B&B Transcript Monday 6/5/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/5/17


Episode # 7600 ~ Katie anxiously awaits word on her proposed jewelry designs; Rick has a disconcerting interaction with a family member, and he just can't shake it.

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Katie: [Sighs]

Ivy: Eric's looking at your designs right now?

Katie: Yeah. Yeah. Um, Eric and -- and Ridge. Quinn is showing them.

Ivy: All of them?

Katie: No, no. Just the ones that she thinks are the best -- and the waist chains. She wasn't sure about those, but I think I convinced her.

Ivy: Well... I hope Eric and Ridge like them.

Katie: I hope they do, too. God! I feel so nervous! [Chuckles] I feel like I'm in high school, waiting to see if the teacher likes my essay. It's just that working here at Forrester with you and with Quinn and learning about this -- it's just been this jolt that I needed, and I had a really rough year last year, and I kind of lost my way, and... I found it... right here at Forrester.

Eric: My, my, my.

Quinn: I know.

Eric: Now I understand what your concerns were.

Ridge: It's not that her designs are bad. They're --

Quinn: They're bad.

Ridge: [Groans] They're just not Forrester. A little experience, I think she'll be all right.

Eric: No. I don't think so. Look, let's face it -- Katie belongs more in a board room than in design. Well, we all know what has to happen here.

Nicole: Infertility? But that doesn't make any sense.

Dr. March: You have uterine scarring.

Nicole: I had a baby.

Dr. March: You might have a condition called secondary [Echoing] Infertility.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rick: Hey, Nicole.

Nicole: Rick? I thought I dialed Maya.

Rick: You did, but she's actually at a photo shoot.

Nicole: Of course. What is she doing today -- skipping around the Eiffel tower?

Rick: [Chuckles] No. Actually, she's at Notre dame, and I cannot wait to see the proofs.

Nicole: Okay. Well, when the fashion model eventually gets back, can you have her call me, please?

Rick: Is something wrong?

Nicole: I don't know, rick. You tell me. Is there something wrong with the way that I'm taking care of Lizzy?

Rick: What?

Nicole: 'Cause, for some reason, Maya has Pam scheduled to look after her, which doesn't make any sense, and, if I'm honest, it's insulting.

Nicole: I carried Lizzy for nine months before handing her over to the two of you, so shouldn't it be understood that I'm the one to watch her if you guys aren't available to -- I mean, especially if this is going to keep happening? This is not what I expected when I gave her to the both of you. I expected Maya to be a mother and not fit Lizzy in between pursuits of fame.

Rick: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just back it up a second. What are you talking about, exactly?

Nicole: Listen, if you need someone to watch Lizzy, don't go to pam. Go to the woman that gave birth to her, all right?

Lizzy: [Crying]

Pam: Yoo-hoo! Mail call. Katie, what did you do -- buy out a store or something? These are all for you. Ohh.

Katie: Awesome! They got here really fast. I got some hardware so that we can hit the ground running if, uh, Eric approves of the waist chains. Speaking of waists, um... are you part of our security detail now?

Pam: Oh. [Chuckles] This? No.

Katie: [Chuckles]

Pam: Charlie had a steam-room break, and so he left his gun on my desk, and I thought, "well, we shouldn't have it lying around," so -- ooh! Is that one of your new chains?

Katie: Yes!

Pam: Wow!

Katie: Do you want to try one on?

Pam: Me?

Katie: Yeah! Come on!

Pam: Oh! Well, what the heck? I mean, you got to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Am I right?

Katie: Exactly? Okay, so I'm gonna put this over your head.

Pam: All right.

Katie: So, this is one of my favorite ones because it's super versatile. I mean, basically, you're wearing something very casual right now, right? You could wear this also with a couture gown and just add a little sparkle.

Pam: Okay.

Katie: Something like that, you know? What do you think?

Pam: You have any with pearls?

Katie: [Laughs]

[Cell phone alarm ringing]

Pam: Ooh! That's my Lizzy alarm! Gosh!

Katie: What's going on?

Pam: Well, Maya -- Maya set up this schedule because she's staying in Paris later than she thought that she would, and so it's my turn for Lizzy right now, so I got to go, but you know what? It's...different. [Laughs] Good luck with it, Katie.

Katie: Thank you.

Pam: Got to run. Sorry.

Ivy: Well, I think she liked it.

Katie: Yeah! Well... I hope Eric and Ridge do, too.

Ridge: You're gonna fire Katie?

Eric: I don't want to, but it makes no sense to keep her on just because she's our friend.

Quinn: But you said that she's better off in the board room than she is in design. Maybe we can find someplace else for her here.

Eric: If something comes up in the future in that regard, of course I would consider Katie, but we don't have anything like that right now.

Ridge: All right. Then we'll keep her in jewelry, and we'll help her out. We'll help her and teach her --

Eric: Look, keeping her in jewelry makes no sense, either, if we're not going to show her designs. It would make a lot more sense if she worked at some company that actually took advantage of her skills. It would be a much better fit. You let her know, all right, Quinn?

Quinn: You want me to tell her?

Eric: It's your department. It's sort of the protocol. There's a problem?

Quinn: No. No, no, no, no, no, no -- no problem at all.

Eric: Good. Good.

Ridge: I think Katie's gonna be surprised by this.

Quinn: She's really been enjoying working here.

Eric: I'm sure she'll be surprised. But Katie's a rational person. She has to know this isn't working. Look, I'll step in afterwards if necessary, but I think she'll take it well coming from you -- one professional to another.

Quinn: Okay. Right.

Ridge: I'll go with you. Come on.

Eric: No, no. No. Uh...let Quinn do it. I don't want Katie to feel ganged up on, all right? It's your job. You take care of it.

Maya: And we would have kept going, but daylight was fading, so, um, we're just gonna have to make it up tomorrow, or add a day or two, which I really hope we don't have to do, because I'm having so much fun on this shoot, but I really miss Lizzy.

Rick: Yeah.

Maya: Obviously, you understand.

Rick: I certainly do.

Maya: You okay?

Rick: Your sister called. It was weird. She was upset.

Maya: Something about Lizzy?

Rick: She was upset that we've been asking other people to babysit. She wants us to talk to her first.

Maya: I tried to explain to her that I just don't want her to get --

Rick: I know. I know. But she said she gave birth to Lizzy and she wants to be the one that we turn to.

Maya: Okay. Okay. I-I-I get that. That makes sense.

Rick: Yeah, but what doesn't make sense... was her attitude. It's like she was questioning us as parents.

Coco: Hey. Are you okay?

Nicole: Hey. Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Coco: Look, I-I overheard a little bit. Are you mad at me because Maya asked me to help out with Lizzy?

Nicole: No, no. I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the situation. I mean, Maya's organizing this whole schedule, asking all these people to look after Lizzy, and I'm the only one that needs to be on that schedule. No one loves this girl more.

Ridge: [Sighs]

Eric: You seem concerned.

Ridge: Well, I-I just don't think that firing Katie is necessary.

Eric: Well, it's not right to keep her in a job where she doesn't belong.

Ridge: That's true, but --

Eric: And it doesn't benefit her for us to create a position that we don't need. It'll just make her feel useless. Katie needs -- she needs to be respected. She doesn't want to be pitied. You know that. She wants a position of power and purpose. We need to let her go so she can find that.

Katie: Oh, hi! You're back. That took a lot longer than I expected.

Quinn: Uh, there was a lot to discuss. Ivy, would you mind giving us a few minutes?

Katie: So, what did Eric say?

Quinn: Well, he looked everything over, and... he took a lot of time considering.

Katie: Right -- which pieces to use?

Quinn: Well --

Katie: I mean, certainly, we don't have to use everything in this collection. We can use it in the next collection.

Quinn: Well, that's -- that's not gonna happen. We're not gonna be using any of them.

Katie: No. No, Eric said last night --

Quinn: Yeah, well, that was before Eric... saw your designs. Look, Katie, everybody's got their own special skill set, and Eric thinks that maybe yours is not in design. Maybe you're more of the executive type.

Katie: So, he's -- he's changing my position?

Quinn: No. No. He's, uh -- he's letting you go.

Maya: You must have misunderstood.

Rick: Yeah. I don't think so. She said, "I thought Maya was planning on being a mother, not fitting Lizzy in between pursuits of fame."

Maya: What? Are you kidding?

Rick: I'm afraid not.

Maya: I am a working mom, like countless other women. How can Nicole possibly think that -- you know what? I am not gonna get offended. I am sure she's just -- she's just stressed out.

Rick: And understandably. We're asking a lot of her.

Maya: Yeah. Okay. So, let's just finish up here. You finish your meetings, I'll finish this campaign, and when we get home, we'll be with Lizzy. Nicole can relax and focus on her life with Zende.

Lizzy: [Fussing]

Pam: I'm here. I'm here. I'm so sorry. Hello!

Nicole: It's okay. I was gonna put Lizzy down for a nap.

Pam: Oh. Yeah, really? Would you mind, then, just waiting for five seconds? I'm gonna run back to my desk, get my bag, and that way I can crochet when she's taking a nap.

Nicole: Oh, no. I mean, you can go stay at your desk. I've got Lizzy.

Pam: You sure? 'Cause, you know, I'm scheduled.

Nicole: Yep.

Pam: Well, you want me to call Maya and --

Nicole: I've already spoken with Maya. It's all set. Don't worry about it. I'm taking care of Lizzy.

Pam: Okay.

Eric: Katie values honesty. I'm not gonna lie to her and tell her that she has a future as a jewelry designer.

Ridge: No, and I get that, and you don't want to gang up on her. I get that, too. But to send Quinn in there by herself, I just feel like something could go terribly wrong.

Katie: I'm fired?

Quinn: "Fired" is a really harsh word. I think you're just -- you're being let go.

Katie: [Chuckles] I can't believe you're doing this.

Quinn: This is not me.

Katie: Oh, it is. Eric would never do something like this to me. He's my friend.

Quinn: No. Eric -- that's why he's doing this. He assumes you're gonna understand because he's doing what's best for the business. Finding the right fit for you here --

Katie: Is there a fit for me at Forrester?

Quinn: Not right now. I mean, Eric wasn't specific, but at the moment, there really isn't.

Katie: You are unbelievable!

Quinn: Look, Katie, try not to take this personally.

Katie: Oh, no. It's certainly not personal.

Quinn: The jewelry line is not big enough right now to justify --

Katie: Justify what, Quinn?

Quinn: I think you're better suited for a position that's more about numbers and budgets, but creatively speaking --

Katie: You're telling me that I don't belong here? Quinn fuller...

Quinn: No, Quinn Forrester.

Katie: ...Is telling me that I'm not wanted? How dare you dictate to me, fire me? You're the one who doesn't belong here. You're the one who doesn't deserve to step foot in this building -- you! [Breathing heavily]

Quinn: Katie, I know you're upset.

Katie: Okay, how does this keep happening? How?! How do people like you always get what they want?! It doesn't matter that you hurt people, that you lie, you cheat, you steal.

Quinn: I never meant to hurt anybody.

Katie: You always get to win! I do my best. I do my best to be good and play by the rules, and it doesn't matter because I lose! [Voice breaking] I lose every time! You get to be evil and commit crime after crime, and it doesn't matter. No punishment. You get rewarded. You get to live in a house with a man who loves you. I asked for one thing -- one thing that's mine.

Quinn: Not everyone is cut out for jewelry design.

Katie: This has nothing to do with the jewelry line. This has to do with you. You ruin everything.

Maya: I guess I just jumped to conclusions with Nicole. She's a newlywed. She's got a full-time job. I just assumed she wouldn't want the responsibility of taking care of Lizzy. I understand why she's hurt and probably lashing out a little bit. It's actually sweet that she wants to be so involved.

Rick: She didn't sound so sweet on the phone. I think we should call her back.

Maya: No. I think we should let it lie. Hey, don't worry. I'll smooth things out when we get back home.

Nicole: Hey, there. Pam thought she was gonna take you today.

Lizzy: [Fusses]

Nicole: I know, as if you need to be passed around from person to person. No more.

Lizzy: Mama! Ma-ma-ma-ma! [Fusses]

Nicole: [Chuckles softly]

Lizzy: Mama!

Nicole: I'm here. Mama's right here, sweetie. I'm right here.

Eric: She'll understand.

Ridge: I'm just wondering if I should be there in case there's a problem.

Eric: You know something I don't? Ridge, no. I-I know it's your instinct to run in and save the day, but you don't need to do that. Leave it up to them. Katie and Quinn might surprise you.

Katie: [Sighs]

Quinn: Katie, let me see what I can do. There has to be something here for you at Forrester.

Katie: Oh. You think that you're gonna find me another meaningless job to placate me so I'll keep my mouth shut?

Quinn: That's exactly what Eric was thinking.

Katie: Don't you remember? I know -- I know -- your dirty little secret. I thought you were smarter than this. I thought you knew that if you manipulated Eric into firing me, I would never keep quiet.

Quinn: No. You're keeping quiet because that is what we all agreed to do for Eric's sake. Look, you are gonna get another job. Katie, you will -- maybe something here at Forrester. I'll do everything I can.

Katie: I suppose it's good I don't have to answer to you anymore, you know -- a woman who has caused so much pain, who is morally bankrupt.

Quinn: Okay, Katie.

Katie: Integrity, decency, goodness -- they mean nothing to you because you think that you'll never have to pay for what you've done, but you will because judgment day is coming, sooner rather than later. You are going to pay for every horrible thing you've ever done!

Quinn: Back up, Katie. I mean it.

Katie: I'm gonna make sure of it! Maybe someone should just get rid of you!

Quinn: Katie, just stop! God! [Sighs] [Gasps] Oh, my god. Katie... put that down.

Katie: Winners and losers -- that's the kind of world we live in... a world where people like me... are alone... and people like you... go home to a beautiful house... to a beautiful man who loves her. You have no idea... what it's like to lose. Maybe I should change that. Maybe I should just do it and get rid of you once and for all.

Quinn: No.

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