B&B Transcript Friday 9/1/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/1/17


Episode # 7663 ~ Sally and the Spectra gang attempt to convince Thomas to stay and help rebuild the company; and Liam struggles between losing his relationship with his father or living with the guilt of knowing what Bill has done.

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Thomas: Sally...

Sally: I know. I know you're dealing with a lot -- caroline and your son. Now this. But to have you here when I need you most... tell me you're back, thomas. For good.

Steffy: No doubt about it, bill spencer's a complicated man. Just when you think you got him figured out...

Liam: ...He does something to remind you that you don't and you never will?

Brooke: The way you say that... are you and your father at odds about something?

Liam: Why would you ask that?

Brooke: Just a moment ago, steffy was saying how bill is going to have his skyscraper built because of the spectra fire, and you said it's not necessarily a sure thing. Do you know something I don't?

Bill: I realize this has been hard on you.

Caroline: [ Laughing ] Hard? This is eating me alive, uncle bill. Yes, thomas and douglas and i have bonded as a family, but the second that he heard about sally and spectra, he couldn't jump on a plane fast enough. I think that says a lot, don't you?

Liam: I've just learned that nothing in life is for certain, you know? Until it is.

Brooke: Well, I don't see what could possibly derail bill's plans now. It's true -- if C.J. Didn't let the insurance on the building lapse, spectra could have rebuilt, but barring something unforeseen...

Liam: Which I wouldn't rule out. I mean, you know, on a project this big.

Brooke: Bill's more determined now than ever to see his skyscraper built. I was with him earlier. I saw the fire in his eyes. He's a good man, but when it comes to business and to making things happen, he can be ruthless.

Liam: Yeah. That's an understatement.

Caroline: I don't know what thomas is gonna do.

Bill: You were on a plane with him for hours! He must have said something.

Caroline: Yeah, just that he's worried about sally and how she's gonna come back from this. How does she come back from this?

Bill: Who cares? As long as she doesn't drag mr. Knight in shining armor into it! I mean, the guy lives to rescue damsels in distress. The good news is, your...dying trumps her burned-down building. But if she were to... what?

Caroline: The spectra building. Now with the fire, what happens next?

Bill: I, um... I get a big dust pan, I sweep up the ashes, and fast-track my project.

Caroline: What if they want to rebuild with the insurance money?

Bill: C.J. Screwed up, didn't renew the policy. Why are you looking at me like that?

Caroline: The fire that destroyed spectra... you don't know more about that than you're letting on, do you?

Saul: Hi. Thomas still in there with sally?

Shirley: Yeah. It's a good sign, isn't it?

Sally: I don't mean to pressure you. It's just -- I've missed you so much. I almost hopped on a plane so many times to new york just to catch a glimpse of you take your little boy to the park. That's so silly, I know.

Thomas: No. No. It's not. I've hated being away. But the time that I've had to spend with caroline and my son as a family... knowing I can do that with what little time we have left... that is only possible because of the way you love me. It's no wonder I fell head over heels for you.

Brooke: I realize that you don't always agree with your father's tactics, but I'm his wife. I'm not an officer in the company.

Liam: Does that mean you always support my dad, no matter what he does?

Brooke: No. We don't have a marriage like that.

Steffy: And neither do we. Sometimes we agree to disagree.

Brooke: Yeah. Bill and I are like that, too. But I have to admit, he is the most single-minded man I've ever met. It is a shame, however, that bill's skyscraper is being built because of the spectra fire, but that's not your father's fault. Sally's bad luck is bill's good luck.

Bill: I can't believe you're seriously asking me that.

Caroline: Spectra fashions is wiped off of the map. How does sally rebuild without any insurance?

Bill: She doesn'T. Not by her lonesome. But if thomas decides to jump in and be superhero... you better get over to that hospital and see what's going on. We both have a lot to lose.

Caroline: No.

Bill: What do you mean, no?

Caroline: Just because thomas is living with me in new york doesn't mean that his feelings for sally have disappeared. He still cares about her a lot.

Bill: Well, he's gonna care a lot more when he sees her in that hospital bed. The pitiful victim. Next thing you know he's nursing sally and her nonexistent company back to health. Then where will you be?

Caroline: I think the better question is where will you be if you're responsible for that fire? Which is something that you still have not denied.

Bill: You want me to deny it? Fine. But before I do, you need to know that the electrical wiring in that building was shot. I mean, it's a miracle that it hadn't gone up well before! Hell, it almost did when liam and jarrett were there for the exclusive fashion preview! In fact, if liam hadn't jumped in with a fire extinguisher, poof! So it's a miracle it hadn't happened already. But if you want to hear me say the words... no. I did not torch spectra. Satisfied?

Sally: I fell hard, too. Even though we were the most unlikely couple ever.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. They do say opposites attract, though. Plus, I feel like I kind of came into my own, designing and partnering with sally spectra.

Sally: Oh, right.

Thomas: Yeah.

Sally: Yes, 'cause, you know, I taught you everything you know about fashion. Me, sally spectra, the boisterous redhead with big dreams.

Thomas: There's nothing wrong with big dreams.

Sally: Yeah, until your biggest one goes up in smoke. Literally. I worked so hard on that collection, thomas. I didn't even know if I could do it. I mean, when I didn't believe in myself, but I -- I just kept hearing you telling me that I could.

Thomas: This doesn't have to be the end, sally. Look at me. Hey. Hey. You can start over.

Sally: Yeah, if C.J. Hadn't forgotten to pay the insurance bill.

Thomas: He what?

Sally: There's no money to rebuild with. Now you know why I'm so bummed. Unless... you will be here facing it with me. You are here to stay...?

Thomas: Caroline is dying. I have to be in new york with her and my son.

Liam: I just came so close to telling brooke right now...

Steffy: I know. I saw. I can't believe your dad's responsible, but telling brooke would just complicate things even more.

Liam: My dad complicated things when he decided to set fire to spectra! I mean, the building's in ruins, sally's in the hospital. Lives have been decimated.

Steffy: I know, it's awful.

Liam: And my dad just

la, de-da, de-da goes on his merry way. How am I supposed to -- how am I supposed to sit back and watch this knowing what i know? I don't think I can do that, steffy. I don't think I can just let my dad get away with it this time.

Bill: There. You have your answer. My hands are clean. Now, don't freakin' bring this up to me again, or anyone else for that matter. Do you understand? And besides, you need to be focused on thomas. Making sure that sally isn't making any inroads, playing on his sympathies. Get him back on that plane! Back to the life and family you're creating in new york. That's been the plan all along. To make sure that thomas is fully committed to you and douglas. Then you'll have your miraculous recovery. Caroline, it is within your reach. Can you keep doing what you're doing just a little while longer?

Caroline: What if I can't?

Bill: Then you'll be giving back the father of your son to sally spectra. Thomas, the man you love, will be lost to you forever. Can you live with that?

Thomas: I'm sorry. I want to be here for you, I do, but it's exactly like what you said. There is so much going on with caroline and douglas.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Thomas: My son is gonna lose his mother.

Sally: I know. I know, and you should be there with them. But at the same time...

Thomas: You need me here. I get it.

Sally: I'm scared, thomas. I'm scared about the future, that I can't bounce back from this. My company is gone, my entire line is in ashes, and even if i had the resources to rebuild...

[ Voice breaking ] I wouldn't even know where to start.

Thomas: I will tell you exactly where to start. You pick up that pen and that sketchpad, and that's where you start. That fire did not take away who you are, did not take away your creativity and your drive and your passion. You are spectra fashions. I believe that without a doubt. You have to believe that.

Sally: I love you so much.

Thomas: I can't stay.

Sally: [ Sniffles ] I understand.

Steffy: I don't condone what bill did. It's criminal. But, liam, he is your father.

Liam: So, what, I'm just supposed to look the other way 'cause he's family? He committed a crime. People could have gotten hurt. Even the great and powerful bill spencer shouldn't be above the law.

Steffy: Hey, look, I don't disagree with you, but you are a spencer, and he is your father. He could go to jail for a very long time. Do you want to do this to him? Do you want to destroy your relationship with him, with wyatt, with will? Possibly forever.

Shirley: We saw thomas leave.

Saul: Is he going back to new york?

Sally: Mm-hmm.

Shirley: Why? What possible reason could he have to desert you and spectra at a time like this?

Saul: It doesn't make sense.

Sally: It does to me.

Shirley: Sally, there's something you're not telling us.

Saul: We just want to help you.

Sally: I know. And I love you both for that. But thomas needs to be with douglas and caroline right now.

[ Voice breaking ] I don't know when I'm gonna see him again. And it hurts. It hurts so much.

[ Sobbing ]

Shirley: It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Bill: I'm not trying to force you, caroline. I'm just asking if you're gonna go through with it, or aren't you?

[ Door opens ]

Thomas: Look who I found.

Bill: Hey!

Thomas: Just before alison gave him another scoop of ice cream, as well.

Bill: Nothing makes kids happier than ice cream.

Thomas: Right? Hey, uh, do you have the bag with the wipes and everything in it?

Caroline: Uh, yeah.

Thomas: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Rest. It's okay. I got it.

Bill: Yeah, that's what I've been telling her, among other things.

Caroline: How's sally?

Thomas: She is...good. Spectra, on the other hand, is a different story.

Caroline: The whole thing went up?

Thomas: Yeah.

Bill: They still think it's faulty wiring?

Thomas: As far as I know, yeah. I'm glad I'm back, though. I've never seen sally like this. It's like her whole world is crashing in on her, and... I just feel like she really needs me.

Bill: Does that mean you're gonna stick around?

Thomas: [ Exhales sharply ] No. I told her that I'm gonna go back to new york with caroline and douglas.

Bill: Good decision. The right decision.

Caroline: Are you sure? It sounds like sally's in a really bad place.

Bill: She has a family. Just like you have a family with thomas and douglas.

Thomas: Uh, hey, we should probably get going to the airport. Are you sure that you're up for the ride back?

Caroline: Yeah. I'm fine.

Thomas: You mind if have a moment alone with my niece?

Thomas: Yeah, um, we will go wait downstairs, and this big guy is gonna go flirt with all the receptionists, aren't you?

Bill: [ Laughs ] See you later, buddy.

Thomas: Say "bye!" Bye.

Douglas: So long!

Thomas: [ Chuckles ]

Bill: Thomas wants to be with you, caroline. I'm sure sally did everything she could to get him to stay, but he's going home with you and your son.

Caroline: God! How do you still not get it?

Bill: What?

Caroline: This whole act, this charade is not me! Maybe you can lie and have it not eat you up on the inside, but I am not you!

Bill: I'm not twisting your arm.

Caroline: Of course you are. You're manipulating me, and I'm manipulating thomas, and for what? You say it's about helping me, but we both know it's about helping yourself. And this -- this is what it's been about from the beginning! Your stupid skyscraper! This building! It's not about me and it's not about douglas. It's about this damn skyscraper.

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