B&B Transcript Thursday 7/27/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/27/17


Episode # 7637 ~ Eric unleashes his hurt and anger upon Ridge after years of dealing with his son's betrayal and mistreatment; Brooke reprimands RJ & Coco about the dangers of distracted driving.

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Thomas: Why did you think that you couldn't tell me?

Caroline: I don't ever want you to feel obligated.

Thomas: No, but I am obligated. You are the mother of my son. We're in this together.

Caroline: Thomas, we haven't been in this together for a long time.

Thomas: Caroline, things were different back then, but your diagnosis changes everything.

Caroline: And I'm not happy about that.

Bill: She's mad at me for telling you. I told you she would be.

Katie: But Eric is all right?

Brooke: Please tell me Sheila wasn't with him.

Katie: Ugh.

Brooke: Oh, no!

Katie: That is a problem.

Steffy: Yeah, I know. You don't know the half of it. I'm just really hoping that dad can convince him to come home.

Brooke: You told ridge where Eric is?

R.J.: Hey, mom, you wanted to see us?

Katie: Um, yeah. We should probably be working.

Steffy: We got that thing.

Katie: Right. Okay. Let's go. Um, good luck!

Brooke: I heard from lieutenant baker.

R.J.: So much for confidentiality.

Brooke: Breaking the law is a matter of public record. Because texting and driving is a threat to everybody.

Ridge: Nice company you're keeping.

Eric: I thought I could trust Steffy. Clearly not.

Ridge: She didn't want to tell me. I pulled it out of her. She's scared for you. We're all scared, dad.

Eric: This whole family pattern is getting kind of old, isn't it? You stab me in the back and then you wring your hands and you fret about me?

Ridge: I understand running. But you can never run far enough. I will always find you.

Brooke: I hope you both understand you were very lucky.

R.J.: We do.

Coco: Yeah, it -- it could have been a lot worse than just paying a fine.

Brooke: If you come away from this thinking "Whoo-hoo! We're lucky to get away with this," well, then the fine and the close call and the loss of a very expensive car will all be for nothing. The fact is, you're lucky to be alive.

Katie: So, uh, is the, uh, swimwear line up to your very high standards?

Wyatt: Almost.

Katie: Almost?

Wyatt: Mm-hmm.

Katie: Well, what's missing? Because heads will roll.

Wyatt: Well, do you remember the movie with Elizabeth Taylor where she went down to the beach in the white swimsuit and when she came out, it was transparent? Can we get some of those?

Katie: You know, that's a really good idea, but I think that it's more appropriate for the men's line, so what size are you?

Wyatt: We'll scratch that idea. It's a bad idea.

Eric: To the victor go the spoils. Why don't you go home and enjoy them?

Ridge: I moved off the property.

Eric: With Quinn?

Ridge: No, of course not with Quinn. She -- she barely leaves the house, as far as I can tell.

Eric: Well, that's very unlike you, isn't it? Don't you usually like to take possession of the women you steal?

Ridge: What do you want to hear? Because I will tell you everything. Either in there or through the door. But it's gonna get said today.

Shirley: [Sighs] I'm trying to find out how you sleep on a private jet, and this internet, I am down a rabbit hole.

Sally: I will wear my clothes while I sleep. That is what people do on planes.

Shirley: Honey, I am just trying to be supportive of you and tom of Forrester. I call him that in my head sometimes. Makes him sound like robin hood.

Sally: I thought you were convinced that I was doomed to lose him to his high society baby mama.

Shirley: Hmm, you know what? I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong. Especially when being right would bankrupt us.

Thomas: What about Douglas? What -- you know, when you... I love your moms, but I need my boy.

Caroline: I mean, we have separate lives, Thomas. We've always had separate lives. I was married, and -- then you were playing the field. I love Douglas, but... he wasn't made out of love. We -- we both know that.

Thomas: That was different.

Brooke: Would you play a video game while driving?

Coco: No.

Brooke: Would you watch TV?

R.J.: Okay, Mom, we get it.

Brooke: You can only operate one piece of machinery at a time -- a car or a phone. You do agree, don't you?

R.J.: Is using a phone in the car much different than talking to somebody in the back seat?

Brooke: Honey, do you have a conversation with somebody in the back by typing on a small keyboard?

R.J.: Okay, well, then is much different than having a radio or an mp3 player in the car?

Brooke: Look, I'm gonna tell you a story. I had a boyfriend in high school, and he was a very good musician. We all knew he'd be a star. He got signed by a record label right away, first time out. With that money, he went and he bought a car. But he died in that car. He was with his little sister. She survived. And you know what she said? He was fiddling with the radio stations, trying to find which station was playing his single. That is when the accident happened.

R.J.: I'm sorry. Mom, I -- I didn't know.

Brooke: No, the whole point is it's just not worth to drive distracted. It's very, very dangerous. It takes 3 seconds -- that's it. 3 seconds to lose control. And then you destroy your life and anybody else around you. You may feel safe driving a big, comfy car, yeah, but you're not. And anybody on that road around you is not safe either if you're driving distracted.

Thomas: Can you tell me about this auto-immune disorder? I just -- I don't know enough.

Bill: This one is so rare that it doesn't even have a name. It's a cluster of symptoms that don't respond to any...

Caroline: God, can you please just stop?

Thomas: No, it's fine. I know that I don't have a right to ask you these questions...

Bill: Well, if not now, when? We don't know how much time we have.

Caroline: I said stop! Look, I get it that you're trying to say all the right things, but do you have any idea, any clue as to how offensive it is that you only want to be with me because you think I'm dying?

Thomas: That's -- that's not true. That has never been true. I've always wanted to be with you. While I was in New York, I was heartbroken that -- that you didn't want me. I just want to spend whatever time that we have left together.

Ridge: We can't go on like this.

Eric: You're the last person I need to justify myself to.

Ridge: Fair enough. You know what day this is, right? It's the day when everyone leaves for Monte Carlo. Everyone except Quinn. Remember last year? She came and surprised you. It's the anniversary of you getting together. It's the first time you became public. And you told everyone how much you love her. And you haven't stopped loving her. So why are you here?

R.J.: Okay, Mom, what you don't get is that when my phone goes off, it's somebody looking for me.

Brooke: R.J., nobody trying to reach you wants to be the cause of your death or anybody else's. Just let it ring, and they will leave a message. You can get back to them later. Let that be the new normal. That tree could have been another car. And they could be dead right now. So could you.

Coco: Yeah, you're right. You're very right.

Brooke: Honey, I don't know what I would do without you, if something ever happened to you. So, please, just be careful while I'm in Europe, okay?

R.J.: I'll wait for you to get home for me to be my bad self.

Brooke: No, you won't.

R.J.: No.

Brooke: [Laughs]

Sally: What am I forgetting?

Shirley: Thomas!

Sally: No, I'm meeting him at the airport.

Shirley: Oh! What about me?

Sally: I could never forget you, grams.

Shirley: Oh, thank you, honey. You go have a good time. We'll be cheering you on, and -- [Gasps] We will be watching the live feed of the fashion challenge.

Sally: Okay, it is 9 hours later, so whenever it's daytime in Monte Carlo it's nighttime here.

Shirley: We'll record it! [Giggles]

Sally: Okay.

Shirley: You just go and have a great time and beat the pants off those Forresters.

Sally: Yes! [Giggles] Okay! Love you.

Shirley: I love you.

Thomas: Don't be angry with me. Please don't tell me that I've done too little or it's too late. I know. I get it. I've been trying to cope the best way that I knew how since we ended things in new York, and that's -- that's why I threw myself into work. I saw my dad do that, and it's not right. That's not the father that I want to be to my son.

Bill: You know, I'm sorry, but as a man, as a father myself --

Caroline: Don't make things worse!

Bill: My motives were pure. But now, Thomas, you and I have a plane to catch.

Thomas: No, I'm not -- I'm not going to Spencer summit.

Caroline: What?

Bill: Well, I certainly understand that.

Caroline: No. Thomas is going.

Thomas: No, why -- why would I go? Caroline, everything has changed.

Caroline: Because when you make a commitment, you keep them. You want to know what I expect from you? That's it.

Thomas: Don't make any decisions until I am back.

Caroline: Do you see what your lie has done?

Bill: Come on, Caroline. Don't you get it? These people, they -- they don't grow up. They stay freakin' juvenile until there's a catastrophe. And then and only then can you break 'em.

Wyatt: And the trip begins.

Steffy: Yas!

Sally: It's a gorgeous day for flying, huh?

Katie: What are you doing here?

Bill: Now, now, now. Sally is an invited guest. You know I'm a big-hearted guy, and, uh, we also know that saying. You keep your friends close, and your enemies, and so on. How'd it go with R.J.?

Brooke: I got through to him.

Bill: I mean, even I don't text and drive. Well, now you can go to Monaco feeling nice and relaxed, and we'll have a great time.

Thomas: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.

Steffy: Perfect timing.

Sally: Oh! Thank goodness. For a second I thought this might be a plot to drop me in the Atlantic.

Wyatt: Oh, no, dad reserves that treatment for ridge.

Steffy: Um, actually, uh, my dad's not joining us.

Bill: Typical.

Steffy: My granddad's not coming, either.

Ridge: So, Sheila, how did you find my dad?

Sheila: I didn't.

Eric: She was here when I checked in, down the hall.

Ridge: Uh-huh.

Eric: Look, believe what you want, ridge.

Ridge: Why don't we try something? Let's try being honest with each other. Can we do that? Just you and me, nobody else here. Nobody that matters. The relationship that caused this disaster wasn't between Quinn and me. It's yours and mine. From the very beginning -- you knew before I was born that I'm a bastard. I am what I am, and what I am is a man who wants to win at everything. And you've been the best at it. You were my first adversary, and you're still number one. You fired me. And you said the only way I can come back -- if I accept a role beneath Steffy, my own daughter. So what do I do? I got to try and get back to you in some way, I got to retaliate. And no, no, no, it wasn't -- I didn't plan it. It just kind of happens that way. I just did what I do because I could. I can make a woman want me. Isn't that right, Sheila?

Sheila: You know what, I never had that problem.

Ridge: Oh, stop. Sheila's right. No, she's wary of me. Quinn wasn't. Because you told her not to be. And, man, I took her and I wooed her. [Scoffs] But she resisted. She always resisted. You know why? Because she loves you. I didn't believe it. And I love you, too. But there's a part of you, there's something inside of you that makes you better than me. I've tried to find it, but I -- I don't -- I don't have it. But what I do have, dad, is an understanding of what's going on here. This -- this is not punishing me. It's punishing you. You're with the one woman in the world, the one person that understands you and loves you more than anybody. Poor woman, beautiful woman... ...that I used as an innocent pawn in my quest to beat you. Game's over. Go home to your wife.

Sheila: Are you done?

Ridge: It's up to you.

Eric: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, ridge, I -- any time I've wanted to insult you or berate you, I've called you a Marone. I apologize for that. That was wrong. You've always been my son. From the first moment your mother put you in my hands... I've been your father. And you turned into this boy, this great boy, and we had fun together. We played together, we laughed. And your sisters and your brother, they -- they adored you. And they gave you all the love and attention that you possibly want. You learned to crave that and -- and you took it. Because you could. Then when you got older, you started to draw. There was my surprise. You could draw. He would draw everything. And you would tell me things about shape and style and color. You would say things to me about design that I -- that I hadn't taught you. That made you my son. So, then, you wanted to emulate me, and I thought, "that's great, I'll bring you right into the business with me -- my business." It wasn't long before you and I, we were the father-son team -- team of the year. We had attention and accolades from the fashion industry all over the world, just pouring in on us, and you loved that. But you wanted to be better than me. You wanted more of that attention for yourself than I had, and so you took it. He took it because he could. And then you took -- you took your mother from me, and you took Brooke from me. And then you took the woman I love more than anything in this world. You took Quinn from me. Because you could. I loved being your father. You'll never be my son again.

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