B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/12/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/12/17


Episode # 7670 ~ Bill is enraged and in disbelief over Liam's disloyalty, so he surprises his son with a knock down; Brooke tries desperately to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding Bill's astonishing news.

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[ Knocks on door ]

Steffy: Figured whatever was gonna happen has happened by now.

Liam: You figured right.

Steffy: How'd it go with your dad?

Liam: As expected.

Steffy: [ Gasps ]

Liam: And then some.

Steffy: Oh, my god! Liam!

Wyatt: Hey, I -- oh. I, uh... I thought you said now.

Justin: I was told now.

Liam: Please. Come on in. My better half just happened to show up after I paged you.

Jarrett: Are we meeting without bill?

Wyatt: What happened to your eye?

Liam: Just clumsy.

Wyatt: Doing what?

Liam: Something I never tried before.

Justin: "Irresistible force meets immovable object" kind of thing.

Jarrett: I got a bruise like that once in a bar in berlin. Misunderstanding.

Liam: Okay, guys, I didn't ask you here for a consultation about my face. You are the people most critical to the running of our L.A. Operation. Jarrett, can you close the door? And your duties are about to change. Mine, too. As of this morning, my father has resigned from spencer publications.

Bill: I'm gonna sign your little paper, but I'm not resigning. You should know me well enough, liam. I don't get even with those who betray me. I decimate them.

Liam: But not today.

Brooke: Bill? Something wrong?

Bill: Why does something have to be wrong?

Brooke: You went to work and you came back in the middle of the day. Is everything all right?

Bill: I've decided I needed a change.

Brooke: Of what?

Bill: Of everything but you. I did what I said I was going to do. I took a leave of absence.

Bill: Yeah, I know it sounds strange coming from me, but work's been sort of grinding me down. You're the one person who can build me up.

Brooke: Okay, but I haven't taken a leave from my job.

Bill: Am I asking you to?

Brooke: No. I mean, time together sounds fabulous, it's just... I'm surprised, that's all. I've never known you to walk away from work. So, who's gonna run the company while you're gone?

Bill: Liam.

Jarrett: Resigned?

Wyatt: Excuse me, but, uh, yeah, right.

Liam: Well, dad's calling it temporary.

Justin: A leave of absence?

Liam: Yeah. He's stressed and making some erratic decisions.

Wyatt: He runs on stress. I mean come on. Liam... you must have got it wrong.

Liam: His letter of resignation.

Wyatt: Why would he say something to you and not me?

Liam: Because he's making me C.E.O.

Wyatt: Something's not right here.

Liam: I can appreciate it if you need a minute to adjust your thinking. Just don't be surprised when you start getting memos in your inbox about the new business plan.

Wyatt: Our one and only business plan is to make money.

Liam: Yes, and I have a different vision of how to do that.

Wyatt: This is dad's company, not yours.

Steffy: Okay, maybe you should talk to bill.

Wyatt: My next stop. Where is he?

Liam: At home with his wife, I imagine. That's kind of the point.

Wyatt: Wow. There is no way that he left this company like this. Oh, and don't get too comfortable in that chair.

Brooke: I thought it would take decades for you to retire.

Bill: Who said I was retiring?

Brooke: You didn't say anything about anything. You just said you're taking a leave and liam's taking over.

Bill: Right. Liam.

Brooke: Do your trust him?

Bill: I used to.

Brooke: You believe he can do the job? You don'T.

Bill: Well, a fact is a fact no matter who believes it, and the fact is that liam is running spencer publications.

Brooke: So, explain that to me.

Wyatt: Yeah, maybe you can explain that to me, too.

Jarrett: What an opportunity. I've always appreciate your more humanistic style. If there's any way I can help...

Liam: Thank you, jarrett. Thank you. Hey, jarrett. On your way out, would you tell alison I'd like my father's things packed up and out of here?

Jarrett: Right.

Liam: Thanks. Justin, can you shut the door? With you on this side of it. I've never trusted you.

Justin: Most people don'T.

Liam: But I realize you know more about the running of this company than anyone but my father.

Justin: What would you like to know?

Liam: What to do with you, for starters. I could have you arrested, of course. That's okay. Steffy knows that you and my father had spectra set on fire. I imagine he left the details to you, but then I do have a recording of him admitting everything. I'm sure you know that. I could use that recording to put you away, but that would implicate my father, and i already have an arrangement with him. I'm sure you know that, as well. So, justin, what am I going to do with you?

Justin: Keep me on.

Liam: You have displayed unfailing loyalty to my dad, loyalty to a fault.

Justin: It made me a very wealthy man.

Liam: What would it take for you to redirect that loyalty to me?

Justin: Keeping that recording to yourself. That was decent of you. I didn't want to go along with dollar bill's plan. It was mean, it was overkill. But serving spencer publications is what I do. It's how I made me, me.

Liam: Well, I won't ask you to do anything illegal.

Justin: I'm a fixer. If something's broke, I figure out how to fix it.

Liam: But I do expect the same unquestioning loyalty you gave to my father.

Justin: Keep signing my checks and you have it.

Liam: If I ever find out you try to undermine me...

Justin: Like I said, liam... serving spencer publications is what I do, and as of today, that means you.

Liam: Well, you can start by greasing the wheels to a smooth transition.

Justin: I'm on it.

Steffy: Now that was a high-wire act.

Liam: [ Scoffs ]

Steffy: I never knew you had talent like that.

Liam: Well, thankfully, i won't have to be a hardass all the time. I really think I can do good things here, steffy.

Steffy: Does it hurt?

Liam: Oh, you mean, being assaulted by my father? Hey, he always said he'd leave his mark on me.

Steffy: You couldn't have possibly thought it was gonna go well.

Liam: It's behind me now.

Steffy: I'm not too sure about that. He's your father, and that doesn't just go away.

Liam: Well, most rough patches between fathers and sons do.

Steffy: I love your optimism. But do not underestimate your father. He's like a wounded lion right now. And when he feels betrayed, he hits back.

Bill: I'm not going to be challenged on every decision i make!

Wyatt: All right, I take it you had no idea this was coming, either.

Brooke: Your father said he was gonna take some time off.

Wyatt: "Time off." You don't even know, like, what "time off" means!

Bill: Look, you were a newlywed for a minute!

Wyatt: Oh...

Bill: Didn't you ever want to play hooky and spend every second with your bride?

Wyatt: Why liam?

Bill: He's been with the company longer.

Wyatt: You -- you don't even agree on anything! Acquisitions and policy... we always do! We like to make money! He likes to give it away!

Bill: I guess we're gonna find out which way works best, won't we?

Wyatt: Why not me, dad? Why not both of us? We work well together!

Bill: I had my reasons.

Wyatt: What reasons are you talking about here?

Bill: I don't have to explain myself to you or anyone. I did what was best for all concerned. And it's only temporary.

Wyatt: Until what?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Bill: I have to take this.

Wyatt: So much for your "leave of absence."

Bill: Believe me when I tell you this is how it has to be, wyatt. Now get out of here.

Brooke: Let me walk you out.

Wyatt: Don't worry.

Bill: I'm here.

Justin: Liam called a meeting. Jarrett, myself, and wyatt before he stormed out.

Bill: He didn't fire you, did he?

Justin: No. You guessed right about that.

Bill: Of course not. He needs you.

Justin: He demanded a loyalty pledge.

Bill: You better have given it to him.

Justin: Without hesitation.

Bill: Good. I want to know about personnel changes, any major acquisitions, anything of significance.

Justin: Of course, dollar bill, of course.

Bill: You're a good man, justin. I'll be in touch.

[ Door closes ] Sorry about that.

Brooke: [ Scoffs ] How could you speak to your own son that way?

Bill: He hasn't earned the right to challenge me.

Brooke: Yeah, he was born with it! Bill, he was shocked to find out that you're gone and he's gonna be answering to his own brother. I mean, I was. He's hurt. He's blindsided. You really don't need to be so harsh.

Bill: You don't have to -- you don't have to tell me I'm not handling this well, brooke.

Brooke: I know. You are so tense. We really do need to take a trip. Just go out there on the stella maris and get away from it all. You don't seem so happy about that. But maybe I could help, hmm?

Bill: I know I can get myself right, as long as I have you.

Brooke: So, malta? Algiers, maybe? For a couple of weeks, couple of months?

Bill: How about indefinitely? Not long enough?

Brooke: Um, that raises one red flag too many.

Liam: He called me a traitor.

Steffy: Well, by his definition, you are.

Liam: [ Scoffs ] He also said he would decimate me. Am I naive for thinking that someday he'll be proud of me for what I believe I can pull off here?

Steffy: You know bill always carries a grudge.

Liam: Fine. So be it. I'm not doing this for affirmation. What matters is running this company well and fairly. And having you by my side. If I can claim those two things, his thunderbolts can't touch me.

Brooke: I know there's something you're not telling me. I also know that whatever it is, it's something you feel very tender about. So I think I'm making it worse by talking. I'm gonna just shut up. I got to get to work anyway.

Bill: Hey. I don't want you to think i don't trust you.

Brooke: No, I don't think that. And I just want you to know that you can tell me anything. But I want you to tell me on your schedule. Not mine.

Bill: I love you.

Brooke: Is this leave of absence something you definitely need to do?

Bill: Yes.

Brooke: Love you.

Liam: Knocking's good.

Wyatt: You know, acting all territorial doesn't it make your territory. You do move fast, don't you?

Liam: [ Sighs ] How'd it go with dad?

Wyatt: He's in one of his "ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies" kind of moods.

Liam: Oh, well, that's to be expected.

Wyatt: What are you pulling here, bro?

Liam: What are you asking me, bro?

Wyatt: I don't know. It's like something out of a costume drama. Son deposes king, murders the heir apparent, takes the throne for himself.

Liam: You don't look murdered to me.

Wyatt: [ Scoffs ] Yeah. Dad looks slightly murdered.

Liam: Well, he's bound to have a period of adjustment. Meanwhile, I'm expeditiously moving forward, as authorized.

Wyatt: Wow. I don't think I've ever seen this in you before.

Liam: What?

Wyatt: Stone coldheartedness. It's the exact same thing you used to call dad out for.

Liam: Nothing wrong with being ruthless for the right reasons, is there?

Wyatt: Right. How -- how did you get that bruise again?

Liam: I told you.

Wyatt: Clumsiness. Yeah. You said.

Liam: But I'm more careful now.

[ Door opens ]

Bill: Hey, fiona! Didn't I have two of these boxes? I can only find one.

Steffy: I'm not your maid.

Bill: If you're here for a piece of me, there's not much left.

Steffy: You hit your son. You made a fist and you hit him as hard as you could. And don't even say liam sent me here to fight his battles! He doesn't even know I'm here or how appalled I am at you! If you were angry with your son, you use your words, bill, not your fists!

Bill: Use my words? I used my words! He didn't listen to one of them! He pushed me too hard, steffy. He must really hate my guts now.

Steffy: You know... he's still hoping that you're gonna be proud of him someday. Something inside of him broke. It's like a wall went up that wasn't there before. So, this is what you've been doing on your leave of absence, watching, uh, movies?

Bill: My father made this, uh, video. He wanted me to watch it after he died. You know, I promised myself i would never be anything like him. Of course, the promises you make yourself are the first ones broken. I'm a bigger bastard than he ever was. So, yeah... I know all about that wall. My life seems to be spinning out of control, and I can't let that happen, steffy. I hit my son.

[ Voice breaking ] I hit my son. Will you tell him I'm sorry? Will you do that?

Steffy: All right. We're gonna work things out, okay? I am a spencer, and this is my family, too, and I'm not gonna let this fall apart. You're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through this, okay? We're gonna get through this.

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