandwiches or whatever, right?

Katie: Yeah, sure. I got, you know, cold cuts and pb&J.

Wyatt: We could skip lunch altogether. Who needs lunch? It's a stupid meal. Why -- why did we even come here, anyway?

Katie: Well, um, what time do you have to be back at spencer? I mean, did liam fire you already, or...?

Wyatt: Ha. That's funny. It's funny.

[ Katie laughs ] Actually, uh, I'll have you know, my tofu-loving brother asked me to run the company with him.

Katie: And what did you say?

Wyatt: I said that my loyalty is with dad no matter what he's done. But, you know what, I really don't want to talk about that right now. Because I am starved. And not for deli meat or pb&js.

Katie: Okay. Well, why don't I drive, and then I can drop you back here later?

Wyatt: That works for me. Why don't you just give me a little something to kind of tide me over, you know what I mean?

[ Katie giggles ] It's okay. Nobody's looking. It's safe.

Quinn: Ivy, all these long hours you've been putting in here can't be good for your social life.

Ivy: Oh, well, you would think that, wouldn't you? But in actual fact -- I am not gonna keep saying what I was gonna say...

Quinn: What? No!

Ivy: ...Because it's very new, and I don't want to jinx it. I don't want to jinx it.

Quinn: Oh, come on! All right, well, whoever it is, I hope it works out, because you deserve to be happy. And so does my son, who I've just realized hasn't answered my texts in hours.

Ivy: Hey, is, uh -- is wyatt dating anyone?

Quinn: No, I don't think so. Which really worries me, too, you know, because I really want him to be with somebody.

Ivy: Maybe he's just keeping it quiet.

Quinn: Wyatt? Secretly dating someone? No. No. We have always shared anything and everything. If wyatt were dating someone, I would know.

Wyatt: Housekeeper here?

Katie: Mnh-mnh. Nope.

Wyatt: Gardener? Pool guy?

Katie: Mnh-mnh. Just us.

Wyatt: Mm.

Katie: Mm! Oh, I promised you lunch, so I should probably go whip something up in the --

Wyatt: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Forget food. Forget lunch. Forget everything. I just want this.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Knocking continues ]

Sheila: Hello, eric.

Eric: Sheila. What are you doing here?

Sheila: Well, not to worry. I'm -- I'm not here to cause you any trouble. May I?

Eric: I thought you left L.A.

Sheila: You mean after you threw me out of your home. I'd actually like to talk to you about that, too, eric. There have been some significant changes in my life since then.

Eric: Changes?

Sheila: Is -- is quinn home? Is that why you're reluctant to invite me in?

Eric: Quinn's at work. She'll be home any minute now.

Sheila: Well, then, I'll make this brief. Eric, please. Change -- what change?

Sheila: I got a job. I'm working at il giardino. As -- as a server. I know, I know. It's -- it's not my dream position, but -- but it's regular. And, um, comes with some great fringe benefits.

Eric: Fringe benefits? I'm afraid to ask.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] There's something I-I want you to know. Eric, I-I am doing everything in my power to do what's best for my life now. And I know that's not gonna happen overnight. But this job is a really good start for me. Who knows? Maybe I'll be a famous restaurateur one day.

Mateo: Oh, mr. Forrester, i forgot to tell you -- oh. Sorry. I didn't realize --

Eric: It's -- it's all right, mateo. What is it?

Mateo: Uh, your outdoor shower. I got them to replace the defective pressure-balance valve. Everything's good to go.

Eric: Thanks very much. I appreciate it.

Sheila: Mateo?

Eric: Yes, or, uh, as I like to call him, "mr. Fixit."

[ Sheila chuckles ] Look, sheila, there's someplace I have to go, all right?

Sheila: Oh, no. No. I-I understand, eric. Just -- just one more thing. I told you, I came from work. And I saw something that I never would have believed if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes.

Eric: Yeah?

Sheila: Quinn's son was kissing katie logan.

Eric: So you're telling me you saw wyatt and katie kissing?

Sheila: They were waiting for a table. I'm sure they didn't think anyone saw them. But... oh, eric. Come on. You don't believe me?

Eric: [ Scoffs ]

Sheila: I swear it's true.

Eric: Why are you telling me this, sheila?

Sheila: Again, I don't want to cause you any trouble, but i swore to myself I would never withhold anything from you.

Eric: Eh.

Sheila: I assume quinn doesn't know.

Eric: Uh, no, probably not. I mean, given the way she feels about katie, I don't think so, no.

Sheila: Well, you gonna tell her?

Eric: Are you sure you can't be mistaken here? This might just have been a friendly kiss of some kind?

Sheila: Oh, no. No, it was much more than that. If you'd seen it for yourself, you'd agree.

Eric: You think they're still at the restaurant?

Sheila: No. No, I-I -- I had somebody cover my tables for me, and I followed them.

Eric: Sheila, for god's sake --

Sheila: No, no, no. Eric, no, it's nothing -- nothing like that. I left work to come see you. I got stuck in traffic, and they happened to be stuck in traffic right next to me, and on their way to katie's house.

Eric: What?

Sheila: They're there right now, as we speak.

Eric: Are you sure wyatt's with her?

Sheila: Yeah, I-I know he is. Why don't you go see for yourself?

Katie: Mm-hmm. Are you absolutely 100% sure that you don't want lunch?

Wyatt: I-I am absolutely 100% sure, yes. This is the only thing that i want right now.

Mateo: Oh!

Sheila: Oh.

Mateo: Uh, is mr. Forrester here?

Sheila: Is there something else you forgot to tell him?

Mateo: I'll come back later.

Sheila: No, I'm just -- I'm teasing you. I'm teasing. He'll be right back. He's just next door. What is your name again?

Mateo: Mateo.

Sheila: Well, you certainly are handsome, mateo.

Mateo: Thank you. I recognize you from when you stayed here. Uh, pleasure to meet you, ms... carter.

Sheila: Yeah. Sheila carter. And the pleasure is all mine.

Quinn: I'm so blessed to have eric in my life. I just want wyatt to have the same thing, you know? I want him to find a woman who makes him just as happy.

Wyatt: Mnh-mnh.

Katie: Hold on.

Wyatt: Where you going? What?

Katie: Hold that thought. Hold that thought. I'm just gonna put some music on.

Wyatt: Oh, no.

Katie: What? What do you mean, "oh, no"?

Wyatt: No. No. I need -- I need playlist approval here.

Katie: You don't like my taste in music?

Wyatt: I never said that. I like your taste. I love your taste. But in music?

Katie: Oh, come on.

[ Music plays ]

Wyatt: Oh, no.

Katie: I love this song.

[ Giggles ]

[ Muffled music playing ]

Eric: [ Sighs ] Katie? Katie, it's eric.

Katie: [ Gasps, squeals ] Eric!

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