B&B Transcript Thursday 6/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/8/17


Episode # 7603 ~ The feud between Quinn & Katie reaches a new and dangerous level; Carter's timing of presenting Rick with a legal matter couldn't come at a worse time.

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Quinn: [Gasps] Aah! Aaah! Aaah!

Zende: My sister-in-law, an international sensation.

Rick: Yeah, that's the only way to describe her.

Zende: Well, you know what? Congrats to the both of you, man.

Rick: Well, thank you. Uh, we were gonna stay longer. Maya had another shoot. But, uh, we both missed Lizzy so much, and Maya had to get back home to our daughter.

Maya: You missed me, my little girl, didn't you? Oh, I can tell. Mommy missed you, too...

Lizzy: [Coos]

Maya: ...More than words can ever say. Good thing you had auntie Nicole. Isn't that right?

Quinn: [Gasps]

Ridge: Did you hear the gunshot?

Quinn: Oh, my god! It was aimed at me! It was aimed at me! It hit the wall right behind my head out on the patio! Somebody just tried to kill me! No, don't go out there! Please, Ridge, don't.

Zende: You know, you guys could have left Lizzy with us a little while longer. We don't mind.

Rick: You know, we actually talked about that, but we couldn't spend one more moment away from her. Plus I got a call from Nicole.

Zende: And?

Rick: And... it was kind of weird. She didn't sound like herself. Kind of out of sorts, you know?

Zende: Yeah. There's a -- there's a reason for that. Nicole and I are going through something.

Maya: I missed singing her to sleep. She went right down. She's so precious, isn't she?

Nicole: Yes.

Maya: Did you enjoy your time with her?

Nicole: Very much.

Maya: Wasn't a problem?

Nicole: Lizzy? Of course not. Why would you ask that?

Maya: You sounded a little stressed when we talked.

Nicole: I went to see dr. Caspary.

Maya: Tell me you're pregnant.

Nicole: Quite the opposite. She told me that... I may not be able to have another child.

Ridge: The police are on their way.

Quinn: Stay away from the door. The shooter might still be out there.

Ridge: Did you see him?

Quinn: No, and it might not be a him. It might be Katie.

Ridge: The police are gonna be here any minute. You don't really think Katie took a shot at you, do you?

Quinn: She pulled a gun on me at the office.

Ridge: She's not a violent person. She doesn't own a gun.

Quinn: She didn't own the gun at the office. That was Charlie's. Look...I'm not saying it's Katie, but I'm not ruling her out, either. Somebody took a shot at me.

Ridge: All right. It's okay.

Quinn: Who wants me dead? I-I don't know!

Ridge: Okay. We'll figure this out.

Quinn: This is my home. This is my sanctuary. There's somebody out there that -- that -- that's trying to kill me!

Ridge: Can you think of anyone?

Quinn: No. No, no, no! I can give you a whole list of people who might have wanted me dead in the past, but now... it's just one person. [Sighs]

Rick: Are you sure about this?

Zende: According to her doctors. We got a second opinion. We're gonna get a third and a fourth, but, as of now, they're saying there's a chance she can't get pregnant. But I'm not gonna let that deter me, all right? We haven't been trying that long. Positive thinking creates positive outcome.

Rick: I admire that attitude.

Zende: I'm not giving up on this, and sure as hell not giving up on my wife.

Maya: Secondary infertility?

Nicole: The scarring could be a result of my pregnancy with Lizzy.

Maya: Oh, honey.

Nicole: No. I'm done crying over all this.

Maya: How is Zende?

Nicole: He's been wonderful. Refuses to let me go too dark. Keeps insisting that we'll have a child of our own.

Maya: You haven't been trying for very long, Nicole. There's still a chance, right?

Nicole: I know. I know we haven't been trying for long. Still...it was quite a shock.

Maya: Of course. Of course it was.

Nicole: I never thought that I'd have trouble getting pregnant. It sure didn't happen with Lizzy. I thought Zende would look at me and -- boom -- pregnant. I know how much Zende wants a family. I need to do that for him, Maya.

Maya: And you will. You will, Nicole. You have to have faith. You're young and you're healthy. You gave us Lizzy. And you will give Zende... a little girl or boy just like her. You will have your own family someday.

Lt. Baker: So, you heard the gunshot?

Ridge: Yeah. I was coming in from the front door as Quinn was racing off the terrace. Someone took a shot at her.

But she wasn't hit.

Ridge: No, she wasn't hit. The wall behind her was hit. We got to go figure --

Lt. Baker: Where is she? Where is Quinn?

Ridge: She's at Katie Logan's house. That's our neighbor. And Quinn feels that Katie's the one that took a shot at her.

Lt. Baker: Why would she think that Katie took a shot at her?

Ridge: Because Quinn fired her.

Lt. Baker: From Forrester?

Ridge: And Katie may have pulled a gun on her in the office.

Lt. Baker: Katie brought a gun to work?

Ridge: No. No, the gun was already there. It was Charlie's gun. It wasn't loaded. I think...Quinn was scared because Katie was just trying to get a reaction out of her, and she did. Maybe we should search the house -- make sure there's no guns in it.

Lt. Baker: We need a warrant before we can search Katie's house.

Ridge: Quinn feels that Katie took a shot at her. That's enough.

Lt. Baker: For being fired? Look, I know Katie Logan. That doesn't sound like her. Unless there's something more going on between Katie and your father's wife.

[Knock on door]

[Water running]

[Running stops]

Katie: Wow! Quinn! What a lovely surprise. Did you come over for some tea?

Quinn: Where is it?

Katie: Where's what?

Quinn: The gun you tried to kill me with!

Katie: Oh, for god's sake. It's not my gun. It's Charlie's gun. I don't know where the hell it is.

Quinn: Don't play coy with me! I was out on my patio. That bullet missed my head by a couple of inches!

Katie: What bullet?

Quinn: What?

Katie: Oh, my god. You think I shot at you?!

Quinn: Are you kidding me?! You tried to kill me at the office! But, no, that would have been too messy. There were too many witnesses there.

Katie: Wow. I must have really freaked you out, because you have lost your mind.

Quinn: You know what, Katie? I know you hate me. We both know how much you hate me. But to commit murder, cold-blooded murder, on my own patio -- you really want me dead, don't you?!

Katie: [Scoffs]

Rick: Maya and I -- we never thought that we would ever even have a child, I mean, let alone one that was part Avant, part Forrester. I mean, talk about hoping for a miracle.

Zende: Yeah. Nicole made that happen for you guys.

Rick: She's gonna make that happen for you, too.

Zende: Yeah. She will.

Rick: You stay with that. In the meantime, if you don't mind, I can talk to my dad on your behalf.

Zende: Don't worry about that. I think, uh... right now we want to avoid any medical intervention. You know, I look at Lizzy, and she's such a beautiful child. You know, I just got to believe that everything is gonna work out the way it's supposed to. That's what I'm telling Nicole. Lizzy will not be the only child that she has.

Rick: I'm there with you, man.

[Knock on door]

Carter: Do you have a minute? It's important. We need to talk. What's up, Zende? How you doing, man?

Zende: Good, boy.

[Both chuckle]

Zende: I got to go. Thank you for talking with me.

Rick: Any time. It's all gonna work out. All right. What's up?

Carter: It's about Lizzy.

Rick: What about Lizzy?

Carter: The adoption -- we have an issue.

Maya: Now I understand what's been going on with you and why you sounded so stressed when we talked on the phone.

Nicole: I was pretty messed up after seeing dr. Caspary.

Maya: You should have said something.

Nicole: I didn't want to put that on you. It's not the best news to walk around a photo shoot with. I heard it went well.

Maya: Yeah, it went amazingly well, but that is the furthest thing from my mind right now. There's got to be something else that we can do.

Nicole: Now you're starting to sound like my husband. Zende has not said one negative thing about any of this. But I know that it weighs on him.

Maya: Of course. He loves you, Nicole, and he knows how much you want a child.

Nicole: And how much he wants one. Family means everything to Zende, not that he'd ever say it, especially now that all this has happened. He's trying to keep me positive. Still... I know what it would do to him if he knew that the only child I could ever have I gave to you and rick.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Lt. Baker: So, Quinn was out there alone?

Ridge: Yeah, she was. I don't think it would have happened if she hadn't been alone.

Lt. Baker: What makes you say that?

Ridge: That bullet was meant for her and no one else.

Lt. Baker: Well, based on where the bullet hit, it was a head-high shot. Your father's wife is lucky to be alive.

Katie: You cannot be serious. You don't honestly think that I would take a shot at you?

Quinn: Did you?

Katie: Well, if I did, clearly, I missed.

Quinn: This isn't a joke. Someone took a shot at me. If not you, then who?

Katie: Want me to make a list?

Quinn: You think this is funny?!

Katie: No. Actually, I don't. I think it's insulting and rude.

Quinn: I was on my patio. Your house looks across to mine.

Katie: Ugh! This is ridiculous! I am not a killer! I didn't try to kill you!

Quinn: What is this? Huh? Oh, my god. This is looking right at my patio! Have you been spying on me?!

Katie: Come on.

Quinn: Oh, come on, Katie! Admit it! You've been watching me?!

Katie: Yes, I have, because you have this thing going on with your husband's son. Your husband, who happens to be a very dear friend of mine --

Quinn: How many times do I have to tell you that nothing is going on...

Katie: You have to lie to me, you mean, because you have this sick thing going on with Ridge? You're right. I'm watching you. And I'm gonna keep watching you until you're gone.

Quinn: Until I'm dead, you mean. The police are at my house right now, and if you did this to me --

Katie: For the last time, I did not try to kill you. Now, you can threaten me, you can fire me, you can do whatever you want, but I'm not going anywhere. I am here until it's over, until you're over.

Quinn: You remind me of someone, Katie... somebody I used to be.

Katie: Get out. Get out of my house. Now!

Rick: What do you mean, there's an issue with Lizzy's adoption?

Carter: It's nothing dire -- just need some papers signed. The original adoption document has some errors. It's mostly clerical -- typo of a name, unchecked box, that kind of stuff. The corrections were made to this document right here.

Rick: Okay. So, what has to be done?

Carter: I just need some signatures on the new document.

Rick: Mine?

Carter: And Maya's and Nicole's.

Rick: Okay. So, when do you need it by?

Carter: The sooner, the better, you know -- make it legal, official. It's not a problem, is it?

Rick: It shouldn't be. Let me see that document.

Maya: [Chuckles] Nothing like a baby to bring you out of your mood.

Nicole: Especially this one. You have a good nap? You ready to have some fun?

Maya: You two bonded more while I was gone.

Nicole: Yeah. A lot. Zende, too.

Maya: She's part of you, Nicole.

Nicole: Literally.

Maya: That's why you two will always share a special connection.

Nicole: And I feel that so deeply. Every time I look at her, I see so much of myself.

Maya: Even her personality. She's so playful. When she smiles, it's just like you.

Nicole: I'll always be here for you. Nothing will ever change that.

Maya: No. No. Nothing ever will. And one day... you will have one just like her for yourself... your own precious little boy or girl... just like mine. Who's that? Who's that?

Katie: She thinks she can come into my house and just say these things?! This is my home, and I am nothing like her! I'm nothing like her! [Sighs]

Quinn: I was standing outside on my patio, minding my own business, when I felt a bullet whiz by my head. You saw where it hit the wall. I was inches away from being killed.

Ridge: Let's not focus on that.

Lt. Baker: Then you ran in here -- you saw Ridge?

Quinn: He heard the gunshot.

Lt. Baker: And after that?

Quinn: After that, I went to Katie's.

Lt. Baker: The person that you thought was shooting at you?

Quinn: Yeah, and she denied it. She said she never even heard the gunshot.

Lt. Baker: Why did you go over there, Mrs. Forrester?

Quinn: Look, I know it might not have been the smartest move, but nobody takes a shot at me, lieutenant.

Ridge: You're gonna question Katie, right?

Lt. Baker: Yeah, I'll speak to her.

Quinn: You'll speak to her? No. You need to arrest her. She's an attempted murderer on the loose!

Lt. Baker: She may be a lot of things, but she's not a killer.

Quinn: So, what do you need? You need to see a body? Is that it? If you don't arrest her, that's exactly what you're gonna get!

Ridge: Take it easy.

Quinn: She has a telescope, Ridge.

Lt. Baker: So?

Quinn: So, it's pointed right outside at my patio!

Lt. Baker: Once we analyze the evidence, ascertain where the bullet came from, I will pay ms. Logan a visit.

Quinn: At least go over there and go look for the gun. I know it is somewhere inside of her house!

Lt. Baker: As I told Ridge, I can't do that without a warrant.

Quinn: Then go get one before she gets rid of it! That woman despises me!

Lt. Baker: Enough to shoot you?

Quinn: Enough to shoot me? I-I don't know. I mean, I never thought Katie Logan was -- was violent before, but everybody has their breaking point. That I know.

I'm gonna take another look around before I leave.

Lt. Baker: All right. Go ahead. Thank you. All right. We'll take it from here, Mrs. Forrester. If I may suggest, I advise you to stay put. Don't go around accusing people.

Quinn: [Sighs]

Lt. Baker: Ridge, can I talk to you for a moment?

[Indistinct conversation]

[Conversation continues]

Ridge: Well, that's your business. I think it needs to be followed up on.

Lt. Baker: All right.

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