B&B Transcript Friday 5/5/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/5/17


Episode # 7580 ~ Sally is summoned to the judge's chambers for a pretrial deposition to learn her fate; a chance run-in at Il Giardino leads to an awkward lunch between Brooke & Ridge.

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Bill: What's taking him so damn long?

Wyatt: With Jarrett? You just called him.

Bill: If he leaves his cubicle the moment I summon him, it takes exactly 2 minutes, 42.6 seconds for him to arrive at my office. I timed it.

Wyatt: Okay, are you in a rush?

Bill: To get through a meeting with Jarrett? Always.

Wyatt: No, I mean, are you in more of a rush than usual?

Bill: Oh. Is it obvious?

Wyatt: Yeah. You weren't even paying attention when I was talking about profits a second ago, and usually that gets you pretty excited.

Bill: Well, I-I know I never say this, but I have more important things on my mind.

Wyatt: Than money?! Who -- who are you right now?!

Bill: I'm gonna meet Brooke as soon as I leave here. We're planning our wedding.

Lauren: How's your day going?

Ridge: Good. You know what, Lauren? I'm gonna be okay right here.

Lauren: Sure.

Ridge: Thank you. Hi. You look beautiful.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: There's only one thing that would make this perfect. Let me see here. There.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: Neither one of us needs to look at that hideous thing while we're having a meal.

Thomas: So, Sally has a hearing today?

Carter: Pretrial. Yeah.

Steffy: So soon.

Carter: Forrester influence. Things move quickly when you have connections. I'm on my way if either of you want to join me.

Steffy: Well, don't let me stop you if you feel like you need to be there.

Thomas: I don't. Let me know what happens.

Shirley: The shark that works for Forrester!

Carter Walton.

Shirley: That's him. Cute guy, but downright evil. He said that Sally might be facing 15 years? That's not gonna happen, right?

Worst-case scenario.

Saul: But -- but you've worked cases like this before? You've gotten people off?

Sure, sure. I mean, well, every case is different.

Sally: But prison will be likely. At least some amount of time.

Not necessarily. If we can get the criminal charges dropped. I brought my lucky penny. Things are going your way today.

Ridge: So do you want to order an appetizer, or is this gonna be a quick meal?

Brooke: I'm gonna wait, since my date isn't here yet.

Ridge: Your date? Ah, yes. Your date.

Brooke: But go ahead. Order what you want. But if I were you, I would take it to go.

Ridge: I like my banter with bill. It's always so interesting because we can talk about him, we can talk about his wardrobe, his jewelry. It's great.

Brooke: And our nuptials. Bill and I are going to be discussing our wedding.

Jarrett: You want it to sound like an obituary?

Bill: Mnh-mnh. No, I don't want it to sound like an obituary. I want it to be an obituary. "Spectra fashions, rest in peace."

Wyatt: Okay, shouldn't we just wait a little bit, though? It's not -- it's not certain.

Bill: It's certain enough! You heard that garrison clown! Spectra's folding.

Jarrett: It's just too bad Sally resorted to knockoffs.

Bill: Well, if you don't have the talent to do it on your own...

Jarrett: But she does! There's a lot she'll have to learn, but the talent is there, the potential. If we hadn't sabotaged Sally, she could have made something of herself. Spectra fashions didn't have to die.

[Birds chirping]

[Water pouring]

Steffy: Have I told you I went to see Sally after the showing?

Thomas: You did?

Steffy: Yeah. I told her how foolish she was.

Thomas: I bet that went well.

Steffy: She didn't have to do it.

Thomas: No, she didn't. She wanted to keep it legit, and she could've if she just would have asked me for help.

Steffy: Spectra DNA is too strong. The art of stealing is in their nature. And after today, Sally's gonna pay the price.

Judge Jon Oplinger: You're currently renting?

Sally: Correct.

Judge Jon Oplinger: Means the building can't be confiscated. You can expect all other assets will be seized. I see you've -- [Chuckles] You've confessed.

She has, your honor. Sally is completely remorseful. She's apologized to the Forresters.

Carter: Apologies can only go so far.

Yes, actions speak louder, which is why Sally has canceled all orders. Spectra won't be making a dime off the stolen collection. Because of that and her obvious regret, we're hoping the criminal charges can be dropped.

Carter: Dropped?

My client has a spotless record.

Miss Spectra has no priors, and that will certainly affect her sentence. I'm sure you're all aware that cases like these often lead to 15 years in prison. Given the circumstances here, I'm guessing we won't be looking at anything near that. Five years is more than likely.

Sally: Five years?

Given the egregious nature of what you've masterminded -- industrial espionage -- I don't think you should expect anything less.

[Cell phone chimes]

Thomas: Carter?

Steffy: No. No, it's Liam.

Thomas: Oh. Yeah, it's a little soon to be getting any news.

Steffy: I know you feel guilty, and it probably won't help for me to say this, but... what Sally did, she brought that on herself.

Thomas: Perhaps.

Steffy: Actions have consequences.

Thomas: That's true. She lied and she stole from us.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Thomas: And if it were anybody else, I would have no problem picturing them rotting in prison right now.

Steffy: Well, whatever the judge decides, something has to be done.

Thomas: I agree. Spectra should pay for what they did. But Sally going to prison? Nothing about that feels right.

Shirley: My granddaughter will go to prison for five years?

Judge Jon Oplinger: The Forresters want to proceed?

Carter: An entire line stolen, months of hard work, a huge loss in revenue. Yes, they want to proceed.

Judge Jon Oplinger: We'll have to see what happens at trial, of course, but a five-year sentence is entirely appropriate. You can get out in three years with good behavior.

Sally: Three years in the slammer, huh? Well, I guess that's what I got coming.

Bill: Careful, Jarrett. You're sounding like you're a Spectra fan. Surprising, considering that scathing review you wrote.

Jarrett: My name on your review, you mean.

Bill: Are you standing up for Sally Spectra, condoning what that criminal did to the Forresters?

Jarrett: Absolutely not.

Bill: That really makes me question your judgment. What kind of man thinks it's okay to steal someone else's hard work?

Jarrett: No, that's not --

Bill: Those beautiful gowns maliciously taken from their rightful fashion house? And yet here you are yammering on about "poor Sally Spectra, and if she only had a chance!"

Jarrett: I was the one who questioned whether those designs were legit. Trust me, I do not condone what Sally did. Not at all.

Wyatt: Right. You're just saying that she wouldn't have gone down the path she did if your review, or his review, hadn't have been so harsh?

Jarrett: Exactly.

Bill: Who gives a damn? Everybody wins in the end.

Jarrett: Everybody? What do you mean? The Forresters lost an entire collection. Spectra will likely be going under.

Bill: So I win in the end, and that's really all that matters. I get my property, I get my building, and most importantly, I get my Brooke.

Ridge: Planning a wedding, huh? All right, have you chosen a color scheme? 'Cause black on black has always been my favorite.

Brooke: It's time.

Ridge: Time to plan a wedding. You know, you were planning a wedding with me just five minutes ago. What's the rush?

Brooke: I'm ready.

Ridge: Marrying bill is not gonna make your feelings for me go away.

Brooke: My feelings for you are very...complicated. I will always have feelings for you, but that doesn't mean I need to make them mean something.

Ridge: They do mean something. Yes, you can marry bill and push me out of the way for a little while, but I am here, a part of you.

Brooke: Yeah, you'll be there, unsatisfied, looking over my shoulder at any woman, every woman.

Ridge: That's not true. I made a mistake. I told you I made a mistake, but don't compound it by making an even bigger mistake. We can work through this. We always have. And you know what? In the end, we're gonna end up together, you and me. That's how it ends. You know that as well as I do.

Steffy: I don't want Sally to go to prison, either. Well, not necessarily. Well, not for, like, 15 years, but like a month or two in the orange jumpsuit, I think that'd be really entertaining.

Thomas: Okay, she shouldn't be going at all. Look, I thought there was a future for us. I really did. And now she could be going to prison.

Steffy: Only if the judge thinks she deserves it.

Jarrett: Guess he'll get his building.

Wyatt: Was that ever in doubt? My dad always gets what he wants eventually.

Jarrett: True. It's just the way he goes about it.

Wyatt: Jarrett.

Jarrett: What Sally did was wrong. No question. But your father doesn't see how his actions set hers in motion.

Wyatt: Oh, no, he sees it. And he likes what he sees. It doesn't do you any good to call him out on it.

Jarrett: I need to learn to keep mouth shut around him, don't I?

Wyatt: Wouldn't hurt. Job security is a good thing, Jarrett. Not that you have anything to worry about. I mean, you are our best reporter, and dad knows that, I think.

Jarrett: He's just been so intense lately. I mean, more than usual. Used to see my therapist once a month, and lately it's been weekly thanks to that man.

Wyatt: Look, hang in there, all right? Once dad gets married to Brooke, he'll be a lot more mellow.

Jarrett: Well, one can only hope.

Wyatt: Hey, your therapist sure does.

Brooke: [Sighs] Ridge, I appreciate your belief in us. I really do.

Ridge: Belief is something you've been working on for a long time. And look, it's good. Don't give up now.

Brooke: [Chuckles] Wow. Oh, my... how -- how do you do that?

Ridge: How do I do what?

Brooke: You make me laugh when I really don't want to.

Ridge: Got to do something.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: Either laugh or cry. But we got to figure this out. We got to work through it. I'm not gonna give up on you, not ever.

Bill: Beat it. Now.

Ridge: Ah.

Bill: I'm sure there's a skirt that needs hemming somewhere.

Ridge: And there's bill right on cue.

Bill: Do you have any idea how pathetic you are?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: I'm sure you're about to tell me.

Bill: Can you just stop harassing the woman?

Ridge: I'm not harassing her. We're having lunch.

Bill: Save it. Look, I don't know what you did -- yet -- but I saw the result it had on Brooke, and now she's where she belongs -- with me. What did you do? What did you do to make this woman, who has given you so many chances over such a long period of time, finally kick you to the curb?

Brooke: Bill, please. Just leave it alone.

Bill: Not until he leaves you alone. Not until he accepts that you're wearing my engagement ring and this pathetic groveling and pleading stops.

Ridge: Not what's going on here.

Bill: I mean, is nothing beneath you?

Ridge: Brooke and I have a history. You'll never understand that.

Bill: Yeah, you do have a history, and it's just that. Brooke is looking to the future now. Aren't you?

Carter: My clients would like to wrap this up as soon as possible.

Shouldn't take long. The case is straightforward enough. Let me check my docket. I think we can get this over and done with quickly.

Shirley: Please, your honor, have mercy. My granddaughter can't go to prison. What if we got someone to speak on her behalf?

Judge Jon Oplinger: Miss Spectra's confession already speaks volumes. But you're welcome to present witnesses at the trial.

Shirley: Well, I'll do it! I'll -- I'll witness! File a motion! Do something!

Judge Jon Oplinger: You might want to advise your client and her grandmother how wasting my time won't bode well for her sentencing. Hearing testimony of a biased relative will not carry much weight.

Saul: I'm not a relative. I'll -- I'll speak on her behalf.

Judge Jon Oplinger: Mr. Feinberg, is it?

Saul: Yes.

Judge Jon Oplinger: A paid employee of Spectra Fashions?

Shirley: Hardly ever! He didn't get much!

Judge Jon Oplinger: Thank you, Saul, but I'm not sure we'll need your testimony, either.

Saul: Well, we got to do something here. We can't just let Sally go down without a fight! There must be somebody who can testify for her!

[Door opens]

Thomas: There is. Me.

Judge Jon Oplinger: And you are?

Thomas: Thomas Forrester.

Bill: What if Brooke looks you in the eye right now and tells you again that there is no chance? Will you stop embarrassing yourself? I mean, do you really need to hear it one more time?

Brooke: Ridge, just go, please.

Bill: I guess you're gonna have to be, uh, even more clear. He has to understand that there is zero chance of a future with you.

Brooke: You betrayed me for the very last time. Now I need to move on. I'm wearing bill's ring. We're going to get married.

Ridge: So you're saying there's no place in your heart for me? No future for us? Tell me that and I'll back off.

Thomas Forrester? This is your client?

Carter: Yes, your honor. What are you doing?

Thomas: I'm doing the right thing.

Judge Jon Oplinger: You have something to say that would affect Miss Spectra's upcoming trial?

Thomas: I do.

Judge Jon Oplinger: Then let's hear it.

Thomas: I want Sally Spectra to pay for what she's done. She betrayed us professionally and personally. But I've spoken with her, and after hearing her explanation on her awful lapse of judgment, I believe she regrets what she did, that she would take it back if she could, and she's learned her lesson. It may take a lot of people going to prison to get to that point, but Sally's already there. Spectra fashions, on the other hand, should pay. That company should cease to exist. Sally -- locking her up does not bring back what my company has lost. And I don't see what good it does putting a woman with so much potential behind bars. That's all I have to say. Thank you, your honor.

[Door opens]

Sally: Thomas! Thomas, wait! Thank you. I really don't deserve it, but thank you.

Thomas: I wouldn't have said it if you didn't deserve it.

Sally: You may have just kept me out of jail.

Thomas: I hope so.

Sally: I love you. More than I have loved anyone ever.

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