B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/5/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/5/17


Episode # 7622 ~ Coco & RJ's big date takes an unfortunate turn; Bill is unable to let things go and is determined to find out the real reason why Brooke & Ridge ended their engagement in Australia.

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Ridge: Sheila needs to go.

Sheila: No. No, isn't that why you're here? The two of you standing with that guilt all over your faces?

Ridge: Dad! Make her leave, please!

Sheila: No, I'm not going anywhere. Not until you tell Eric the truth.

Coco: So, this surprise of yours -- does it involve food?

R.J.: You hungry?

Coco: Yeah, I'm starving, and grams will probably be out of pigs in a blanket by the time we get to her party 'cause she never makes enough.

R.J.: Okay, okay, uh, think fast -- sushi or tacos?

Coco: Tacos. Tacos.

R.J.: All right, all right. Tacos it is. I actually know a great place in the valley my mom used to go to in high school.

Coco: Where is -- wait, where's your car?

R.J.: I didn't want to park in my usual spot because it would kind of ruin the surprise.

Coco: Okay, why would seeing your car ruin a taco stand in the valley?

R.J.: Because the destination isn't the surprise. It's the journey. Okay, come on. Hop in.

Bill: So, what part of "I'm taking the afternoon off" did you not understand? Now earn your paycheck, son. Kids today.

Brooke: You can go to the office. I know you're tempted.

Bill: Oh, I've got all the temptation I need right here.

Eric: Come on, Sheila. You're leaving right now.

Quinn: What is she even doing here?

Eric: Look, it's just a bunch of stupid accusations. It's nothing! It's nothing!

Sheila: Tell him!

Ridge: Whatever you think you heard, Sheila, whatever you heard from somebody else...

Eric: Look, if it wasn't so laughable, it would be awful. She says that the two of you are lying to me, something's going on.

Quinn: What is that supposed to mean?

Sheila: Exactly what it sounds like. Go on. Tell Eric that I'm wrong. I dare you.

Coco: This is yours?

R.J.: It's my dad's. He collects classic convertibles.

Coco: So you pretty much have access to a convertible any time you want?

R.J.: [Laughs] Does this make me seem like out-of-touch rich kid?

Coco: No! No! This makes you the coolest boyfriend ever.

R.J.: Okay. I'll take it.

Coco: So cool.

R.J.: Okay.

Coco: Okay. Start 'er up. Let's do it.

R.J.: All right. Let's do it.

[Engine starts]

RJ: Sounds good, right? [Laughs]

Coco: Phenomenal.

Bill: Oh! The water's great. You should have joined me. R.J. Still coming over for dinner?

Brooke: I think so. Although, he is spending the day with coco and they said that they are going to her grandmother's party later, so I have a feeling that R.J. Might call and cancel.

Bill: Or he's going to show up two hours late wondering what went wrong.

Brooke: What does that mean?

Bill: That means the poor kid grew up with Ridge as an example. So if R.J. Is anything like his father, he may be getting slapped as we speak.

Brooke: Oh. I'm gonna slap you, mister.

Bill: Promise?

Sheila: You said you had something to say, so say it.

Ridge: It's a private conversation. You can get out.

Sheila: No, I'm here as Eric's friend. I think he's gonna need the support after he hears...

Eric: Oh, come on, Sheila. You're out of your mind. They're not gonna come in here and say, "we're having an affair!" They're not gonna do that.

Ridge: An affair with Quinn? No. I would never do that to you, dad.

Quinn: No, you mean too much to me. You mean too much to both of us. I -- sleeping with your son, I'd never let myself...

Eric: "Never let yourself?" You'd never even consider it. The whole idea is outrageous.

Ridge: But there is something we want to talk to you about. After Sheila leaves.

Eric: No, you know, I think whatever this is, we need to talk about it now.

Early morning the brand new day perfect time to get away I love taking the open road and looking for all of the places we will go wherever the stars can shine in your eyes wherever the sun-light makes you smile wherever you go it's beautiful wherever you go it's beautiful

Bill: You know, I could give R.J. Some tips if this thing with coco's getting serious.

Brooke: Oh, boy. Are we back on the topic of his father being a bad example?

Bill: Well, come on! You know as well as I do that Forrester sabotages every relationship he's in. He royally screwed up with you, thank god. You never did tell me what that was about. You don't have to protect him, Brooke.

Brooke: [Sighs] It's not about protecting him. It's just some things never need to be thought about ever again.

Eric: This thing that Sheila's been saying -- you -- you deny it, right?

Ridge: An affair with Quinn? Yes, I absolutely deny that.

Quinn: We want to make it very clear. There was never any affair. I value our relationship too much.

Eric: But...?

Ridge: Can she leave, please?

Eric: No, just -- just tell me what it is, Ridge. Just tell me what it is!

Ridge: It was nothing. We kept talking about it...

Eric: No, no, no, no. Spit it out. Spit it out.

Ridge: I hated her!

Eric: Yes.

Ridge: And I would have done anything just to get her out of your life for good.

Eric: Yeah, but then you got to know her. And you saw how much I mean to her, and then...

Ridge: Yeah, I saw all that. And I saw that we had more things in common than I thought. [Exhales sharply] This all started when you sent us to san Francisco.

Eric: How -- how -- how "it" started? What? How what started?

Ridge: The symposium was a big success, and we wanted to celebrate. So we went to the hotel room, had some tequila...

Eric: Wait, wait, wait. So you went to the hotel room and you had -- you celebrated with tequila and you were in the hotel room... oh, my god. Look at you. What is this?

Ridge: This is on me, dad. Quinn had no part of this.

Eric: Quinn had no part of what?

Ridge: I kissed her. I -- I kissed your wife. I don't know, maybe to show her that I could. And that's it.

Sheila: That's what we're supposed to believe, that it all stopped right there, two of you drunk in a hotel room?

Ridge: No one was drunk! And yes, it stopped there.

Quinn: We wanted to tell you the truth, but we knew it would hurt you, and it's not like my feelings for you had changed at all.

Eric: So it was just a kiss? Just a simple kiss?

Ridge: Yeah, sure, that's basically it, sure.

Quinn: He needs to know everything. Please. There were more moments.

Eric: More moments?

Quinn: Inappropriate glances, a few more kisses. It was all meaningless.

Ridge: It was an adrenaline rush because we hated each other so much. And then when we didn't, it was because she was off-limits, because we both have this self-destructive streak in us.

Quinn: Yeah, it was self-destructive. It was -- it was falling back on old patterns, doing what's wrong. I mean, risking the one thing I care about most in this world -- you.

Eric: And you did.

Quinn: I know, that's why we're telling you now because I cannot lose you over a few innocent kisses. They were moments that ended before they ever began.

Eric: Moments? Moments that decent people never would have allowed to happen.

Quinn: Right.

Eric: Moments that end marriages.

Coco: We're stopping?

R.J.: Well, you've been posting a lot of selfies. Thought you might want one with the view.

Coco: [Laughs] Smart man. Let's do it. Come on.

R.J.: Yeah. All right!

Sun's up, let's get down I feel the rhythm and I hear the sound of you and me

R.J.: Okay, wait. Okay, stay right there.

Coco: What?

R.J.: I'm gonna take a picture!

Coco: Oh, okay!

R.J.: Okay, smile. Oh!

Jump up, dance around it feels good living in this town with you and me and our hearts that beat to the city streets we're dancing in the summer sun it's wonderful that we're in the world oh, life can be just so much fun let the good times carry on we're dancing in the summer sun let the good times carry on

R.J.: You know, there's a cool thing about these old cars.

Coco: Oh, really? What's that?

R.J.: Huge back seats. You should check it out.

Coco: Ooh! I see.

R.J.: Mm-hmm.

Coco: Mm-hmm. Oh, this is spacious.

R.J.: Yeah?

Coco: Yeah, there might be room for two.

R.J.: Oh, you think?

Coco: Yeah, just maybe.

R.J.: Oh. Maybe. Let me try.

Coco: Let's see.

R.J.: Yeah. I think you're right.

Coco: I wonder what we should do back here.

R.J.: I don't know, catch a few rays, listen to music, or...

Coco: Or.

R.J.: Or?

Coco: I like the "or."

R.J.: I like "or," too.

Bill: You know I always get what I want, right?

Brooke: Eventually.

Bill: So, if I want to know what Ridge did, I'm going to find out.

Brooke: What if I told you it's not important?

Bill: I'd say you were a terrible liar.

Brooke: I've told you before to leave it alone.

Bill: What about if I guess? How about then?

Brooke: [Scoffs] You are impossible.

Bill: I know.

Quinn: No, you don't mean that. These kisses aren't enough to end a relationship.

Eric: They already have. Sheila says that's the reason you and Brooke broke up.

Quinn: It was the day of Steffy's wedding. After the reception, I -- I went for a walk on the beach, remember? I ran into Ridge.

Sheila: Brooke caught you, didn't she?

Ridge: She saw us, yes.

Quinn: We were both talking about how happy we were that we had never crossed the line with each other. That I had you, and that he had Brooke, and we were even laughing about the fact that we had ever looked twice at each other, and then we... we kissed. It was -- it was a kiss to say goodbye. But we didn't know that Brooke was watching us.

Eric: That's when Brooke came to my room. Oh, god... Brooke, are you okay?

Brooke: No, Eric. I'm not okay. Not at all. Something horrible -- horrible is going on, and you need to know about it.

Eric: She wanted to tell me. But you two wouldn't let her. You convinced her to keep quiet about this.

Ridge: We didn't convince her of anything. She knew that this meant nothing.

Eric: She left you!

Ridge: She did because she realized that I wasn't right for her anymore.

Eric: No.

Ridge: But Quinn is right for you. I know that. We all know that. Brooke knows it. That's why she didn't say anything to you. She didn't want you to throw away your marriage to her because of me and because of something meaningless.

Quinn: Eric. I made a mistake. I made many mistakes. But I -- I believe in us. I believe in our marriage. Please tell me you do, too.

Ridge: This is my fault, dad. You want to hate somebody? Go ahead and you hate me. I'll grab my stuff and move out, leave the two of you alone. But don't punish Quinn. Don't throw away what you have with her because of a stupid mistake.

Bill: Did you text R.J. About coco joining us? I was serious about that.

Brooke: [Scoffs] I don't want to embarrass him. On a date, getting a text from his mom.

Bill: Well, maybe you think I'm the one who will embarrass him if he invites her.

Brooke: Well, you do have a way about you, a kind of directness that's endearing to those of us who love you. But...

Bill: Stop. [Chuckles]

Brooke: Thank you for spending the afternoon with me.

Bill: Thank you for tolerating it.

Coco: Seriously?

R.J.: Yeah. Go for it.

Coco: Okay. Don't mind if I do. [Laughs]

R.J.: All right.

Come on, come on hide and seek and find me come on, come on fast forward, rewind me come on, come on before I'm gone, gone, gone Gone, gone, gone Go on, go on take a picture of me go on, go on upload it online me come on, come on try to catch me if you can catch me if you can

[Car horn honks]

R.J.: Coco!


[Car horn blaring]

Eric: I'm just slightly confused. You tell me that these, uh, these kisses were meaningless.

Quinn: They were.

Eric: And yet, here you are, both of you standing here absolutely mortified. Obviously there was more to it.

Ridge: There wasn't.

Eric: No, the two of you are absolutely insisting that it wasn't an affair...

Quinn: I'm telling you, it wasn't an affair.

Eric: Is there a better word for it?! Sheila told me that you were lying to me and that I needed to know the truth, that I deserved to know the truth. I tried to kick her out of the house! I wanted her out of here! This has been going on, and neither of you had the courage to come and tell me? I had to find out from her?

Quinn: You did deserve the truth, and we had already decided to tell you!

Eric: And I went to anybody who would listen -- anybody who would listen to me. I'd tell them how wonderful you were and how much you loved me! And how loyal you were to me.

Quinn: I am loyal!

Eric: Except for when you're kissing my son!

Quinn: You're upset. You should be furious. Kissing him, flirting with him, I-it was... it was wrong, I let it get out of control, but -- but I never stopped loving you. I don't know what I would do without you.

Sheila: You mean the house that he provides for you, right? Your job...

Quinn: No! I don't care about that! That has never been important to me! You know that! It's always been you! You're the one I have always wanted. Because of you, I like who I am now. Please don't take that away from me.

Eric: I'm supposed to understand that I mean so much to you that you couldn't resist him?

Quinn: I don't understand. How can I expect you to understand? I don't know why this happened! All I know is that I -- I love you. I know that this is over. It will never, ever happen again. It's over. Please, Eric. Please. Tell me we can move on from this. Just please tell me you'll forgive me.

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