B&B Transcript Thursday 8/31/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/31/17


Episode # 7662~ Thomas makes a surprise visit back to Los Angeles and to Sally's hospital bedside; and Steffy and Liam have difficulty keeping the information they have on Bill from the rest of the family.

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Steffy: Thank you for driving.

Liam: Sure.

Steffy: I'll see you after work. I just don't know what time that will be.

Liam: I don't think I can go to work today.

Steffy: Why not?

Liam: Do you think I could, um, maybe hang out here? I'm not gonna get in your way. I just -- I don't know. Seeing sally in the hospital last night kind of hit me hard. And then hearing everything that they lost, it just...

Steffy: I know you didn't want to talk about it, but I can tell that you think your father was responsible for the fire at spectra.

Liam: I know he was. 'Cause he told me.

Bill: Unbelievable! "No personnel or pets were present when the fire broke out." Where did you intern? Your middle school newspaper? This is a three-line item! No tears will be shed over spectra fashions!

[ Sighs ] I'm sorry. Some mornings just start out this way. Now, where were we? There. That's better.

Brooke: Big news in the L.A. Fashion world today, the spectra fire.

Bill: No. A new energy drink, a rainy day, those are big news in this town. Who in the hell is gonna miss spectra?

Brooke: The spectras will, i imagine.


Sally: [ Inhales deeply ]


Sally: [ Inhales deeply ]


Sally: [ Inhales deeply ]

Sounds good. How's the cough?

Sally: It's gone.

Shirley: [ Gasps ] Liar, liar, pants on -- I can't even say that word.

Sally: It's mostly gone.

Lungs sound better. Oxygen's at 90.

Coco: That's good, right?

Sally: Then I can take this off?

Okay. But if you get dizzy or lightheaded, it goes back on, hmm?

Sally: And if I don't, then i can go home?

Saul: Today?

Maybe. But no going back to work for the rest of the week, hmm?

Sally: [ Coughs ] That won't be a problem.

Shirley: What we need now is a miracle.

Sally: [ Coughing ]

Darlita: From her mouth to his ears.

Thomas: What hurts?

Sally: Nothing... now.

Thomas: Come here.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Steffy: Arson?! Bill?

Liam: Well, somebody he hired, yeah.

Steffy: Well, wait. We know that it was an electrical fire the other day.

Liam: Yeah, it's probably where he got the idea.

Steffy: I can't believe this. Bill would never do something like this.

Liam: Well, exactly. That's the point. I mean, you know my dad. He hires all the best people. Even the arson investigators thought it was faulty wiring, and it's gonna stay that way unless somebody who knows something says something.

Steffy: You know this is a criminal.

Liam: I know.

[ Door opens ] That's my point.

Rick: Hey. What do we know about this fire?

Ivy: Yeah, they said that there's hardly anything left.

R.J.: Well, it's technically still standing.

Steffy: Sally's okay. She was lucky.

Liam: They're all lucky.

Rick: I just had three reporters call me asking me for a comment.

Steffy: Okay, I will, uh, I'll have katie write something up.

Maya: Look, sally is not my favorite person, but this just seems so unfair. The night before the show that's supposed to put her back in business?

Rick: Yeah. It's either karma... or bad luck.

Bill: Alison, why would i send flowers to sally spectra? I hardly know the woman. Then tell jarrett to send his own damn flowers.

Brooke: They don't have any insurance for this?

Bill: C.J. Garrison's a half-wit. If he accepted either one of my offers, none of this would have happened.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] It's hard to imagine spectra will ever get back up on their feet. Maybe if thomas had stayed.

Thomas: Hey, stop it. Smoke inhalation is serious.

Sally: The doctors say I'm gonna be fine.

[ Coughs ]

Thomas: Uh-huh.

Darlita: My hair still smells like smoke. Want to smell it?

Saul: Everybody's does.

Shirley: This isn't exactly the way we wanted to make headlines, but if it brought you home...

Saul: Did it? Are you home?

Sally: Okay, next, everyone's gonna be asking, "what did you bring me?" Seriously, though, what'd you bring me, bucko?

Thomas: Well, you can fit it into your pocket.

Sally: I don't know. I give up.

R.J.: Hey, guys. Coco says her sister's probably gonna be discharged today.

Ivy: Oh.

Rick: I guess that settles whether or not we send a gift basket.

Maya: Oh, no, no. We can still send something to her home.

Rick: Really? What's the card gonna say? "Sorry for your loss"?

Steffy: No, some kind of variation, like "get well soon." I think that's best.

Maya: Yeah, that's lovely. Keep it personal.

Ivy: I mean, it's not really a loss, right? Because their insurance will cover the rebuild.

Steffy: Not really, as it turns out.

Liam: Yeah, there is no fire insurance. C.J. Expected to sell the building this year, and so he didn't renew it.

Maya: No. Then this is a total disaster for them.

Liam: Pretty much, yeah.

Rick: Does anybody know how the fire started? I mean, should we be looking for someone to sue?

Liam: Uh...

Steffy: Well, it was -- it was an electrical fire.

Liam: Yeah, there was some excitement, uh, at the preview. There was a wall socket that caught fire, so...

Ivy: Oh, well, then that must have been it.

Liam: Yeah, yeah, that must be it.

Bill: Why would anything be different for spectra if thomas were here? Unless the forresters are flame retardant.

Brooke: Bill.

[ Chuckles ] He has resources and connections.

Bill: He has a short attention span.

Brooke: He could probably help them set up shop somewhere and front them a couple months' rent.

Bill: Why are you interested in the competition being back in business?

Brooke: Losing everything isn't a business crisis. It's a human one.

[ Knock on door ]

Bill: Come in!

Brooke: Caroline!

Caroline: Alison said you weren't busy.

Bill: Alison knows she's never supposed to say that.

Caroline: She said that, too.

[ Chuckles ]

Brooke: Douglas is getting so big! How long are you in town for?

Caroline: Uh, it's a little up in the air at this point.

Brooke: Is thomas with you?

Caroline: Uh, not right at the moment, but he did come with.

Brooke: Aww, that's nice.

Caroline: Yeah.

Brooke: Aww. I hate to do this, but I got to go, otherwise I'm gonna be late for work. So, I'll see you later, okay? Bye. Oh, and stop by the office, okay? Steffy would love to see you and this little big guy.

Caroline: Yeah.

Bill: Love you. I'll see you at home.

Brooke: Love you, honey. Mwah. Bye.

Caroline: [ Sighs ] It is so nice to have somebody treat me like I'm not dying.

Bill: What are you doing here?

Caroline: Thomas insisted.

Bill: How about saying no, right? That's not part of the plan.

Caroline: Well, neither was spectra burning down.

Bill: What are you saying?

Caroline: I'm saying that my terminal illness is bogus, and sally spectra's injuries are real. I'm supposed to keep thomas at home when he's frantic for her? He deserves so much better from me.

Thomas: What day is it?

Sally: The day after yesterday.

Thomas: All right, good, good. How many fingers am I holding up?

Sally: 25.

[ Light laughter ]

Thomas: It looks like our patient is going to be just fine.

Saul: Yeah, it might have been different if those firefighters didn't come when they did. You should have seen her!

Shirley: Oh!

Darlita: Yeah.

Shirley: She was about to charge right into the fire and grab the designs. Uh, thomas, I hope you won't mind, but on behalf of everyone, we are so glad you're back.

Thomas: Everyone?

Saul: Yeah.

Coco: Hey, um, maybe thomas and sally want some time alone.

Darlita: Good idea.

Saul: We won't go far.

Thomas: See you, guys.

Sally: I'm not crying.

Thomas: I think you are just a little bit. It's okay.

Sally: Okay, well, if I am, it's because I'm happy. Even when everything that I had worked for and hoped for was going up in flames, at least i could think...I still have thomas.

Ivy: I mean, all those people they employed, they don't have jobs now.

Rick: It's a real shame.

Maya: We could hire some of their models here. I mean, they all have interesting looks.

Rick: Yeah, yeah. We could assume their contracts.

Steffy: We could use the seamstresses to cut down the overtime we keep giving ours.

R.J.: You'd be okay with that?

Steffy: Yeah, I would.

Rick: You know, this is good. People don't want handouts. They want to work.

R.J.: Okay, speak for yourself, all right?

Rick: What did you say to me?

R.J.: Wait. Wait. Mom, mom, tell him to stop.

Brooke: Ohh! How I love to see my kids getting along.

Maya: Yeah, well, you, uh, you might want to brace yourself if you haven't seen the news yet.

Brooke: Oh, the spectra fire. I heard about that. Bill told me this morning.

Ivy: Wait, didn't -- didn't bill try and buy that building?

R.J.: Yeah, he did. To build that giant... a-a-a skyscraper.

Brooke: On the brighter side, your cousin and your nephew are in town.

Liam: Douglas and caroline are?

Steffy: With or without thomas?

Brooke: Thomas is here, but caroline didn't say where he was. I could only guess.

Bill: He's a cute kid. Can't get enough of alison.

Caroline: Yeah, that's because she feeds him enough ice cream until his stomach hurts.

Bill: Relax. He's got a room full of will's toys to entertain him.

Caroline: I should have never come here.

Bill: You're too wound up. You got to get a grip.

Caroline: Why do I ever listen to you? I want my miracle cure today or tomorrow. Before I leave, I want it!

Bill: It's too soon.

Caroline: Just grab some unemployed actor, throw a lab coat on him, and have him declare me all better. Let's --

Bill: It's too soon! Thomas is still running to rescue little orphan sally. You got to give it more time.

Caroline: If you're not gonna help me, I'm gonna tell him i lied.

Bill: You'll be sorry if you do that. How are you going to explain letting the pretense go on for so long? You can blame me, but that only covers a couple of days. What about the rest of it? You'll lose thomas. And if he gets mad enough, you'll lose douglas, as well. Is that what you want? To see thomas and that batty redhead raising your kid? Caroline, death is a fact of life. Most people only get one shot at it. Well, look at you! You're getting a chance to rehearse! Look at it that way!

Thomas: She has good days and bad days.

Sally: I guess that's to be expected.

Thomas: Physically, she seems fine. Emotionally, she's in a total tailspin.

Sally: It's no surprise, either. Do you think caroline's depressed?

Thomas: She doesn't want to tell her moms about the diagnosis.

Sally: Why?

Thomas: I don't know. Just means that I'm her only form of support out there.

Sally: That's a lot to put on you. Look, I'm -- I'm not criticizing her.

Thomas: I know, I know. But it would help me a lot if you wouldn't go running into burning buildings anymore.

Sally: Okay, that is not what happened.

Thomas: Is it? You kind of did. You kind of did.

Sally: It's not what happened. No. No. I took everybody out to dinner, you know, lady bountiful, because I expected us to be, you know, having money come in, and we didn't see the fire from the outside when we came back. We were getting ready for a full night ahead of us, getting ready for the show. I mean...

[ Scoffs ] We were ready for it. We were happy. And it wasn't until we got off the elevator that we actually saw the fire. My entire office was just engulfed in flames. It was contained, you know, or so we thought at least at that point, but I'm an idiot and...opened the door. There was a beam that was just fully on fire, blocking the way. I watched all of my designs just go up in flames right in front of me. I mean, this was supposed to be the day that my dream came true, the fashion show that made my fortune. And now I just can't see a way forward. At least I couldn'T... until you walked through the door.

Liam: So how are my dad's spirits this morning?

Brooke: Oh, you know your father. I don't think he was heartbroken about the fire. But it is really sad that C.J. Let the insurance lapse.

Steffy: Well, you know, spectras love shortcuts. And four times out of five, they don't pay off.

Brooke: Bill said nothing like this would have happened if C.J. Let him buy the building.

Steffy: Well, now bill spencer gets to have his tower after all.

Liam: I wouldn't call it a sure thing.

Brooke: He always thinks that a new building or a new buyout is gonna make him more content. Just doesn't last very long.

Bill: All right, you good? Okay? Breathe. You sufficiently in control of yourself to tell me what's going on with thomas?

Caroline: He came here for sally. So if he has any other plans besides that, he didn't share them with me. Why?

Bill: Well, he has a habit of being a pain in the ass when you least expect it. Has he talked about moving back?

Caroline: Not to me. But I don't know what he's saying to sally.

Sally: [ Coughing ] I can, uh, sign my discharge papers any time.

Oh, I'm sorry. Your doctor wants to wait a little longer and make sure you're okay without supplemental oxygen before we let you go.

Sally: Can't catch a break.

Thomas: Well, hey, I could -- I could go so I don't suck up all the oxygen in the room.

Sally: Wait. Go where?

Thomas: Out, you know, so the gang can come back in.

Sally: Can I ask you a question?

Thomas: It sounds like you just did.

Sally: Another one.

Thomas: Of course.

Sally: Are you back?

Thomas: Why don't you pinch me, find out if I'm real?

Sally: You know what I mean. Look, I admire what you're doing for caroline and douglas. I was already in love with you. But now you have this extra luster. It's like this sun beam that's around you all the time.

Thomas: [ Laughs ]

Sally: Don't laugh!

Thomas: Sun beam. It's fine.

Sally: Seriously, though, how many men would have done what you did? And then turn around and came back to make sure my charred lungs and my rotten luck are still gonna be okay.

Thomas: Are you, though?

Sally: It's not fair to answer another question with another question.

Thomas: Are you going to be okay?

Sally: I try not to have expectations whenever it comes to you. But the thing is, I do. I can't help but think that you're gonna be like you've always been. My champion. Keeping me out of jail, even though that's exactly where i belong, or battling bill spencer on my behalf. Is that still you? Or did all that change when you left? I have my health. Nothing else. Literally nothing. I hate to sound needy, but... the fact of the matter is, I am. So I need to know, thomas. Are you back?

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