B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/4/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/4/17


Episode # 7557 ~ Pam & Charlie hold their secret when questions surface surrounding Brooke & Ridge's failed attempt to be married; Katie confronts Quinn about her affair & Eric's right to know about it.

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Eric: Brooke, I don't want to be interrogating you here, but something's wrong. Something's wrong, and I don't know how to help you if I don't know what it is. I'm truly concerned about you and about Ridge. And so is Quinn.

Ridge: And we appreciate that.

Eric: Look, something happened in Sydney, that much is clear. Liam and Steffy's wedding was in front of the opera house and went off without a hitch. Everybody had a wonderful time at the reception, and you and Ridge were gonna get married the next day. I mean, that was the plan, right?

Brooke: Yes.

Eric: But you're not married, and I want to know why. And I want to hear it from you.

Rick: They were gonna go celebrate with Liam and Steffy, then go off to elope. But that didn't happen. Ridge and mom made all these plans to call it off?

Maya: Why would they do that?

Rick: I don't know.

[Pam and Charlie giggling]

Charlie: Alone at last.

Pam: Whoopsie!

Charlie: Oh, uh, hello there.

Pam: Caught us.

Charlie: Maybe we caught them.

Pam: Oh! Did we?

Maya: We were, um, just talking about Brooke and Ridge.

Pam: Oh! How was that? Where'd they end up getting married?

Rick: They didn't. Dad just told us that the wedding didn't happen.

Pam: So Ridge and Brooke did not get married?

Charlie: Why not?

Rick: Well, that's what dad's trying to find out. They're in a meeting upstairs right now.

Pam: Eric, Ridge, and Brooke?

Maya: And Quinn.

Charlie: That's weird.

Rick: Yeah, well, this whole thing is weird, but dad will get to the bottom of it. He'll find out what happened.

Eric: When I left Sydney, I assumed that you would work things out.

Ridge: We will.

Eric: So the marriage has just been postponed? Brooke, if there's anything that Quinn and I can do, we'd like to help.

Quinn: But we don't want to intrude.

Eric: Quinn. Brooke came to me in Sydney. She -- she had something to say to me, and I don't know what it was. I... I want to know what it was. Brooke, you wouldn't have done this without a very, very good reason.

Brooke: Right, Eric. I wouldn't.

Eric: This wedding was very important to you, to everybody, to R.J. Especially. I mean, he was looking so forward to this. He hasn't been told yet, has he?

Brooke: No.

Eric: Ridge, what about you?

Ridge: What about me? We're trying to work through some stuff. We're trying to fix something...

Eric: I'm sorry, Ridge, but I have to ask... is there another woman?

Eric: You two need to talk to R.J. Before this gets out.

Ridge: Brooke and I will do what's best for our son.

Brooke: He wanted his parents to be married, and that's not going to happen.

Eric: Why won't you tell us? Why don't you get this out in the open? Tell us what's going on! Isn't that why you came to the hotel?

Brooke: Nobody else deserves to be hurt by this, Eric.

Eric: I'm sorry, Brooke. I'm sorry if I'm -- if I'm hurting you by asking you all this.

Brooke: No, it's not you. You are a good man. You're very kind. I just can't...

Eric: All right. All right. If you two need to work it out between the two of you, then I'll back off. I just want you to know that the two of us are here for you, all right?

[Cell phone chimes]

Eric: We got a meeting. I have to go. I'll go to this meeting if you're gonna be all right.

Brooke: Yeah.

Eric: Okay. You're too strong to let this derail you.

Brooke: If Eric comes back, tell him I couldn't stay.

Quinn: Brooke! Wait. Thank you for not saying anything.

Charlie: Rick, you didn't see any clues, something you may missed, or ignored?

Rick: No. If my mom would have had reservations, she would have told me about it. Something happened in Sydney. But what? I just want to make sure my mom's okay.

Maya: Why don't we go up to the office and see if she's looking for you?

Pam: Yeah, hang in there, rick. This all could be a giant misunderstanding.

Charlie: There is no misunderstanding.

Pam: Charlie! What are you doing? Couldn't you see how upset rick was about his mother?

Charlie: Well, he should be. Her fiancÚ is fooling around with Quinn.

Pam: Shh!

Charlie: Look, you told me to forget what I saw at Eric's, but I was right, Pammy. The napkin, the lipstick, Ridge, Quinn. That's why Brooke's wedding didn't happen.

Quinn: You could have told Eric everything.

Brooke: As long as nothing happens between you, I won't.

Ridge: Unfortunately, you're not the only one who knows about this. Katie came to see me when she got back, and, uh... she knows what happened.

Brooke: I told her to keep quiet. It's over. Eric doesn't need to know.

Quinn: Thank you.

Brooke: I'm not doing this for you.

Quinn: I know. You're doing it for Eric. And for that, I'm grateful. This would break his heart. It would destroy his relationship with Ridge. It would throw the family and the company into chaos, and if there are -- if there are consequences to pay, then I will pay them.

Brooke: This is doing nothing to your life. I'm not gonna say anything. I already told you that. As long as there's not one hint of betrayal between the two of you, and if there is, I'm going straight to Eric.

Quinn: It won't happen. I swear.

Brooke: I think you should go.

Ridge: We have to deal with this. You're home now. Maybe we should talk.

Brooke: Ridge. I will never understand what you did on the eve of our wedding. With Quinn! Eric's wife! How could you?

Brooke: I came back to you, and I reunited this family because you said this was it. So I make promises to our son and I got on that plane because you told me I was the only woman for you.

Ridge: You are.

Brooke: But you betrayed me. And you betrayed Eric!

Ridge: I can't justify that. I love you. I never stopped loving you.

Brooke: Then why would you hurt me? Why would you hurt your father? Was this some twisted act of revenge, seducing Quinn?

Ridge: Let's forget about Quinn, forget about my dad. This is about us now. We have to talk about us.

Brooke: Eric has always been so good to you. He's respected you, even when you were at odds. And he even accepted you, as Massimo Marone's son. He raised you, Ridge. He loved you and he supported you and he treated you like gold! So did I! And then you do this? With Quinn? How could you do that? Eric loves her. He trusts her. He wants to see the good in her and the good in you! And then this is what you do. You seduce his wife.

Ridge: I know you want to pick up the phone and call him, but you can't do that. You can't.

Brooke: No, you know what, I know I can't because it would kill him. It would destroy this family and it would take away all sense of self for Eric and his love for you! But you know what, I am so tempted.

Ridge: Logan. What we --

Brooke: No, don't. Don't call me Logan. That's my pet name. And you don't have any rights anymore. You threw those away the minute you put your arms around Quinn. So, was it worth it? Was Quinn worth it?

Quinn: [Sighs] Eric? Are you home?

Katie: No! Just little old me.

Quinn: Katie, what are you doing here?

Katie: I was hungry. So I decided to pop over and see what you guys had in the kitchen, and your housekeeper was super accommodating. She set me up with these shortbread cookies, but, gosh, it's clear Pam didn't make these because they're super dry! Do you know what would go really well with these? I'm thinking tea.

Quinn: You know, I think I made myself really clear with you that I don't want you setting foot in my home unless you're invited.

Katie: [Laughs]

Quinn: Why are you laughing?

Katie: You have no idea what you've done.

Quinn: Get out of my house. Now.

Katie: Getting involved with your husband's son? Wow. You really messed up this time, didn't you?

Katie: Some mistakes are so bad that they can't be undone. But you -- you don't know anything about that because you always get away with everything! Until now.

Quinn: Would you just keep your voice down?

Katie: What are you worried about? Eric's not home! Not yet.

Quinn: You know what, Brooke told you to leave this alone!

Katie: Brooke is in shock. She had no idea what was going on between you and Ridge. I had an inkling. I suspected something. I even talked to her before we ever went to Australia, but she said I was crazy. She couldn't fathom that Ridge would be involved with you. I mean, I couldn't believe it either, but... what I found even more unbelievable is that you would be involved with him. Because you're many, many things, but you're not stupid. I never dreamed that you could be so foolish, and let's be honest, so ungrateful! I mean, you have the best man in the world! You are a prominent part of his home, of his family! You have redemption! Who gets that? And why do you have it? Why? Because of Eric! Because of his unshakable faith in you! But you have no idea what that word means, do you? Faith. His love was not enough for you. His compassion, his generosity was not enough for you! He transformed you because he thought he saw goodness in you! He believed in your loyalty! People don't change, do they? I -- I have to keep learning this over and over again. Leopards really don't change their spots.

Quinn: There is nothing going on between me and Ridge.

Katie: Really? Because that's not what I hear.

Quinn: You could spin it any way you want! You can color it with your jealousy and your animosity.

Katie: [Laughs]

Quinn: You want to blackmail me? You want to go and take this to Eric? Then maybe you should know the truth, okay? Because there was nothing more than just a few kisses! That was all!

Katie: A few kisses with your husband's son! Do you really think that he's just gonna be cool with that and accept it? Not in a million years. He's gonna kick you and your portrait to the curb. One word from me, and your whole life, this whole life, is done. It's really too bad that these are so dry. Chamomile or mint? I'm thinking mint. Why don't you make a whole pot? Just in case Eric wants some when he gets home. Mint tea, Quinn. Now.

Ridge: I am such an idiot. Self-involved, self-destructive, arrogant idiot... who's, once again, fighting for the one thing that makes him happy. You. Us. I don't know how to make this right.

Brooke: You told me what we had we could never have with anybody else.

Ridge: We can't have that with anyone. We tried.

Brooke: [Sighs]

Ridge: We always end up here. You said you deserve something better. And I agree with you. But maybe something better doesn't have to mean something else. Maybe we can find the better part of me, you know? If we put our heads together, I think we can do it. I can't eat, I can't do anything. All I think about is that stupid mistake, my last greatest mistake. I don't even know why. Temptation, maybe? It was senseless. I don't even like the woman. I want you to know something. There wasn't a plan. I wasn't -- I wasn't planning to wake up one morning and... betray this great man that raised me or betray the woman that I loved practically all my life.

Brooke: But you did.

Ridge: I made a mistake. And we all make mistakes, right?

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: But you know what, Brooke, when I make mistakes, I go deep. I make sure everyone involved is just... is gonna be as disappointed and as hurt as possible. It's who I am. Ridge Forrester. It's always about me. Never about you. But the truth is, it should be about you. Because if there is a possibility of us sitting on the beach, looking at the sunset 30 years from now, just thinking about what our life was... you smack me in the back of the head because you bring up this moment when we almost lost everything. That's gonna be about you, because you found it in there somewhere to forgive me one more time. I meant what I said when I proposed to you. We're destined to be together. Marry me. I don't care where. We'll go to Vegas. We'll go to the courthouse. We'll go to the beach. Whatever you want. You, me, R.J. If we're together, we can face anything. I can't do this alone. I love you. I always have.

Brooke: [Sobbing]

Ridge: Marry me.

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