B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17


Episode # 7597 ~ Saul grows jealous and resentful when Thomas asserts himself as the new boss at Spectra Fashions; Ridge attempts to calm Quinn's fears by suggesting a way to suffice Katie enough to keep her quiet.

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Eric: Something's going on with you and Quinn.

Katie: I think she and I just have really different world views. I mean, I -- I do my best to play by the rules, and she... she doesn't.

Eric: She's an unconventional person.

Katie: Yeah, that's one way of putting it. A-and I know she's your wife, and you -- you want to think the best of her.

Eric: Yes, and I do. But if something's not working between the two of you, we have to deal with that. It's not just work, is it, Katie? Look, you said you wanted to tell me. So tell me. I want to know.

Quinn: I shouldn't be here. At your place.

Ridge: Well, technically, the guest house is on the estate, so it's your place.

Quinn: You know what I mean. Look, Katie is making threats. We have to do something.

Ridge: Brooke talked to her and she told her not to say anything.

Quinn: And we're gonna believe that she's just gonna listen to Brooke? I mean, she's holding it over my head, ridge! She's waving it in my face every time she doesn't get what she wants.

Ridge: She's not gonna say anything to my dad. She doesn't want to hurt him.

Quinn: Yeah, but she wants to hurt me. Telling Eric about our little... our -- our indiscretion, it just might be worth it to her. I'm telling you, Katie is becoming a very dangerous threat.

Sally: Coco, please stay and talk to me.

Coco: I was talking to Thomas.

Thomas: Coco, listen to your sister. She's hurting.

Sally: You need to hear this from me. What I did to you was beyond wrong, and I know that I probably don't have a right to ask, but... if you could find it in your heart to give me another chance...

Sally: I have already been given way more forgiveness than I deserve. But all I want now is a chance to make it up to you.

Thomas: Coco, thank you for hearing me out, but I'm gonna let you guys figure this out on your own.

Coco: So, he's -- he's really working here?

Sally: Head designer. He wants to be my partner. Can't believe it, either. You know, there's only been one person that's ever had as much faith in me as he does. That's my little sister. I hate myself for the way I betrayed you.

Eric: Katie, we've always been very candid with each other, haven't we?

Katie: Yes, we have, but I know your wife is a delicate subject.

Eric: There was tension between you two in the past.

Katie: And I have really honestly tried to move on from that.

Eric: And so has she. I've been very happy that she wanted to have you come and work at the company with us.

Katie: You didn't wonder why she wanted to do that?

Eric: It's kind of her thing these days, isn't it?

Katie: Mm.

Eric: I mean, first, it was Steffy and then ridge and now you.

Katie: So you see a pattern.

Eric: I see her trying to get everyone to come together. Katie, I understand. Your designs aren't being used, they're not being featured in the collection as much as you would like. It's frustrating. I get that. This is just the beginning for you. Something wonderful is happening here, Katie, and you're a part of it. The family is coming together, we're all getting along. It was just a few months ago that ridge was doing everything he could to get Quinn out of the company, and now we're practically living under the same roof together. He's in the guest house.

Katie: Really? That's convenient.

Ridge: Just give Katie what she wants, and she won't be a problem.

Quinn: I can't do that.

Ridge: It's a pair of earrings, Quinn!

Quinn: And a pendant! And a bracelet! And then what else? It's -- it's the principle! Her pieces don't fit into the collection. Ivy and I have worked so hard to establish ourselves as designers who are innovative and original, and Katie's pieces, they're -- oh, they're pedestrian!

Ridge: All right, then give her her own signature line.

Quinn: Her own line? You're not even listening to me. Ridge, you're an artist. You know what I'm talking about.

Ridge: You're not listening to me. Eric is my dad. I'm his son. He can't find out about this. Ever.

Saul: Oh, good. You're leaving.

Thomas: I am giving sally and coco some space. They need a little privacy.

Saul: I don't know what things were like over at Forrester, but here at spectra, we have an open-door policy. Anyone can just walk on into that office, so excuse me.

Thomas: Not a good time, Saul. Sally's in there trying to patch things up with her little sister. You want that, don't you?

Saul: Yeah, of course I do. How can you ask me that?

Thomas: Because you are the one who used coco as a spy at Forrester.

Saul: No. No! Shirley and I, we were trying to save the company.

Thomas: Spectra is not that kind of business anymore. If we're gonna be working together, that's never going to happen again. I know that times were tough. You did what you had to do. But from here on out, I need your support and your best judgment.

Saul: Tell you what, I'll do whatever sally needs me to do.

Thomas: You're extremely loyal to her. I appreciate that. But, Saul, you made a mistake. A big one. You used that little girl in there to spy on Forrester. You forced a wedge between those sisters. You better hope they can fix that.

Coco: I'm so glad you didn't go to jail, sally. And I was just as relieved as you were when Thomas stepped in and saved spectra, but... but that doesn't fix things between us.

Sally: I know.

Coco: Why do you think it hurts so much? You're my sister, sally. And I love you. But you used me.

Sally: Yes, okay? I should have stopped it, stepped up, and protected you. I let you down.

Coco: My whole life, you were the one that I could trust, that I could count on. Mom and dad were gone, but I never felt alone. I never felt scared because I always knew that my big sister would be there for me. But I don't feel that anymore.

Sally: I know I made a mistake. But it won't happen again, I swear.

Coco: Your turned me into a criminal. You jeopardized my future and my friendship and everything that I thought you wanted for me! I would never do that to you, sally. Never. So how could I ever trust you again?

Katie: Listen, I don't want whatever's going on between Quinn and me to misrepresent how I feel about being a part of the company. I am so grateful to have been brought on. I mean, being at Forrester's exactly what I need right now, to be in the middle of things, taking things in.

Eric: Good. I'm glad to hear it.

Katie: I love being in an office. I really do. And I guess I didn't realize how much I needed a job. I mean, I'm stuck in that big beautiful home all by myself, and it was just making me a little crazy, and I -- I guess I've been a little lonely.

Eric: You're not dating?

Katie: Not really.

Eric: No time?

Katie: [Laughs] I guess I have nothing but time, but I just haven't been lucky with men, you know? I mean, there was bill, who was obsessed with my sister, and I guess you can say the same thing about ridge.

Eric: There are other men in los Angeles.

Katie: That's true. Very true. But I want a good one, you know?

Eric: [Chuckles]

Katie: I suppose there just aren't that many men like you.

Quinn: I brought this on myself. This was my dumb idea, to bring Katie back to Forrester.

Ridge: You must have known that she might say yes.

Quinn: Yes, of course, but I didn't think Eric would put her on my team. I was just trying to appease her.

Ridge: Just keep trying.

Quinn: She's taking advantage.

Ridge: And you gave her that power.

Quinn: You're the one who told her what happened in Sydney.

Ridge: Quinn, just use her jewelry.

Quinn: No, I -- I-I can't. I won't do it. It isn't good enough, and I'm not gonna be blackmailed. How did this happen? How did we let it come to this?

Saul: Sally knows that I'm here for her.

Thomas: I'm not questioning your loyalty, Saul, or how much you care for her. I can see that. But you should never have encouraged sally to betray her little sister.

Sally: I miss my little sister. I hate the distance between us.

Coco: I do, too, but... but I have to protect myself.

Sally: Not from me.

Coco: You could have ruined any chance I had in the fashion industry. You could have gotten me fired, sally. Or blackballed. Or worse!

Sally: Yes, and I am grateful that that didn't happen. You still have your internship and your relationship with R.J.

Coco: Yeah, but you didn't care about any of that when you let grams hook me up to that camera. You sent me into Forrester to be your spy.

Sally: I panicked, coco, okay? This -- this company was going under, and I felt like I had to do something drastic. Horrible, thoughtless, but not completely unforgivable. It can't be. Come on, coco. I confessed. That has to count for something. I was willing to go to jail for what I did. I took full responsibility. I even made sure that everybody knew that you had nothing to do with it, especially the Forresters. You say that I don't care, but I do. So much. All I want is a chance to prove that, and I know that it's gonna take some time and a lot of work, but I am not going to stop trying. Just please don't give up on me.

Eric: You were involved with two of the most eligible men in los Angeles.

Katie: [Laughing] Yeah, and look how that turned out for me.

Eric: [Chuckles]

Katie: I-I suppose that bill and ridge do share a lot of the same qualities, even though they would never admit it. I mean, they're both powerful and successful and good-looking, good fathers... I just -- I want someone who's gonna stand up for me, you know? I mean, someone stable and thoughtful and -- oh, my god, I hate using this word, but -- reliable.

Eric: Why, you think because it sounds boring?

Katie: Yes, frankly. It does. But I just -- I want someone who's gonna be there for me, no matter what.

Eric: That doesn't seem like such a tall order.

Katie: Yeah, well, you'd be surprised.

Eric: You haven't met anybody like that?

Katie: Well, at the risk of sounding repetitive, there are not that many men in los Angeles like you.

Eric: Look, I know what you're talking about. As we grow up, we start to look for different attributes in a partner. Qualities like loyalty become much more important.

Katie: Yeah, that's a big one, isn't it?

Eric: It is for me. I experience that wonderfully with Quinn. And with you, my loyal friend. I love that we can be so open and honest with each other.

Ridge: Give Katie what she wants. If that's the price we have to pay for what we did, so be it.

Quinn: It won't be! You know it won't be! What were we thinking? Why? Why did we do this to ourselves?

Ridge: Do what to ourselves? We kissed! It didn't mean anything.

Quinn: If it didn't mean anything, why didn't we stop?

Ridge: We did stop.

Quinn: No, we didn't. It happened over and over. At the house, on the beach in Sydney, and... we risked everything! My marriage, your relationship with your father... you lost Brooke, and for what? For some twisted desire for danger?

Ridge: It doesn't matter why. It's over. I don't think about it. Do you?

Coco: You don't know what you're asking.

Sally: Begging, coco. I'm begging.

Coco: Sally, you were my rock.

Sally: I took something precious, yes, and I destroyed it -- the trust we had, your faith in me... I'm your big sister! That always came first, okay? Growing up, I -- I had one job. To look after you, to make sure that you were safe and happy. So I can't imagine that moment when you looked out and saw the Forrester designs on that runway, on our runway, finding out that we made you a part of it, that I let it happen... I betrayed you. Once. But never again.

Coco: You say that...

Sally: I mean it.

Coco: But how can I be sure?

Sally: Look at me. Think about everything that we have been through. It has always been us against the world. On the playground, at school, at home... what did I always say to you?

Coco: You'd say, "don't worry. Just hold on to me. Everything will be all right."

Sally: So don't let go. Please, don't let this tear us apart. You are way too important to me. I need you.

Coco: I need you, too, and I don't like feeling like this.

Sally: Then let's just -- let's just put this behind us. Come on, can we do that? Can we just find a way to move on? I want that more than anything. Please. Please, coco. Just tell me that you will forgive me. [Gasps]

Coco: Yeah.

Sally: [Exhales sharply] I will never let you down again. You can count on me. Always.

Coco: Okay.

Eric: Yeah, I need to get back.

Katie: Yeah, well, me, too. I need to get back to the office before Quinn starts looking for me.

Eric: Katie. Talk to her. You know, she may not agree with everything you say, but she'll -- she'll listen.

Katie: I hope so.

Eric: It's communication. It's a very big part of what we do at work there, huh? It's like this -- touching base, having lunch together once in a while.

Katie: Well, this was certainly the highlight of my day.

Eric: Mine, too. Well, what about tonight? Do you have plans for dinner?

Katie: Tonight?

Eric: Yeah, why don't you join us? Wyatt's coming over...

Katie: Oh, is it just the three of you?

Eric: No, ridge is joining us, as well.

Katie: Oh, well, then, um, sure, yeah. I'd love that. Thank you.

Eric: Good. It might give you and Quinn a chance to calm things down between you.

Katie: Yeah, we'll see.

Eric: You know, you can tell me anything. If something's going on, I want to hear about it. Good or bad. It's not speaking out of turn. It's being a friend. Quinn's undivided loyalty has spoiled me, I know. I guess I -- I expect that from everyone now.

Ridge: We're gonna do whatever it takes to keep this from my father.

Quinn: You need to talk to Katie.

Ridge: I don't need to talk to her at all. We're gonna give her what she wants.

Quinn: Why, because of a few meaningless kisses?

Ridge: No, because it was wrong! That's why.

Quinn: But so is she!

Ridge: I don't even --

Quinn: What?! I am not going to let her control me, and I'm not gonna let her make me feel guilty! I feel bad enough -- I do! -- With whatever this is between us, and if I could go back, I would -- I would take it all back!

Ridge: So would I.

Quinn: I would never go up to San Francisco.

Ridge: It'd just be me, right? At a symposium by myself? No tequila. Perfect.

Quinn: No, no tequila, because the tequila is what made me open up to you in the first place.

Ridge: Oh, that's what it was?

Quinn: Yes!

Ridge: I don't even like you. And I've never liked you.

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