B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/8/17


Episode # 7645 ~ Carter reveals the secret Eric's been keeping about Quinn; Liam learns interesting information about his own family from Sally.

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Quinn: You're really giving me another chance? I can stay?

Eric: We will stay -- you... me... her. We're all where we belong.

Katie: That was a really big mistake. You can't just walk in here and -- and start kissing me. It's -- it's ridiculous.

Wyatt: You didn't like it?

Katie: I didn't say that.

Wyatt: Okay. So, then, what's the problem?

Katie: Well, for starters, anyone could walk in here.

Wyatt: We'd give them something to talk about.

Katie: And you wouldn't care?

Wyatt: Absolutely not. And that was very clever of you, by the way, earlier, when you set me up with charlotte.

Katie: It was clever, wasn't it? She's such a lovely, young, young, young woman.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. She's cute, yes. She laughs at my jokes. That gets her extra points.

Katie: See?

Wyatt: But the thing is... I am not standing here in front of charlotte, now, am I?

Katie: This is all very, um... tempting and --

Wyatt: And?

Katie: And ridiculously wrong on so many levels.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: You should really -- you should just go.

Wyatt: No.

Katie: You can't -- you can't say no!

Wyatt: I j-- I just did.

Katie: You have lost your mind.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] I know.

Quinn: Who are you? This amazing man... with this huge heart... and its capacity for forgiveness.

Eric: I believe in you, quinn.

Quinn: That's so much more than I deserve. But I am never going to let you down.

[ Telephone rings ] Hmm. Ugh!

Eric: Hello?

Pam: Eric? I-I-I was calling for quinn. You're home?

Eric: I'm home.

Pam: Are you okay?

Eric: I'm better than I've been for a while. I'm home with my wife. We're giving our marriage a second chance. And before you start going on about this, I don't want to hear a word of it.

Pam: Look, I'd rather have you back with her than with that whack job sheila.

Charlie: You've got to be kidding me! You can't really be doing this!

Sheila: Clearly, I am.

Beatrice: I... I think we've accomplished enough for a first sitting.

Sheila: Wow. That is wonderful, beatrice.

Beatrice: Oh, you're a good subject. Same time tomorrow?

Sheila: That sounds great. Thank you. That went well.

Charlie: So, what are you gonna do, sheila? You gonna march over to eric's with your self-commissioned portrait and slap it up on the wall?

Sheila: A girl's got to be ready, charlie.

Charlie: You are so deluding yourself if you think that is ever gonna grace a forrester wall.

Sheila: Why not? Stephanie had a portrait! Quinn has a portrait! I was eric's wife! I want one, too! You know, I really don't care if it ever hangs on the walls of the forrester house it's the principle of it!

Charlie: Okay! All right.

Sheila: [ Sighs ] But... I really feel confident that it will. If there's one thing that I've learned, it's what's yours will come to you.

Wyatt: I'm not trying to minimize your concerns here, okay? There's no real reason why we shouldn't, you know, explore this.

Katie: Oh, I can think of a few real reasons.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, don't, because I'll just shoot it down, because this is what it boils down to, okay? You and I are adults, both single, and we're free to do what we want with whom.

Katie: It's not really about wanting. I mean, you're -- you're awesome, right? You're charming and you're sexy, and you make me laugh, but --

Wyatt: But?

Katie: But there are some real issues that we cannot just ignore. There's quinn and bill and our age difference. I mean, that doesn't bother you>

Wyatt: This coming from the same woman who tried to hook me up with charlotte?

Katie: Okay, fine. That was -- that was silly. I shouldn't have done that.

Wyatt: Let me just ask you something, okay? When we're close like this... do you still think about why we're wrong for each other?

Katie: No.

Wyatt: Are you thinking about anything at all?

Katie: No.

Wyatt: No?

Katie: No.

Charlie: I can't believe that you think you have a chance of being mrs. Eric forrester again.

Sheila: You underestimate me.

Charlie: Yeah, well, you underestimate quinn. That woman is no joke. She is evil and possessive, and nothing -- nothing -- is beneath her. And, unfortunately for you, eric thinks that she hung the moon, which should have been dazzlingly obvious to you when he went home to her!

Sheila: Why do you assume a reconciliation is happening?

Charlie: Why else would eric go back into a house with a woman that betrayed him with his own son?

Sheila: To say he wants a divorce.

Charlie: [ Scoffs ] You really think that's happening?

Sheila: Eric had time to think about what ridge and quinn did, time to see me for the woman that I truly am now. I wouldn't be surprised if he's kicking her out of his life as we speak.

Quinn: I never realized how big this house was until you weren't here. It always feels so cozy when it's just the two of us.

Eric: I was gone. I-I-I'm sorry. But I needed to find my way... back again.

Quinn: I'm just so glad that you did.

Eric: I was empty without you.

Quinn: How did I get so lucky?

Eric: 'Cause we're connected. Deeply connected. From the very first day... you touched something in me that I didn't even know was there.

Quinn: I feel the exact same way. Ohh. My husband is back! He's ba-- I can breathe again!

Eric: [ Laughs ]

Quinn: I can breathe again.

Eric: Ah, my quinn this way -- my quinn in motion. Don't stop. Don't stop. Come on. Do me a favor, will you? Here. Here. Okay.

[ Mid-tempo music playing ] Right there. Stop. Don't move. Wait for me. Wait. Okay.

Quinn: [ Chuckles softly ]

Katie: Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay. I need to -- I need to slow this down.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] Okay.

[ Sighs ] I can do that.

Katie: I mean it's -- it's not that I don'T...want to. It's just... we're friends, right? We're... friends with benefits?

Wyatt: I mean, is that -- is that what we are?

Katie: Yeah. I mean, what would you call it?

Wyatt: I'm attracted to you. You're attracted to me. We don't have to put a label on it.

Katie: Oh, see, that's a problem. That's a problem, because I like to label things. I like to compartmentalize them so I can analyze them and get all the information so I can make a clear, responsible choice. What?

Wyatt: [ Laughing ] What?! You -- your -- your brain is, like, so active right now. You just -- it must be a real challenge to just shut that thing off! I mean, how do you -- how do you get katie to stop thinking and just feel?

Katie: And then what?

Wyatt: Who knows?

Katie: You don't care?

Wyatt: About a future I can't control? No.

Katie: So, this is just fun?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: You know what I think, wyatt?

Wyatt: What?

Katie: I think it's about time we had some fun.

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] I think so, too.

Charlie: So, did, uh, eric say he was divorcing quinn?

Sheila: No.

Charlie: Did he say he was kicking her out of his life?

Sheila: No, but... why would he go back to her?

Charlie: Well... once again, you're underestimating quinn. Nothing sticks to her for very long.

Sheila: Well, maybe I should go over there.

Charlie: You'd look like a stalker and, you know, creepy and weird.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, god. It's pam. She cannot know that I am here, okay? Hi, honey. How are you?

Pam: Charlie, where are you?

Charlie: Out and about. You need me back at the office?

Pam: You are not gonna believe what just happened?

Charlie: Well, then, I guess you better tell me.

Pam: Eric and quinn are back together.

Charlie: Back together? You sure about that?

Pam: He's back home. I heard it from eric himself. How long are you gonna be?

Charlie: Uh...I'll -- I'll be back there soon. Love you.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Sheila: He took her back?

Charlie: Yeah. Look, I know that you'd hoped for something...different.

Sheila: [ Voice breaking ] Eric forgave her? How could he? How could he do that?

Eric: I hated that I couldn't touch you -- your face... your mouth... your hands.

Quinn: My hands? My hands? Really? My hands?

Eric: Yes, your hands. Everything about you. When I came home, I looked out on, um -- out on the patio, and I saw where you were almost shot and... you were almost killed. The thought of you... not being here is just unbearable to me. That's when I realized I was right to come home.

Quinn: I'm never gonna give you a reason to leave. Never again.

Wyatt: Do you have any idea how great you are?

Katie: Oh. You don't have to say that.

Wyatt: Katie... look at me. If I don't mean it, it doesn't go past these lips, okay? You're gorgeous.

Katie: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: I find you sexy. You're smart and you're funny. And you're a little overanalytical and you like to label things. God knows what your fridge looks like.

Katie: I'm telling you, the labeler is an amazing device.

Wyatt: Oh, my god! Okay!

Katie: That's all I'm saying.

Wyatt: I just think it balances out my impulsiveness... and vice versa. And I also think that's why we make such a good team.

Charlie: You all right?

Sheila: [ Sniffles ] Yeah. Just a momentary lapse.

Charlie: Look, I know you're disappointed that eric went back with quinn, but, honestly -- and this is gonna be tough to hear -- it's really none of your business.

Sheila: Eric is my business.

Charlie: He's married to quinn. He chose her.

Sheila: So, are you saying that I should -- I should just give up and... hand him over politely?

Charlie: Eric isn't yours to give, sheila.

Sheila: Yeah, well, he was... long before quinn ever came into the picture, and he will be again. She is shady. There is so much hidden there, and I'm gonna find it and I am gonna take her down. And this -- this portrait -- it will hang on eric's wall. If you tell anyone anything about my plan... you're gonna hang, too.

Eric: I have missed that.

Quinn: What?

Eric: That beautiful smile.

Quinn: [ Chuckles softly ] The one that didn't exist before you started loving me. I was...such a dark soul when we first met. But...

[ Sighs ] ...You embraced me. You embraced all of me, even my flaws, and your faith -- it filled me up with light and love, and -- and I don't know. Now I [Chuckles] Feel like i can -- I can...burst from happiness.

Eric: My heart's pretty full right now, too.

Quinn: We found each other twice. How blessed we are. I just never want to feel as hollow as I did when you left, especially knowing that i brought that on myself. From this day forward, I want to celebrate what we are together. I want to dedicate myself to you, to our marriage... to the woman that I see reflected back in your eyes.

Eric: I don't expect you to be flawless or perfect. I just -- I just want you committed.

Quinn: Sometimes you almost have to lose something in order to... to appreciate it. I appreciate you. And to call the greatest man in the world my husband... I love you. And I am 100% committed to you. Never doubt that.

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