B&B Transcript Thursday 3/30/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 3/30/17


Episode # 7554 ~ Thomas comes to Sally's defense when members of his family criticize her character; distrustful of the Spectra family, Zende keeps a close watch on Coco as she & RJ handle Forrester Creations' newest designs.

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Rick: So, Ridge is wanting us to take a look at some new runway models.

R.J.: I'll help with that.

Nicole: Of course, you will.

Maya: Have you heard from your parents about their wedding?

R.J.: Not yet. No. I imagine they're a little busy.

Nicole: I hope they'll send a photo so we can post it.

Rick: I wouldn't count on it. They like things pretty private. All right, what else? The interns. What are they working on?

R.J.: Oh, charlotte's sort of organizing everything, helping out with marketing.

Rick: Okay.

Zende: What about coco? What's she up to? You got her working in the cutting room, I hear.

R.J.: Occasionally.

Zende: You think that's wise?

R.J.: Why?

Zende: Well, she is a spectra.

[Cell phone tone plays]

Shirley: Ugh. Shifty again. The jerk has me on speed dial.

[Cell phone tone stops]

Saul: He wants his money.

Shirley: Money we don't have.

Saul: Yeah, about that, Shirley, what are we supposed to do? Coco's not wearing the necklace, the one with the -- the secret camera. You...

Shirley: We will put it on her today.

Saul: How are you supposed to do that?

Coco: Hey, has anyone seen Darlita? She -- she borrowed my charger.

Saul: Oh, yeah. She's just out doing her nails.

Shirley: [Chuckles]

Saul: You know.

Shirley: You know that your sister's gonna be back from Australia any minute now.

Coco: Right. Yeah, no, I wish I could stick around, but I have to get over to Forrester.

Shirley: Oh. I like your outfit.

Coco: Oh, this? This? Thanks.

Shirley: Hmm. You know what, though? Something's missing.

Coco: Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna put lipstick on in the car.

Shirley: Hmm, no, no, no, no. Um, I think you need some accessories, jazz your outfit up a little bit.

Saul: Oh.

Shirley: Oh, I know! Um, what about the necklace that sally gave you?

Saul: Use the --

Shirley: I thought you liked it!

Coco: Yeah, no, I-I do. I was just saving it for a special occasion.

Shirley: Oh, honey. Every time you step into Forrester is a special occasion. Let's give it a try, shall we? Aha!

Saul: Yeah. Yeah.

Coco: Okay.

Saul: That's -- I mean, that's a look.

Coco: [Chuckles]

Rick: You know, I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn't we be a little more concerned about a spectra just roaming the building?

R.J.: She's not like her family. She's not shady.

Maya: We just don't know her very well.

R.J.: I do. I know her, and... I'm getting to know her better every day.

Zende: Given our history with the Spectras, it might be best to keep her away from anything relative to design.

Nicole: It can't hurt, especially as we're getting closer to the showing.

R.J.: Guys, this is a fashion house. Our designs are everywhere, and so is coco -- inventory, fitting rooms, cutting rooms. She's an in-house runner. One of our most reliable and trustworthy interns. Who cares if her last name is spectra? Give her a chance. She can be trusted.

Shirley: See? It looks smashing on you.

Coco: Yeah. I-I like it, but I'm -- I'm not sure it matches.

Shirley: Of course it does. It's truly a one of a kind.

Saul: It's very elegant. Something like that, that's perfect for Forrester creations.

Coco: It is really pretty, and I don't want to let sally down. Okay, yeah. Yeah. I'll wear it today.

Shirley: Oh! Good! You won't regret it.

Coco: Yeah, well, I have to run. I don't want to be late for work. But, uh, tell sally I can't wait to hear about her trip.

Shirley: Okay, honey. You have a good day.

Coco: Bye.

Shirley: We'll be seeing you!

Maya: Coco is very sweet.

Nicole: I know. She is. And I hope we weren't too hard on R.J., But...

Thomas: Hello, hello.

Zende: Hey.

Thomas: Hey. What's going on?

Zende: Welcome back, man.

Thomas: Thanks, bro.

Rick: How was Australia?

Thomas: Awesome. Great trip. Didn't want to come home.

Nicole: I bet. Loved all your snaps.

Thomas: Thank you. Yeah, the wedding was amazing. The photo shoot went well. Yeah, great time.

Zende: That's it? You don't have anything else to tell us?

Thomas: Hmm, what do you mean?

Rick: Come on, man. Sally spectra? I can't believe you'd invite her to Sydney.

Shirley: Ooh! Sally girl, I'm so happy you're home.

Saul: Thanks, grams.

Saul: We, uh... welcome back.

Sally: Oh, no! [Laughing] It's good to be home.

Saul: Yeah, hey, how was it?

Sally: It was so much fun.

Saul: Oh!

Sally: Oh, it was beautiful. We were overlooking the --

Shirley: Uh, was that Steffy Forrester's wedding?

Sally: Yeah.

Shirley: Mm-hmm. Get any pictures? You went down there on a mission. Please tell me you came through for us.

Thomas: When I invited sally, I didn't think she'd actually come.

Maya: But you're glad she did.

Thomas: Yeah, I was stoked. I'm impressed that she flew all the way down to see me.

Rick: Yeah, it's a -- it's a lot, Thomas.

Zende: Let's be real here. The woman did crash our wedding, and let's not forget the food fight at the restaurant.

Nicole: All of which she posted online.

Thomas: Have you guys checked her accounts lately? She didn't post anything. Nothing inappropriate, nothing that was her fault, anyways.

Rick: What do you mean?

Thomas: Well, she slipped and fell into manly harbour.

Maya: What?

Rick: [Chuckles]

Thomas: Well, Steffy was escorting her off the premises, and sally pulled back, and she slipped and into the water she went.

Nicole: Oh, wow. Well, she okay?

Thomas: Yeah, she's fine. Steffy had a good laugh about it. We all did. We need to move on from the past. It's time for us to stop being enemies. Whatever her aunt did years ago, the knockoffs, the stealing, it's over. It's done.

Zende: Look, sally isn't our only issue here. We still have this coco situation walking around Forrester.

Thomas: Come on, man. Look at her. She's harmless.

Zende: Maybe so, but we need to keep our eyes open. Look, spectra -- they have stolen our designs before. What makes you think they won't do it again?

Sally: Is there more coffee? 'Cause that flight was, like --

Shirley: Yes or no? Did you get pictures of Steffy's wedding?

Sally: Yes, yes. I took a few pictures.

Shirley: Well, then why haven't you posted them?

Sally: I went as Thomas' date, as his guest. We had a really nice time.

Shirley: No, no, no. Do not go soft on me now. This was your idea. Yours. And now you want to start being polite, be a gracious guest? What about your dreams to revive spectra fashions?

Sally: I still want that, grams. I do more than ever. But I just --

Saul: But -- but how? How, sally? How do we get this place running? 'Cause we have no collection.

Shirley: And shifty's calling my phone nonstop.

Sally: Thomas was really sweet to me. He was a gentleman. He even stood up to Steffy for me after I fell in the water.

Shirley: What are you getting at?

Sally: I'm just rethinking this whole idea. Stealing from the Forresters. I'm sorry. I just -- I can't do it.

Shirley: Aww. Your conscience is getting the best of you. Aww. Too bad. We've already put the plan into motion.

Sally: What?

Shirley: [Chuckles] Operation coco starts today.

Coco: Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry I'm late. I'm still trying to find my way around the building.

R.J.: Oh, no, it's okay. No, you'll figure it out. Oh. Confidential. They're not messing around.

Coco: [Chuckles]

R.J.: Kind of overkill, if you ask me.

Coco: Someday I will walk in here and not completely freak out that I'm backstage at the Forrester showroom.

R.J.: Even I get goosebumps.

Coco: [Chuckles]

R.J.: I'm not sure if it's because of where I am or who I'm with.

Coco: Hmm. Probably both.

R.J.: Probably.

Coco: Yeah.

[Both laugh]

R.J.: Nice necklace.

Coco: Oh, thanks. Thank you.

R.J.: '30s, '40s?

Coco: Yeah. I'm surprised you noticed.

R.J.: Hey, I'm a Forrester. I got style in my blood.

Coco: Hmm. Yeah, I'd like to think I do, too. But actually it was Sally's. She was gonna, um, incorporate it in one of her collections, but she gave it to me instead.

R.J.: Nice sister.

Coco: Yeah, she's -- she's the best.

R.J.: You want to see something cool?

Coco: Sure. What? What is it?

R.J.: Some of my dad's latest designs.

Coco: Your dad's designs?

Coco: Your dad's designs?

R.J.: Yeah, I was supposed to put them in the vault, but I wanted to show you first.

Coco: Maybe it's better if you don't.

R.J.: Why not?

Coco: Because of my name.

R.J.: Come on. Coco's a great name.

Coco: No, I... I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Like, people don't trust me as it is.

R.J.: I trust you, okay? That's all that matters. Besides, you're legit. You work here. You got the badge and everything. Forget about our last names. It doesn't even cross my mind, all right?

Coco: It really doesn't bother you?

R.J.: No. Not at all. How can I think about anything else with eyes like that?

Coco: You are so full of it.

R.J.: No, I'm serious. You got a lot of things going for you. You're smart, you're funny, you got great reflexes, which saved me from a rogue forklift.

Coco: I see.

R.J.: Yeah. [Chuckles] I just -- it's not fair that you get treated differently just 'cause you're a spectra.

Coco: Thank you.

Rick: Zende brought up a really good point. We need to be more vigilant about securing our designs.

Thomas: Oh, come on. You're not seriously concerned about coco, are you?

Rick: Thomas, we can't afford to have any leaks right now, especially with a spectra walking around our building and you seeing another one on the side!

Thomas: I think you're being a little paranoid.

Maya: She's already pulled a few stunts.

Thomas: To create hype, to gain followers online.

Nicole: Still, it says something about her character.

Thomas: Guys, look, sally's related to somebody that caused problems for us decades ago. I get it. But that does not mean sally is going to steal our designs.

Sally: You got coco to wear that necklace?

Saul: Sally, that was the plan all along.

Sally: Yeah, I know. But that before I got to know Thomas and spent time with the Forresters.

Shirley: Oh, gee. Now you're all best friends! [Gasps] Why don't we have them over for some ramen noodles?

Sally: They are not bad people, grams. They have been surprisingly nice to me. Obviously except for Steffy. But look, it's not fair to them or to coco. We can't use her like this.

Shirley: Sally spectra, you listen to me. Remember who you are and remember where you come from. You cannot hang with the Forresters! They're up here! We're down here! You are just the flavor of the month. That's all you are to them. You will never be on their level. My sister tried for years to earn their respect, but it never happened.

Sally: You're wrong about that, grams. She did earn their respect, and Eric said it himself. Yes, okay? I like to push the boundaries and stir the pot, but one thing I am not is a criminal!

Shirley: We are not criminals! We are poaching, not stealing.

Sally: It's the same difference!

Saul: Wait, wait. I'm -- I'm not gonna end up at county for this, am I?

Shirley: This is the fashion business. Everybody cheats a little here and there. Your great-aunt sally never went to jail, and neither will we. But we won't survive another month unless we get our hands on those Forrester designs and beat them to the runway! Coco is our in. She is our eyes in the hallowed halls of Forrester. Sally, we have no choice. We have to do this. Darlita, coco, Saul -- we're all counting on you to come through. So buck up, sister. I will not let you back down on this.

[Door opens]

Nicole: Hey, babe. I was thinking about ordering us some lunch.

[Door closes]

Zende: I just saw R.J. and Coco backstage together. I wasn't spying, but they were alone. I think he likes her.

Nicole: She's a pretty girl.

Zende: Yeah, I just hope she isn't using him to her advantage.

Nicole: Yeah. But at the same time, people could have said that about you and me.

Zende: I don't know anything for sure. It's just a feeling. You don't think it's strange that we're suddenly surrounded by Spectras? I mean, we have R.J. Working with coco. Thomas is hanging out with sally. It's weird, right?

Nicole: It is kind of crazy that sally flew to Australia just for Steffy's wedding.

Zende: Exactly. And rumor has it spectra is dead broke. I mean, sally couldn't design a dress to save her life. But somehow she is still in that building trying to get that company off the ground. Why?

Nicole: It must be costing them a lot of money.

Zende: Right. I mean, how is she paying for rent, her employees? Is everyone just working for free over there?

Nicole: So, no cash, no prospects, willing to do anything for attention. Sounds like they're desperate.

Zende: Desperate people do desperate things. I'm gonna keep a close eye on sally and coco. I don't want them messing with the company or my family.

Sally: I really don't want to do this.

Shirley: Do you have any other, uh, plans? 'Cause I'd like to hear them. All righty then. Let's get this puppy up and running. Saul, what's taking so long?

Saul: Almost there. I just need to log on.

Sally: Wait! Okay, give me one more day. I will come up with something else -- a plan. Just anything but this.

Shirley: What are you fixing to do? Uh, design another whole collection that can be panned by Jarrett in the morning? [Sighs] Sally, don't fight it. We have to be true to ourselves. We have to borrow from the Forresters.

Saul: All right. We're ready.

Shirley: Here we go. [Gasps] Look!

Saul: It's working!

Shirley: There's R.J. What's he got? Oh, Lord, please let it be something good.

R.J.: Yeah, my dad's latest designs are in here. Totally top secret.

Shirley: Come on! Come on, come on! Stop your yammering, R.J., and open those babies up!

[Cell phone rings]

Sally: It's Thomas. Hey.

Thomas: Hey, did I, uh, catch you at a bad time?

Sally: No. No, not at all.

Thomas: Well, I'm just checking in, seeing how you're doing after the flight.

Sally: Yeah, uh, it's -- it's a bit crazy being back home. Little bit of an adjustment, going back to work and responsibilities. I really wish we were there longer.

Thomas: Yeah, me, too.

Sally: It was really amazing just forgetting about life and getting to hang out with you. Thanks again for inviting me.

Thomas: Well, thank you for surprising me. Sally, you were the best part of the whole trip.

Sally: Look, I have to get back to reality, but, uh, thanks for checking in.

Saul: I can't handle the suspense! Open it already!

R.J.: All right.

Coco: No way.

R.J.: Yep.

Coco: Wow. I'm -- I'm dying. The -- the -- the chiffon and the pleating and, like, the way it gathers at the waist.

R.J.: Not bad, huh?

Coco: It's so gorgeous.

Shirley: Hot dog! Will you look at that?!

Saul: That's a ridge Forrester original!

Shirley: [Squeals] We have hit the jackpot!

Saul: [Chuckles]

Shirley: Saul, you have done it. You are a genius! Mwah! Oh! Sally, you should see this beauty. This is how we are gonna survive. This is our future. This is how we get C.J. and Shifty off our backs.

Sally: Grams, I --

Shirley: No! No, no, no! I will not let you chicken out now! Do not let Thomas' family get to you! You need to fly the pirate flag and strike! We are a knockoff house! We are going to make your aunt sally proud, but you have to be all in! No more hemming and hawing! It's now or never!

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