B&B Transcript Thursday 4/13/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/13/17


Episode # 7564 ~ Anticipating the failure of the upcoming Spectra fashion show, Bill makes CJ an offer on the family building; Sally & Shirley juggle planning the debut of their new line and keeping Coco away from the stolen designs.

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Shirley: Let's go! Hustle, hustle! Come on! Come on!

Sally: Okay, troops! Come on. Gather 'round. All right. Later today, this place will be packed. I want everyone to be especially nice to the press. You know -- the people that hold Spectra's fate in their hands. I want every guest to feel like they are being catered to.

Saul: Oh, no. If Coco sees those designs before they hit the runway...

Shirley: Thank you, everybody. Back to work.

Coco: Oh, my gosh, sis! The showroom, it's -- it's almost identical to the one over at Forrester. Great job.

Sally: Speaking of, why aren't you over there right now?

Coco: What, and miss Spectra's big day?

Sally: But what about your internship?

Coco: Well, that's not going anywhere. Especially now that R.J. And Thomas are both... oh. Look, I'm sorry, Sally. I-I heard about you and Thomas. You ended things?

Sally: Yeah. I mean, our relationship was just on borrowed time.

R.J.: Okay, exactly what did Sally tell you yesterday?

Thomas: Mostly stuff about how my idea of her isn't actually her, and that we should go our separate ways before we start to dislike each other. As if there's anything she could do to make me not like her.

Bill: Today's the day. Spectra's last stand. Feels good knowing that property's about to be mine.

Wyatt: What if they surprise everyone and Sally's line's actually a hit?

Bill: Are you kidding me? That girl's a freaking joke. And just to show I'm not playing any games...

C.J.: You have upped your purchase offer.

Bill: I need that parcel of land. It's going to be the cornerstone for Spencer's expansion downtown.

C.J.: Look, I get that, but --

Bill: Look, C.J., listen, all right? I understand family loyalty. I really do. Don't I, Wyatt?

Wyatt: Oh, yeah.

Bill: And today's show is going to be a flop. So you'll be doing Sally a favor getting her out of there as quickly as possible.

C.J.: Look, that might be true. The show might be a flop. But, unfortunately, as I've said to you, it's not entirely up to me. My mother feels that if it's a successful fashion house, it should stay in the family. But if it isn't, as promised, we shut down, and I sell the whole shebang to you. And it really all depends on this show.

Jarrett: Was that C.J. Garrison I saw stepping onto the elevator?

Wyatt: Yep. Dad summoned him.

Bill: Yeah. I changed my mind about purchasing the Spectra property.

Jarrett: [Inhales, scoffs]

Bill: And that is exactly what you will never hear coming out of my mouth.

Jarrett: [Sighs]

Bill: So you're not off the hook. Unless, of course, you've decided your job really isn't that important to you.

Jarrett: No, sir.

Bill: Why are you still standing here? Shouldn't you be skedaddling off to Spectra's last stand?

Wyatt: Well, what if Jarrett actually likes the collection?

Bill: He won't. Will he? Sally and her merry band of misfits will fall flat on their faces today. And that property will be mine.

Coco: Everyone's gonna be so impressed.

Saul: Oh, from your lips to his ears.

Coco: So, do you need me to pitch in backstage?

All: No!

Coco: No?

Shirley: No. Uh, we need you out here greeting people.

Saul: Yes. Uh...here. Here is the seating chart.

Sally: Uh, just make sure everyone meets our chef extraordinaire.

Shirley: Ooh, and has a glass of bubbly.

Darlita: Or two.

Saul: Or three. [Chuckles]

Coco: So, you're sure I wouldn't be better help backstage?

Saul: [Scoffs]

Shirley: Oh -- oh, no, honey. You're out here. This is where all the action is.

Saul: Yeah. It's this. Right here. So, okay, look. We'll go through. Just, each one of these people are gonna come through, and...


Thomas: Who are you calling?

R.J.: Coco. I want to be there for her today, you know?

Coco: Hey, R.J. What's up?

R.J.: Hey. Um, I was just thinking maybe I could come over and catch the fashion show with you?

Coco: Yeah, I-I'd love that. I'll ask my family right now. Uh, hey, guys, R.J. Wants to come to the show. Like, that's okay, right?

Shirley: No, honey. It's not.

Sally: It's a bad idea.

Saul: A very bad idea.

Darlita: Yeah.

Coco: Why?

Shirley: It just is. Here, let me speak to him.

Coco: No, no, no. I -- I'll tell him. Hey, so, um... I'm sorry, my family's not on board.

R.J.: W-wait, they -- they don't want me there?

Coco: Yeah, I-I'm -- I'm not exactly sure why.

Sally: [Sighs]

R.J.: Hey, it's okay. All right? Just know I'm thinking about you.

Coco: Okay. All right, thanks. Bye.

Sally: It's for the best, sis. You may not understand why, but you will. Sooner than you think.

Bill: Whatever I think about Sally, she doesn't strike me as a foolish person. But what she's doing today amounts to professional suicide.

Jarrett: Doubling down, you mean?

Bill: Well, anybody else would've -- would've folded after that first scathing review.

Wyatt: Maybe. But you ought to give her credit for her chutzpah.

Bill: Chutzpah doesn't pay the bills. And the days of Spectra's successful fashion shows are a thing of the past.

[Indistinct chatter]


Saul: This is gonna be a problem, Shirl.

Shirley: What?

Saul: Coco's out front for now. But how do we keep her there?

Shirley: Is she trying to come backstage now?

Saul: No, no, no. But what if she slips past us? One look at these dresses... I mean, yeah, they look... different from the originals, but Coco's a smart girl. So, what if we -- what if we... we -- excuse me! What if we send her on a last-minute errand? Yes? Okay? All right. Stay with me. Now, what if it's just anything, anything so we can get through the show before everything hits the fan?

C.J.: I just came from the showroom.

Sally: What do you think?

C.J.: I think it's all very extravagant, Sally.

Sally: [Scoffs] Well, you got to spend money to make money.

C.J.: Okay, you don't have money to spend. And considering the fact that you're really in debt already...

Sally: Your mother was a risk taker, and so am I.

C.J.: Okay. Right. And there are calculated risks, and then there are just plain risks. Look, bottom line is you're not making money, you're losing it. Look, I love you. You're family. And my mom wanted to give you a shot to keep this place afloat, keep it running, keep it alive, but... I'm sorry. If this show isn't totally on-point and a huge success, that's it. Spectra fashions closes its doors today. For good.

Thomas: So, that's all that Coco said? She didn't say who nixed the idea of you coming to the showing?

R.J.: Maybe they're trying to protect Coco. Afraid that Coco and I are just getting too close too fast. It's still weird, though, right?

Thomas: Which part, though?

R.J.: The fact that they won't let me go. It's not like the designs need to be top-secret. The whole world's gonna see them today.

Shirley: Everything's humming along nicely backstage. [Chuckles] Um, Saul... you and Darlita mind skedaddling for a moment? I'd like to speak to my granddaughter alone. Honey, I know you're just a little confused why we didn't want R.J. here. Um, it's... well, as great as we thought the internship was gonna be at Forrester, you're spending an awful lot of time rubbing elbows with those hoity-toity people, and... honey, it is all going to come to an end, and... you need to face that.

Bill: Take this. My formal offer to purchase Spectra as soon as Sally tanks. Get C.J. to sign it.

Jarrett: I know you don't want to hear this, sir, but it is conceivable Sally will not tank today. There's been a lot more buzz about this showing. I'm confident I won't be the only member of the fashion press there.

Bill: I don't give a damn how many word slingers are there. Just get the purchase agreement signed.

Coco: Look, grams. This internship means everything to me.

Shirley: But you will never be one of them, no matter how much time you hang around there. You are a Spectra. And Spectras do things just a little different than those one-percenters. Honey, we scratch and claw our way to the top. And sometimes people get hurt along the way. People like the Forresters.

Coco: Okay. Okay, stop! I don't know why you're choosing to bring this up right now, but if being a Spectra means doing things that I am not proud of, I don't want any part of it.

Shirley: Well, that's too bad. You will always be part of it, because you're one of us. No matter how much time you spend cozying up to the Forresters, you are a Spectra. And you need to embrace it, and never, ever apologize for it, no matter what happens.

Thomas: So, you sent Coco flowers?

R.J.: A wrist corsage, actually. Is that lame?

Thomas: Oh, yeah. Yeah, definitely.

R.J.: [Laughs]

Thomas: But, uh, she's gonna think it's really sweet.

R.J.: I'm sorry, Thomas, that you and Sally broke up.

Thomas: I thought we were getting along really well. She came all the way to Australia. Uh, I guess I just got it wrong.

Shirley: The place is filling up. We've done it, Sally girl!

Sally: Done what? [Sighs]

Shirley: Outfoxed the Forresters, just like your great aunt Sally. The Spectra flag is gonna be flying high.

Sally: Because we stole their designs.

Shirley: Isn't that what robin hood did? Rob from the rich, give to the poor?

Sally: [Scoffs] Yes, except for we are not giving anyone anything. We are charging them for these knock-offs. This is why I had to break up with Thomas and hurt him like I did, why Coco's world is literally about to come crashing down when she's figured out what we've done. The people I love are paying the price for our deceit. For what?

Sally: It's an honor to be welcomed into the Forrester world. Very few people get that chance. But Coco and I did. Only we're throwing all of it away today.

Shirley: Today we revive a business! Our family name! Spectra! That's a name to be proud of, too!

Sally: Not like this.

Shirley: Exactly like this! My sister worked her tail off so she could afford a lavish retirement. Nobody handed her anything. She outsmarted the Forresters.

Sally: By stealing their designs? Their hard work? Look, if we go to jail, it serves us right. But Coco, she is innocent in all of this.

Shirley: No one is going to the pokey. Will you snap out of it?! You and your sister were gonna get dumped by those Forrester dudes, anyway. It just happened a little sooner than later. Sally, this is what we came here for -- front and center of the fashion world. When you take that stage, own it. Prove that strong, independent women are not dependent upon men, or on those high-and-mighty Forresters!

Sally: You keep saying "high and mighty," but these are good and caring people.

Shirley: Will you stop getting all mushy? You need to get out there and rally the troops, Sally. And when this show ends, I want to see you up on that stage beaming with Spectra pride. Those buyers are our judge and our jury. They are going to decide our future.

Sally: Just give me a minute, okay?

Shirley: Fine.

Bill: Should be show time soon. Jarrett better not let me down.

Shirley: Jarrett Maxwell! Excuse me. Oh, welcome! Welcome! Oh, we've got a special seat for you right up front.

Jarrett: This is very impressive, Shirley.

Shirley: [Laughs] You ain't seen nothin' yet. I can double guarantee that you are going to see a whole different collection from Sally Spectra today.

R.J.: Sally's got to be hurting, too, man. But at least she has Coco, right? I mean, those sisters are super close. Nothing could come between them.

[Indistinct chatter]

Sally: Uh...

Coco: Hey.

Sally: Hey.

Coco: I was just coming to wish you good luck. And say, however today goes... I'm really proud of you. And aunt Sally would be, too. You know, she trusted you to do this, and -- and here you are! I feel like a lot of people would have just given up after that bad review, but... but not you. And now, today, the whole world can see your true talent.

Sally: Listen, Coco... about that...

Coco: No, no, no. It's -- it's okay. It's okay. I-I get emotional, too. Especially thinking, um, about everything that you sacrificed for me. Like, being left with grams like we were. You just -- you really had to be, um, a parent and a sister all rolled up in one, and I... I can't thank you enough.

Sally: Don't thank me. [Scoffs] I'm not the sister that you think I am. Or the designer.

Miss Coco?

Coco: Yes? Yes.

Coco Spectra? A delivery.

Coco: Oh, thank you. Thanks.


Coco: "My family doubted you, and you proved them wrong. Your sister, too. Here's to an awesome Spectra fashion show. Xoxo, R.J." [Sighs] Hey, the Forresters didn't think we could be trusted. But we showed them we can be. [Chuckles]

Sally: Yeah.

Coco: You know, it's -- it's... it's not official or anything, but I just... I really feel like R.J.'s, like, my boyfriend. Like, I re-- I really care for him. Just like you care for Thomas. You know, it can still work out with you two. I know it can.

Sally: No, it can't. It's impossible now.

Shirley: Coco, honey, we need you out front. Oh... Mr. Jarrett is here, and we want you to go make a big fuss.

Coco: All right. I'm so excited for you! [Giggles] I'm so excited. I love you, Sally.

Sally: I love you.

Coco: Okay. Okay.

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