B&B Transcript Monday 7/10/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/10/17


Episode # 7625 ~ Brooke puts RJ on the spot to get his version of what happened between him and Coco; Thomas sees a softer side of Sally when she describes her family dynamics.

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Doctor: Laceration looks good. That shoulder will be sore for a while, but you shouldn't need any P.T. Unless you experience more stiffness.

Brooke: What about the concussion?

Doctor: Headache still gone?

R.J.: Yeah.

Brooke: Honey, I know you want to get out of here, but please tell the doctor the truth.

R.J.: Mom, I don't have a headache, okay?

Doctor: It was a mild concussion. Your son is a very lucky young man.

R.J.: Dad always did say I had a hard head.

Doctor: I'll check in on you later. Your son will be fine.

Brooke: Coco, can I talk to R.J. A moment alone, please?

Coco: Sure. Um, I'll -- I'll be outside.

R.J.: Okay.

Brooke: The doctor's right, you know. You're very lucky to be alive.

R.J.: Okay, mom. Don't get all dramatic.

Brooke: I'm not. I just thank god that you're okay. But you still didn't answer me. How did coco crash your father's car?

[Engine revs]

[Car horn blares]

[Tires screech]

[Cell phone rings]

Coco: Hello?

Sally: Hey, little sis, how's it going?

Coco: It's going.

Sally: We missed you at the barbecue.

Coco: Yeah, yeah, um... I'm -- I'm sorry. I was with R.J.

Sally: Did you have fun? Coco, is everything okay?

Coco: I'm at the hospital.

Sally: The hospital?

Coco: Yeah, there was a -- there was a car accident. Um, but I'm okay. I'm okay. It's just, uh, R.J.'S here.

Sally: Wait, R.J.'S in the hospital?

Thomas: Coco, what happened?

Coco: He's okay, Thomas. Um, it's a mild concussion. Uh, there is some bruising and some cuts, but the doctor said he'll be fine.

Thomas: Put him on the phone.

Coco: Uh, he's -- he's in with his mother right now.

Thomas: Are you sure he's okay?

Coco: Yeah.

Sally: Coco, how did the accident happen?

Coco: I was driving.

Sally: In your car?

Coco: No, no. Um, one of ridge's classics. R.J. Let me drive it.

Sally: Did someone hit you?

Coco: No, no. I, um... I ran into a tree. [Sighs] Thank god R.J.'S all right.

Sally: Look, coco, I'm sure it wasn't your fault. These things happen.

Coco: It shouldn't have.

Brooke: I still don't understand why coco was driving your father's car.

R.J.: I wanted to impress her. I knew she'd never driven a car like that. I knew it would give her a rush.

Brooke: [Sighs]

R.J.: Coco is not a bad driver, mom. Just...stuff happened, you know?

Brooke: [Sighs] Okay, so just tell me exactly what happened.

[Door opens]

Lt. Baker: Mrs. Spencer, R.J. Well, you look pretty good, all things considered. I just came from the crash site. Could have been a lot more serious.

R.J.: Yeah, well, I'm lucky. I should get a lottery ticket.

Brooke: R.J., This isn't funny.

Lt. Baker: No, it's not. An accident like that could have landed you in the morgue. You were driving?

Coco: No, I-I was driving, lieutenant. It was my fault.

Thomas: Yeah, thank you, doc. No, that's -- that's great news. Okay, yeah. Yeah, thank you again. I appreciate that. Coco was right. R.J.'S okay.

Sally: [Sighs] Okay, well, uh, do you want to go down to the hospital and give my little sister and her boyfriend a talking-to?

Thomas: No. It's okay. They've had a rough day as it is. Doc said that they will release him sometime later today.

Sally: Okay, well, I'm not waiting. Next time I see coco, I am going to give it to her.

Thomas: You sound like her mother.

Sally: Well, I practically was her mother and her sister rolled into one.

Thomas: It's a very attractive package.

Sally: Seriously, though, if anything happened to coco even when we were kids, I felt totally responsible.

Thomas: What about Shirley?

Sally: Okay, yes, we had grams, but she was busy with the bakery, so I was on coco duty.

Thomas: That seems really tough.

Sally: No, I loved it. She looked up to me. I taught her the ropes. Or I tried to. That's why it hurt her so much when I betrayed her.

Thomas: Babe, that only lasted for a minute.

Sally: Yeah, well, it was a minute too long. I love coco, and I am always in her corner, no matter what, and she knows that.

Thomas: You know what? You are going to be an amazing mother someday.

Sally: [Sighs] Well, I pity that kid.

Thomas: [Chuckles] You did a really good job with coco. Come on. Give yourself some credit.

Sally: Yeah, well, I just happen to be very overprotective of the people close to me.

Thomas: Oh, I've noticed.

Sally: Yeah, well, you and coco -- if anything happened to you guys, I, uh, I would be a case. And you don't want to see that. [Sighs] I'm just glad she's okay. Nothing is allowed to happen to my sister. It is not an option.

Lt. Baker: You were driving?

Coco: Yes.

Lt. Baker: You're, uh, sally spectra's sister, right? Uh, name again?

Coco: Coco.

Lt. Baker: Coco. Right. So, care to tell me what happened?

Coco: I was driving, and I lost control, and I ran into a tree.

Lt. Baker: Well, what caused you to lose control of the car, coco?

R.J.: She'd never driven a classic car like that before.

Lt. Baker: Your car?

R.J.: My dad's.

Lt. Baker: And you let her drive it to, uh, impress her?

R.J.: Yeah.

Lt. Baker: And then what happened?

Coco: Uh, like I said, I just -- I lost control.

R.J.: Power steering has come a long way since then. I mean, as cool as it is, even it gets away from me sometimes.

Lt. Baker: So you've been driving recklessly, too, then, huh?

R.J.: No, sir.

Lt. Baker: Were you drinking, coco?

Coco: No. No.

Lt. Baker: Nothing at all? Not even a little earlier?

Coco: Nothing. Nothing. I-I swear.

Brooke: I believe you.

Coco: Thank you.

R.J.: This could have happened to anyone.

Lt. Baker: In the middle of a clear day with no wind, no weather conditions? It seems kind of odd, doesn't it?

Brooke: Something must have happened to cause this accident.

Lt. Baker: Were you distracted?

R.J.: Okay, can we please not do this? Look at her. She's shaking. Here. Come here. Come on, coco. It was scary. We've never been in a car wreck before. We promise to be more careful next time.

Brooke: Sorry, but that's not good enough, R.J. Lieutenant baker wants to know the answer, and so do I. You don't just drive down the street and hit a tree.

R.J.: What do you want me to tell you, mom? We weren't drinking, we weren't doing drugs. We were just having a good time, and things went bad.

Lt. Baker: Well, the question is why did they go bad, R.J.? Seems you're answering all the questions. It's like you're trying to protect your girlfriend.

R.J.: Coco doesn't need protection.

Brooke: Lieutenant baker wants to get to the bottom of this. What was going on? Were you two goofing off? Were you texting, coco? Is that what happened? Is that what caused this accident?

Sally: Ugh! [Sighs]

[Paper clatters]

Thomas: Been a day, huh?

Sally: I just can't stop thinking about what might have happened.

Thomas: But it didn't. So...don't think about it.

Sally: Always Mr. Positive.

Thomas: Yeah.

Sally: It's just crazy, isn't it, like, how quickly things can change? You leave your house one morning, and you never know what's out there that could just screw up the rest of your day or your entire life.

Thomas: That's exactly what R.J. And coco were thinking. They were just going for a drive on a nice day.

Sally: Yeah, and then bam. Everything changed.

Thomas: But life can sometimes change in amazing ways.

Sally: Like the way you changed mine? It's just amazing when you think about it. It was not that long ago that I was back home working at the bakery.

Thomas: Look at her now. Professional, epic.

Sally: I know. Lucky me.

Thomas: Mm-hmm.

Sally: And what about you?

Thomas: You changed my life in ways that I never expected, and I never want it to end.

Sally: Sometimes scares me whenever you say things like that.

Thomas: Wow. It's not the way that I intended that to be taken.

Sally: Look, I'm not trying to think negatively, Thomas. I just don't want the bottom to fall out, like it always has before.

Brooke: Were you, coco? Texting and driving?

[Monitor beeping]

Lt. Baker: Answer the question, miss spectra.

Coco: Yes.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Coco: I was texting.

R.J.: She made a mistake, okay? And she learned her lesson. Can we leave it at that?

Lt. Baker: First of all, texting and driving is illegal in this state. Over 3,000 people a year are killed because of distracted driving. This is serious.

Brooke: You knew this, R.J.! Your father and I have had numerous discussions with you about this!

Coco: So has my grams.

Brooke: Well, then why did you do it?! You could have killed my son!

R.J.: Mom. I'm sorry. We're sorry. It won't happen again.

Coco: [Voice breaking] I didn't -- I didn't think that it --

Lt. Baker: That it could happen to you? That's what everybody says. But it only takes a second from taking your eyes off the road.

Coco: So, um, what happens now?

Lt. Baker: There are consequences for your actions, miss spectra. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But I will file a report. I'll get back to you.

Brooke: Next time you're driving, which isn't going to be for a very long time, you're not going to be on your phone. Either one of you.

Coco: Your mom is right. I could have killed you, R.J. And all because of a stupid text. I am so, so sorry.

Thomas: The bottom is not about to drop out, except for maybe Steffy when we drop our swimwear collection in Monaco and the whole world sees it. That will be amazing. But that's not gonna happen to us.

Sally: It's just that I have a pattern. Good things always come to an end for me. And you're the best thing that's happened to me in... since forever.

Thomas: See, you keep talking about endings, and I'm always talking about beginnings. And I am not going anywhere unless you are with me.

[Intercom buzzes]

[Intercom buzzes]

Thomas: Mnh-mnh. Just ignore it. Ignore it.

Sally: Mmm.

[Intercom buzzes]

Thomas: Ugh! Okay, okay. Business. We're in a place of business. I should... yeah, mm-hmm. Hello? Uh-huh. Yeah. No, no, you just -- you -- it's -- it's sim-- all right. Yeah. I'll come down. Yeah. God, it is like Saul knows when we're making out even when he's down in the cutting room. It's insane.

Sally: [Laughs] Hmm.

[Telephone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

Sally: Darlita! Telephone! That's your job!

[Ringing continues]

Spectra fashions.

Sally spectra, please.

Sally: You've got her. Who's this?

Caroline: Caroline Spencer.

Sally: The mother of Thomas' son?

Caroline: Oh. So he has told you about Douglas.

Sally: Of course.

Caroline: May I speak with him?

Sally: He's actually not here right now. Uh, why don't you try his cell phone?

Caroline: I have.

Sally: Okay, well, would you like me to take a message?

Caroline: Actually, yeah, I would. Um, look, I realize that you two are in a relationship, but he and I do have a son to think about.

Sally: O...kay.

Caroline: So, um, just please have Thomas call me and I'll take it from there.

Sally: [Sighs]

Coco: So what happens now?

R.J.: It was an accident, okay? Nothing's gonna happen to you.

Coco: No, it was totally my fault, R.J. It's all on me.

R.J.: I don't want you blaming yourself for this.

Coco: Well, your mom certainly does. And just wait till your dad finds out. Texting while driving. What was I thinking? And it only took a second, and look at what happened. [Voice breaking] When I saw you unconscious --

R.J.: No, no, don't go there.

Coco: No, but I could have been responsible for something [Sniffles] Really, really, really terrible. And lieutenant baker was right. There are consequences for what I did, and I deserve them. I did something stupid and foolish, and it could have been so, so tragic.

R.J.: But it wasn't.

Coco: I know. And thank god. But it's not over, and maybe it shouldn't be. Maybe there's something more than I need to learn.

R.J.: Coco. Let me just tell you this. Whatever lieutenant baker has in store, whatever the consequences, you're not doing this alone. I'm gonna be there right by your side, and we're gonna get through this together.

Coco: You mean so much to me, R.J. So much. I'm so sorry.

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