B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/2/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/2/17


Episode # 7641 ~ Katie & Wyatt push the boundaries of their attraction to each other; Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on a party commemorating Zende's accomplishment.

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[Record scratching]

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh [Singing in French]

Bill: Mwah.

Brooke: Is that...

Bill: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. But don't draw any attention to him. He's trying to keep a low profile.

Brooke: Oh! I see, he's sneaking into the Spencer summit and Thomas is sneaking out.

Bill: He's not flying home with us, is he?

Brooke: No, he's taking a commercial airline to new York. He wants to spend some time with his son.

Bill: Really?

Brooke: Yeah.

Bill: Well, good for him.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Ah! Uh, excuse me. Another bottle, please. Thank you.

Katie: Already?

Wyatt: Oh, we got champagne!

Bill: Perfect timing! Join us!

Brooke: We've got sparkling water, too.

Katie: Oh, great! I will have some of that.

Wyatt: Allow me.

Brooke: Where were you guys? I was looking for you after the show!

Katie: Um, yeah, I, um... well, it was an exciting day for everyone, so I was just trying to catch my breath.

Bill: Thank you.

Katie: So, who's partying with us, Steffy?

Brooke: No, she had to go home for business.

Wyatt: Oh, well, she's gonna miss my toast!

Bill: Here you go.

Wyatt: Thank you. All right. To the Spencer summit's first-ever fashion challenge and all the exceptional people that made it happen.

Katie: Oh, cheers.

Wyatt: Hear, hear!

Bill: I like that. Whoo!

Wyatt: Whoo!

Zende: Lizzy, what are you doing up, girl?

Maya: She is getting ready to go to sleep so that her daddy can get some work done.

Zende: Well, how's she doing?

Maya: She's okay! Fever's gone. The doctor was right. It was just a little cold.

Rick: And there's no reason for both of us to stay in.

Maya: And I will ask you one more time. Are you sure?

Rick: I am sure. You go have fun.

Nicole: And I will be there as soon as I can.

Zende: Well, you know, if you got dressed now, you could come.

Nicole: This is your big night. You shouldn't miss any of it.

Zende: Okay.

Nicole: Go with Maya, have fun. The summit cars can take me there. I'll be there later.

Zende: Okay. All right, baby.

Nicole: Thank you.

Maya: Okay. Good bye, my sweet angel. [Laughs] And goodbye my other sweet angel. I love you. [Giggles]

Rick: All right. You two enjoy yourselves.

Maya: Aw, thank you.

Nicole: You see the lion? [Giggles]

[Lizzy vocalizes]

Nicole: Oh! What?

Rick: You know, I'm almost done with work. If, uh, you want to get ready, I can take Lizzy.

Nicole: Oh, there's no rush. I mean, after an exciting day, I could use a little quiet time with Lizzy.

Rick: You know, every time I look at Lizzy, I say a little thank-you for everything you've done for your sister.

Nicole: Well, it wasn't just for her. I mean, if Maya had ended up with another man, I don't know. But I saw how committed you are and devoted, and I wanted Lizzy to have a dad like that. Someone who's there for her, shows good judgment. Not like mine. I'm glad that Lizzy has a dad she can always look up to.

[Upbeat music plays]

Bill: You met my wife Brooke?

Brooke: Yes! Good to see you.

So nice to meet you. I'm a big fan.

Bill: This woman changed my life.

Wyatt: Dad seems to be loving this.

Katie: Yeah, well, he always like being the center of attention.

Wyatt: You know, Monte Carlo's such a romantic city. Don't you think?

Zende: This place is great.

Bill: Hey, hey!

Wyatt: Hey! Zende!

Katie: Hey! Congratulations!

Bill: You put on a hell of a show today.

Brooke: You did a great job.

Bill: Ah, perfect.

Wyatt: Hey, where's Nicole?

Maya: Oh, she's on her way.

Brooke: Rick's not coming?

Maya: No, he had to work and he's taking care of Lizzy.

Katie: Is she feeling better?

Maya: Yes. Much. Tank you.

Katie: I'm sorry you had to miss the showing.

Maya: So am I, but I would not missing celebrating your success.

Bill: Speaking of that -- whoa!

Wyatt: Hey!

Bill: Champagne or vodka?

Maya: Champagne for me.

Bill: Vodka man?

Zende: Vodka.

Bill: Here you go! There it is! I'm right there with you!

Wyatt: Champagne.

Bill: All right!

Brooke: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Bill: My boy's been drinking a little bit tonight.

Brooke: You better take it easy!

Zende: I'm fine, I'm fine. Listen, we killed the show, okay? We deserve to cut loose a little bit.

Bill: Got that right! Here we go!

Maya: Cheers.

Wyatt: Cheers, everybody.

Zende: All right, fine. I'll cheers.


Bill: Hi. Good to have you.

Brooke: We'll get together in L.A.

Good to see you.

Katie: Yes.

Zende: Those guys bid on my designs!

Katie: [Laughs]

Wyatt: Yeah, I -- look, I bet there's gonna be a whole lot of celebrities wearing your suits tomorrow, man. I'm telling you.

Maya: Honestly, judging by how people are dressed tonight, we might see some on the dance floor.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Zende: Speaking of the dance floor, we should -- we should go out there.

Maya: You don't want to wait for Nicole?

Zende: Well, she can catch up when she gets here.

Katie: We'll keep an eye out for her.

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Maya: Okay. See you later, then.

Zende: All right, all right.

Brooke: Katie! You got to go dance!

Katie: Oh, uh, no. No. I -- I'm good. [Laughs]

Wyatt: Oh, come on. I bet you're a great dancer. You saw my moves. Let's see yours.

Brooke: You worked hard. You got to go play now. [Laughs] Go have some fun.

Wyatt: Come on.

Katie: Okay.

Wyatt: Yeah!

Katie: Let's dance.

Wyatt: Yes!

Rick: Well, that's an interesting outfit to go to the club in.

Nicole: Funny.

Rick: You have a change of plans?

Nicole: Is that terrible? I mean, I'm just so exhausted, and I wanted to check if Lizzy's fever came back.

Rick: It didn't. You know, if you're gonna be sticking around, you probably should call your husband. He's gonna be worried.

Nicole: And disappointed.

Rick: I'd give him a call. He just might change your mind.

Nicole: I am so wiped out -- jet lag, the showdown... I don't see myself going out tonight. He'll understand, right? I mean, at least he has Maya.

Zende: Hey, baby! You here?

Nicole: No. Baby, I'm sorry. I know it's your big night. I'm just too tired.

Zende: Wait, you're not coming?

Nicole: I'm gonna stay at the hotel, you know, just in case rick and Lizzy need me.

Zende: Lizzy's fine.

Nicole: You have a good time.

Zende: I wanted to share this moment with you, Nicole.

Look, you won't believe who's

here. Everybody's celebrating. Maya's here. She's not worried about Lizzy.

Nicole: Baby, I'm sorry. I'm just too tired. You can tell me all about it when you get back, okay?

Zende: Yep. All right. I got to go.

Nicole: Have fun with Maya.

Katie: [Laughs]

Wyatt: Yeah! What? [Laughing] What?

Wyatt: Oh!

Katie: [Laughs] Whoo!

Brooke: What's wrong, Zende?

Zende: Nicole's not gonna make it.

Maya: She's been on the runway all day in the heat.

Katie: She not feeling well?

Zende: She knows how much this means to me, this whole thing. I just wanted to her to show up, have a drink, celebrate...

Wyatt: I'm sorry, man. We could still have a fun night, right?

Zende: Yeah. You know what? You're right. We -- we can, all right? This party is for all of us. We worked hard on the showdown, so... cheers.

Maya: Yes! Yes! Let's toast to your success. To your great idea, Katie. Brooke, to your organization. Bill, to your summit. And to your incredible designs, Zende, you know what, let's toast Zende. Zende, this is your first collection at Forrester, and it was a hit! You inspired people to give to amazing charities all around the globe. And we could not be more proud of you.

Brooke: That's right.

Katie: Hear, hear! [Laughs]

Maya: Cheers!

Zende: Cheers.

Wyatt: Cheers.

Brooke: Cheers.

Bill: Hold onto your glasses, you two. I'm gonna make a toast.

Wyatt: You better make it fast because this wild woman wants to get back out to the dance floor.

Bill: Well, she's gonna have to cool her jets for a minute because the toast is about both of you.

Wyatt: Oh. Well, then by all means, you have the floor.

Bill: To my son and to Katie, you make a hell of a team. You know, I had my concerns about this fashion, uh, showdown. But not a doubt -- not a single doubt -- about either one of you, and you delivered a dynamic blockbuster event. Quite a combination. Your energy, Wyatt, your know-how...box thinking, your... your elegance and your efficiency.

Katie: Wow. Elegance and efficiency. Thank you, bill.

Bill: You're welcome.

Wyatt: You got to love a woman who gets things done.

Katie: [Laughs]

Brooke: You really did an amazing job spearheading the show.

Bill: Yeah, well, you know, she leads on everything.

Katie: [Laughs] Well... [Clears throat] Not everything.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: Let's go dance.

Wyatt: You know it. [Laughs]

Brooke: [Giggles]

Maya: Ah! You know, I, uh... I think I want to get back out there, too.

Zende: I'm with you.

Maya: Hey!

Zende: Let's go.

Maya: Let's do it!

Bill: They're having fun.

Brooke: Yeah. It's great to see Katie so happy.

Bill: Yeah. Her work's over. It's time to play. And there is nothing that's gonna bring anybody down. Not tonight.

Nicole: I don't want to let Zende down. I hope he can have a good time without me.

[Laughter, cheering]

[Upbeat music plays]

[Singing in French]

Wyatt: Hey.

Katie: Oh, um, you -- you should be out dancing.

Wyatt: That's not gonna happen.

Katie: We should not be doing this.

Wyatt: Why shouldn't we?

Katie: [Sighs] Somebody could see us.

Wyatt: What? Who cares!

Katie: That's a good point. This is crazy.

Wyatt: Why is this crazy?

Katie: I could give you 100 reasons why it's crazy.

Wyatt: Okay. We're narrowing it down. You said millions before. Now it's 100. So we're making headway. Give me one good reason right now. Right now.

Katie: I got nothing.

Bill: I think it's, uh, time for a private party on the Stella Maris. What do you think?

Brooke: Oh! Yeah. [Sighs] I don't see Katie and Wyatt. I have to say bye to them before we go.

Bill: Why? Why?

Brooke: I'll be right back. I'll be right back!

Bill: Really? You --

Brooke: Katie?

Wyatt: [Clears throat]

Brooke: Katie?

Katie: Hey!

Brooke: Oh! There you are!

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: Yeah.

Brooke: What's going on?

Katie: Nothing. Nothing.

Wyatt: No.

Brooke: You look a little flushed. Are you okay?

Katie: Um, yeah. I'm -- I'm fine.

Wyatt: Yeah, it just got a little hot out on the dance floor.

Brooke: Maybe you should take her back to the hotel.

Wyatt: You know what? I was thinking the exact same thing.

Brooke: Well, bill and I are leaving. We're going back to the Stella Maris, and I just wanted to let you know that he took care of everything.

Katie: Oh! Well, uh, give him a big thank-you from all of us.

Brooke: Okay. Congrats again for today.

Katie: Oh, thank you!

Brooke: [Giggles] I love you.

Katie: I love you, sissy. Have a good night.

Brooke: You, too.

Wyatt: Good night.

Brooke: Night!

Wyatt: [Laughs]

Katie: Oh, my God. That was way too close. We -- we should go.

Wyatt: That's actually an excellent idea. So, my room or yours?

Katie: [Giggles] I am not going to back to your hotel room.

Wyatt: Oh, you like to work from home. That's good. Your room it is.

Katie: Um, I think that we should call it a night.

Wyatt: What? Brooke and my dad are gonna be on the yacht, which means we can easily sneak back into the hotel. And Maya and Zende -- they're not gonna even notice we're here!

Katie: Here's an idea. How about you stay here and you can party, and I will head back to the hotel?

Wyatt: Okay, so, this kiss was like a -- a good-night kiss. Like, "okay, good night. Mwah."

Katie: Yes. Yes, it was.

Wyatt: I can do so much better than that.

Katie: Good night, Wyatt. Good night.

Wyatt: I promise. I don't want to stay here without you. Come on, let's get in the car. We'll go back to the hotel. We'll tell the driver to take the long way, right? The cliff, the lights on the water, the view of the sea... it's romantic at night. When we get back to the hotel, though, um, I'm definitely gonna need someone to escort me back to my room, 'cause I've been -- I've been drinking tonight.

Katie: Oh, yeah, that's a problem, huh?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, man. Well, here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna go back to your room, and I'm gonna go back to my room.

Wyatt: But what about the lights on the water?

Katie: I know. The lights... it's tempting. But not tonight.

Wyatt: Not never.

Katie: Not tonight.

Wyatt: Not never...

Katie: I'm gonna get my purse.

Wyatt: Okay.

Katie: You're gonna be a good boy and let me go.

Wyatt: Okay. [Clears throat] Good night, Katie.

Katie: Good night, Wyatt.

Nicole: You know, being on the runway today made me really appreciate what Maya does. I mean, putting herself out there takes a lot of energy. And a lot of guts. I'll see ya.

Rick: See ya.

Maya: Where is everybody?

Zende: Uh, you know, I don't know.

Maya: [Giggles]

Hey! You're that model. Maya Avant.

Maya: Uh, yeah. Are you here for the summit?

Vacation. You know, if I didn't know, I wouldn't know.

Zende: You know, actually, this is a private section, guys.

You know, right? She used to be a dude.

Zende: All right. It's time to go.

No, I mean it as a compliment, really. I -- I can't tell. Like, I don't know if I want to kiss you or what.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Zende: Watch it.

And somebody told me you have a kid now, but you can't be a mother, so, like, how's that even possible?

Maya: Okay, you're being rude, so we're gonna go.

Zende: No, no, no, no. No, he's gonna apologize to you first, right?

For what?

Zende: That's not how you speak to a lady. Now give her an apology.

That is not a "her." And what's your problem, anyway? You want to shove it in everybody's face, but we can't ask questions? You're out there dancing, showing off for everybody? I see you. You're out there dancing with her. You one of those freaks, too?

Zende: Call her a freak again.

Maya: Hey.

Okay. I see. You're into that kind of thing. Whatever, man.

Zende: What the hell is your problem, man?

Maya: Zende. Zende, don't.

Zende: No, it's okay. You two, walk away. Now. Because you have two options here. One, you can leave on your own merit, or... I could throw your ass out like the trash you are. Now, this offer expires. So I'd think quick. 3... 2... right. Lovely haircut, by the way. You don't have to listen to them.

Maya: Yeah, well, I have the privilege of not having to hear that stuff very much anymore.

Zende: It doesn't matter. No one should ever talk to you like that, Maya. Okay? You deserve respect and common decency.

Maya: Thank you.

Zende: Save those tears, okay? Don't let them get you down. Still have a good time.

Maya: No, no, no. People like that... they just make me appreciate people like you even more. The people who care about me. And stand up for me. Your support means so much, Zende. Thank you. .

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