B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/3/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/3/17


Episode # 7578 ~ Zende surprises Nicole with a confession he's never shared with anyone else; Sally informs her employees that Spectra Fashions is shutting its doors for good.

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Steffy: You got all of this done last night?

Thomas: Yeah. Uh, Granddad helped, too.

Steffy: You're not being too hard on him, are you?

Thomas: Oh, I am an evil taskmaster. No, he took off around 1:00.

Steffy: And you?

Thomas: I haven't slept. Been working on the collection.

Steffy: Yep, thanks to Sally and company.

Thomas: Well, yeah. There's that. Thank you for reminding me. I'm trying not to think about it, and focus on the collection.

Steffy: Seems to be working for you.

Thomas: Sort of. Not really. Every time I take a break, all I can see is Sally in handcuffs. I mean, it's one thing to lose your company and your dream, but to be facing jail time...

Steffy: Or maybe not.

Thomas: She's out on bail. There's that. But, uh... I'd hate to see her go to jail.

Darlita: Handcuffs? Did the police have to pull out their guns?

Shirley: She didn't rob a bank, D.

Sally: No, just Forrester. Thanks for bailing me out, Saul. I really appreciate it.

Saul: No way I could let you sit in a jail cell.

Sally: I know. I'm still facing criminal charges, and possibly 15 years in prison.

Nicole: It's called compassion, Zende.

Zende: I hear you. I do. I feel for Sally.

Nicole: Do you really?

Zende: Yeah. I don't want to see her spend the next several years in prison. I wouldn't want to wish that on anybody.

Nicole: That's all I wanted to hear.

Zende: So, I'm human after all?

Nicole: Do you really have to ask after last night?

Zende: I have a feeling it's gonna happen this time.

Nicole: We've been trying since the honeymoon.

Zende: Well, I don't mind trying as much as possible. Speaking of trying, at least Sally won't be able to try and steal from us again.

Nicole: I know. Spectra really burned us. Did you see Thomas this morning?

Zende: He looks like he hasn't slept in days.

Nicole: Designing an entire collection within a matter of weeks... I don't know how they can do it.

Zende: Well, they can't. Without help, anyway. Check it out.

Nicole: What's all this?

Zende: What do you think?

Nicole: Is it Thomas' work?

Zende: That good, huh?

Nicole: I just haven't seen any of these.

Zende: 'Cause they're mine.

Nicole: You designed these?

Zende: What do you think I've been doing every night you go to bed?

Nicole: I was wondering.

Zende: Look, this is my contribution to the Forrester crisis.

Nicole: I mean, I knew you could draw, but...

Zende: So you like them?

Nicole: Have you shown these to anyone?

Zende: No, not yet. But I'm going to. [Sighs] Being a photographer has been great. Don't get me wrong. But I want to design for this company.

Shirley: No one is sending you to jail, Sally.

Sally: Tell that to the Forresters.

Shirley: [Sighs]

Sally: Okay? But in the meantime, we're stopping all production. We are shutting this rat hole down.

Shirley: No! No, we are not.

Sally: They're suing us, grams. They're gonna take all of our assets, our inventory. Everything that we have invested, it's gone. We're out of business, people. Spectra fashions is closing its doors.

Steffy: Have you talked to Sally?

Thomas: No. Not since she was arrested.

Steffy: You two were in here for a while before they took her away.

Thomas: We had a lot to talk about and work out.

Steffy: Did you work it out?

Thomas: She's miserable. She regrets everything she did with the company, with us, with Coco, with me.

Steffy: Uh, she should be regretting it.

Thomas: She should've come to me. That's what she should've done. I would have helped her. She was under the influence of her grandmother. Not that that's an excuse. It's not. She did stop production on all of our designs. It's something.

Steffy: Unfortunately that doesn't help us. Our designs have already been shown.

Thomas: I know.

Steffy: Probably already shipped out. And all we're left with is designing an entirely new collection.

Thomas: And we will finish it on time. Doesn't change the way that I feel about her. I still wish I could help her through this.

Shirley: Sally, this is no time to cut and run.

Sally: [Sighs] We're finished, grams.

Shirley: [Sighs]

Sally: Accept it.

Saul: Well, I can't. Sally, this is your dream, and I'm not gonna let it die.

Sally: Yeah, that's really sweet of you, Saul. But the dream is dead.

Darlita: Well, what about all these orders?

Sally: They're bogus. We couldn't ship them out even if we wanted to, okay? The cops are all over us.

C.J.: Oh, what's this? Locker room after the big defeat?

Shirley: It's half-time, champ. We'll be back in the game.

Sally: It's over, grams.

C.J.: Yeah, it is. Because you confessed. I don't understand, Sally. Why on earth would you do that? My mother never would have.

Sally: I had to, C.J. They wanted Coco to turn me in. And I saw what it was doing to her. There was no way I was gonna do that to my sister. And who knows? Maybe her and R.J. Have a chance now. Saul, I want you to send everything to the warehouse. The Forresters can figure out what to do with it.

Saul: Sally --

Sally: No, Saul. There's no arguments. It's the way that it's gonna be.

C.J.: Hate to remind you guys, but...

Sally: Yes, I know. The old battleship.

C.J.: The building's gonna be demolished, Sally. I'm sorry.

Maya: A designer? Zende is a photographer.

Nicole: I know. But he says that he wants designing to be his future. And he seems really passionate about it.

Maya: Huh. Uh... wow. Well, okay. Back up. [Chuckles] When did this come about?

Nicole: Apparently he's been sketching for a while now. I just found out a few minutes ago.

Maya: Does he know anything about design?

Nicole: He's been working on it. I mean, every night when I go to sleep, he gets up. And I thought it was camera maintenance, or touching up photos, whatever. But...he's been sketching. Studying. He really wants to do this, Maya.

Maya: Has he shown anyone besides you?

Nicole: He just went to go show Steffy and Thomas. I don't know if ridge is there, but I've never seen Zende so pumped.

Maya: Huh. I wonder how they'll react.

Nicole: Good, I hope. This is important to Zende. He wants to make his mark as a Forrester.

Steffy: Sounds like you've forgiven her.

Thomas: Still feel betrayed.

Steffy: And you should. She played you.

Thomas: She didn't set out to screw me over, all right? She was designing her own stuff when I first met her.

Steffy: And then she wasn't.

Thomas: Yes. She wasn't. Regardless, I don't want to see her go to prison.

Steffy: I don't want that, either. But thanks to her and her crew, we're in crisis mode.

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: Realistically, how much longer until the new collection is done?

Thomas: I don't know.

Zende: Hey. Am I interrupting?

Steffy: No, no. We were just talking about the collection.

Zende: Yeah. I heard you've been putting in some serious hours, man.

Thomas: Well, not enough, apparently.

Zende: Actually, that's why I'm here. I want to help.

Thomas: Sure. How?

Zende: I know what you're going through, Thomas. You, ridge, granddad.

Thomas: Yeah, it'd be great if there were three more of us.

Zende: How about one more?

Thomas: What is this?

Zende: Take a look.

Steffy: Wait, who did these?

Zende: Me.

Steffy: Wha-- since when?

Zende: A while now. It really started to pick up after the spectra show. Figured you guys could use some help. I have more. I'm committed to this.

Steffy: Uh...

Zende: I-I want to join the team.

Thomas: Interesting.

Steffy: Uh, but, Zende, you're a photographer.

Zende: Look, I'm way more valuable to you in the design room than down in the photo studio. Look, I took to heart what you said to me a while back, about looking out for your own future. Nicole and I, we're married now, and we want a family. I know I'm still learning. But I think those are pretty good. I want to contribute, guys. It's family tradition, right? You work hard, move up, excel. Look, I know I can do this if you guys give me a shot. Take another look. There's some pretty good stuff in there.

Shirley: C.J., You are not selling this building.

C.J.: You know I don't want to. I have to. You can't pay the rent.

Saul: Just give us more time.

C.J.: Until what? They foreclose on us? 'Cause that's what's up.

Darlita: Well, I've been buying lottery tickets.

Sally: Okay, how much do we owe?

C.J.: I need $100,000 for you guys to stay here.

Shirley: $100,000?!

C.J.: Shirley, this isn't my fault. You haven't made one single payment. I -- look, I have a standing offer. I'm gonna take it. We have to take it. We had a good run, right?

Sally: Yeah, for a minute.

C.J.: Well, you lasted a lot longer than I thought you would. You know, you could've kept going, too, if you hadn't lost sight of who you are and what spectra is.

Sally: Thieves, you mean?

C.J.: Unh-uh. Don't let my mom hear you say that. More like pirates.

Sally: I'm not aunt Sally. I know that now.

C.J.: Okay, good. Then take the medicine. Let it go. Clear out of here and let's be done with this.

Maya: Is Zende being practical about this?

Nicole: Is anyone ever really practical in this family?

Maya: [Scoffs] But does he realize that you can't just become a designer overnight?

Nicole: Didn't take Thomas that long.

Maya: Thomas paid his dues, Nicole, and he was mentored by his father, who's one of the best.

Nicole: And maybe ridge will do the same for his nephew.

Maya: [Sighs] Possibly. But right now ridge and his team have their hands pretty full.

Nicole: Well, that's kind of Zende's point. He wants to get involved, and he thinks now's the time.

Maya: Or not. They might not have time to train someone.

Nicole: Maybe he won't need training. His designs are pretty good.

Maya: Spoken like a loyal wife.

Nicole: Look, I do want this for Zende, because I see how much he wants it. Zende craves a connection with his family. And photography's been great. But all the big players either go into design or executive positions. And Zende's an artist. He wants to design.

Maya: I just hope he doesn't get his hopes up too high too quickly.

Zende: What do you think?

Steffy: Uh, well, like Thomas said, I think they're, uh -- they're interesting.

Zende: Interesting. Uh [Chuckles] Not exactly the word I was thinking of.

Thomas: Look, Zende, I mean, you really do have some talent here.

Zende: But can you work with it?

Thomas: You know the situation right now.

Zende: Right. You guys are desperate, right? You lost the -- well, the entire collection was stolen, and now you're scrambling to try to create a new one.

Steffy: Yeah, exactly. But we just don't have time to be training a novice.

Zende: [Scoffs] You think this is the work of a novice?

Thomas: Zende, you don't actually have any experience.

Zende: This would give me exactly that. Like you, when ridge put you on the fast track. Let me ask you two a question. Am I ever gonna get a real opportunity here?

Steffy: There's always room for advancement.

Zende: Right, right. But these don't cut it. Right? Not one, two of them that you could pass along to ridge? Or Eric? You know what, give me some pointers. I'll modify them.

Thomas: [Sighs]

Steffy: Zende, you're really putting us on the spot.

Thomas: Dude, we're in crisis mode.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: We need experience.

Zende: Is that what ridge said to you when you first wanted to design? Of course not. He's your father.

Thomas: Wow, man. You know how hard he was on me in the beginning, and he is still hard on me today.

Zende: [Sighs] Come on, Thomas. You too, Steffy. Let's get real here for a minute. Ridge is your father. That made all the difference. The Forrester kids get all the breaks.

Steffy: And you're one of us.

Zende: Then give me a break.

Thomas: Zende, it's just a timing thing right now. We are so busy.

Zende: Got to wonder, man.

Thomas: What?

Zende: If I'll ever get a real opportunity here.

Steffy: Zende, why would you say something like that?

Zende: I mean, I'm not really a Forrester, right? I'm a Dominguez. I'd like to feel like that doesn't matter, but I'm starting to think it does.

Nicole: I know how Zende gets when he really wants something.

Maya: [Chuckles] Yeah. He wanted you.

Nicole: [Laughs] And he didn't give up until he married me. And now he wants to be a designer. A contributing member to the Forrester family. And if he wants that anywhere near as badly as he wanted me...

Maya: Yeah. Thomas and Steffy have their hands full.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Steffy: You are as much a Forrester as any of us.

Zende: Am I, Steffy? Really? Was I ever asked to be a designer, or even considered?

Thomas: Zen, we didn't even know that you wanted to design.

Zende: Well, you know now. I mean, can you honestly tell me I'll get my shot? Off the basis of this? I am not the same as you. I'm adopted.

Thomas: By Kristen Forrester. You are our family, Zende. Where's all this coming from?

Zende: What, the truth? I don't know. It's something I've been thinking about. I come in here. I take a risk, and I -- a-and I ask for a chance. And I get shut down.

Steffy: Zende, it's not --

Thomas: You're just so far off base right now.

Zende: No, I don't think so. You guys don't want to admit it, but I -- I'm not really a Forrester. I'm a Dominguez. But you know what? I'm proud of it.

Shirley: All right. He's gone. [Sighs] Now we can get down to business.

Sally: C.J.'s right.

Shirley: We are not giving up, Sally.

Saul: We just need a new plan.

Shirley: Honey, Spectras do not throw in the towel.

Sally: Right. No. We go down with the ship.

Shirley: That is not what I mean.

Sally: Can we all stop dreaming, please? Grams, Saul, Darlita -- we gave it our all. We stole our collection from the Forresters, and now we're paying the piper. We were shamed and humiliated. At least, I was. So if you guys want to pick up and go take this wagon train somewhere else, be my guest. But I am still facing jail charges, a nut to pay off. I lost my sister and the only man that I have ever cared about. I lost everything. If you guys could... please just give me some time alone.

Steffy: Where in the world did that come from? Not being part of the family? Does Zende really believe that? [Sighs] I'll talk to him once he calms down. [Snapping] Thomas, hey.

Thomas: Yeah. Zende is trying to find where he belongs. I get it. Just makes me think about Sally. She came out here to be a designer, and she was slammed on her first preview.

Steffy: Zende may have to learn the same lesson.

Thomas: It's not an easy one. Sally's never been the same.

Steffy: Took up stealing instead.

Thomas: Yeah.

Steffy: Zende won't go down that path. And you need to get over Sally. You have feelings for a woman who betrayed you, betrayed all of us. She's not worth the heartache.

Sally: I'm Sally. What's your name, handsome?

Thomas: Thomas.

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