B&B Transcript Monday 5/29/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/29/17


Episode # 7595 ~ Saul asks Sally to partner up with him, as he is sure that they would make a great team; Thomas is given a second chance at redeeming himself with his family.

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Steffy:  Come back to Forrester.

Thomas: Even though I'm financing the enemy?

Eric: I don't condone what sally did. And I have big issues with this investment of yours in spectra.

Steffy: I-I get -- I get why you did it, Thomas. Sally was a victim of bill's real estate ploy, and you wanted to step in. And maybe we'll find out if it was a right move or not, but that doesn't even matter. You belong here. We want you back.

Thomas: Even you, dad?

Saul: We don't need him, you know.

Sally: Need...?

Saul: That tall friend of yours. Why is he in fashion anyway? Thomas should be playing basketball.

Sally: For the clippers or the Lakers?

Saul: No, uh, some European league. Or maybe -- maybe there's a, um, a far east team or Antarctic, huh? That'd be good.

Sally: Absolutely.

Saul: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Sally: Well, as much as you would like to ship him off, he has helped us out tremendously.

Saul: Maybe. Unless he's about to take it all away.

Sally: He's not.

Saul: He's meeting with his family right now. But -- but enough about that. We don't have to rely on him, because, um, I've got some designs.

Sally: Saul --

Saul: And money. I have some money, too.

Sally: Oh, you do?

Saul: Now, it's a modest savings. Not Forrester-esque, but enough. It would keep us afloat for a few weeks. We can do this, sally. You and me -- oh, what a team! Come on. Forget about Forrester and partner up with me.

You're all set. Looks like you were low on towels, so I left a few extra. If there's anything else, don't hesitate to call.

Rick: Merci.

Maya: Uh, you know, I, uh, I think we need a few more towels.

Rick: Pay no attention to my wife.

Maya: What?

Rick: Well, sometimes when she's looking at pictures of our child, she tunes the rest of the world out. [Chuckles] I understand. I'm the same way. Do you have a son or daughter?

Maya: A daughter. Her name is Lizzy. [Gasps]


Maya: Oh, thank you. We miss her very much.

I bet. You go home to her soon?

Maya: [Sighs] Not soon enough.

Vivienne: You'll get through this. You will.

Nicole: Grow to accept it, you mean? Never being able to have my own baby?

Vivienne: The doctor didn't say never.

Nicole: We went to two different doctors. They both said the same thing. Scarred, infertile.

Vivienne: Possibly.

Nicole: Because I brought this angel into the world.

Rick: Hey.

Maya: Hey.

Rick: What you working on?

Maya: Uh, Lizzy's schedule. I don't want any one person to be overburdened, you know?

Rick: Oh, it's too bad my mom's on her honeymoon. She would have watched Lizzy in a second.

Maya: I mean, Nicole would, too, happily, I'm sure, but I just don't want to ask too much. So, that is why I'm hoping that my mother will be able to take an evening or two.


Vivienne: Bonjour! Oh, how's Paris?

Maya: Uh, it's beautiful. It's beautiful. But you won't believe this. The shoot that rick and I came here to do turned out to be much bigger than we thought. It's actually a huge campaign now, so we're gonna have to stay a little longer.

Vivienne: Oh! You're gonna stay longer? Um, how much longer?

Maya: Not sure. Maybe another week.

Vivienne: A week?

Maya: I know. I know. It's terrible. And we had to leave Lizzy with Nicole because our nanny had a last-minute emergency, and now it turns out that she's gonna be away even longer than we thought, so we've been calling people frantically to see if they can help out. Coco and Pam have been absolute life savers.

Vivienne: You know, I'm trying not to take it personally that -- that you would, uh, turn to Pam and coco instead of asking your mother.

Maya: That's why I am calling, to ask if you would help.

Vivienne: Is that photo shoot that important?

Maya: Oh, mom, wait till you see it.

Vivienne: I'm sure it's a great opportunity.

Nicole: Hand me the phone.

Vivienne: Oh.

Nicole: Hey.

Maya: Nicole?

Nicole: What's this about a photo shoot?

Maya: Oh, my god. You will not believe.

Nicole: Yeah, well, do tell. I'm sure it's something pretty epic to keep you away from your baby.

Sally: Partners, huh?

Saul: I mean it, sally. My grandfather knew how to save, and I inherited a bit, and I haven't squandered any of it, so let me invest it in you. But first give Thomas his money back.

Sally: You have $100,000?

Saul: Well, not exactly, but I have enough to keep the sewing machines turned on. And, uh, I have something else, too.

Sally: What?

Shirley: What's going on in here?

Saul: [Chuckles]

Thomas: So you're saying the only way I return to Forrester is if I get all my money back from sally, cut all ties. Is that where we're at? I get my job if I ditch sally? I care about her. We are in a relationship. You get that, right?

Ridge: I don't think "relationship" is the right word here.

Thomas: You want me to choose between love and family.

Maya: Yeah, you know, that's the hardest part, being away from Lizzy for so long. But, Nicole, just wait until you see the shoot. You'll be blown away. Just picture Forrester gowns all over Paris. We're mixing couture, history, famous landmarks. It's gonna be huge for me and for Forrester.

Nicole: Wow. Yeah. Worth every sacrifice, I'm sure.

Maya: Yeah, it will be worth it for the coverage, but, um, you know, I hope I'm not asking too much of you.

Nicole: Taking care of Lizzy? Not at all.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Is that funny?

Maya: Oh, no. I'm sorry. It's rick. Hey, rick. Rick, I'm on the phone. Babe, can you give me a minute, please?

Nicole: I should let you go.

Maya: It is getting kind of late here. Oh, no, no, no. Just half a glass. Rick! Nicole, you should see the glass of wine this man is pouring. And is that escargot? Yes, I want some.

Nicole: Well, I should get back to Lizzy. She's getting tired.

Maya: Okay. Hey, thank you so much for spending so much time with her. I really appreciate it. But if it ever becomes a hassle, I can find someone --

Nicole: Hassle? Never.

Maya: Is something wrong?

Nicole: No.

Maya: You just sound a little stressed.

Nicole: I'm fine. Enjoy your wine and escargot and posing in front of the Eiffel tower or wherever. I've got everything under control here.

Maya: Are you sure?

Nicole: Do your thing, Maya. Don't you worry. Lizzy's in good hands.

Saul: I think I'll go check on those fabric orders.

Shirley: Uh, don't stop ordering the cheap stuff just because we have an investor.

Saul: I know, I know.

Sally: Hey, Saul? I appreciate what you said. Thank you.

Shirley: Was he, um, giving you a pep talk? I felt like I was interrupting.

Sally: Something like that.

Shirley: Hmm.

Sally: Saul's so sweet. He's believed in me from the beginning, and he really thinks that we can make this company work and be legitimate.

Shirley: We can, thanks to Thomas Forrester and his very generous investment, an investment that could go away if his family talks him out of it.

Ridge: I don't approve of what you did. But no, I'm not asking you to choose. You're my son. I love you, and I want you to be happy. When I heard about you writing a check, it just... it upset me. And yes, maybe I didn't handle it the right way. But you belong here.

Thomas: You mean that?

Eric: We all agree.

Steffy: Your personal life, that's your business. Even your investments. I don't like you throwing money at sally, but do what you got to do. As long as you're doing it here.

Ridge: You're part of this family and part of this company, and you helped make Forrester what it is.

Steffy: I know that you felt unappreciated, but we're gonna change that. Dad and I are gonna make sure of it.

Eric: What do you say, tom? Come back.

Ridge: We could use your help.

Steffy: Forrester creations is your legacy as much as it is mine. Don't walk away from it.

Maya: That was odd.

Rick: Odd how?

Maya: Um, yeah. The -- the call was weird. Um, Nicole. She -- she didn't sound like herself.

Rick: It's not something to do with Lizzy, right?

Maya: No, no, she reassured me that Lizzy's fine, but she was in this mood, you know, like she was trying to make me feel guilty for being away.

Rick: Well, I'm sure that's not what she meant. You know what it probably is? You're misinterpreting. You're already feeling your own guilt about being away that you're reading too much into what other people are saying.

Maya: [Sighs] Yeah, you're probably right. I just hope she's not as stressed as she sounded.

Nicole: It's not just me, right? You find it weird, too, Maya calling around town, asking Pam of all people to watch Lizzy?

Vivienne: Well, I didn't want to feel insulted, but --

Nicole: Well, it's insulting.

Vivienne: She didn't want to burden us. We both work so hard.

Nicole: Burden? This child is not a burden. At least not to me. I love her.

Vivienne: Maya knows that. We all know that.

Nicole: You're worried about me, aren't you?

Vivienne: It's been a difficult day.

Nicole: Yeah, it has.

Steffy: I'd feel a lot better if Thomas had given us an answer.

Ridge: He needs time to think. I get that.

Steffy: What does he need to think about? Why would he not come back to his family company?

Ridge: [Sighs] Maybe sally's offering something that we can't.

Steffy: He can still see her. Hell, he can invest in that sinking company if he wants to.

Ridge: Yeah, maybe he's just too upset to come back.

Steffy: Oh, too upset, too stubborn.

Ridge: He's a Forrester, after all.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Thomas: Busy?

Sally: Hey. No. Never -- never too busy for you. How'd your meeting go? Did they tell you to rip up the check you gave me and never to see me again?

Thomas: I thought they would, but they didn't.

Sally: Oh, so they don't want you back?

Thomas: No, they do. They do. But I can come back without the terms and conditions. My investments and my personal life are my business.

Sally: That's -- that's -- that's great. So, what did you tell them?

Nicole: You probably think I'm being too emotional, but...

Vivienne: Too emotional? Listen, being told that you might not have a baby of your own, there's no such thing as too emotional.

Nicole: [Voice breaking] Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if... if I hadn't already given... and now Maya's in Paris, taking pictures. And how is being some modeling star more important to her right now?

Vivienne: No. No, it's not.

Nicole: Sure seems like it.

Vivienne: [Sighs]

Nicole: I just... I don't know what's happening to me right now.

Vivienne: You're hurting. That's understandable.

Nicole: I thought I'd have another child. I never questioned it.

Vivienne: I know. I know.

Nicole: Maybe daddy was right. Maybe I should have never given her away.

Maya: You know what I just realized? Nicole's tone.

Rick: What about it?

Maya: It reminds me of when she first got to los Angeles. She had all the anger underneath, almost threatening.

Rick: She was confused back then. She was trying to piece together stories that she was hearing. It's totally different between you two now.

Maya: I just hope that nothing I've done has made her question that.

Rick: Oh, come on, Maya. Please. She carried our child for us. She loves you. You don't have to worry about Nicole. But we do have to worry about that maid that was here earlier.

Maya: What?

Rick: Well, she went to all the trouble turning down our bed. She's been doing all these things around here. I mean, gosh, we're just completely ignoring all her hard work.

Maya: [Chuckles] Well, we may have to remedy that.

Rick: Yeah, we just might have to do that.

Maya: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Listen to me. Lizzy's okay. It's all right. Everything is all right.

Steffy: I'm guessing we got through to Thomas. He just needs to stew about it for a while.

Ridge: You're probably right.

Steffy: There's no reason for him not to come back.

Ridge: Love, maybe.

Steffy: We told him he can keep seeing sally. We're family, and we're gonna be there for him even when his crush on sally is over. He has to stay at Forrester. Thomas has to know that.

Sally: Well, this is cool. You can go back to work.

Thomas: Yes, I can do that.

Sally: That's what you told them?

Thomas: No, I didn't tell them anything. I wanted to tell you first.

Sally: Tell me...?

Thomas: Sally, we should talk.

Sally: Okay, that they're not making you pull your investment, but maybe you feel like it's the right thing to do because you're going back to your family's company to be loyal --

Thomas: Sally, sally, hey. Calm down. My investment stays.

Sally: Yeah?

Thomas: Absolutely.

Sally: Oh. Okay.

Thomas: I stay, too.

Sally: S-stay? Stay where?

Thomas: Stay here. Sally, I'm -- I'm tired of waiting for handouts and -- and hoping for my -- my turn in line. My time is now, with you.

Sally: With me?

Thomas: Sally, yes. With you as -- as your lead designer, as your investor, and...as your partner.

Sally: Partner? Wait, you want to be my --

Thomas: Your partner. Yes. How does that sound?

Sally: I mean, it sounds great.

Thomas: Sally, sally, look at me. We are going to be the hottest design team in L.A., All right?

Sally: Oh, my god. You're serious, aren't you?

Thomas: Sally, I'm absolutely serious. This is what you came here to do -- put spectra on the map. Sally, come on. It's happening.

Sally: Ah! [Laughs]

Shirley: Ladies and gentlemen, the design team of spectra fashions, Thomas Forrester and sally spectra!

[Cheers and applause]

Thomas: Sally, you came to L.A. with a dream, and I'm going to see to it that that dream comes true. I'm giving you the one piece that was missing, the one thing that was holding you back -- a partner.

Sally: You.

Thomas: Me.

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