B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/9/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/9/17


Episode # 7582 ~ The soon-to-be unemployed Spectra staff pack up the offices and Sally prepares to leave Los Angeles; Liam breaks Bill's confidence and divulges the secret about his father and Spectra Fashions.

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Bill: Beautiful.

[Imitates engine revving]

[Imitates beeping]

[Blocks clattering]

Bill: Come on in, Wyatt. Sit down.

Wyatt: Seriously?

Bill: Oh, this is serious as a heart attack. I've talked to you about visualization, right?

Wyatt: Uh-huh.

Bill: Okay, well, I'm taking it to the next level. I'm not just seeing this in my mind. I am actually creating it. And believe me when I tell you that this will come to pass. By the end of the day, spectra fashions will be a pile of rubble.

Shirley: Can't believe this is happening. A week ago, we were soaring. Now we're packing up and getting out. All that hard work for what?

Sally: Well, we made a wrong choice, and this is the price. Speaking of money, as you know, we can't pay the rent, so C.J. Is coming by later to pick up the keys.

Saul: I want you to listen to me. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Sally: Right.

Saul: No, I mean it, Sal. Nobody forced us on this ride. We all took it willingly as a team. We made decisions as a team. One of those decisions was to go left when we should have gone right, and this is the result. But still it's better than you rotting away in some prison.

Sally: Exactly where I would be if it wasn't for Thomas.

Steffy: I know you've been under a lot of pressure. I don't mean to pile it on you.

Thomas: No, don't worry about it. My latest designs will be on your desk first thing in the morning.

Steffy: It must be awful, having to rush through designs.

Thomas: It's not ideal, that's for sure.

Steffy: Well, you guys are doing amazing work, especially you.

Thomas: Why especially me?

Steffy: Because you've been under a lot of pressure.

Thomas: Did we just switch gears to Sally?

Steffy: She'd be in prison if you hadn't stepped in.

Thomas: Yeah, I couldn't let that happen. She asked to see me one more time. They're closing shop today.

Steffy: Are you going?

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: In spite of everything, the way Sally betrayed you, you're still in love with her.

Wyatt: Looks like Sally spectra dodged a bullet.

Bill: Yeah, no prison time, huh, thanks to Forrester.

Wyatt: Yeah, it's kind of odd Thomas spoke on her behalf.

Bill: I don't think so. I told you they were pretty chummy in Australia. Anyway, good for Sally.

Wyatt: That almost sounds like you're glad she's not getting any prison time.

Bill: I have nothing personal against the woman. She seemed perfectly pleasant. I just want her to get the hell out of my building. And since the civil charges stand, she can't afford to pay her rent. So I'm gonna head over there later with C.J. And take that pesky piece of real estate off his hands.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Bill: [Sighs] Don't you worry, sweetheart. Daddy's about to take you home.

Shirley: Hey, hey, hey! You be careful with that! L.A. Has not seen the last of spectra fashions!

Sally: I really don't know whether to hug her or to slap her.

Saul: [Chuckles] Wait, why? What do you mean?

Sally: There won't be a reopening. Spectra's dead.

Saul: Don't say that.

Sally: Look, somebody around here has to face reality. But, hey, at least I got my silver lining. Thomas came through for me in a big way.

Saul: Yeah, I got to admit it. The guy stepped up.

Sally: Yeah, I thanked him. Told him I was leaving town.

Saul: I really wish you wouldn't.

Sally: What's left for me here?

Saul: People who love you, who want to help you through this difficult time. I mean, I hate the thought of you all alone out in the world somewhere.

Sally: We'll keep in touch.

Saul: We could do better than that. You just say the word, and I'm in the car.

Sally: [Chuckles] It's very sweet, Saul. But I-I have to do this on my own and figure out what's next.

Saul: You really can't figure that out here?

Sally: I promised Thomas I would disappear. I told him I wanted to see him one last time. He said yes, but... I don't know if he'll come.

Thomas: I mean, Sally had a real shot at relaunching spectra on her own like she intended.

Steffy: Guess she decided stealing from us was easier instead.

Thomas: Well, it was Jarrett's review that killed her confidence. I was there when it posted. I saw the hit that she took. It was painful to watch. Anyways, Sally's leaving today. I'm gonna go say goodbye. Hey.

Liam: Hey, man.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Liam: Sally's leaving?

Steffy: I mean, what else is she gonna do but shut down spectra and cut her losses?

Liam: Listen, um... what Sally did, stealing from you, that was wrong. I mean, it was a bad, bad decision. But... would you feel any more forgiving if I told you she was sabotaged?

Wyatt: You got a "save the date" for the wedding yet?

Bill: Brooke and I haven't set a date quite yet, but soon. Got to close this spectra deal today, dot some I's, cross some t'S. We will be ready to roll. And before you know it, this magnificent creature will be gracing the L.A. Skyline.

Wyatt: You do know this win is all thanks to the review you wrote?

Bill: You mean the review that Jarrett wrote.

Wyatt: Well... it was still kind of cold, dad, you tearing Sally down like that under Jarrett's byline.

Bill: It was effective. That's all that matters. Now, I want absolute discretion here. Only three people know about this -- you, me, Jarrett. It needs to stay that way.

Steffy: Wait, what do you mean Sally was sabotaged?

Liam: So, my dad and C.J. Garrison have been in talks for, like, months about a real estate transaction.

Steffy: Okay, is that unusual?

Liam: No, but the building in question is the spectra building, and my dad wants the land for his downtown expansion, right?

Steffy: Yeah, considering the location, yeah, I get that.

Liam: Exactly. And you know my dad. I mean, it has to be the biggest, fanciest, shiniest, tallest building for the world to see. The problem is that my dad can't move forward until spectra moves out, and they weren't planning on going anywhere. So my dad needed them to fail. Do you follow me?

Steffy: So it's a conflict of interest, but what does that have to do with Sally stealing our designs?

Liam: Because my dad pushed her to it. Now, that's just -- it's an interpretation, but I believe that my dad is responsible for sending Sally down the path to being a knockoff shop.

Sally: Honey, don't cry.

Darlita: [Voice breaking] I can't help it. You know, it's awful that we lost the business, but what hurts the most is...is losing this, all four of us here every day.

Saul: But Sally says that we're gonna keep in touch. Right, Sally?

Sally: You bet. Thomas.

Thomas: Hey, guys. Hey, Sally.

Sally: Thanks for coming.

Shirley: What you did for Sally, standing up for her in front of the judge...

Darlita: She'd be in jail if you hadn't.

Saul: We appreciate it.

Sally: Wasn't sure you'd come.

Bill: This is how I built this business! If something's in my way -- in this case, spectra -- it has to go.

Wyatt: I know. And I get that. I'm just wondering how different things would have been for Sally if you just let Jarrett publish that review that he actually wrote. Her dream was to build something on her talent, and Jarrett saw that promise.

Bill: I'm about to fall asleep in my drink. You want to get to your point?

Wyatt: Okay, what I'm saying is, you're building this skyscraper on the wreckage of someone's dreams.

Liam: I wanted to tell you last night. I just wasn't sure, like, what you knew.

Steffy: Wait, back -- back up. How did you come to this idea?

Liam: When C.J. showed up to see my dad about the spectra building, which, by the way, I had no idea about, Wyatt started acting really weird. Like, he rushed C.J. out of the room. He started dodging my questions. And so I started putting the pieces together. Sally stole Forrester designs. Why? Because she believed her designs weren't good enough. Why not?

Steffy: Because of Jarrett's review.

Liam: Exactly. And so I went straight to the source, and it turns out Jarrett liked Sally's designs.

Steffy: No, he didn't. That review was -- was brutal. It was a career ender.

Liam: Jarrett didn't write it.

Steffy: Of course, he did.

Liam: No, he didn't. My dad did.

Steffy: Why wo--

Liam: Because he wanted to get the property by sinking spectra fashions.

Steffy: Oh, my...

Thomas: Saw the truck outside.

Sally: Yeah. Packing up and moving out. I don't know how to thank you, Thomas. If you hadn't spoken up for me, I would be behind bars. But instead, I'm free to go on about my life, whatever that may be.

Thomas: Well, I'm sure you'll land.

Sally: Yeah, hopefully on my feet this time and not on my butt. [Sighs] I asked you here so I could look you in the eye and say it again. I'm sorry. Deeply sorry. I know you may never be able to forgive me, and I don't blame you. It was wrong for me to steal from you and your family. But you came through for me anyway. And I'll always be grateful for that.

Thomas: Yeah, well, I didn't want to see you end up in prison. But...I can't forget what you did.

Sally: Yeah.

Thomas: So where you off to?

Sally: Back home.

Thomas: Hmm. To do what?

Sally: Work at the bakery with grams probably.

Thomas: So you're giving up fashion entirely?

Sally: Yeah, I need to stay away from it, at least for a little bit. [Sighs] But, uh, it turns out I had one last design in me. A little tribute to a dream that almost came true. I want you to have it. It's for you. Sally spectra's last... whatever.

Thomas: Sally, this is... this is elegant. It's refined. It's gorgeous. Sally, why did you ever doubt yourself as a designer?

Bill: All right, let this be a lesson, son. You want to be successful, you have to dream big. You have to reach for the unattainable, grab it, wrestle it to the ground, choke it out, show no mercy. You see this beautiful baby right here? That was just a vision. Just a vision in my head. Before you know it, it's gonna be a glorious in-your-face reality.

Wyatt: Even if building this dream means crushing Sally spectra's?

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: Bill wrote the review and published it under Jarrett's name?

Liam: Yep.

Steffy: Have you seen the original?

Liam: Mm-hmm. Jarrett said Sally was raw but unique. He said, uh, he saw talent and hustle and potential. I mean, it wasn't -- it wasn't a rave, but it was not the pan that my dad wrote by any means. And I'm not -- I'm not even excusing what Sally did at all. I'm just saying hypothetically if she had gotten the encouragement that Jarrett had intended for her, could she have built up a legitimate fashion house? I don't know, because it was my dad's manipulation that sent her down this path, right? It cost you an entire collection. It cost Sally her company. And...and it cost Thomas Sally.

Steffy: [Sighs] I wish you hadn't told me this. This is something Thomas would want to know.

Liam: I mean, you -- you don't think he should know? My dad's interference puts a whole different spin on her stealing.

Steffy: No, no, no, we're not telling him. No.

Liam: Why not?

Steffy: Bill might have arranged the circumstances. But he didn't force Sally to steal our designs. That was her choice.

Liam: I completely understand that.

Steffy: And she's gotten off so easy. She could be in prison right now, but she walked because of my brother. I mean...can't we just let it go?

Liam: You don't think that's Thomas' decision to make?

Steffy: I think I have just as much right. Sally targeted me. That woman has no redeeming value whatsoever, and I want her gone. I want her out of Thomas' life.

Liam: Okay. So then the question is... can you keep this from Thomas forever and live with yourself?

Thomas: This is so good. It's unlike anything you've ever done before. What was your inspiration for this?

Sally: You. You said it was elegant and refined. It's how you make me feel. Like a Forrester.

Thomas: Why did you ever doubt yourself? You knew that you could do this. Why didn't you believe in yourself like the way that I believe in you?

Sally: Don't think I haven't asked myself those questions a million times.

Thomas: Change your plans.

Sally: What?

Thomas: Stay. You don't have to leave town. Regroup, find a job for a little while. There's plenty of things that you can do. Just give it some time.

Sally: Time for what?

Thomas: Forgiveness. To figure things out.

Sally: Are you saying that you could see yourself getting there?

Thomas: Yeah, who knows?

Sally: That would be wonderful. Even worth staying for. [Sighs] Thomas, even if you could eventually forgive me and all of the Forresters could, I could never forgive myself.

Thomas: Sally --

Sally: No, just forget about me, Thomas. Really, you could do so much better than a fool who squandered the biggest and brightest and best moment of her life. But hey, we had fun, right?

Thomas: That we did.

Sally: You've given me some really great memories. Like the first time I saw you in the bar. You were so handsome, so... self-entitled. [Chuckles]

Thomas: Is that a compliment? Yeah.

Sally: And then when we literally bumped into each other.

Thomas: We're gonna have to work on that for next time just because I got to protect the moneymaker.

Sally: Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Thomas: Yeah.

Sally: Yeah. And then when you kissed me for the first time out of nowhere.

Thomas: I had been building up to that moment for ages in my head.

Sally: Australia. How magical was that?

Thomas: I love that you came.

Sally: I'm glad I did. I'll never forget you, Thomas. For a minute, I was living my dream. And the best part was it was with you. [Voice breaking] Goodbye, Thomas. I'll never forget you.

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