B&B Transcript Thursday 8/24/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 8/24/17


Episode # 7657 ~ Brooke and Ivy try to get answers from Steffy about Thomas being in New York; Bill tells Liam what he wants to hear, and then he orders Justin to take care of business and come up with a plan B.

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Brooke: Apparently liam and jarrett were very surprised by sally's designs.

Steffy: How did bill react to that?

Brooke: Oh... we may not be having family dinners for a while.

Ivy: [ Laughs ] You know, I'm surprised that sally felt confident enough to give jarrett a preview. And that liam wanted to go along with it.

Steffy: I'm not surprised. Especially what happened last time.

Brooke: Liam was determined to see spectra get a fair shot today.

Steffy: [ Sighs ] That's my husband. He's a good man. He can't stand dishonesty of any kind.

Liam: So, we're printing the review as-is.

Jarrett: I haven't written it yet.

Justin: You might want to check the terms of your contract before you do.

Liam: I was there, too, justin.

Bill: Dougy do-gooder here thinks that spectra did enough to save them from the trash heap, huh?

Jarrett: I realize this isn't what you want to hear, but I believe this collection will be very successful.

Bill: Then we'll do something about that.

Liam: No. You've done enough. Give sally a chance to make her mark.

Shirley: Sally spectra!

[ Huffs ] Step away from the sketch pads, and move away from the pencils, too.

Sally: Don't worry, grams. I'm not gonna change anything.

Shirley: You better not. Saul has been locked in the cutting room for days. If you move one button or... well, he'll lose his mind.

Sally: I'm not gonna do that, grams. Jarrett liked these designs just the way they are.

Shirley: He did. I am so proud of you.

Sally: Thanks. Well, I didn't do it all myself.

Shirley: Hey. Mr. Muscles had nothing to do with this collection. You did.

Sally: Well, we still have a long way to go, but I'm starting to think that we can actually do this.

Sally: It is not a slam-dunk. Jarrett and liam only saw a few pieces.

Shirley: Oh, honey, they loved them!

Sally: They had positive feedback, which sure as heck beats the alternative. But positive feedback does not pay the bills.

Shirley: Spoken like a true spectra.

Sally: We need orders. And lots of them.

Shirley: And we will get them. This show is gonna be gangbusters, and you know it.

Sally: Well, it is not happening like I thought it was going to. But we're doing it right. No tricks, no stunts. And maybe steffy and her father-in-law can finally see that I am committed to making spectra a successful fashion house. A legit one.

Steffy: I don't care what sally sends down the runway, as long as it's not our designs.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: She created this collection herself.

Ivy: Wait, so thomas wasn't involved?

Brooke: He's in new york with caroline.

Ivy: And he's not coming back for the spectra showing?

Steffy: Mm, I doubt it. He's focused on his family right now.

Brooke: No one can fault him for that.

Ivy: I know. It's just it's weird timing, that's all. Things are finally getting off the ground for spectra, and he seemed really excited about it, so...what? Did something happen?

Bill: Obviously I haven't done enough. Spectra fashions is still in business.

Liam: If the collection's as good as the preview, they're gonna be in business a long time.

Justin: Sally designed them herself. How good could it be?

Jarrett: Well, it was alluring, innovative. Dare I say...electrifying.

Liam: [ Snorts ]

Jarrett: Literally.

Bill: What the hell is that? A little inside joke between you two love birds? Is there anything about my demeanor that indicates that I'm in a laughing mood, jarrett?

Jarrett: There was an electrical fire during the preview.

Liam: Yeah, dad. There was a short in the socket.

Jarrett: But your quick-thinking son grabbed an extinguisher. Put it right out.

Bill: So once again spectra fashions avoids disaster.

Steffy: Spencer hasn't posted anything yet.

Ivy: Well, spectra gave jarrett a preview to generate buzz, so he's gonna have to say something.

Steffy: Yeah, this time liam will make sure it's the truth.

Brooke: If he's invited to the show, will you go with him?

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Totally go. I'm sure sally would just love that. She'd probably put me, like, front row.

Ivy: We'll take that as a no.

Steffy: No, I'm not gonna slam sally for wanting to have a successful business. And if she can do it on her own without resorting to criminal behavior, then... I'll be impressed. We're always gonna have issues. I'm not gonna forget what she's done to forrester creations. But, you know, she's had a lot of obstacles thrown her way.

Brooke: And she created those herself.

Steffy: Yeah, for sure. But, uh, not all of them. She's definitely fighting an uphill battle. You can't ignore her tenacity. And no matter what happens, sally spectra doesn't give up.

Shirley: And the second group will come out on this cue.

Darlita: Sally. The guy's here.

Sally: What guy?

Pete: You had a fire? I'm pete. You want me to look at your wiring?

Sally: Uh...handyman. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. It's, uh, over here.

Pete: Yeah, your secretary said there were sparks?

Darlita: There were. And then flames. And then "whoosh!"

Pete: Uh-huh. How much did you have plugged into that?

Shirley: Just a boom box.

Darlita: Not the plug at my desk. You should see that thing. Looks like an octopus.

Sally: This building is super old. Who knows what's in these walls?

Shirley: Well, at least it didn't ruin our preview. The last thing we need are people talking about another "disaster" at spectra fashions.

Pete: Uh-huh.

Bill: You sure you don't want to run off with your new bff jarrett? Help him write his glowing review of spectra's preview?

Liam: Yeah, jarrett can do that just fine by himself.

Bill: I don't have to print it.

Liam: No, I know. But you will.

Bill: Does your son talk to you like that, justin?

Liam: I hope he doesn't have to. It's a pain in the ass being your conscience. All the lying and scheming. By the way, do you know what he told thomas about caroline?

Bill: That subject is off-limits. You want to talk about the preview, fine.

Liam: No, I want to tell thomas the truth -- that caroline is not dying. She's not even sick. And if that's the reason he's in new york, it shouldn't --

Bill: If that were the only reason, then you'd be right. It would've been a mistake sending him. But if that time has given caroline and thomas an opportunity to reconnect, if he's being a better father to douglas, then I have nothing to feel bad about, and neither do you.

Liam: You didn't do this for caroline and douglas.

Justin: He's got you there, bill.

Bill: He's got nothing. I killed two birds with one stone. Everything I've accomplished is because I go after what I want. And you get to enjoy the spoils of it. So I have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

Liam: Dad, I am telling you, this line is not gonna tank. The company really can take off.

Bill: Then if that happens, I will have done what I could. I'm a big boy. I've been doing this a long time. And not every investment pays off.

Liam: What is he say-- what are you saying?

Bill: I'm saying that if caroline suddenly gets better, thomas can do whatever he wants to do. Make up his own mind.

Liam: And if sally's collection is a success?

Bill: Should that happen, and thomas finds his way back to her, I will wish them well.

Liam: You will?

Bill: What can I do, liam? One negative post from jarrett and that would've canceled sally's show. But you stopped that from happening. You gave sally another chance. My hands are tied.

Liam: I mean, no matter what happens?

Bill: I'll deal with it.

Liam: [ Exhales sharply ] I really want to believe you, dad. I really do.

Bill: Believe it. Now, I think I pay you to do something around here, so how about you get to work?

Liam: Okay. All right. Okay.

Bill: Okay.

Justin: If sally's a success, you'll wish her well. You meant that?

Bill: Hell no.

Shirley: As much as I like burly men in tool belts, we are not decorating this showroom with "under construction" signs! I want this fixed pronto!

Pete: No can do, lady.

Sally: What?

Pete: I'm not an electrician, but in my opinion, this whole building needs to be re-wired.

Shirley: Well, like you said, you're not an electrician.

Pete: Trust me, you're gonna need a good one.

Shirley: Uh... well... what about the plug?

Pete: Don't use it.

Darlita: It's not fixed?

Sally: No. No, but we can't worry about that, okay? We have to focus on the showing. That is how we're gonna fix this building and re-build spectra's reputation. Thomas is not here to help us, okay, but he at least put us on the right course. Our hard work is finally paying off. Liam said it. We have something. Once the world sees that, then we're gonna be able to take this building, update it, re-wire it, and outfit it with the latest technology. We have a future in this business. Spectra fashions is here to stay.

Steffy: I was wondering if i was gonna hear from you.

Liam: Yeah, we can't do that by text, can we?

Steffy: Mnh-mnh. So, brooke told me you went to sally's preview.

Liam: Yeah. I figured jarrett could use the backup.

Steffy: And someone to take the heat with your dad?

Liam: He called brooke to vent, didn't he?

Steffy: He's very upset, yeah.

Liam: Yeah. I knew it. Well, jarrett and I agreed. Her designs are good. Sally's really got a shot.

Steffy: You think your dad might interfere?

Liam: He says he won'T.

Steffy: [ Scoffs ] It's bill spencer we're talking about. He's not gonna stop until he gets that building.

Liam: Yeah, well, you know something, a real businessman, a good businessman knows when to cut his losses.

Steffy: Your dad doesn't like to lose.

Liam: You know what he told me? He said that, if sally's line is a success, he would just, like, wish her well. I know. Exactly. Right? That's the look I had on my face. I was skeptical too. But then...

[ Sighs ] Then he said something really interesting. He said once people see sally's collection, there's nothing he can do. He just has to deal with it. Just...really hope he's telling the truth.

Bill: What the hell do I have to do to put that low-rent rag shop out of business?

Justin: I think you're running out of time.

Bill: [ Sighs ] Spectra's been at the brink of destruction how many times?

Justin: I don't know. I lost count. Thomas swoops in to save the day -- I send him to new york.

Justin: You know, I thought you were crazy, telling thomas caroline was dying, but look -- the family's better than ever. That has to account for something, at least.

Bill: I offer C.J. $5 million on top of my original offer, and what does he do? That moron caves to his mommy and his guilty conscience.

Justin: You're frustrated. I get it. But I have an instant solution for that -- forget about spectra. Build your baby somewhere else.

Bill: No. Just because I haven't come up with a solution doesn't mean that one doesn't exist. So come on! Get thinking, justin. Give me ideas. I don't care how crazy they are. Just give me something. Anything to create a spark.

Justin: A spark... a spark is dangerous, bill. Just ask liam. He put out the fire at the spectra building today.

Bill: I could kiss you right now. Electrical issues. Now that's something I hadn't thought of.

Steffy: Your father's gonna back off spectra? What about thomas?

Liam: I-I don't know. I think he's gonna let that situation play out, as well.

Steffy: And how do you feel about it?

Liam: I don't know. It depends. I mean, how -- how is thomas, really? 'Cause I've seen the photos. I've seen the social media you showed me. And, yeah, he seems happy in new york.

Steffy: He is happy. And he just sent me a text saying how grateful he is for the time with his family. And, you know, I-I think he might stay in new york even if things change between him and caroline.

Liam: Huh. It's weird. I didn't think spectra would survive that. But sally's doing it. She's doing it all on her own.

Steffy: As she should. I don't have a problem with competition. And I don't have a problem with sally. As long as she's not stealing our designs or using my brother to prop up her company. I just can't forget about all the things she's done to us.

Liam: Yeah, that wasn't cool.

Steffy: Mm.

Liam: Still kind of rooting for her, though. Is that weird?

Steffy: That's what you do. You're rooting for the little guy.

Liam: I know. I know. Listen, it's -- it's one collection. Either she's gonna save her company or she's gonna sink it.

Steffy: Yeah. It's a lot of pressure.

Liam: And she keeps surprising everyone.

Steffy: Well, she's scrappy.

Liam: Yeah.

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Both laugh ]

Liam: Well, she's doing everything she can to prove herself, and... I hope she does.

Sally: Darlita, can I see the guest list again?

Darlita: I want to pass out programs this time. Can I? Please? Please?

Sally: Nobody's canceled?

Shirley: Once they hear about our preview, no one's going to.

Sally: I want jarrett maxwell to have a spot right up front.

Shirley: Oh, don't you worry. I'll take good care of him.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I think we're ready!

[ Shirley giggles ]

Darlita: Well, except for the designs.

Shirley: Oh, don't worry. Saul's taking care of that. They'll be gorgeous. He won't let you down.

Sally: I can't thank you guys enough.

Shirley: Oh, no, no. Save that speech until after the show.

Sally: No, no. I could not have done this without you guys. With all of your hard work, and your support. You know, when thomas left, I had a moment where, I mean, I thought, "can I do this on my own?" And then I remembered I am not on my own. I have the most dedicated and loyal team in this business. We're doing this for each other. And for all of the other underdogs like us. For the people who have been pushed around and bullied and told that they'll never make it because they're not good enough. I am a spectra. I've heard that my entire life. I've heard it so much that i actually started to believe it, even when I knew it was a lie. But not anymore. Not after this showing. I am going to prove myself as a designer. Spectra fashions will rise again.

Bill: Sky is the future. Look at her. Clean. Precise. Sharp as a blade. Spectra's a dump. That building. Their designs.

Justin: Jarrett liked them. Thinks sally has talent.

Bill: Nobody's ever gonna see it. That fashion show isn't going to happen. I've put off my dream for long enough. I'm going to build a structure, an iconic structure, that will grace the L.A. Skyline, and change it forever. It'll be a place of business that will employ thousands, and generate billions in revenue. Spectra fashions is gonna stand in the way of that? Are you kidding me? That building is practically falling down on its own. Hell, it was vacant until sally and her band of bozos moved in.

Justin: Yeah, it definitely has its issues.

Bill: And I've waited long enough. By this time next week, I'm gonna be standing in that empty lot with a photographer and a gold-plated shovel. You know what needs to be done, justin.

Justin: Oh. I know, dollar bill.

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