B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/24/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/24/17


Episode # 7592 ~ Vivienne provides Nicole with motherly advice during a time of need; while she's in Paris, Maya receives news that puts plans for the future on hold.

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[Camera shutter clicking]

Let's take five.

Maya: Are you sure? I can go longer.

That's okay. You're a bit distracted, probably jet lag. Just have some water. There is fruit. And we'll start up again soon.

Rick: I think I know what's wrong with my wife, and it's not jet lag. You're thinking about our daughter back home.

R.J.: Yeah, there you go.

Coco: Yeah, there we go.

R.J.: [Laughs]

Zende: Hey! How's my beautiful niece doing?

Coco: Oh, she's great, she's great. We're just about to put her down, though.

Zende: Okay. I can help you with that. Let me get this champagne on some ice.

R.J.: You celebrating something?

Zende: Oh, yes, R.J. -- Life. Life and how awesome it is. Where's my wife?

Coco: Oh, actually, I'm not sure. She said she had to go do something and asked if we could keep an eye on Lizzy.

Zende: Okay. Well... I hope she gets back soon. There's a lot that I need to catch her up on.

Vivienne: Well, out with it.

Nicole: What?

Vivienne: You don't think you're fooling me. I can see the tears you're holding back. Is it Zende? Are you two having problems already?

Nicole: No. He's been wonderful. I had a doctor's appointment today.

Vivienne: Oh. Are you sick?

Nicole: No.

Vivienne: Oh.

Nicole: Just broken. I might... not ever be able to conceive.

[Camera shutter clicks]

That should do it.

Maya: Yeah? You got everything you need?

[Cell phone rings]

Yes, well done.

Maya: Great.

Rick: I got to take this.

Maya: Oh, sure, honey.

Rick: This is Rick.

And thank you for agreeing to this. You know, when I heard that you and Rick would be in Paris, I just had to get you in here.

Maya: Oh, please excuse my husband. With the whole spectra fiasco, he has a lot of fires to put out.

Reassuring buyers could take time.

Maya: Tell me about it.

Which works to my benefit. Rick is hard at work, so you might as well be, too. I've got big plans, Maya, if you are willing to extend your stay.

Zende: You sure you're okay with putting her down solo?

Coco: Yeah, yeah. You should see my babysitting résumé. I took classes. No, seriously, I have certificates to prove it.

Zende: [Chuckles] Well, Nicole and I will have to remember that when the time comes.

Coco: Hey, I hope you do. I hope you do. All right, ready? Come on.

R.J.: All right, man, you got to tell me.

Zende: What?

R.J.: What has you so pumped? I mean, you've been smiling since you got home.

Zende: Oh, that. Uh, got some good news today.

R.J.: Yeah?

Zende: Mm-hmm. From your father.

R.J.: Oh. Like, design news?

Zende: Hey. Hey.

R.J.: Dude, congratulations, man! Does Nicole know?

Zende: Not yet. I can't wait till she gets back. We are gonna celebrate.

R.J.: Yeah.

Vivienne: You're not able to conceive? It doesn't make any sense. You already have.

Nicole: I know. That might be why. Zende and I have been trying since we got married. And...nothing.

Vivienne: Yeah, but it wasn't that long ago. It takes time.

Nicole: Yeah, but Lizzy was a first try. I got...worried, so I made a doctor's appointment. She said scarring.

Vivienne: What?

Nicole: Uterine adhesions. It means I might not... I don't know if I'll be able to have a child of my own.

Vivienne: [Breathes deeply]

[Bell tolls]

Maya: Extend my stay? Why?

Because you're not in Paris all that often, and I think we should take advantage, no?

Maya: [Chuckles nervously] What do you have in mind?

Okay. Maya Forrester in front of the tour d'eiffel, the l'arc de triomphe, Notre dame de Paris, of course, flying buttresses framing you in the background. Can't you see it? 'Cause I have the vision, you know? Multiple shoots in front of iconic landmarks. And if there's time, some other countries, maybe.

Maya: [Chuckles] It sounds amazing, but... but won't it take time to get permits and everything?

It'll take some time, but it's worth it.

Maya: But it probably isn't necessary.

Necessary, no. You're already a famous face of Forrester, but an international shoot of this stature would propel your career and mine.

Maya: Okay. I mean, I can talk to Rick and see how long he thinks we can stay. I mean, if it's a day or two, it probably won't be that bad, and... honestly, it might be good for him, considering all the work he has to do.

Let me know, but it's an opportunity I don't think you should pass up.

R.J.: Okay, don't get me wrong. I -- I am thrilled for you. But my dad firing Thomas? I feel for him.

Zende: Yeah, I do, too. I hate it had to happen this way. But what can I do? I had to say yes.

R.J.: No, no, you should. I mean, you worked really hard to prove yourself.

Coco: Yeah, and try not to feel too bad. 'Cause you really did earn it.

Zende: Thank you, both.

Coco: Yeah.

Zende: Thank you for taking care of Lizzy tonight.

Coco: Oh, not a problem. Not a problem at all. She's super-easy.

Zende: Fingers crossed. Avant baby trait.

Coco: Okay, yeah. Wait. So, you were saying that you were hoping for a family. Are you and Nicole...?

Zende: [Chuckles] You did say you were gonna babysit for us, right?

Coco: Well, yeah! Yeah, of course.

R.J.: Wait. Nicole's pregnant?

Zende: Not yet. I mean, we're officially trying. But I wouldn't be surprised if we got a visit from the stork nine months from now.

R.J.: Oh. Champagne, good news to tell Nicole... no wonder you think you're gonna get a baby in nine months.

Zende: [Chuckles]

Coco: Yeah, okay. Well, I think that's our cue to exit.

R.J.: I think it might be. All right.

Coco: We'll see you.

R.J.: Good luck, man.

Zende: All right, guys. Thank you.

R.J.: Yep.

[Door opens, closes]

Vivienne: Are you sure? Maybe we should get another opinion.

Nicole: Explains why I'm not pregnant yet. Secondary infertility is what she called it. Why is this happening? After all that we've... Zende was so upset with me for giving up my body for Lizzy. Only he doesn't know how much I gave up... how much he gave...

Vivienne: Okay, okay. Let's not get ahead of yourself. Could be infertile. That's what you said, right?

Nicole: I promised him that he would be a father. And now I have to tell him that I -- I can't...?

Julius: Hey. What's wrong? Viv? What happened?

Vivienne: You want to tell him, or should I?

Nicole: Zende and I have been talking about having a baby. But...I can't.

Julius: What, you -- you don't want to?

Nicole: Physically can't. I had a doctor's appointment today. Found out that... I might not ever...be able to get pregnant again.

Julius: What fool doctor told you that? You've been pregnant. You've given birth.

Vivienne: Well, there's some scarring, and they think that's the cause of the problem.

Julius: Scarring?

Vivienne: Yeah, probably the result of the first pregnancy.

Nicole: She didn't say that for certain, buy, yeah, probably. I feel so terrible, not just for myself, but for Zende. What have I done to him?

Vivienne: Nicole, you have not done anything wrong.

Nicole: Zende keeps talking about how we're gonna have a big family -- kids running around the house, cousins for Lizzy, soccer games, dance recitals -- and I fed into that fantasy. I told him I was on board. We -- we even started talking about baby names. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to carry, that I was giving him false promises.

Julius: Nicole, I don't know about scarring. I don't know about infertility. But I do know this -- you will have that baby. You are too good. You give and you give and you give. I mean, Lizzy is living proof of that. You cannot give up. You're too kind, caring, and loving. No. No. You will not have had a baby for your sister and not be able to have one of your own. Now, listen, I don't want you talking about giving false promises to Zende. No. No. You are gonna have that baby. We'll talk to the doctor. We'll talk to other doctors. We'll get you a specialist or whatever you need. But, baby, you cannot give up, not ever. Do you hear me?

Maya: Oh, hi.

Rick: Hey. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.

Maya: No, no, not at all. Is everything all right?

Rick: Yeah, um, it's crazy, but it's nothing to worry about. It's good we came. And don't worry. By tomorrow, I'll have met with everybody we needed to, and we can head back the day after that.

Maya: Or not?

[Soft music playing]

Zende: Welcome home, baby.

Nicole: Hi. What's -- what's all this?

Zende: This... is a celebration.

Nicole: We're celebrating?

Zende: We are.

Nicole: Okay, um, well, I should just go tell R.J. And coco that I'm back.

Zende: No, don't worry about that. Lizzy is already down for the night. Coco has some baby-whispering magic or something. She and R.J. Both went to a movie, got dinner or something. So, I was thinking, uh, Brooke -- Maya, Brooke, they're all gone. We have this entire house to ourself. We should take advantage of it, right?

Nicole: Yeah. Good idea.

Zende: Good? So, I was thinking that we could go for a swim. I mean, obviously you don't need to wear a bathing suit. You can wear your birthday suit. [Chuckles] All right, so... cheers to our future. It is brighter than ever right now.

Nicole: Or future? [Chuckles] I don't understand.

Zende: You are looking at the newest member of the Forrester design team! Me! [Chuckles]

Rick: Iconic landmarks?

Maya: All over Paris, maybe even Brussels, if there's time. It would be an amazing opportunity.

Rick: Well, it wouldn't be hard for me to schedule some more meetings and, depending on how much time we have, we could take a side trip to Milan.

Maya: I-I just miss Lizzy so much, Rick. But, like you said, she's in good hands, right?

Rick: She's in great hands.

Maya: Do you think I should do this?

Rick: What do you think?

Maya: I think I should do it.

Rick: Well, then you should.

Maya: Oh! I'm gonna be modeling in Paris with my gorgeous husband by my side.

Rick: A dream come true?

Maya: Yeah. The only thing missing is... Lizzy.

Rick: Hey, don't worry. She's gonna be fine.

Maya: Okay.

Rick: All right?

Julius: Nine months. Nine months of her body was all she was supposed to give, not her life.

Vivienne: Well, maybe something can be done.

Julius: Maybe.

Vivienne: She and Zende are finally together. They have come through so much. I mean, they overcame so much pain and -- and misunderstanding. This can't be their reward.

Nicole: A designer? I thought Ridge said that would take time.

Zende: Yeah, well, that was before he fired Thomas.

Nicole: He what?

Zende: That's the only bad thing about this is I'm replacing Thomas. Well, not replacing. I-I don't know. Whatever it is, it's not a good situation. What was I supposed to do? Say no? Should I let it stop me? What do you...

Nicole: No.

Zende: You know, I was thinking I must have been a saint in my past life. Right? I mean, I'm really reaping the benefits of it right now. Just think about how everything is coming to life for us. We're getting married, which was beautiful, right? I mean, we're both going down the right path for our careers, starting a family. [Chuckles] What am I thinking? Wow. Let me take that. Sorry. It's obvious why you're not taking a sip. You're thinking the same thing I'm thinking, which is tonight might be the night. Right? [Chuckles] You know what? We can just take this champagne upstairs. We don't even need to go to the pool. What do you say? Something wrong?

Dr. Caspary: Amenorrhea, an abnormal absence of menstruation. In your case, it stems from your pregnancy. You have uterine scarring. Decreasing your chances of becoming pregnant. You might have a condition called secondary infertility.

Nicole: You know, I-I had that doctor's appointment today.

Zende: Right. Um, I was... wow, I got sidetracked from, uh, getting this news. Um... what did you find out?

Nicole: That future you want, a family? I may not be able to give it to you. I don't know if I can get pregnant.

Zende: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nicole: I might not ever be able to give you a child.

Zende: What are you talking about? That sounds crazy. Of course you'll be able to. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't -- doesn't mean anything. Nicole, you will have a child. We will have our family.

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