B&B Transcript Friday 7/7/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/7/17


Episode # 7624 ~ Katie harshly advises Quinn about how to handle the ramifications of her and Ridge's affair; Coco is put on the hot seat by Brooke about her having placed herself and RJ at risk.

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Doctor: Okay, R.J.  I'm gonna have you look straight there.

R.J.: It's just a headache.

Ridge: It's a concussion, R.J.

Brooke: How bad, doctor?

Doctor: I'm still waiting on the full scan from radiology, but there's no sign of swelling or bleeding.

Brooke: [Sighs]

R.J. Has significant bruising -- that shoulder will be sore for a while -- and a laceration above the hairline, but all things considered, your son's very lucky.

R.J.: I'm fine. Bill listened to me. Why won't you?

Brooke: Honey, bill only left to give you time with your family.

Coco: I-I should probably go, too.

R.J.: No. No.

Coco: Your parents are worried about you. I am, too. I... I'm just -- I'm really glad you're okay.

[Knock on door]

Katie: Quinn!

Quinn: Was it you?

Katie: Are you okay?

Quinn: I know you don't like me, but I thought we understood each other.

Katie: What are you talking about?

Quinn: We were gonna tell him ourselves!

Katie: Tell who what?

Quinn: And you know what? You got exactly what you wanted, and you never even had to get your hands dirty!

Katie: Quinn, what is going on?

Quinn: Eric. He knows.

Katie: Oh, my god. What happened?

Quinn: Eric is devastated. [Scoffs] He didn't even want to hear how it was -- it was meaningless, it was just a few kisses, that it was just me and ridge toying with each other. He didn't want to listen, and -- I betrayed him. His wife and his son betrayed him, and now everything is ruined.

Katie: Is -- is Eric at the house? Do you need me to go over there?

Quinn: You really think I came here for your help?

Katie: Well, he shouldn't be alone.

Quinn: Oh, no, don't worry. He's not alone. Ridge and I went over there. We tried to explain. We tried to let him know that it wasn't an affair, that I -- I love him, that -- that -- that ridge loves him. But... he wouldn't listen. He told me... he told me to get out.

Katie: He kicked you out? When?

Quinn: [Sniffles] Just now. And that damn Sheila was there the entire time.

Katie: Wait a second. Sheila?

Quinn: You knew she would go straight to him!

Katie: Wh-what do you mean?

Quinn: That's how Eric found out. Sheila told him about us.

Doctor: All right. No dizziness or visual impairment. Initial imaging showed no structural damage. Schedule testing with neuro.

Right away.

Doctor: We're gonna keep an eye on you for a while. In the meantime, I'll check on that scan. Keep taking it easy.

R.J.: Right.

Brooke: Thank you, doctor.

R.J.: Dad, I'm really sorry about your car.

Coco: I'm -- I'm incredibly --

Ridge: It's not important.

Brooke: How much do you remember about the crash?

R.J.: Not much. It happened really fast.

Brooke: But what happened? There was no other car involved, and nobody else got hurt.

[Horn blares, tires screech]

Brooke: What exactly did happen?

R.J.: The crash was my fault.

Coco: No, I was driving, R.J.

R.J.: It was my idea. Taking the car, letting coco drive. I take full responsibility for it.

Brooke: You still haven't explained what happened.

Ridge: We'll deal with it later, okay?

Brooke: I-I think it's important to know.

Ridge: It is important. But you know what else is important? Letting him rest. Coco's okay. Right? No one else got hurt. I can always buy another car.

Coco: I am incredibly sorry, Mr. Forrester. I-I feel -- I feel so terrible. R.J.'S in the hospital...

R.J.: It was an accident. I don't blame you. I don't want you blaming yourself.

Doctor: Good news. Full scan came back negative. No broken bones or internal injuries.

Brooke: Oh!

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: That's wonderful, honey.

Ridge: Tough kid.

Doctor: Yeah.

R.J.: See? I'll be fine.

Doctor: I do want to take another look at that laceration.

Ridge: All right. All right. [Sighs] I have to go take care of some business. Listen to the doctor.

R.J.: Okay.

Brooke: We'll be right back.  [Sighs] Our son is in the hospital.

Ridge: I-I realize that. Can you stay with him?

Brooke: He needs both of us.

Ridge: Okay, well, I got to talk to my dad. I'm gonna call him.

Brooke: Okay, what's wrong? You have been distracted ever since we got here.

Ridge: [Sighs] He knows, Brooke.

Brooke: He knows what?

Ridge: He knows why we didn't get married. It's not a secret anymore.

Quinn: Sheila couldn't have seen anything because there was nothing for her to see. Someone must have made her suspect us.

Katie: And you think that was me.

Quinn: You've been threatening my marriage since ridge told you what happened in Sydney.

Katie: Sheila knows what happened in Sydney?

Quinn: E-enough to make Eric doubt us!

Katie: Listen, I can't stand Sheila carter, okay? Frankly, she terrifies me. I would never say anything to her.

Quinn: Then who? Then who? What about -- what about Brooke?

Katie: No, that doesn't make any sense. Quinn, you weren't here. You didn't see what Sheila did to Eric and his family. Brooke witnessed it, and she will never forget that. What you're saying is ridiculous.

Quinn: Well, the only other person who knew was ivy.

Katie: And ivy has never even met Sheila.

Quinn: Somebody told her something. Because she wasn't -- she wasn't guessing. She had to be damn sure to take this to Eric.

Katie: Quinn, what difference does it make? Eric knows. And the only way you have any chance of fixing it is you have to stand up and take responsibility for what you did. Listen, you hurt him. You and ridge, you hurt him so badly. And Sheila is... she's a terrible person. She's done horrible things. But this is not her fault. And it doesn't really matter how she found out. You can't blame her for what you did.

[Voicemail beeps]

Ridge: Hey, dad. Uh, it's me. I-I hope you get this. I'm sorry I had to rush out earlier, but something happened that I will explain when I get home, and I will be there as soon as I can. Okay. Bye.

Brooke: [Sighs] Wait. So, Sheila told Eric.

Ridge: Yeah. And you can imagine how she went about it.

Brooke: And Eric believed her?

Ridge: [Sighs] No, not at first. I think he expected us to deny it. But Quinn had already decided that she wanted to tell him, and I agreed, so we were in the middle of doing that when I got the call from you about R.J. You should've seen dad. He was... he was -- he was heartbroken, and he was so furious, and -- of course, 'cause he loves this woman, and he loves me, and to be betrayed like that by us, I... I don't know if I can fix it. But I have to try, because if I don't, my relationship with my dad is over.

Brooke: Okay. Well, I'll stay with R.J. If you really need to go.

Ridge: Text me if anything changes.

Brooke: Wait. One thing I don't understand. Sheila told Eric about you and Quinn. But how did Sheila find out?

Ridge: I don't know. And before you say anything, no, she didn't catch us or see anything. No, it wasn't like that. That -- that's over. And it was never malicious. It was -- it was childish and stupid, and maybe Quinn can make him see that.

Brooke: Mm, but you don't know for sure.

Ridge: No.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you and for Eric.

Ridge: Quinn was trying so hard not to hurt Eric. That's all she wanted. And she came out of the blue and just burned everything to the ground. [Sighs] Our relationship. The marriage. Everything. It's...

Brooke: So it's over.

Ridge: I don't know. I don't know if it's over. That's why I got to get back. Dad, he needs to hear it from both of us.

Brooke: Okay. Well, you've been here for a while...

Ridge: Of course I've been here. He's my son. If anything happened to R.J., I'd just -- I don't -- [Sighs] I don't know what to do.

Brooke: Maybe Eric's not picking up the phone because he's heard enough. I mean, it's very possible that Quinn's not there anymore. He could've kicked her out.

Quinn: Ridge and I were trying to protect Eric.

Katie: By lying to him.

Quinn: No, we knew what this would do to him. See, and Sheila didn't think about that.

Katie: No. No, Quinn. Sheila didn't break Eric's heart. You cheated on him. You cheated on him with his own son.

Quinn: No, you're twisting it just like she did.

Katie: No, I'm not. You kissed ridge. That's cheating.

Quinn: I got caught up in something --

Katie: That's no excuse! This is not about some nefarious plan on Sheila's part, or -- or me getting revenge on you, or Eric not listening. This is what happens when you try to pretend like you're somebody you're not. This is what happens when you -- when you make vows and you break them. When someone gives you their trust and you -- you let them down. This is what you get.

Quinn: No. It's not over. I won't let him push me away. He's feeling vulnerable right now, and I have no idea what's going on in Sheila's mind.

Katie: This is not about Sheila!

Quinn: It is! It's -- not gonna let this happen. I am not going to lose my marriage like this. I love my husband. I never stopped loving my husband. I hurt him. Broke his trust. But I can't lose him. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Ridge: You okay?

R.J.: Yeah. Same.

Brooke: Your headache?

R.J.: Hasn't gotten worse.

Brooke: Well, if it does, remember to call the nurse. A concussion can be very serious.

Ridge: But you're in good hands here.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Ridge: [Sighs] I-I get it. You don't want your parents hovering over you. But you got to understand, you know, you get that phone call that something happened, and it's -- it's scary. To think you're never gonna see your son again, or -- or tell him you love him. It's... it's hard. Y-you get that, right?

R.J.: Yeah.

Brooke: Your father has to go, sweetheart.

Ridge: Uh, I need to talk to your grandfather about something. I got to figure something out.

R.J.: You gonna be back later?

Ridge: Soon as I can. I love you, son.

R.J.: I love you, too.

Quinn: Eric? Eric? I had to come back.

Coco: Are you thirsty at all? I could get you some, um... some, like, ice chips, or some more water.

R.J.: No, no. I don't want you to go anywhere.

Coco: You know you don't have to pretend for me, R.J. If it really hurts, you can tell me.

R.J.: As long as you don't feel guilty about it.

Coco: I feel incredibly guilty. Like, I did this to you.

R.J.: You heard the doctor. I'm gonna be fine.

Coco: But it could've been so much worse. And it's all because I couldn't put down my stupid phone.

R.J.: It was an accident.

Coco: You keep saying that, but it wasn't. I was texting. And I-I wasn't looking at the road. The last thing that I wanted to do was hurt you, because you've been so wonderful to me. You're an amazing friend, and an amazing boyfriend. And you've supported me, and you defended me to your family.

R.J.: I always will.

Coco: Maybe you shouldn't. I don't know if I'm good for you.

R.J.: No, no. Don't say that.

Coco: Well, look. It's true. I'm bad luck, R.J.

R.J.: What? Coco, you -- you saved me from a forklift.

Coco: Okay, well, then maybe just bad things happen when I'm around. First the forklift, and then your collection, and now your dad's car. Which I will fix. I'm gonna get the money for it, and I'm gonna fix it, and it's gonna be good as new.

R.J.: Coco. You are not bad luck. You're exactly the opposite. Ow. Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

Coco: What? What is it? What is it? Your head?

Ow, ow! I.V. I.V. I.V. Ow!

Coco: Oh, I'm sitting on it! Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! [Sighs]

R.J.: [Laughs]

Coco: I'm so sorry. I am so sorry. Are you okay?

R.J.: I will be. Once I do this.

Ridge: Dad? Dad!

Quinn: Ridge?

Ridge: Hey.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Ridge: I'm sorry I ran out of here earlier, but R.J. Was in a car accident.

Quinn: What? Is he okay?

Ridge: He's -- he's gonna be fine, but I got to tell dad. Where...?

Quinn: He's not here.

Ridge: He's not here? Where is he?

Quinn: I don't know.

Ridge: What do you mean you don't know?

Quinn: He left.

Ridge: And he didn't tell you where he was going?

Quinn: I wasn't -- I wasn't here.

Ridge: What happened?

Quinn: I tried to apologize to him. And I-I pleaded with him to make Sheila leave so that we could talk, but he -- he wouldn't do it. He... he made me leave instead.

Ridge: You?

Quinn: He threw me out. But I...I left. I had no choice. But I-I came back, 'cause -- 'cause I wanted to talk to him, and then... that's when I realized the house was empty. He was...

Ridge: You -- you don't think he's... with Sheila, right? Look, I -- listen, I know he's angry, but he hasn't lost his mind.

Quinn: He's so hurt. And he's upset. And she was here. She convinced him that we betrayed him. I... I thought -- I thought he would be here, you know? I thought he would be here so that we could talk, so that I could remind him how much we loved each other. What's happening? What's happening? Oh, god. Ridge, did I really do this? Did I do this again? Did I ruin everything good in my life again?! I disrespected my husband. I destroyed my marriage. Eric was the only man who ever... he is the only man who ever believed in me. He gave me everything. He gave me... love, respect, his trust. And he's gone! Is it over? [Gasps] Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god, what did I do? [Crying] What did I do? What did I do?

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