B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/20/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/20/17


Episode # 7611 ~ Julius' wheels begin to turn when Carter informs him of Rick & Maya's legal matter; Nicole has a difficult time following through with a long-ago made promise to a family member.

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Zende: So you say it's nothing major, whatever's wrong with Lizzy's adoption papers.

Rick: It's just a few clerical errors. We need to get new signatures from all the parties, stipulating the original agreement holds.

Zende: I see.

Rick: Maya and I, we've already signed. We just need Nicole's signature, and this should all be wrapped up today.

Maya: What do you mean, you won't sign the adoption papers?

Nicole: I can't.

Maya: Of course, you can. Nicole, it's -- it's a done deal. It was decided long ago.

Lizzy: Ma-ma-ma-ma!

Nicole: I just, uh... I -- I don't know what to do.

Maya: I don't know what the hesitation is. But what is wrong? Just sign the papers. I -- I am confused. I don't know what's going on.

Nicole: I... I need more time.

Maya: For what? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. But I don't know why you need more time. It's just a formality. Lizzy is my daughter. Sign the papers.

Julius: Hey! Carter.

Carter: Hey!

Julius: Listen, I was looking for Nicole. Have you seen her?

Carter: Oh, no, I just got here.

Julius: Oh, okay. I figured I'd take my little girl to lunch.

Carter: You know, she might be with Maya. Yeah, they have to sign some legal papers.

Julius: Nothing serious, I hope.

Carter: Oh, no. Technicalities. But, by the way, you're family now, so if you need legal advice or services, you come to me, okay?

Julius: I really appreciate that. But getting back to these papers, um, what's the dispute between my daughters?

Carter: Oh, no, it's nothing like that. It's just clerical errors concerning Lizzy's adoption, is all.

[Cell phone chimes]

Carter: Just one second. I'm so sorry.

Julius: These clerical errors around Lizzy's adoption -- is it something I should be concerned about?

Carter: Oh, no, not at all. Look, these things happen. Sometimes the "T" doesn't get crossed. You inform the parties, you make the correction, they sign off. Everything will be squared away once Nicole adds her signature.

Rick: You know, Maya and I will never stop being grateful to Nicole.

Zende: I know.

Rick: You know, it's humbling, the level of sacrifice carrying a baby for her sister, and then giving her to us so that Maya and I could have a family. I know that you and Nicole are having difficulties starting one of your own, but it will happen, Zende. You just got to be patient. Nicole will give you that precious gift of a child. Just like she did us.

Maya: I don't know what's going on, but I know this isn't you. Talk to me. Why is there suddenly a problem signing these adoption papers?

Nicole: It's just so unexpected. I thought the adoption was finalized, that it was legally binding.

Maya: I-it is finalized. There were just a few errors, so we've corrected them, and now we just need to sign off on it.

Nicole: I thought it was over. That I couldn't... even if I just -- it was done.

Maya: You're not making sense, Nicole. Hey, you can be straight with me, honey. What's going on here?

Nicole: While you were in Paris, I spent all that time with Lizzy. And she is the best, sweetest little girl, and I love her so much.

Maya: I know you do. I know.

Nicole: The way that she looks at me, and the way that she feels in my arms...

Maya: Nicole, what exactly are you saying?

Maya: Let's, um... let's just back up a little bit. I know you are going through a really tough time, Nicole, and I feel for you. I do.

Nicole: I know.

Maya: And -- and I honestly believe that it's going to work out and that you are gonna be pregnant. It might take a minute, but this has nothing to do with Lizzy's adoption. Rick and I are her parents, and we have been since conception.

Nicole: I understand that. But... I am feeling so many things right now, and there are so many thoughts going around in my head, and I don't know what to trust anymore.

Maya: It's okay. It's okay, Nicole. We're all here for you.

Nicole: I'm trying to be a good person, Maya, and do the right thing, but what that is, I don't know, so I am sorry, but I can't sign those papers right now.

Maya: Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm just gonna, um... I'm gonna leave these papers here with you so that you have them when you're ready. But please don't take too long. We need to get this settled.

Zende: Hey.

Coco: Oh! Hey, Zende. Um, I was just gonna go looking for you.

Zende: Oh, yeah? Why?

Coco: Nothing, really. I, uh, just had an interesting conversation with Nicole earlier.

Zende: You know, I got to say, I'm happy you guys are good friends. She needs some support from us right now. She's going through a lot.

Coco: Yeah, I -- she told me. I'm sorry. And hopefully it's nothing and everything will work out.

Zende: Yeah. I'm sure it will. So, why were you looking for me?

Coco: Um... actually, it was about Nicole and that conversation, but... you know, I -- I really don't know if I should be talking to you about this. I don't want to betray any of her trust.

Zende: What's going on?

Coco: Okay, I'm -- I'm only telling you this because I'm -- I'm actually really concerned about her.

Zende: Okay.

Coco: I'm just -- I'm a little worried about Nicole's relationship with rick and Maya's daughter.

Rick: There you are! Right on time. I'm just wrapping things up.

Maya: Right on time for what?

Rick: I will see you in L.A. All right. Right on time for this. What's the matter?

Maya: I was just with Nicole.

Rick: Where's the adoption papers? Maya, what happened?

Julius: Hey! There she is. I've been looking for you. Thought I'd take my little girl to get some lunch.

Nicole: Thanks, but I'm not hungry.

Julius: You've been with Maya.

Nicole: Why would you say that?

Julius: Well, I ran into carter. He said that there was some...clerical glitch with Lizzy's adoption paperwork, and everybody had to sign off on it?

Nicole: Yep.

Julius: So, uh, until you sign the papers, then the adoption isn't legally valid.

Nicole: It's just a formality.

Julius: Is it?

Coco: This possible infertility issue is really messing with Nicole, and I feel like she's starting to spiral because of it. Like, one minute she's saying that rick and Maya are Lizzy's parents, and then the next, she's saying that she feels like giving up Lizzy was a mistake. And I'm just -- I-I'm worried about her.

Zende: Yeah. Nicole has always been so controlled, you know, in check with her feelings.

Coco: Right.

Zende: But ever since she met with those doctors, it's like her emotions have been all over the place, and now she has to relive this whole adoption thing all over again.

Coco: Wait, what -- what do you mean?

Zende: Well, there was some clerical mistakes, I guess, on the adoption papers. So everyone has to sign a new set to technically make the adoption legal.

Coco: Well, that's just what Nicole needs, now that all these feelings are surfacing.

Zende: Yeah. But, you know what, we're gonna be fine. That's why she's got me. I'm her rock. Nicole's always been so strong. She likes to do things herself. That's part of the reason I fell in love with her. But no one should have to go through something like this alone, and she won't. I'll be there every step of the way.

Rick: Where are the adoption papers?

Maya: I had to leave them with Nicole. I had no choice.

Rick: I don't understand. What happened?

Maya: Nicole is a wreck. She needs time.

Rick: Time?

Maya: Yes. The thought that she might not be able to have children, the time that she spent with Lizzy while we were away, the fact that we were away -- all of that is weighing on her.

Rick: Okay, you lost me at "had no choice." Why? We sign the adoption papers and we go on with our life as usual!

Maya: Nicole couldn't sign them.

Julius: You don't have to pretend to be strong and put up a front in front of me to protect your sister. I can see that you're struggling. I just want to help wherever I can.

Nicole: It's like... it's like I've been hit at all once. I mean, everything was fine. I was happy... grounded... married to Zende... ...and Lizzy's aunt. And then the doctors -- they both said that I was damaged inside, that I might not ever be able to have another child. And I know how much Zende wants a family, and I know that he'd be such a great dad, and I want a chance to be a real mother. Everybody keeps saying it'll happen, but what if it doesn't? What if Lizzy's my only chance to be a mother? And I love her so much.

Julius: I know. I see the way you care for her.

Nicole: I just want to keep her with me. All the time. But then, at the same time, I was mad at rick and Maya for leaving her, and these feelings just don't make any sense.

Julius: And that's why they're called feelings and not rational thoughts. You're concerned because she's your daughter.

Nicole: She's Maya's, too.

Julius: No, Nicole. Not Maya's because Maya didn't carry her in her belly for 9 months. You did. You're Lizzy's mother. And now -- now the adoption papers aren't even legal. You think that's a coincidence? I mean, these things don't happen for no good reason.

Nicole: I can't -- I can't listen to this.

Julius: No, no, no. I see the way you react with her, and I see the way she responds to you, and I recognize that bond. Do you know why? Because I've seen it with my wife and our children. Children know who their mother is. Lizzy knows you're her mother.

Lizzy: Ma-ma-ma-ma!

Rick: I can't believe what I'm hearing. Nicole won't sign.

Maya: No, I'm sure she will. Like I said, she just needs time.

Rick: This shouldn't even be a question.

Maya: Rick, my sister is going through a very challenging time. She is processing news that could change her whole life. I feel terrible for her!

Rick: Yeah, so do I, but to refuse to sign the adoption papers...

Maya: She didn't refuse.

Rick: Lizzy is our daughter!

Maya: I know, rick! I know, and I am frustrated, too! But I don't want to push her. Look, I have to believe that this isn't Nicole and that -- and that she's just fragile and that she'll come around because anything else is unthinkable.

Rick: You're damn straight, it is. Under any other circumstances, I would handle Nicole with kid gloves. I'd let her work through whatever she needed to work through, but this is Lizzy we're talking about! This is our legal right to our child! Under no circumstances should Nicole hesitate on her part. [Scoffs]

Maya: Wait. Wait, where are you going?

Rick: I'm gonna get those papers signed.

Julius: Nicole, you are a natural mother.

Nicole: Dad, stop. This is not what I need to hear right now.

Julius: No. No, this is exactly what you need to hear right now. Do you think all of this is not happening for a reason, that all of a sudden Lizzy's adoption is not as official as everyone thought it was? This is nature reasserting itself. You are Lizzy's mother. And Maya and rick can think otherwise if they want to.

Nicole: Dad --

Julius: It doesn't change the fact.

Nicole: Stop.

Julius: Don't sign those papers, Nicole. Don't do it.

Coco: You can count on me, okay? Nicole's gonna need all the love and support that she can get.

Zende: Good. I appreciate you confiding in me. Don't worry. I won't tell Nicole anything, but it's good to know what she's thinking.

Coco: Cool. Yeah, thanks.

Zende: She's really lucky to have you as a friend. I mean that. Someone who knows she needs to be treated sensitively, with understanding and compassion.

Coco: Mm-hmm.

Zende: The last thing my wife needs right now is pressure.

Rick: Sign them. Do you have any idea what you've done to your sister?

Nicole: Maya? I -- no.

Rick: She's covering like she always does. She's giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I know my wife. You scared the hell out of her. What kind of game you playing?

Nicole: It's not a game, rick. I didn't mean to scare Maya. I just --

Rick: Look, since day 1 -- since Lizzy was born, Maya and I, we have been her constants. We are the ones that make her feel safe and secure. Her parents. Every day. Week after week. Month after month.

We're Lizzy's world! Have you even thought about her once?

Nicole: Have I even thought about Lizzy? Yes, rick! That is all I have been doing! I love that little girl with everything that I have. You don't know what it's like to carry her with you, to feel her growing, moving, and kicking inside of you! I do! And then I gave her away! And now I find out that I may never be able to have another child...

Rick: Okay, I understand you're going through a lot right now, and it's scary. You and Zende had beautiful plans for a future that involves family, but that may still happen. The doctors said you may have fertility issues. And miracles happen. We know that they do. And no matter what the outcome, you got to know that your sister and I, we are gonna be there for you, we are gonna support you, we're gonna love you through it because we're your family! But one thing you have to understand is no matter what you're struggling with right now, it has zero to do with Lizzy. Nothing! I am that little girl's father. Maya's her mother. That's been the consensus from the very beginning. So what you need to do is you need to do the right thing, and you need to sign these papers.

Nicole: Rick...

Rick: Don't you understand how much I love that little girl? That's our child! I mean, the sun sets and rises around Lizzy, and now you want threaten it by taking her away from me? No, I'm gonna tell you something right now, Nicole. That's not gonna happen! That's never gonna happen!

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