B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/6/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/6/17


Episode # 7601 ~ Quinn gets a taste of her own medicine when she is on the other side of a serious threat; the issue of parenting becomes an contentious topic within a dysfunctional family.

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Quinn: Please.

Katie: Scared?

Quinn: Yes.

Katie: Good. That's a start. Did you really think I could kill you?

Quinn: You hate me that much. Yeah, I did.

Katie: How did it feel to be vulnerable, at the mercy of someone else? Helpless?

Ridge: What's going on?

Quinn: Ridge, Ridge! Take the gun from her! She's trying to kill me!

Rick: Okay, I could fly back home. I could postpone my meetings, fly back to Paris as soon as you get home.

Maya: It seems like a lot of unnecessary back and forth. You know what? I don't need the shoot. I'm gonna go home tomorrow.

Rick: No, no, Maya. This is gonna be huge. This campaign's gonna be amazing. You need to stick with it.

Maya: I know, rick, but Lizzy. We both miss her so much, and it seems to be stressing Nicole out.

Rick: You said not to worry about her.

Maya: Yeah. Lizzy's in good hands. Right?

Nicole: Yeah? You see the giraffe? I don't know. It just seems like a long time to be away from your child.

Vivienne: Well, they didn't know it was gonna be this long, honey.

Julius: Why does it take days and days to shoot a few snapshots? I mean, it's ridiculous.

Vivienne: Oh, hush. It was a good opportunity. You know you'll be excited the first time you see a billboard with Maya's picture standing there next to the Eiffel tower.

Julius: Ooh, la, la.

Nicole: People have different priorities, I guess.

[Lizzy babbles]

R.J.: So you're not babysitting Lizzy tonight, right?

Coco: No, no. It was supposed to be Pam, but then Nicole ended up taking her instead.

R.J.: That's cool. Either way. As long as it's not you. My favorite band is playing tonight. Really cool venue, too. I was hoping you'd be interested.

Coco: What?

R.J.: A concert tonight.

Coco: Oh. Yeah. Yeah, sure.

R.J.: Something wrong?

Coco: Yeah, maybe. I'm just concerned for Nicole. She and her sister seem to have very different ideas about how to care for Lizzy.

Rick: Lizzy's definitely in good hands. It's just a little hard right now. We both want to be home with her.

Maya: I know. I guess we should just stick to the plan, finish up our work here, and fly home as soon as we can.

Rick: We owe Nicole big time.

Maya: But I'm a little concerned about her attitude.

Rick: I know. I know. I'm trying not to let it bother me, but it is a little disconcerting. And maybe it's like you said. Maybe it's just stress.

Maya: I mean, Nicole can be fierce when she's feeling protective, which I value, actually, especially when she's taking care of our little girl. I appreciate that she puts Lizzy's needs first. She loves her so much. I can't complain about that.

Nicole: Lizzy's all tucked in and fast asleep.

Vivienne: Your father and I can watch Lizzy if you and Zende want to make plans.

Nicole: I thought you had work.

Vivienne: I've earned vacation days.

Nicole: Mom, no. Zende has to design tonight anyway. I have nothing else to do. It's fine.

Vivienne: Did he take the news all right? I mean, after what dr. March said?

Nicole: He's just so confident that we don't need to worry about the scarring that it doesn't matter.

Julius: Hey, maybe he's right. I mean, neither of the doctors said it was impossible.

Nicole: But I saw impossible in their eyes.

Ridge: Katie, what the hell are you doing?

Katie: Don't worry. No one's getting shot today.

Ridge: No one's getting shot, period. Let me have it. It's not loaded. But you knew that, right? Tell me you knew that.

Katie: Yeah, of course I knew it.

Quinn: Bull!

Ridge: Why would you bring a gun in here?

Quinn: It was Charlie's. Pam left it behind. Katie was only too happy to threaten me with it. So much for Eric's theory that she would take the news well!

Katie: I was getting fired! How the hell am I supposed to take that?

Ridge: Not by picking up a gun, Katie!

Katie: You said yourself it wasn't loaded. Besides, if I want to hurt Quinn, there are far more effective ways of doing that.

[Door closes]

[Bell tolls]

Maya: Well, the good news is that Nicole will have some time to decompress and hopefully have a little bit of fun with Zende tonight. She's not scheduled to be with Lizzy again until tomorrow.

Rick: Which she was mad about.

Maya: I know she's not thrilled, but Pam was more than willing to do it, and it sounds like Nicole could use a break. I just don't want to intrude. Taking care of a baby full time is a lot for anyone.

Rick: Hmm.

Maya: Hmm.

R.J.: So this was a phone call?

Coco: Yeah, with rick. I really didn't mean to eavesdrop.

R.J.: No, I know.

Coco: Yeah, she was just so upset, and she was saying all these things about Maya.

R.J.: Like what?

Coco: Like she was basically implying that Maya shouldn't be taking any of these modeling gigs now that she has Lizzy to take care of.

R.J.: Seriously?

Coco: Yeah. And then she took this snippy tone with rick, saying that no one else should look after her.

R.J.: Anyone besides her?

Coco: Yeah. Because she's Maya's sister and Lizzy's birth mom.

R.J.: That's weird.

Coco: I know. It's very weird.

Vivienne: I have to head to work. Julius, you staying?

Julius: Yeah, I think I'm gonna hang for a little while, see what's cooking in the kitchen. [Chuckles]

Vivienne: Okay, if you need anything, call me.

Nicole: Thanks, mom.

Vivienne: Bye.

Julius: Talk to you later, love.

Vivienne: Okay.

Julius: So, you hungry? Can I make you a sandwich or anything?

Nicole: No, thank you.

[Lizzy babbling]

Julius: Oh! [Laughs] Awake already, huh? You want me to go up and check on her?

Nicole: I'll get her. You go raid the fridge.

Julius: Okay. Nicole? I'm really proud of you.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Julius: The way you're taking care of Lizzy, stepping in. You know, it really feels good seeing you with this baby. All right, I got to say it. The situation is really, really messed up. I mean, Maya has a baby, a woman who would rather do nothing more than model. And you may never have one of... [Sighs] You would make a wonderful mother. I can see it, the way you're taking care of Lizzy. It just isn't right.

Quinn: That's insane. Pulling a gun on me, just to intimidate me? You should have seen the look in her eyes!

Ridge: How'd it get to that point?

Quinn: She was coming at me, bringing up all sorts of stuff from my past, but she physically came at me, and I-I pushed her back! I pushed her up against the chair, where -- where Pam left the gun! And you know what? There is no way that she knew that that gun was not loaded when she pointed it at me! I thought I was gonna die!

Ridge: Katie -- she's upset. But she would never want to cause you any harm. I tried to tell dad it's a bad idea.

Quinn: Eric has no idea what kind of a loose cannon she is.

Ridge: I'm gonna talk to her. I'm gonna calm her down.

Quinn: What if she tells Eric about us? She thinks I don't deserve him. Nothing is gonna make her happier than to take him away from me. And now that she's lost her job, she's got nothing to lose!

Ridge: She's not gonna do that because she doesn't want to hurt him.

Quinn: She will if she thinks we're having an affair.

Ridge: We're not having an affair.

Quinn: That gun in my face. I was so scared. All I kept thinking about was my son. You know, my son -- I was never gonna see my son again. And then I thought, "what if I never get to say goodbye to Eric? What if I never get to tell Eric that I love him?"

Ridge: It's okay. Nothing's gonna happen. I'm gonna make sure you're all right. No one's gonna hurt you or Eric, okay?

Katie: Are you kidding me?

Katie: You two disgust me.

Quinn: What?

Ridge: Really? I was trying --

Quinn: He was trying to reassure me!

Katie: Reassure you?! Of what?! What's your problem? You've got a job, you've got a husband to go home to! What do you have to worry about?

Quinn: You put a gun in my face! You keep threatening me over this stupid secret that -- that isn't even true! Yes, I needed reassurance!

Katie: Not true? Lives have been destroyed over that secret that's not true! My sister was supposed to marry Ridge!

Ridge: Katie --

Katie: They were supposed to be married!

Ridge: Katie! Stop, please! There's nothing happening here! I was comforting her because

somebody put a gun in her face! You threatened her life!

Katie: Oh, come on. How many lives has she threatened? Now she's a delicate flower that needs protecting?

Ridge: Stop! Do you know what you did today? Are you aware of what you just did to her?

Katie: Yeah. I'm going home.

[Door closes]

[Telephone rings]

Julius: You want me to get this?! Logans' residence.

Maya: Dad?

Julius: Oh, hi, Maya.

Maya: What are you doing over there?

Julius: I'm hanging out with Nicole, looking after Lizzy.

Maya: What do you mean you're helping out with Lizzy? Pam is supposed to be with her.

Julius: Pam? What are you reaching out to her for? You got your mother, you got me, and you got Nicole.

Maya: Mom is working full time. So is Nicole. I don't want to intrude.

Julius: You're not intruding. You're talking about my granddaughter here.

Maya: Can I please talk to Nicole?

Nicole: I'm here.

Maya: Hey. What's going on? I was, uh, trying to give you a little time.

Nicole: Not necessary. I'm happy to take care of Lizzy. You coming home soon?

Maya: Um, we actually might have a few more days on the shoot.

Nicole: Okay.

Maya: I heard about your call with rick earlier.

Nicole: What about it?

Maya: We're just a little concerned about what you said. Of course, we're happy that you want to take care of Lizzy, but it's okay to have help.

Nicole: I don't need help. I love her.

Maya: I know you do. It's just that having a schedule --

Nicole: Stop it with the schedule. You're in Paris. You don't need to worry about it.

Maya: I'm a mom. I always worry. Right now I'm worried about you.

Nicole: Don't. I can handle it. You're half a world away. Let me handle the scheduling.

Maya: I don't want to put that on you.

Nicole: I've got it, Maya.

Maya: You'll give yourself breaks, then?

Nicole: Yeah, if I need it. You've got a lot going on. Let me handle it.

Maya: Okay, that's great. And -- and thank you so much. I guess I should go. Tell Lizzy mommy misses her.

Nicole: Yeah, I will. Yeah.

Quinn: Katie won't stop. She's getting more and more paranoid. We can't even trust her to keep quiet anymore.

Ridge: Okay, okay, okay. Just take a breath.

Quinn: [Breathing heavily]

Ridge: You should go home. May I take you home, please?

Quinn: Yeah.

Ridge: We'll deal with Katie. We'll deal with it. It's gonna be okay.

Katie: [Sighs] God. [Sighs] Maybe I should. Maybe I should just do it.

Coco: I wonder why Nicole would want to take all that on. Like, it's a lot of responsibility, and Maya and rick don't know when they'll be back. Like, why not share the duties?

R.J.: Well, you know what that means.

Coco: What?

R.J.: We learned something about Nicole. She's a control freak.

Coco: Yeah?

R.J.: Some people just can't delegate. But how about you stop worrying and just be happy we're not changing diapers tonight? Doesn't a concert sound more like fun?

Coco: Yeah. It sounds a lot better.

R.J.: Yeah.

Coco: So it's one of your favorite bands, huh?

R.J.: You might want to wear earplugs.

Coco: [Winces]

[Both chuckle]

Julius: Have you told Maya what the doctor said?

Nicole: No.

Julius: Don't you think she should know that you may never be able to have another child?

Nicole: Eventually.

Julius: I understand. As far as I'm concerned, you already have a child.

Nicole: I gave birth to Lizzy, but...

Julius: Have you ever wondered if this, uh, this photo shoot was meant to be? I mean, Maya ending up in Paris and you here with the baby that you gave her?

Nicole: I don't know what you mean.

Julius: Maybe Maya's living the life she's supposed to. And maybe you're doing the same.

Nicole: When I think about having kids with Zende, they all look like Lizzy, as beautiful as she is.

Julius: Of course, they would, because they'd be your children.

Nicole: I can't believe it might not happen. I want to be a mother.

Julius: And you will be.

Nicole: I'd be a good mother.

Julius: You already are. Look at this baby. Nicole. She adores you. And she knows. She knows who you are. She knows that you're her mother.

Katie: Oh, my -- [Gasps] Liars! Liars! Oh! God, I hate you! I hate you!

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