B&B Transcript Thursday 7/6/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/6/17


Episode # 7623 ~ Ridge is saddened when hears the words he never thought Eric would utter; Coco takes complete responsibility for her and RJ's mishap.

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Quinn: Please. Eric, please forgive me. I'll do anything.

Eric: Did you think this was permissible, to kiss my wife?

Ridge: No.

Eric: Was this about sex?

Ridge: No.

Eric: Yeah, you couldn't resist it, that's all, right?

Ridge: Dad, no.

Eric: Or was this about getting the best of me behind my back?

Quinn: No, I never heard him say a bad word about you, even in private.

Sheila: "In private"?

Eric: Oh, so it wasn't all impulsive, the way you say. You sought out private places and times when you could be together?

Quinn: No, no. That's not what I was saying. The -- the times that we were together, it was either by accident or -- or -- or it was about protecting you.

Eric: Yeah, from finding out, yes.

Ridge: From being hurt, dad. It seemed wrong to set off this bombshell that has nothing in it. The moments between us, they were empty. Except for vanity.

Bill: Something you need?

Brooke: Uh...I thought someone was here.

Bill: Just me. Did you hear something?

Brooke: I don't know. Where are you going?

Bill: I'm gonna have security check the gates and the grounds. When you think something's off, it usually is.

Coco: R.J.? R.J.?! R.J.?! R.J. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, my god.


Coco: Hi? Hi, yeah. Um... um, we just had an accident, and, um... my -- [Sobs] My boyfriend's bleeding, and -- and I can't wake him up.

Brooke: Is everything okay?

Bill: It's such a lazy day, even the grass is asleep.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Bill: Everything's fine. Nothing going on at any of the gates or anywhere on the grounds. What can I do to settle your nerves?

Brooke: It's not nerves. It's just... a sinking feeling. Like there's someplace I should be.

Coco: [Sobs] R.J., please. Please. Can you hear me? Please squeeze my hand. Please. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

[Siren wailing]

Coco: Okay. Okay. Okay. Help's coming. You'll be okay. You'll be okay.

Ridge: Do you understand what we're trying to say, dad, that...?

Eric: Do I understand you? You blamed tequila for the first time. What about the other times? How many other times were there?

Ridge: I don't know.

Eric: That many, huh?

Quinn: No, no. What he means is, we -- we put it out of our minds. Every time we thought would be the last time.

Eric: And you can honestly tell me that you think the last time has already happened?

Quinn: Yes!

Eric: You don't know Ridge Marone the way I do. He may say he's finished, but he's not done with you. What you are gonna do the next time he gets the urge to feel that rush he gets from being with you, and the thrill of making a fool out of me?

Quinn: No, I promise you, it's never gonna happen.

Eric: And what about your vows? What about your vows? What am I supposed to think of that? Where did you sleep with him?

Quinn: We didn't!

Eric: In our bed?!

Quinn: No!

Ridge: It never happened, dad, that's the truth.

Eric: Wait, the truth? From two people who have done nothing but -- but lie to me?! You betrayed me. You broke our vows.

Doctor: How fast was the vehicle going on impact?

Coco: Um, I don't -- I don't really know. Not very.

Doctor: I thought you said you were driving?

What do you know about his medical history? Allergies, medications?

Coco: Uh, well, I have his phone, I can call his mother.

[Cell phone rings]

Bill: It's junior.

Brooke: [Sighs] It's probably R.J. Calling to cancel dinner.

Bill: Or, "the 405 is a parking lot, and I can't make it."

[Ringing continues]

Brooke: Please tell me you're not canceling.

Coco: Hi, um, Mrs. Spencer. Um, it's coco. Uh, we're at university hospital.

Brooke: What?

Coco: There was an accident, and -- and R.J.'S hurt, and they don't know how bad.

Brooke: I'll be right there.

Bill: Is he coming?

Brooke: We got to go.

Bill: What do you mean? Go -- go where?

Brooke: It's R.J. He's at the hospital. Come on. I'll call Ridge from the car.

Bill: The hospital?

Eric: You always told me that Quinn would betray me, you just neglected to mention that it was gonna be with you.

Ridge: This betrayal is not what you think.

Eric: What difference does it make if you slept with her or not?

Ridge: God, dad. No, I wouldn't have done that to you. She wouldn't have allowed it. She needs to be loved. And she can only get that from you.

Sheila: Well, it's easy to feel loved by someone who only knows what you let him.

Ridge: What does that mean? And why are you still here?!

Eric: You feel so superior to her, Ridge?

Ridge: Yes, I feel superior to her. Of course I do. Oh, I know what you're gonna say. The people that I should feel superior to, that's a very small list, and it's getting smaller by the day, because I'm a self-involved, egotistical bastard. I get it. Brooke knows that. Thorne knows it. Mom knew it, but she blamed herself. For making me that way. But you took me. You raised me as your own. You gave me everything that I could ever need. And you treated me like the king that I thought I was.  [Sighs] You know what's ironic? I went to san Francisco for you. I wanted to show you what an awful person this is. I wanted to disgrace her in -- in your eyes. And I found the woman, I found the person that is more devoted to you than anyone else in the world.

Eric: Big mistake to be flattered by his attention... his kisses, his hands on you. He competes with me for everything. For women -- got to get them to love him more than they love me. It's what he was born to do. Did to his mother, and then most notoriously with Brooke. And that's when I learned to be a good sport. You can ask anyone how good I am at losing and then forgiving. Not this time.

[Cell phone chimes]

Eric: Someone wants you.

[Cell phone chimes]

Eric: It's what you live for, isn't it?

[Cell phone chimes]

Eric: Answer your phone!

Ridge: I have to go.

Quinn: [Gasps] What?

Ridge: Sorry.

Eric: Did you think he was your rock? Did you think he would stand up for you?

Quinn: No.

Eric: What is it you thought you could get from him... that you couldn't get from me?

Doctor: The only visible injuries are to his shoulder, scalp, and a facial contusion.

Bill: Talk to us about the injuries that aren't visible.

Doctor: His pupils respond to light, suggesting the brain-stem function's in tact, and I don't find any obvious fractures, but until R.J.'S able to tell us what hurts, we can't rule anything out. We'll be taking him up to radiology for a full-body scan.

Ridge: What happened? What happened here?

Brooke: R.J. had an accident.

Ridge: What kind of accident?

Brooke: I don't know. They're doing tests right now.

Doctor: So, your son seems to have suffered a concussion. Okay? He seems to be all right.

Bill: Everyone's assuming you're okay...

Coco: Yeah. Yeah. The nurse checked me out. [Sniffles]

Bill: Don't worry, all right? The doctor had only good things to say.

Ridge: You okay?

Coco: Yeah. I wish I could say the car was.

Ridge: I'm not worried about the car. What happened? Did some-- something go wrong? Did the brakes fail on you?

Coco: No, no. It -- it wasn't that.

Quinn: I got absolutely nothing from Ridge. Eric, to be honest with you, it felt normal for me to have a terrible secret. I think that feeling of normal is the reason why I didn't tell you. That, and I was afraid that you would make too much out of it, and that I would lose you.

Sheila: I think Eric's heard enough of your excuses.

Quinn: Why is she still here?! This conversation isn't even about her!

Eric: I like having somebody in the room that tells me the truth.

Sheila: You know, you and Ridge think that if you make up these excuses about being worse than you actually think you are, Eric is gonna mistake that for taking responsibility? You're wrong.

Eric: This bright background I chose for you was no accident. My marriage to Stephanie was no Camelot. My great success at work was in part because of the fact that, lots of times, I didn't want to go home. Until you. You were here. Y-you had a cold martini for me, and you -- you framed in this -- this beautiful view from the balcony. You danced for me. So I thought I finally had my Camelot, maybe.

[Quinn sobs]

Eric: And I could be the man I wanted to be. You fell in love with him, didn't you? You wouldn't bargain me away for less than that.

Quinn: Sometimes, Eric, a kiss... is just a touch. Like a hand on the shoulder. And it's just as easily forgotten. That's what would've happened if we -- if we didn't feel so much guilt and shame. It would've -- it would've gone away. It would've gone away for you, too. I can't go back to being the woman that I was before. I don't remember how. You saved my life by giving me a life worth saving. And I will never -- I will never be with Ridge. I never will. And -- we can fix this. We can fix this if you can just forgive me. I know I'm asking a lot, but we have a lot to lose. Please, Eric.

Brooke: What did the scans show?

Nurse: The radiologist is looking at them now.

Ridge: You were there. You must have seen something.

Nurse: I'm sure you'll have news very soon.

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Brooke: R.J.? Your father and I are right here.

Bill: Maybe we should air-lift him to a facility that specializes in brain trauma.

Ridge: We're not moving him anywhere until we know what's wrong with him, bill.

Bill: Understood.

Brooke: He's just trying to help, Ridge.

Ridge: I know. I know. I'm sorry. Hey.

[Coco sobs]

Ridge: It's okay.

Coco: [Crying]

Ridge: Just -- hey. Just tell me what you remember.

[Tires screech, horn blares]

R.J.: Coco!

[Metal crashing]

Coco: I, um...I didn't really -- I didn't see anything.

Ridge: Okay. Hey. Look at me.

Coco: Yeah?

Ridge: Did R.J. Lose control of the car? It's okay. Just tell me what happened.

Coco: He wanted me to drive. And it seemed like it was really important to him, so I did.

Ridge: You drove the car? But you can't remember what happened? You didn't see anything?

Brooke: Look! Bill, get the doctor! R.J.?

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Honey? Can you hear me? [Gasps] Oh, honey!

R.J.: Mom...

Brooke: Oh, you had us so worried!

R.J.: My head...

Brooke: Oh... it's -- you were in an accident. Do you remember anything?

R.J.: Where's coco?

Ridge: She's -- she's right here.

Coco: Okay.

R.J.: Thank god you're okay.

Coco: I thought -- I thought that you --

R.J.: No, no. Don't cry.

Coco: I am so sorry.

Eric: You and Ridge wanting to have these little meetings together, pretending that it was never gonna happen again, and then knowing it would made it more thrilling? One kiss worth more than our whole -- our whole marriage.

Quinn: You're right. You're right, I-I-it's... it's too cheap to be tragic. It's just sad. And I can't -- I can't explain myself. And there are people out there who would say that I have done so much worse than this, but I have never felt more -- [Sobbing] I've never felt more scared or more alone in my entire life. But I know we can get through this. I know we can. I-if we just -- if we just have time alone -- alone. And you know what, you have done what you came here to do, so why don't you just get out now and leave us alone?

Eric: I want you to leave.

Quinn: [Exclaims] You heard my husband.

Eric: Not her. Go. I can't -- I can't bear to look at you here. And I'm -- I'm sure Ridge is out there someplace, so go. Go on.

Quinn: [Sobs] Eric, please don't make me leave like this.

Eric: Go, Quinn! Go!

Quinn: This isn't the end. It never will be. Because I will never stop loving you.

[Sinister music plays]

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