B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17


Episode # 7568 ~ Coco angrily confronts Sally for using her to steal the Forresters' designs without her knowledge; Steffy forbids Thomas and RJ from having contact with the Spectras.

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Bill: This necklace has been my talisman, and there's power in it, and that's why I want you to have it. Please take it, Brooke.

Brooke: Bill...

Bill: I will love you forever and a day.

Wyatt: Is this what you do all day?

Bill: Yeah. Till I have something better to look at, which is neither one of you two. I assume you're here for a reason.

Wyatt: We have good news!

Jarrett: Well, actually, it's...

Bill: What is it?

Wyatt: Tell him, Jarrett!

Jarrett: Spectra fashions ripped off the Forresters, sir.

Brooke: This isn't good.

R.J.: Mom, Coco didn't know she was spying on us.

Brooke: Honey, I know you want to believe that, but --

Steffy: It doesn't matter. They already ruined our show. Months of hard work. Spectra ruined everything.

Thomas: Yeah, but there's got to be something that we can do about it.

Steffy: Like send them to prison?

Brooke: Eric and ridge are meeting with carter to see what legal recourse we have.

R.J.: Are you saying they can go to jail?

Steffy: What did they was illegal and unethical. I told you two that they were trouble, and you didn't listen to me.

Thomas: You were right, Stef. What do you want me to say? I trusted Sally, and it was a massive mistake.

Coco: I can't believe you.

Sally: Coco, please...

Coco: How could you do that? How could you use me? Your own sister.

Bill: So Spectra got the jump on Forrester again. This time, with Sally 2.0.

Jarrett: She's a savvy one, that Sally. The show was quite a triumph.

Wyatt: Yes, but what happens when the buyers find out they're knockoffs?

Bill: They don't care!

Jarrett: All they care about is exquisite fashions at affordable prices. I'm afraid Spectra fashions isn't going anywhere, sir.

Bill: You know, you have an unbelievable gift for stating the obvious, Jarrett! My skyscraper, damn it!

Wyatt: By the volume of your voice, I'm guessing that doesn't bode well for the expansion project.

Bill: You think, Wyatt?!

Brooke: I've seen this happen many times. Happened a lot when Sally's aunt was in charge.

Thomas: Well, I thought Sally was different. I didn't expect this from her.

Steffy: Okay, it's done. What's our plan?

Brooke: We have to wait and see what the lawyers say.

Steffy: I think we're gonna have to scrap the entire collection.

R.J.: Spectra's designs weren't exactly the same. They made some modifications.

Steffy: It's basically identical.

Brooke: Launching our line right now would be a terrible risk.

Steffy: Yeah, it's embarrassing. I think we're just gonna have to cut our losses and just go back to the drawing board.

Thomas: Stef, you know how much that's gonna cost us, right?

Steffy: Yeah, I do. But we're not gonna be knocked off. We're not gonna give them undue credibility.

Brooke: That's something they won't have. Not after today.

Steffy: No matter what, we're not gonna let it slide. We're not gonna let Spectra get away with this.

Sally: I'm sorry.

Coco: You asked me to be a spy, and I flat-out said no. I wanted nothing to do with that, and I made that clear, and you used me anyway!

Sally: Coco, let me please explain!

Coco: A necklace with a camera in it, Sally? I thought you were being nice and you were giving me a gift, but I guess I should have known. I should have known that you only ever think about yourself, and you weren't even thinking about me or my commitment to Forrester because you really -- you really don't care at all.

Sally: Yes, of course I do!

Coco: And maybe I'm naive, but I never thought that my own sister would betray me like this.

Wyatt: Dad, you spent some time with Sally in Sydney, didn't you?

Bill: I said maybe two freaking words to her at Liam and Steffy's wedding.

Jarrett: She was there as Thomas Forrester's date.

Wyatt: Wait, you don't think Thomas had something to do with this?

Jarrett: He was at the Spectra showing...

Bill: Thomas is dressmaker, Jr. He's not gonna steal from his own company, his family... it's Sally. She duped him. Played him like a fiddle. She sold her soul and that relationship so that Spectra could come out on top.

Wyatt: Wow. Talk about stabbing someone in the back.

Bill: This is gonna turn around and bite Sally in the ass.

Jarrett: I told you, sir, the reporters, the buyers... they couldn't get enough.

Bill: Yeah, well, I don't give a damn! We move ahead as planned. You're gonna write a scathing review. You're gonna minimize any success that Spectra had. That building is gonna be bulldozed as planned. Now get going!

Jarrett: Yes, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: And don't you even think about canceling that crew. I want them on-site first thing in the morning, ready to take that building down.

Wyatt: Okay. This isn't just about your skyscraper, is it? This is about Brooke.

Brooke: We can't make any decisions until we hear from ridge and Eric.

Steffy: One thing's for sure. You can't have any contact with Coco or Sally.

Thomas: That's not gonna be a problem.

Steffy: R.J., I'm serious.

R.J.: Why is she being punished? I mean, she didn't do anything wrong. She's as much of a victim as we are.

Steffy: She's the who got us into this mess. All right, look. I know it wasn't Coco's idea. I know it was Sally. She's the big mastermind behind all of this. But she used you to take us down. She disrespected Forrester, and all of our hard work that we poured into that line is gone. I'm not gonna let her get away with this. No one messes with my family.

Sally: I never wanted to use you.

Coco: But you did anyway. And Thomas, too. You guys were getting so close. You really cared about each other. And now I understand why you broke up with him. 'Cause you felt guilty. You couldn't face him knowing that you were stealing from him and his family. But what about me? Did you ever even stop to think about me, or the life that I was building over at Forrester?

Sally: I will tell them that you had nothing to do with this.

Coco: No! It's too late! They kicked me out. They never want to see me again.

Sally: But you didn't do anything, Coco.

Coco: It doesn't matter.

Sally: Yes! It does matter! Tell R.J. The truth. That you were set up. He will listen to you.

Coco: Yeah, I did.

Sally: Okay, well, what did he say?

Coco: He believes me.

Sally: That's good, right?

Coco: It doesn't matter! Just why, Sally? Why'd you do this? We had such amazing opportunities and two amazing Forrester guys.

Sally: It was never gonna last.

Coco: Why not?

Sally: Because we're Spectras. And they're Forresters. They would have dumped us eventually. Maybe not you. But definitely me.

Coco: We'll never know what could have been 'cause you ruined it for both of us.

Sally: Okay, look, I am not making any excuses, but I didn't -- I didn't know what else to do! After that review from Spencer publications, I felt like a failure, but I made aunt Sally a promise, and grams, she would not let up. Not just about saving this place, but insisting that Thomas would leave me, that I wasn't good enough. I made a bad decision, and I am so sorry, but the thing that I regret the most is hurting you. And ruining your dream.

Coco: You ruined both our dreams.

Bill: Whatever it is, Alison, leave it on the chair. I'll get to it later.

Brooke: Busy as ever, I see.

Bill: Hey, you. I've been waiting for you to come by. I wanted to give you your space.

Brooke: Here I am. And thank you.

Bill: I'm so glad to see you. I don't know what actually happened, but I did know that Forrester would live up to his history. Whatever he did, it must have been pretty bad. The night before your wedding? You want to tell me?

Brooke: No.

Bill: Well, I imagine he begged for your forgiveness. And yet, you're here. Don't tell me you forgave him.

Brooke: No.

Bill: Okay, then, why are we talking about that poser anyway? I assume you came here for a reason.

Brooke: I did.

Bill: To see me.

Brooke: Yes, and something more.

Bill: Okay, I'll play. Why are you here, Brooke?

Brooke: I have something for you.

R.J.: I can't believe this happened. I mean, it was going so well.

Thomas: So we thought.

R.J.: Obviously Sally had something to do with this the whole time.

Thomas: Apparently, I -- I don't know.

R.J.: But Coco swears she didn't know anything about it.

Thomas: True or not, R.J., she cannot keep her job as an intern. It doesn't matter how much you plead or beg. Her time here is done.

R.J.: Why? I mean, if we can prove --

Thomas: R.J., nobody's going to allow it. Innocent or guilty, after everything that the Spectras have done... it's just not gonna happen. I'm sorry, bud. You got to let it go.

R.J.: I just feel bad. It's not fair. She was manipulated, Thomas. And you don't believe her.

Thomas: I don't know. I don't know what to think about any of this. If I were you, R.J., I would keep my distance. Stop seeing Coco.

R.J.: Does that mean it's over for you and Sally?

Sally: Steffy. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Steffy: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you.

Sally: For what?

Steffy: Because of that disgusting stunt you pulled, my brother finally sees you for who you really are. Big success, by the way. Wow. Bravo. Let me give you some advice. If you're banking on Spectra being a thorn in Forrester's side, it's not gonna happen. Not with me in charge.

Sally: Got it. And by the way, my sister didn't know about any of this. She was just as upset as you were, so just please go easy on the kid. Don't punish her on --

Steffy: Coco is no longer welcome at Forrester creations. Her internship is over. You made a huge mistake. You turned my family against you, and you ruined a chance with a wonderful guy.

Sally: It wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Steffy: For whatever reason, Thomas really liked you. You had a place in his heart, and you blew it. You lied to him. You stole from him. You were slowly being accepted by our family. You wanted to be a respected designer. Just -- tell me why. Why would you resort to stealing?

R.J.: What if I can prove Coco wasn't involved, show that Spectra spied on us behind her back?

Thomas: She was literally wearing the cameras.

R.J.: I know, but it was inside her jewelry, and she didn't know.

Thomas: It's possible that Coco is telling the truth. I -- I want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

R.J.: Thank you.

Thomas: The best thing for us to do right now is move on.

R.J.: Thomas --

Thomas: R.J. We have to put the Spectra women behind us. Let it go. That's what I'm doing with Sally. That's what you need to do with Coco.

Sally: Spectra Fashions is a knockoff shop. It's what we do, okay? It ain't pretty, and I am not proud of it, but it puts bread on the table. If it keeps my employees' families fed and change in the pockets, then so be it.

Steffy: You don't care about how many people you hurt?

Sally: You know, Steffy, I wouldn't expect you to understand. You come from a platinum world. Everything you guys do comes easily to you, but not for us. When my parents left, my grandmother gave up everything that she had to raise Coco and me. We have had to scrounge and scrape for every single thing that we have. When things get tough, you got to do what you got to do. I tried to stay legit, I did, but Spencer publications ruined any chance I had of that.

Steffy: So you resort to stealing? You could have conducted yourself differently, you could have risen above. You were given this incredible opportunity, and you just throw it away?

Sally: I can't go back! I can't make it right, okay? The only thing that I can do is say that I'm sorry because I know I disappointed you. And Thomas and Coco and, most of all, myself. But you know what? With grit and determination, Spectra is alive again. Spectra has been reborn. And I owe it all to your family. So, look, I know you guys hate me, okay? And whether you believe it or not, your approval means everything to me, and one day, I will earn it. And as far as Thomas goes, I don't know, hopefully one day he will forgive me. And maybe we could be friends. Just like our namesakes. We'll get along. We could go grab a drink. I -- I would really like that.

Steffy: You are not my friend. You're just trash. And I don't want you anywhere near me or my business, and as for Thomas, he wants nothing to do with you, and you can tell that to your little sister and your grandmother. Any association you had with my family is over. It's done, Sally Spectra. Goodbye.

Brooke: When you gave me this, you told me that it guided you, it gave you strength, and that it would do the same for me. And you know what? You were right. 'Cause this sword brought me here. And now I am giving it back to you. I'm taking control of my life.

Bill: Taking control?

Brooke: I've outgrown the games, and this is a symbol of love and honesty, respect. Everything that you've shown me. To never take you for granted. My stallion.

Bill: [Whinnies]

Brooke: [Giggles]

Bill: It's a thoughtful gift. I love it.

Brooke: And I love you.

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