B&B Transcript Thursday 6/22/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/22/17


Episode # 7613 ~ Nicole & Zende have their first major disagreement as a married couple; Julius takes Maya by surprise when he voices his opinion about how he wishes the current family scenario should play out.

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Zende: Let's think about Lizzy for a moment.

Nicole: I am.

Zende: Look, you and Lizzy will always share a special connection. No one will ever take that away from you. But understand that rick and Maya also share a bond with her. They've been raising that little girl. Look...I know it's been hard. But Lizzy will always be a part of your life. But not as your daughter.

Maya: Why haven't we heard anything?

Rick: They're probably still speaking. Zende will get through to her.

Maya: Why wouldn't she listen to you?

Rick: I may have come on too strong. And I feel bad about that. I just got all defensive! I-I just think it's absurd that we have to remind her that Lizzy's our baby.

Maya: I just -- I just don't understand why this is happening. I thought it was settled.

Rick: It will be settled. Zende knows what's going on now. And he better convince Nicole to sign the papers.

Sally: [Sighs] Oh, that feels good.

Thomas: Glad it's cooling you off, because it's having the opposite effect on me.

Sally: Well, Darlita found an air conditioning company that can fix our old system.

Thomas: Nope. Tell them to send it back.

Sally: [Chuckles] I bet this kind of thing never happened over at Forrester.

Thomas: [Sighs] You would be surprised the things that happened at Forrester.

Sally: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Forrester did have some problems with the elevator back in the day, yeah.

Sally: Mm-hmm. Did you ever have trouble paying your power bill or your rent?

Thomas: No. No, we didn't.

Sally: [Chuckles]

Thomas: And neither will spectra once we get this line out and going, and orders are gonna be rolling through like crazy. I meant what I said earlier. There is no place that I would rather be than here with you.

[Knock on door]

Rick: That might be them. Come in!

Maya: Dad.

Julius: Oh. Not happy to see your father?

Rick: Yes, we are, Julius. We just thought you might be Nicole or Zende.

Julius: Oh, you're expecting them?

Maya: We're waiting for them to work on something.

Julius: Hmm. I heard there was a problem with the adoption papers?

Rick: Yes, there is. But it's being cleared up now, so there's no reason to worry. Nicole will sign those papers.

Zende: I need you to be strong, babe. Understand what it is that you're doing.

Nicole: I told you, I can't explain all that I'm feeling.

Zende: You don't have to. I know. But part of you knows that this isn't right. Okay. All right, fine. All right, say we don't sign the papers. Now what? We run away with Lizzy? We leave our jobs, our family, everything that we worked hard for -- we leave it behind. I mean, you know we wouldn't be welcomed here anymore. Think about what this would do to your relationship with your sister. Think about Lizzy, the bond that Maya and rick, they've created together. Babe, you can't forget the reason why you agreed to do the surrogacy in the first place. Now, that news we got, look, I know -- I know what it's doing to you. Hell, I know what it's doing to

me. But you know hanging on to Lizzy like this, it's not the right way to stop it.

Sally: Well, I love the new spectra logo.

Thomas: Not everybody does.

Sally: Well, Saul has some issues.

Thomas: Yeah, Darlita says he's been a little grumpy lately.

Sally: He's just a little concerned about the new and expensive changes.

Thomas: Would he be this concerned if it was you giving all the changes?

Sally: He might be a teensy bit jealous of you.

Thomas: Yeah. We're all working together. This can't be happening.

Sally: Hey, he will come around.

Thomas: Or I could just have a little chat with him, and he'll come around real quick.

Sally: I don't think -- I don't think today with the, you know...

Thomas: Ah.

Sally: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah, okay.

Sally: Yeah. But hey, look, don't worry about Saul. Or grams. They love this company as much as I do, and they really do want to see it succeed. But to do that, we are going to have to make some changes. We're not a knockoff shop anymore. We're doing this right. You bring the Forrester influence and style. We can turn this battleship into a luxury liner. It's gonna be amazing. And none of this could have happened without you.

Julius: Well, no wonder your sister's distraught. I mean, she's already upset, and you go and confront her again?

Maya: Until those papers are signed, Lizzy's adoption is technically in limbo.

Julius: That is not Nicole's fault.

Rick: She's not being reasonable.

Julius: Why? Because she's not doing what the two of you want? For god's sake, the girl just found out she can't have children.

Maya: "Might" not be able to have children. And I think we all need to keep that in mind. Look, we feel for her. But this has nothing to do with Lizzy's adoption.

Rick: Nicole is just feeling a little overwhelmed. And what I did clearly didn't help things, and I'm sorry about that. But Zende is with Nicole right now, and they're gonna work through this, and Nicole will sign. I need to go speak with carter, let him know there's a temporary hold-up.

Maya: Thank you, sweetie. Please just make sure this can't happen again.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Julius: So, I understand this is a clerical error?

Maya: Yeah. I guess they happen.

Julius: No, not often. I mean, in this town with all the divorces, big celebrity break-ups, you never hear about their paperwork being messed up.

Maya: You never hear about it because it's an easy fix.

Julius: Well, maybe it doesn't need to be fixed. You know, sometimes when you're gonna make a, uh, big life-changing decision, it's good to stop and think about you're doing.

Maya: Luckily this decision was made a long time ago.

Julius: We all thought so. But somehow it was undone. You know, when things like this come out of the blue, maybe we should think about it.

Zende: Look, I know how bad you want a family. I do, too. And we will. We will have a family.

Nicole: The doctors say it might not happen.

Zende: To hell with those doctors, okay? Maybe not right now, especially when you're putting this much pressure on yourself. Look, we're young, babe. We just got married. If we can't have children right away, that's fine. That's okay.

Nicole: It was so easy with Lizzy. I took it for granted.

Zende: No, you didn't.

Nicole: I didn't appreciate it enough.

Zende: Yes, you did. So did Maya and rick. I've never seen two people more grateful.

Nicole: I can't do it for us!

Zende: You stop that. You can. Look, I know you've heard those stories of people who've been told that they can't have children and then they do. Right? Couples who have been trying for years, trying everything, they finally accept it, then boom, they're pregnant. And nobody knows why! Hell, maybe they stopped stressing about it. Look, Nicole, we have so much time ahead of us, so many years. You'll get pregnant when the time is right.

Nicole: That's what I'm scared of. What if I can't? What if that time never comes and Lizzy is my only chance?

Thomas: You don't mind that coco's not a part of this?

Sally: She's happy over at Forrester.

Thomas: She's doing a great job. But this is her family business.

Sally: Forrester was yours.

Thomas: Yeah.

Sally: She's matured over at Forrester, and she feels super supported by R.J. And your family. I think it's good that she's over there doing her own thing.

Thomas: Hmm.

Sally: I mean, yeah, obviously, like, don't get me wrong. It would be great to have her here and share this with her and redeem myself.

Thomas: Coco forgave you. I forgave you. You need to forgive yourself.

Sally: I just really feel like I need to make up for how I betrayed you both.

Thomas: No, stop saying that. We gave spectra a whole new start. You deserve one, too.

Sally: Well, thank you.

Nicole: If I sign those papers, it is like I am saying no. I'm turning down the chance to be a mother to my own baby. I am Lizzy's biological mother. We're connected. That is what I have been feeling. Even my dad sees it.

Zende: You've been talking to your father about this?

Nicole: I told him about what the doctor said and the adoption papers. And maybe he's right. Maybe this isn't just a clerical error. Maybe this happened for a reason.

Zende: Look, I don't think it's okay that you spoke to your father about this. I'm the person you should have spoken to about it. I don't know where he's leading you, but it isn't right.

Nicole: He understands! You don't know what it was like, the word "infertility," knowing that I can't... and then hearing Lizzy call me mama. Something inside of me just... don't you get it?

Zende: No. No, I don't get it. Baby, I'm sorry. I don't know what you're feeling. I'm not Lizzy's father. You don't know how badly I wanted your first child to be mine! But it didn't happen. That is Rick's biological child. We will have a family. You will be a mother. But not to Lizzy. We can't be Lizzy's parents. But look, I know this is hard. It's extremely hard for you. But you have to sign those papers.

Nicole: I just... I need some time. I need to think. You said you'd be there for me. Can you just...try to understand?

Julius: Don't you think your sister has enough to deal with? She just found out she's not gonna be able to have a child again. For her to have been able to do what she did and for it to turn out this way? It just isn't fair! I mean, a beautiful, happy couple launched into despair, and you're making it worse!

Maya: Believe me, I know how awful this timing is.

Julius: No! I don't think you have a clue! I don't think you even understand what you're doing to her, because if you did and you cared, you would stop doing it. Don't you realize how devastating this is? And you go on and -- and force some -- some legal papers in her face and demand that she signs them?! How selfish can you be, Maya? Answer me this. How could you live with yourself if you knew that you took away the only child that your sister could ever have?

Thomas: You keep thanking me.

Sally: In as many ways as I know how.

Thomas: And I love all of them. But do you ever think that I should be thanking you?

Sally: I didn't bail out your company.

Thomas: You inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Babe, I hadn't been happy at Forrester in ages. It was -- [Sighs] I was frustrated and I was aggressive and angry and... when I came here and felt the energy with you... on the day of your first preview while -- while you guys were waiting for the review, yes, it didn't go the way that you were anticipating, but that -- that excitement, that was exhilarating to me, and it... it made me remember why I fell in love with this business in the first place. You made me remember that. That's the reason I fell in love with you. You are this incredible and fearless and so sexy. You're why spectra is unique. And you're the reason I'm here. You saved me. Thank you.

Maya: You're worried about Nicole, and so am I.

Julius: She's yearning for her baby.

Maya: And one day she will have one!

Julius: I'm talking about Lizzy.

Maya: Lizzy is my baby.

Julius: Nicole birthed her.

Maya: And I am her mother. Nicole was my surrogate.

Julius: No. The only reason she agreed was because she was indebted to you.

Maya: We discussed all the options. This was Nicole's decision.

Julius: It's time to think about somebody besides yourself for a change.

Maya: You want to say what you really mean by that?

Julius: You have a chance to do the right thing, the compassionate thing, the moral thing.

Maya: Watch yourself.

Julius: You've done a great job with Lizzy. She's a wonderful, happy baby. You've had the chance to experience motherhood, something that you probably never thought to ever be able to experience. Now, Nicole gave that to you. You can give that back to her.

Maya: Lizzy is my child.

Julius: Genetically and legally... Lizzy is Nicole's child. Give her back to her mother.

Zende: You need to stop, Julius. Maya is Lizzy's mother.

Julius: This isn't your place.

Zende: You're wrong. Maya has every right to be a parent. You and I both know what's best for Lizzy, and that's being with Maya, her mother.

Julius: I'm talking about her biological mother.

Zende: I don't understand you, man.

Julius: Look, I'm looking out for Nicole and my granddaughter.

Zende: Maya and rick have been raising Lizzy. You know that. Every single day, from the moment that she wakes up to the moment that she falls asleep, they have been there! Now, look, I get it. You're Nicole's father. And I respect you for that. But I am her husband! Till death do us part. Now, you need to know your boundaries. You trying to convince Nicole not to sign those papers will change everything, let alone the fact that I'm not Lizzy's father! Look, we'll have a family, but not like this.

Julius: So, boundaries mean nothing to you. They're only set up for me. Let me explain something to you. I am Nicole's father. And I am yours, too. You come in here all high and mighty, and you want to tell me how it's gonna be? Well, I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be. I am Nicole's father, and I will never stop protecting her. And no -- no act of god, no danger, or no husband will ever change that. And that's the fact! Just like it's a fact that if Maya was meant to have a child, to be a mother, she would have been given what's necessary for that to be possible.

Maya: How dare you.

Zende: Children need love and nurturing, Julius! Compassion and understanding! Look, Maya has given Lizzy that since the first day she was born.

Maya: It's a lot more than you're giving me right now, Dad.

Zende: Maya and rick, they adopted Lizzy. They have been raising that little girl. Lizzy is theirs! They made an agreement with Nicole, and whether you like it and if I like it, it doesn't matter, because Nicole agreed to it! Now, I know Julius Avant to be a man of his word. Now, wouldn't you want your daughter to be? Stay out of my marriage, man, and stay away from Maya.

Maya: Thank you.

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