B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17


Episode # 7632 ~ Steffy pays an angry visit to Quinn and confronts her about betraying Eric; Sally invites Caroline to lunch with the intention of getting her to back off of Thomas.

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Steffy: Are you the reason Granddad left? Did something happen between you and Quinn?

Ridge: Yes.

Steffy: Yes?

Ridge: I shouldn't have lied to your grandfather, and I'm not gonna lie to you.

Quinn: Steffy. I didn't hear you come in.

Steffy: How could you?

Patrice: Arrangements in Monaco have been set. Of course, Spencer is less than thrilled with the addition of Spectra in the fashion show.

Ridge: For once, we agree.

Patrice: But Thomas refuses to drop out of the event.

Ridge: Ah.

[Door opens]

Katie: Oh, Patrice. Are you updating Ridge?

Patrice: I am, including bill's reaction to Thomas.

Brooke: Sounds like that could be a problem.

Patrice: More like a disaster if bill pulls the plug on the show. Can you talk to him, Ridge?

Ridge: Talk to a son who betrays his father? Yes, I know a little something about that.

Thomas: Bill, don't come into my office and try to lecture me.

Bill: Lecture? If it was a lecture, you'd sit your butt down and listen. I'm just trying to appeal to your sense of responsibility to your family. I mean, that is what you Forresters pride yourself on, right?

Thomas: Yeah, we do. And I am taking full responsibility as a father to my son.

Bill: By shacking up with some trailer trash?

Thomas: Don't say that about Sally.

Bill: Oh, loosen the knot in your tie, all right? I'm not saying it with judgment. I'm just keeping it real. You left your family business in the dust, you teamed up with the enemy, you're crashing my event in Monaco. Enough with this foolishness with Sally. Caroline is trying to give you and your son something you never had -- a stable family environment. Now, I know you love her. How could you not?

Patrice: Wyatt should have the Spencer projections by the end of the day. That should be it for now. Assuming bill stays on board.

Katie: Oh, no, he will. He's going to. Wyatt and I will make sure of that. In the meantime, please, please keep us updated.

Patrice: Will do.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Brooke: Ridge. You're distracted. What's going on?

Ridge: Steffy knows.

Katie: Knows what?

Ridge: Knows about Quinn and me.

Quinn: Who told you?

Steffy: A little late to be covering your bases.

Quinn: Was it Eric?

Steffy: Ugh.

Quinn: Steffy, if it was, if you've seen your grandfather --

Steffy: Even if I knew where my granddad is, do you think I would tell you after what you did?

Quinn: Please tell me where my husband is.

Steffy: My grandfather wasn't the one who told me. I had to hear it from my father himself.

Thomas: It sounds an awful lot like you're lecturing me again.

Bill: I'm trying to counsel you.

Thomas: Mm-hmm.

Bill: The fact is, you have a child by my niece. And you're going to do right by both of them.

Thomas: No, the fact is, bill, your niece left me. I didn't leave her. And I am doing right by both of them.

Bill: She left you, you left her, you left each other. It doesn't make a freakin' bit of difference. She used her time wisely. She was in New York with her moms while you, on the other hand --

Thomas: Got tired of waiting for something that was never going to happen no matter how bad I wanted it? Yeah, bill, I wanted a life with Caroline. But I couldn't get that. And I will never abandon my son. But the woman in my life is Sally.

Sally: Thanks for meeting me.

Caroline: Of course. Although I don't have to guess what this is about, do I?

Sally: You left him, Caroline. Big mistake.

Caroline: So then why are you feeling so threatened? I'm just trying to reunite my family.

Sally: Your family is a son that you share with Thomas, but that's as far as it goes.

Caroline: For now, yeah.

Sally: You want him to be with you and your son in new York, don't you?

Caroline: Yeah.

Caroline: What'd you expect, Sally? Wouldn't you want your child to have both of his parents together?

Sally: Yeah, if that's what both the parents wanted.

Caroline: You think Thomas doesn't want it?

Sally: Who's he with?

Caroline: You. At the moment.

Sally: Yeah, but with the help of big, bad uncle bill and princess Steffy dragging you all the way over here.

Caroline: Nobody drags me anywhere.

Sally: And yet that's exactly what you want to do to Thomas. Using your son as bait. How classy.

Caroline: Excuse me?

Sally: Look, here's the deal. If you guys all want to line up against me, fine. But this isn't a con. I am very grateful for Thomas in my life. We love each other. And I am not giving him up without a fight.

Thomas: Is there anything else, bill? Otherwise, I will see you in Monaco.

Bill: You know, I'd hoped you were smarter than that. I mean, I get it. Carrot top has your brains all scrambled.

Thomas: Southern France this time of year. Got to love it. Sally and I, oh, I think we're gonna make quite the headline.

Bill: You think so?

Thomas: Oh, I know so. New kids on the block, one of them not s yeah, we're gonna make a splash. So will the company.

Bill: You're incredibly naive. Kind of endearing coming from a Forrester.

Thomas: Why don't you talk to me after the show, bill?

Bill: I'm talking to you now, Thomas. Spectra is doomed, so my advice is that you get your head on straight and you take care of my niece and her son. Your son. Your family.

Thomas: I am taking care of my family, bill. Besides, what are you gonna do about that?

Bill: You know, I see things. I'm sort of seeing the future. It's part of my Spencey senses. And what I see for you is a long, unpleasant plane ride home from Monaco.

Thomas: You got something you're keeping from me, bill? A nasty, little trick up your sleeve?

Bill: You make it sound so dirty when all I'm doing is looking out for my niece.

Thomas: Bill, you do anything at that fashion show, and I'm taking you down with me.

Ridge: Still nothing from dad.

Katie: [Sighs] You -- you told Steffy about you and Quinn. Are you sure that was a good id sure about that. But she was starting to put the pieces together, and you should have seen her standing there and the way she looked at me. It... I just couldn't lie to her.

Brooke: I'm glad you didn't. It only would have made things worse.

Ridge: Worse? Things could be worse than this? I betrayed her grandfather. I just hope she can forgive me.

Katie: Well, I'm sure she's not too happy with Quinn right now, either.

Quinn: What I did was awful. But it's not what you think. It was just a-a couple --

Steffy: What? A few kisses? That's exactly what my dad said.

Quinn: Yes, that's all.

Steffy: Come on, Quinn. It was more than just a few kisses.

Quinn: What Ridge and I did was wrong. It was foolish. It was -- was a moment of vulnerability. Yes, it happened more than once, but it was never more than just a kiss. And it's over. It'll never happen again. And we both deeply regret it.

Steffy: When did you start deeply regretting it? Was it the whole time or after the truth came out? I am so deeply disappointed in my dad. But I'm not surprised you were eventually gonna hurt my grandfather.

Sally: Look, I get it, okay? You want your son to grow up in a normal family.

Caroline: If by normal, you mean with two parents who love him and love each other together, then yeah, that's what I'm shooting for.

Sally: Hey, Glitterbug, Thomas is not your guy, okay? He's over it.

Caroline: Well, then you have nothing to worry about.

Sally: No, not if you and uncle big bucks play by the rules. But neither of you can buy me off or make me go away, okay? Plenty of kids grow up without their parents, including my sister and me. You want Douglas to have a real father? He has one. Thomas is there for him, but who he is not there for is you nor will he be. Thomas and I are the real deal, Caroline. Own it.

Thomas: Let me be very clear. Any attempt to sabotage Spectra at that fashion show in Monaco will blow up in your face.

Bill: I like it. That's what I'm talking about! There are those stones that I wanted to see!

Thomas: Hmm.

Bill: That Forrester bluster. Problem is, it doesn't fit you, kid.

Thomas: This isn't that upstart that you and Jarrett beat on a few months back.

Bill: Hmm, no. You're right. It's not. Because now they have you, captain super sketcher, who deserted his family for the woman who stole their entire collection. You have one chance at redemption, one chance to give your son a legacy that he can be proud of. It ain't here with the woman who stole millions from your family! She is a thief, and that is your legacy. But you can fix that. You can save yourself the grief, be a man, not a fool! Leave this insanity behind you and do the right thing. Start a life with Caroline and your son.

[Door opens]

[Elevator whirs]

Steffy: You know, I so wanted to believe in you, even after everything you did to Liam, to Wyatt, all the battles that we went through. You know what? Over time, I-I did what I never thought was possible. I actually -- I actually believed that you were good for my grandfather.

Quinn: I was. I am!

Steffy: Don't even pretend that you mean that, Quinn! You know, I feel foolish even thinking that myself!

Quinn: Are we not entitled to a mistake, even a big one?

Steffy: Oh, you've had plenty. My grandfather did everything for you! The family -- the family didn't even want this relationship, but my grandfather didn't care because he loved you! And he married you even though the family refused to go to the wedding!

Quinn: You think I am not torturing myself over this every single minute?

Steffy: Of course. Now look what you lost.

Quinn: [Voice breaking] The love of my life. That's what I lost. I am so sorry for what you're going through. I can't imagine how disillusioned you must be.

Steffy: By my father, yeah. But not by you. You betrayed my grandfather with his son. He defended you. He fought so hard and told everyone that you changed, and you know what? We tried to believe it! But in the back of my mind, I just knew! I knew you were gonna hurt my grandfather. And now he's gone. He's gone from this home he loves so much. And this picture? It doesn't belong here. It never has. And neither do you. If you have any decency, leave this home and leave my grandfather's life for good.

Sally: Anything interesting happen while I was gone?

Thomas: Nothing I didn't expect. What about you?

Sally: I met with Caroline.

Thomas: You did? Interesting. How did that go?

Sally: Nothing I didn't expect. Bill and his niece are working together to lure you away from me and the company.

Thomas: Does that bother you?

Sally: Should it?

Thomas: Nothing kills a relationship faster than jealousy and insecurity. I love my son. And I will always be there for him. But... I will always be here for you. That is my commitment to you.

Caroline: Well, she's not going quietly into the night, that's for sure.

Bill: [Chuckles] Women like Sally usually don't.

Caroline: Women like me don't, either.

Bill: Ah! Spoken like a true Spencer.

Caroline: Well, hopefully to be Forrester someday.

Bill: Puh! Come on! Can't you just keep your last name?

Caroline: The point is, the battle has just begun.

Bill: Well put.

Caroline: Thank you.

Bill: So, I stopped by Spectra earlier to have a word with Thomas.

Caroline: Oh, god. More than a word, I'm assuming.

Bill: Well, I just thought it was important that I expressed that he be done with that company and that woman.

Caroline: I hope you were a little more deft than that.

Bill: I was not.

Caroline: Of course you weren't.

Bill: Look, Thomas needs to understand that his loyalties should lie with you and your child. And I think he's starting to get a grip on that.

Caroline: You do?

Bill: I see a very dark future for Thomas if he doesn't, uh, close this chapter of his life. And I don't want to see him have to explain that to Douglas.

Caroline: Explain what?

Bill: How he deserted his family, how he deserted you, how his first solo business venture was a complete disaster. And it will be. I guess he's a good kid. I mean, he's a Forrester, but that doesn't seem to bother you. And you, my beautiful niece, you and your happiness are my priority.

Caroline: Thank you, Uncle Bill. [Sighs] That means everything to me.

Bill: [Chuckles]

Caroline: I hope we can work it out.

Bill: We will.

Brooke: This, too, shall pass.

Ridge: Yeah. At what price? I already lost you. I can't lose Steffy.

Brooke: You won't. You'll never lose Steffy.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Quinn: You're right to be upset. You're protective of your grandfather. You love him so much, and so do I.

Steffy: Please don't go there. How did you and my father let this happen, Quinn?

Quinn: Steffy, I'm not even gonna try and make excuses for this. It was a stupid, stupid, terrible mistake. And if we could take it all back, we would do it in a heartbeat.

Steffy: Come on.

Quinn: Steffy, please, please listen to me. Your grandfather, he is my life. He is my soul. I never even knew I could love until I met him. He changed me. And I will -- I will never love anyone the way I love him. And I-I know in my heart that this is where he will always be. Nobody else. So I ask you... as someone who loves Eric... and as a leader in this family... if you could just remember what he and I shared... what we meant to each other and how you supported our marriage for the last few months, I... I know it would make a huge difference. You could help make him heal and then helping me make this up to him. [Sniffles] And you don't have to do it for me. Please. Please do it for him. [Sniffles]

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