B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/12/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/12/17


Episode # 7563 ~ Steffy uses an opportune moment to remind Sally all that she gave up when she broke up with Thomas; having had to prove her loyalty to Forrester Creations, Coco gets assurance from RJ that he has her back.

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Saul: Sally! Hey! So, uh, is it what you thought? The -- the color.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, as long as it's neutral-ish.

Saul: And it's so cheap! I mean, these curtains are gonna fall apart by the week's end. But by that point, we're gonna have the orders rolling in, and we will be rolling in the money! You're a genius! You were right about everything.

Sally: [Scoffs] Yeah, except for being a designer.

Saul: Hey, designs we've got. We're gonna have 50 variations on these knockoffs by the week's end.

Sally: You know what, why don't you show me later? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go get some air.

This is what you had in mind?

Saul: It looks great.

Steffy: It's very nice.

Thomas: Thanks, Marta. That's it for today.

Marta: Thank you.

Thomas: Mm-hmm. You hate it.

Steffy: No. I hate to say that it's a work of art. Even dad would agree, not that your ego needs it or anything.

Thomas: I think my ego's in rehab right now.

Steffy: Yeah... hey, I'm, uh -- I'm gonna get an espresso. You want something?

Thomas: No, I'm -- I'm good. Thanks.

Steffy: You really are. Know that.

Maya: I couldn't find you yesterday to give it back.

Coco: I don't mind if you keep wearing it.

Maya: Oh, no. It's yours. It suits you.

Coco: Well, excuse me for thinking everything looks better on you.

Maya: That's a sweet thing to say.

Coco: All you models are so calm with the fashion show coming up. Like, I couldn't even sleep last night.

Nicole: Right? I mean, it's the whole point of our jobs, and I'm still not used to it.

Coco: [Chuckles]

Maya: I was surprised to hear your sister's planning a spectra show.

Coco: To be honest, I was, too.

Maya: Why is that, I wonder?

Coco: I guess sally doesn't tell me much now that I'm working here.

Nicole: Because it could be awkward, you mean.

Coco: Right.

Maya: But you like the line she's showing. I'm not asking for any spectra secrets.

Coco: I actually haven't seen it.

Maya: What you've seen.

Coco: I asked, but...

Nicole: But your sister knows how much you love working here and doesn't want there to be any conflict of interest.

Coco: Mm-hmm. Sally's always looking out for me.

Nicole: Yeah, there's nothing like a good big sister.

Coco: For sure. Um, so, R.J. Has a job for me, so I better bring these orders to him.

Nicole: Of course.

Maya: What? I was just making conversation.

Nicole: Well, you can be as suspicious as you want. Coco's really nice. She's good people. I can tell.

Shirley: Darlita, honey, a seating chart is less about pictures of chairs and more about who's sitting in the chairs. Names, honey! Names!

Darlita: That's weird. Then why don't they just call it a naming chart?

Saul: Oy.

Shirley: What's wrong?

Saul: Here we are, on the brink of success, and sally is so unhappy.

Darlita: Does she need a hug?

Saul: No, I think she's just so broken up over losing Mr. T. ...Which stands for tall. And also Thomas Forrester!

Shirley: You know what, that was just a preventable problem. It's her own fault!

Saul: Yeah, it's always a mistake when a girl dates above her height.

Shirley: You know what, when somebody whines about a preventable problem, what you say? You go, "bless your heart," and then you just go on about your business!

Saul: She wasn't whining. She's just sad. And coco will be, too. When Mr. T.'S little brother figures out how we got their designs.

Darlita: Poor coco.

R.J.: Did she at least give you a reason?

Thomas: Oh, you know, the usual -- we come from two totally different worlds, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

R.J.: Well, maybe she was having a bad day.

Thomas: Sally's a volatile type. Either everything is bigger and better with her, or it's bigger and worse. And she's not returning my calls. But I am not gonna leave it that way.

Sally: Good day, princess. No. No, no, no. Let's let this be a low-carb conversation. I just -- I wanted to apologize.

Maya: Okay! Point taken. I'm going to try to be more trusting of miss coco.

Nicole: Liar.

Maya: No, no! Really! I am. You're right. Sometimes when people seem nice, they really are just nice.

Nicole: Like me!

Maya: Yes, like you. But doesn't it seem strange that spectra has this huge show tomorrow, and coco hasn't seen a single design?

Nicole: Maybe she's just not interested. Or maybe she's more focused on doing a good job here with her internship. I really don't think coco's a concern.

R.J.: All right, so this is a list of our long-time couture clients, but we only want the highlighted ones coming.

Coco: Okay.

R.J.: This is a list of our buyers, and this is a list of our invited press, but again, we only want the highlighted ones to show.

Coco: Are you sure I'm supposed to be seeing all this?

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, we have to create a VIP guest list for our greeters.

Coco: No, you know what I'm asking, R.J. People around here are unsure of me. Do they think I'm gonna make copies of these and put them in my pocket?

R.J.: Not unless they want to accuse me, too. We're working on this together, remember?

Coco: Okay. I'm sorry. I just --

R.J.: I have your back. It's okay.

Coco: Okay.

R.J.: So don't turn on me like your sister did on Thomas. She cut him loose.

Coco: No.

R.J.: Yeah. I'm sorry. I thought -- I thought she told you.

Saul: Shirley, no. I want the dresses here overnight. Because I don't want them smelling like paint on the runway tomorrow!

Darlita: They kind of smelled like that before we started painting.

Saul: There is nothing wrong with synthetic fabrics.

Darlita: I know! I mean, paint is like their first cousin, right?

Thomas: Hi.

Saul: You're not invited!

Thomas: This is a place of business, right? Sally inside?

Saul: Sally does not want to see you.

Thomas: You know, offices are full of people that nobody wants to see.

Shirley: Here I am, Saul!

Saul: Go away! Go away!

Thomas: All right! Easy, easy. I am, all right?

Saul: No! Not you!

Darlita: Those darn spiders! We have to call an exterminator.

Saul: You, come with me.

Shirley: Darlita, help me find something to cover these up with.

Darlita: I'm never gonna wash my hands again.

Thomas: Why didn't you just tell me she wasn't here?

Saul: Stop right there, mister! There's a thing or two that you need to understand.

Thomas: I'm waiting.

Steffy: Thanks again. It's my treat.

Sally: Thank you. That's very sweet of you.

Steffy: You're not gonna throw it at me or anything...

Sally: No. No. This wasn't -- this wasn't planned. I'm not here for a photo op. I just -- I just saw you, and I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I know I got under your skin.

Steffy: Yeah, I guess you did, but I did put your face in cake.

Sally: Yeah, but still, you have more class and sophistication than I ever will.

Steffy: No, I don't -- I don't know about that. I mean, that wasn't my first food fight.

Sally: No?

Steffy: Mnh-mnh.

Sally: Wow. Who won that one?

Steffy: Um, the dry cleaners.

Sally: I know you hated me for coming to your wedding.

Steffy: Australia was as much my brother's fault as yours.

Sally: Yeah, well, he does love driving you crazy.

Steffy: Nah, we just have this thing, we're always, like, one-upping each other.

Sally: He adores you.

Steffy: He's head over heels about you.

Sally: Yeah, well, he doesn't really know me.

Steffy: Yeah. You broke it off with him. Now he's never gonna know why.

Sally: [Inhales sharply] I'm just -- I'm not like you. There for a while in Sydney, I forgot everything that came before. I felt like such an aristocrat, up there on that lawn in front of the opera house? With all of the champagne and the commanding views and the witty conversation... you Forrester people, you don't see it, but literally every single thing that you do is museum quality. Every laugh, every touch. Even your -- geez, even your cheekbones.

[Both chuckle]

Sally: Really, coming back down to earth was a really, really long fall for me.

Steffy: It was a celebration. We were in a different continent. It's like we're all coming back down to earth. If that's the reason you ended things with Thomas, I'm sorry. That just -- that doesn't make sense to me.

Sally: Well, it will. Soon enough.

Sally: I should be getting back.

Steffy: Oh, yeah, I know how crazy it gets the day before a show. But you feel good about the showing. That's the bottom line, right?

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we've put everything we have into this. Even more of what we don't.

Steffy: Well, uh, good luck. I think you'll do great.

Sally: Why aren't you rooting for me to fail?

Steffy: I'm not mad at you anymore. We're not even after the same market share. A win for a fashion house is a win for all of us.

Sally: Did your parents teach you that, or is that something that you taught yourself?

Steffy: What? I'm not -- I'm not following.

Sally: Well, I always thought that good manners were all about the right words -- "please," "thank you," "I beg your pardon" -- but you are -- you're showing me that they have to be heartfelt. You know? Natural. Real and bred to the bone. I really wish we could have been friends.

Steffy: Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Sally: Yeah, I think that ship has sailed. But it's been nice. If there's anything you remember about me, just -- please remember that I really mean that.

Saul: So, I guess women just fall all over you regularly...

Thomas: She in the office, or not?

Sally: I am not at liberty to say, but no.

Thomas: Okay, how about you just tell her that I stopped by to --

Saul: She's not interested in you. I am sorry that is so hard for you to accept. Yeah, yeah, some girls, they go for the rich and the tall and the handsome and -- and full of muscles, but that is not sally. Sally is looking for something realer.

Thomas: Like maybe a skinny dude with a tape measure around his neck? I get it. It's okay to have a crush on your boss. She's hot. How about you just tell her that I stopped by and I wanted to wish her good luck tomorrow. Okay? Give her this. Thanks.

Saul: And it's called a runner's build, for your information.

[Door closes]

Shirley: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Thomas: We may never have had a song, but we had an opera house. Sally, I need to understand. I can't stop thinking about you. Call me. I love you.

Maya: You know, you're right. Putting this show together has made us all paranoid, and coco seems very nice.

Nicole: Yeah, I know. I'm -- I'm not just gonna assume that she's some evil mastermind. Me? Yes. Her? No.

Coco: Your brother must have misunderstood.

R.J.: There's not too many ways to take "we're done."

Coco: Yeah, but why would sally say that? She fell for him hard, I happen to know.

R.J.: I guess we're gonna have to trust them to figure that out for themselves.

Coco: But how? They don't even move in the same circles. It's not like they're just gonna run into each other.

Thomas: Hi.

Sally: You need a personal navigation system. You know that, right?

Thomas: I do, and all I'd want it to do is lead me back to wherever you are.

Coco: It's so unfair that the name you're born with can make such a difference. Because if sally did break up with your brother, that's the reason why. It's because she thinks that a Forrester could never trust a spectra.

R.J.: Well, the Spectras have always been a background noise here. Sometimes angry. Sometimes jokey. Always interesting.

Coco: I want to be interesting. But not by dressing loudly like my sister does or drawing attention to myself.

R.J.: Well, it's about a quality that draws people to you, to want to know you.

Coco: Yeah. That.

R.J.: Well, you must already have it, since here I am, wanting to you know, thinking I've never met anyone so warm, honest, and good.

Coco: You're gonna get me fired.

R.J.: I'm gonna be the boss someday. Give me 20 years. I'll be ready.

Coco: I bet you will be, too.

R.J.: Nobody's gonna mess with you with the future boss around.

Coco: Okay, I doubt my internship's gonna last 20 years.

R.J.: I mean it. I'm gonna take care of you.

Coco: I almost believe you will.

Saul: I'm a terrible person.

Shirley: On a scale of zero to terrible, you're not even a three. You were only thinking of sally! Thomas can afford to give her expensive gifts every single day. She has to get her head in the game, Saul. It's either Thomas or success. She can't have both.

Sally: What are you doing here?

Thomas: I came by to see you.

Sally: Why?

Thomas: Why do you think?

Sally: Look, I told you it was over, Thomas, okay? We have to end it.

Thomas: That doesn't make any sense.

Sally: It will make sense to you soon enough.

Thomas: What does that even mean?

Sally: You will find out soon enough what I'm all about, okay? Who I am. There's no sense in keeping this going. It's just gonna make the inevitable more painful. We don't have a chance, Thomas.

Thomas: Why do you keep saying that? I -- I love you. Does that not mean anything to you? I genuinely believe that we can do anything we want together. I've never felt this way about anybody in my entire life.

Sally: Just leave me alone!

Thomas: Stop, stop, stop.

Sally: I can't do this anymore! Okay, look, it's been really nice getting to know you, but we're done! So, please, just leave me alone! Go! Go. Good evening.

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