B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17


Episode # 7562 ~ Bill is adamant with his reporter, insisting that the review of the Spectra fashion show be scathing; separately, Thomas & Sally turn to their loved ones for comfort about their loss of the other.

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Sally: Attention! Attention! All hands on deck! I want the entire crew outside my office pronto!

Saul: Hey, Sally. My grandpa Saul always told me how your great-aunt would, um, get on this microphone and rally the troops.

Sally: Yeah. I used it a couple of times, and it broke. It's kind of poetic.

Saul: I fixed it for you. See, if I figure since we're ramping up production and everything, you might want to... rally the troops.

Sally: Thanks, Saul. That's -- that's very sweet of you. But I'm just -- I'm really not in the mood.

Coco: Sally, I just heard the good news. You're doing another fashion show? That's awesome. You're an amazing designer. I can't wait to see what you've come up with.

Steffy: You are one of the most eligible bachelors in los Angeles. You could have, like, any girl you want, and you picked Sally. I just -- I don't get it. And you're not even listening. Cool.

Thomas: Sorry.

Steffy: Look, all I'm saying is that maybe you should just look at other girls besides Sally.

Thomas: Maybe I will.

Steffy: I'm serious, Thomas.

Thomas: So am I. I-I'm not dating her anymore.

Steffy: What? You broke it off with her?

Thomas: No. She did.

Bill: I'm giving Brooke some space. Whatever happened in Sydney that led her to me for that moment... well, I know we're going to end up back together.

Wyatt: Well, I'm pulling for you guys, dad.

Bill: I appreciate that, Wyatt. In the meantime, I have a business to run.

Wyatt: Speaking of which, I was going over the projections. What's going on with the expansion project?

Bill: Still waiting for Spectra to tank.

Jarrett: Excuse me. I need to speak with you, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Well, make an appointment, Jarrett! Can you not see I'm with my son?

Jarrett: Well, it is urgent, sir. Uh, Wyatt, if you wouldn't mind?

Bill: Did somebody spike your corn flakes? Wyatt's not going anywhere. Now, what's your problem?

Jarrett: I received an invitation that I thought would be of interest to you. It's a fashion show. Spectra fashions.

Bill: They're putting on another show?

Jarrett: They are indeed, sir. I wanted to inform you that I am planning to attend, but I will not be going under the same conditions as my last appearance and review.

Bill: Excuse me?

Jarrett: Are you sure you wouldn't like to speak in private, sir?

Bill: Are you sure you wouldn't like me to stick my foot up your --

Wyatt: Dad!

Bill: You got three seconds to get to the point.

Jarrett: Well, last time I wrote a review -- correction, you wrote a review -- trashing that poor girl and her company.

Wyatt: Wait. Wait. You wrote the review? Why?

Bill: Because he didn't have the stones to do it, and I want that building.

Jarrett: Yes, your smoked glass and mirrors. We all know how you love mirrors.

Wyatt: Yeah, you do like mirrors.

Bill: I do.

Jarrett: Well, I'm here to tell you this time I will be writing an honest review.

Thomas: She blindsided me. I wasn't expecting it.

Steffy: So Sally broke up with you? Why?

Thomas: She found out about Douglas.

Steffy: You hadn't told her?

Thomas: No. Not yet. [Sighs] I was planning on it.

Steffy: So she broke up with you because you have a kid? That's real classy.

[Door opens]

Ridge: Oh, you're both here. Good. I want to show you something.

Steffy: Oh, more designs?

Ridge: No. The designs. Your brother is giving your grandfather and me a run for our money.

Thomas: Thanks, dad. I'm glad you're happy with it.

Ridge: What's wrong with him?

Steffy: Sally broke up with him.

Coco: Oh, is this one of the designs? Can I see?

Saul: Unh, unh, unh! No, you don't.

Coco: Oh, come on, Sally. I'm your sister.

Darlita: Oh, but we're keeping everything on the L.D.

Coco: Oh, okay. It's because I'm working over at Forrester, isn't it?

Shirley: Lights are back on in the showroom. Everything's coming up roses.

Sally: You sent out the invitations?

Shirley: Every last one of them. [Chuckles] Darlita, be a peach and go check on the RSVPs.

Darlita: Got it.

Coco: I'm really happy you're doing another showing. I wasn't sure you'd be able to bounce back from such an awful review.

Sally: Yeah, well, we're doing things a little bit differently.

Coco: Well, I'd love to stick around and help, but I have to get over to Forrester.

Shirley: Be sure you get the brooch back. It's a very important family piece.

Coco: Of course.

Sally: I'm stealing from Thomas and his family. What have I done? [Sighs]

Bill: Puffing out your chest, are you, Jarrett? Forgetting who signs your paycheck?

Jarrett: I understand, sir. But Sally Spectra is raw, unbridled, but a talent nonetheless. She's put her whole life into this venture. To undermine her efforts --

Bill: She's undermining my efforts to build one of the greatest monuments to capitalism los Angeles has ever seen. An organic food market, a high-end car dealership, an underground bowling alley. Wyatt, you like bowling, don't you?

Wyatt: I love it. Have my own ball.

Bill: You. You probably like cricket.

Jarrett: I have my own wicket.

Bill: Of course you do. You have two choices, Jarrett. One -- you go to the fashion show. You write a scathing review so terrible that Sally packs up and closes up shop so C.J. Garrison can sell me that pile of rubble on the cheap. Or two -- you blow off the fashion show altogether and head straight for the unemployment line because you will be fired!

Jarrett: But my integrity as a journalist --

Bill: Have you noticed the name on this building? It says Spencer publications. It does not say Jarrett Maxwell publications. I own this building and everything in it, including your integrity!

Jarrett: Mr. Spencer --

Bill: Give me that invitation. Definitely a step up from their last preview.

Jarrett: It's elegant, like a wedding invitation from a prominent family on park avenue. Spectra has sent this all the fashion press, boutiques, department stores. They're even holding it in their own showroom.

Bill: Their own empty showroom. No one's gonna be there.

Wyatt: You don't think?

Bill: Spectra fashions is a joke, Wyatt.

Jarrett: Another showing so soon after my scathing review has garnered interest. Joke or not, people want to see it. Plus rumor has it Spectra's pulling out all the stops.

Bill: How is this happening? Their loan shark isn't giving them any money.

Wyatt: Sounds like they're trying to scrape together the last of their cash.

Bill: For what? Sally Spectra's designs can't compete with the Forresters'! Not on her best day.

Ridge: Hey. For what it's worth, I'm sorry about Sally. You got to be frustrated.

Thomas: Yeah, dad, it sucks. But look, I'm not gonna let it take away from the fashion show. I know we have a lot to get done next week.

Ridge: Good. I appreciate that. I appreciate your hard work, both you guys. You running the company, and you, the artist, working with me and your grandfather. We came up with some great ideas. But these three right here are my favorites. This is gonna be our greatest line ever.

Steffy: Really?

Ridge: Really.

Thomas: Well, dad, with all the shows that you've done throughout the years, that's -- that's a really big compliment.

Ridge: Yeah, but I mean it. We weathered the storm, and Forrester's back stronger than ever. But wait till the world gets a load of this.

Saul: Voilą.

Shirley: Will you look at that?

Sally: Saul, it's stunning.

Saul: You like it?

Sally: Yeah! Yeah, I cannot believe this was made here at Spectra. It's like a work of art. Oh, my gosh.

Shirley: Oh!

Saul: Oh.

Shirley: Oopsie-daisy.

Saul: Yeah, uh, we're still putting on the finishing touches, but I'm gonna be honest. It's not gonna have that -- that Forrester quality to it.

Shirley: Honey, it won't have that Forrester price tag, either.

Sally: Let me see the sketch.

Shirley: Um, Saul?

Saul: Yeah, come on. Why -- why don't we see if we can, uh, glue this back on?

Shirley: Sally, you need to get out of your head.

Sally: I am stealing from the man that I am falling in love with. Okay, it's one thing to steal from his father and his grandfather, but to steal from Thomas himself? I can't do this! I care about him too much, and now I'm gonna betray him? And what about coco, okay? This internship is the biggest opportunity of her life. She will never speak to us again.

Shirley: Sally, she's gonna be angry, mad, freak out a little bit. But she will speak to us again. And you want to know why? Because she's gonna have something she's never had before -- fame, money, and success.

Sally: But at what price?

Shirley: This is business. You need to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve. You're Sally Spectra, damn it! This is our one chance, our one shot! You have to grab that bull by the horns! There's no backing up now! We are doing this!

Jarrett: With all due respect, sir, I can no longer compromise my principles.

Bill: Oh, cry me a river, Mr. Principles.

Jarrett: If we had written an honest critique --

Bill: Okay, I've had enough of you! All right, scurry back to your cubicle, call your mommy, and think about what you're doing before I ruin your reputation

for you.

Jarrett: Of course, Mr. Spencer.

Bill: I'll hold on to this. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Wyatt: [Sighs] She's kind of hot.

Bill: Who?

Wyatt: Sally.

Bill: Yeah, she's not bad. Look at you! Glad to see you're getting over Steffy, ready to get back in the game.

Wyatt: [Chuckles]

Bill: But stay far away from Sally Spectra. She's not gonna be around long enough. I'm gonna knock her down again, send her back where she came from.

Wyatt: That review was pretty rough, dad. You really wrote that yourself?

Bill: I had to. Jarrett wouldn't be tough enough on her.

Wyatt: [Chuckles] It says Sally's been dating Thomas.

Bill: Yeah, he brought her to Sydney. I thought it was just to mess with Steffy, but he did seem pretty into her. Ask me how much I care about Thomas or Sally. All I care about is --

Wyatt: Your mirrored skyscraper. Got it.

Bill: Yeah, that's right. Which means taking care of Spectra fashions and that red-headed wannabe once and for all.

Everyone who have put their all into this battleship -- Saul, Darlita, the sewers downstairs working their fingers to the bone.

Sally: Yes, I know, okay, but --

Shirley: Honey, this is how we do fashion! The Spectra way!

Sally: Yes, okay? But why can't we just put it off for a little while, okay? Let the Forresters do their show first!

Shirley: Wait a second. Have -- have you lost your marbles? Timing is everything! That's the whole point! We've got to beat them to the punch! Your aunt Sally used to scoop them just days before their shows! That's why we are showing this week!

Sally: But bootlegging Thomas' hard work!

Shirley: Do you really want to chase after a man with a baby? Do you think you can compete with a man who has a child with a socialite? Honey, look in the mirror. That is not gonna happen! Sally. [Sighs] You need to come down off that high horse and realize who you are. You're a very pretty girl from the boondocks. Honey, you're unsophisticated, you're unpolished, and you're poor. You will never be part of Thomas' world! Thank the Lord you didn't sleep with him. [Sighs] You would have gotten attached to him just like this. And think of the feelings you would have caught then.

Sally: Okay, grams...

Shirley: Honey, listen. I'm sorry, but somebody has to tell it to you straight. Thomas sure hasn't. He didn't overlook his child. He didn't forget to mention it. He's going back to his baby mama. And that's where he belongs. That is his family. Now, you -- you need to face it and put it in the past. It's over. Forget about Thomas Forrester.

Bill: What are you up to, Sally? The previous Spectra fashions made their mark by knocking off the Forresters. Could it be?

Wyatt: You don't think she could possibly be doing that like her namesake?

Bill: Maybe. It would be a tough nut to crack. The Forresters are pretty tight with their security. And I don't know. I... I don't think she has it in her. Sally seems kind of soft and naive. She'd have to be to fall for a Forrester.

Wyatt: Maybe she's playing Thomas.

Bill: She appeared genuine at the wedding. She's setting herself up for another failure. Poor kid. Came to L.A. To make it legitimately, and I squashed that dream real quick.

Wyatt: It's pretty cold, dad.

Bill: Yeah.

Wyatt: All right, let's say she is ripping off designs from a guy she's into. Be hard to believe. Not many people could pull that off.

Sally: I don't want you anymore, okay? It was fun while it lasted, but it -- it was what it was, but that's all that it will ever be.

Sally: Attention, please! All hands on deck. I would like everyone in my office pronto. Grams, Saul, Darlita, get in here.

Shirley: What is it, Sally girl?

Sally: I promised my great-aunt Sally that I was gonna save this old relic, that I was gonna resurrect Spectra fashions from the trash heap. And that is exactly what we are going to do. So, sound the alarms. Yell it from the rooftops. Spectra fashions is going to put on the best damn fashion show that this city has ever seen because we have the talent and the drive and the chutzpah to pull it off. C.J., Shifty, Jarrett -- they are all gonna see what we are made of. This city, this world is going to see what we can do. We are going to save this bundle of bricks. Even if we have to keep the Spectra engines pumping all night long, we are gonna turn out the most beautiful threads that you have ever dreamed of, because I am telling you, these designs are hot! They are -- ssst! Whoo! When they hit that runway, they are going to sizzle!

Darlita: Yes, they will!

Sally: Yes! Yes!


Sally: Mark my words, lovers, okay? This ragtag pirate ship is heading straight for the stars. Spectra fashions is born again!

Saul: [Laughs]

Sally: So, throw a little paint in that showroom, okay? I want that stage to sparkle and shine. I want all of the clothing to pop. I want every inch of fabric steamed and pressed, all of the hemlines perfect. I want the finishing to be impeccable, okay? All right? And I want "a" game from each and every one of you! Do you hear me? All right, now go! Go, go! Chop, chop! Come on! Get to work!

Saul: Come on. Let's go, guys.

Shirley: I am so proud of you, Sally girl.

[Indistinct conversations]

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