B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/29/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/29/17


Episode # 7553 ~ Steffy hints to Liam that she has a surprise for him on their honeymoon; Quinn feels immense guilt when Eric plans a romantic last evening for them in Australia.

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Brooke: Eric deserves to know what's happening.

Ridge: Nothing is happening. Not anymore.

Brooke: You two were kissing earlier.

Quinn: We were kissing each other goodbye.

Brooke: What I saw wasn't a man kissing his step-mother goodbye.

Quinn: No, we were -- we were saying goodbye to all of this foolishness. The -- the flirting, it was -- it was awful, I hated the way it made me feel.

Brooke: Hated it a little, loved it a little.

Quinn: We knew it had to stop, especially once you two got married.

Brooke: Why? Your marriage to Eric certainly didn't stop anything.

Quinn: We were toying with each other -- stupidly, but innocently -- but that's over now. I promise you it is. There is no reason... there is no reason to cause Eric any pain. I'm begging you. Please don't tell Eric.

Eric: No, rick. I'm sure it's just pre-wedding jitters on your mother's part. I'm sure that tomorrow will come, and she and Ridge will get married, just as planned.

Liam: More champagne?

Steffy: Yes, please.

Liam: More me?

Steffy: Even better.

Liam: So, bride...

Steffy: Yes, groom?

Liam: Are there any more surprises for me?

Steffy: What do you mean? Wait. Whoa. What -- what are you doing?

Liam: I'm searching.

Steffy: For what?

Liam: For wires, cords, lines -- I don't know.

Steffy: [Laughing] Why?

Liam: Well, you ziplined to the wedding, didn't you?

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: Yeah. I just figured you might have something planned for the wedding night.

Steffy: Oh, I have something planned, all right.

Liam: Do you know how lucky I feel right now?

Ridge: I understand you want to tell dad. A big part of me wants to tell him, too. I know I don't like keeping secrets from him and lying to him, but what does that accomplish, really?

Brooke: A lot. He learns the truth about Quinn, and maybe finally he'll just kick her to the curb. Isn't that what you want?

Ridge: That's what I wanted, yeah. I was determined to get this woman out of his life. This woman that brings my father so much joy. He's happier than I've ever seen him. [Sighs] And who I am to take that away from him? Who are you to take that away from him? We can't.

Quinn: It would be different if Ridge and I were having an affair, if -- if I were using Eric, or I didn't have his best interests at heart, but... but I do. Our marriage means everything to him. And to me. If you take that away, what is he gonna be left with? He's gonna be all alone in that big house, lost with no purpose! Loving me, it's a part of his life now.

Brooke: I don't want to take anything away from Eric. That man is so special to me. So important. The last thing I would ever want to do would be to hurt him. I can't. [Sighs] I won't.

Ridge: You won't?

Brooke: I won't say anything to Eric, as long as you two promise to keep your hands off of each other.

Quinn: We will. I swear.

Brooke: I shouldn't believe you. I know I shouldn't. But you know what, I'm gonna give you one last chance. So go ahead. Have your life with Eric. He'll never have to know.

Quinn: Thank you.

Brooke: But if I hear or feel or see one more betrayal...

Quinn: No, never!

Brooke: Eric will be the first to know.

Quinn: Thank you. [Sighs] Thank you, Brooke. Thank you.

Ridge: So, what does that mean? Where does that leave us?

Liam: Hey, promise me something.

Steffy: Anything.

Liam: That you'll never stop surprising me.

Steffy: Oh, is that why you married me?

Liam: That's one of many reasons. Did you even listen to my vows? Seriously.

Steffy: Hey. Every word.

Liam: I stand here pledging my everlasting love and commitment and loyalty to you.

Liam: You know, today was just what I was hoping for. Full of love, full of fun, family and friends celebrating with us. Thank you for putting this all together. Also, thank you for being my wife.

Steffy: [Giggles] You're welcome. Now it's your turn to promise me something. Promise me you'll never stop looking at me like this.

Liam: Like what?

Steffy: Like you see beauty in me I had no idea was there.

Liam: Is that what you feel when I look at you? Well, I do see beauty and I see humor and intelligence... and don't you worry, because I'm gonna look at you like this for the rest of my life.

Quinn: What's all this?

Eric: A little romance. Outback style.

Quinn: [Laughs] You gonna have a crocodile jump out at me?

Eric: Actually, the only crocodile I could get in touch with has a bar mitzvah tonight, so it's -- it's just you and me. Besides... the only romance I understand is flowers and champagne. Which would you like? You have your choice, actually. Champagne or tequila? I had to have your two favorite drinks, or what kind of a husband am I? What would you like?

Quinn: Uh... I think it is more of a champagne kind of night.

Eric: Okay.

Quinn: [Sighs] How's rick?

Eric: He's fine. Actually, he's taking good care of Forrester while we're gone. I'm very confident leaving him in charge. Fact is, I feel like we can stay here as long as we like.

Quinn: That is tempting, mate.

Eric: I probably shouldn't have, but I mentioned what's going on with Ridge and Brooke to him.

Quinn: Oh?

Eric: I told him not to worry. They'll get through it. Brooke and Ridge have these moments. They always survive.

Quinn: I will toast to that.

Ridge: You won't tell Eric about what happened. Does that mean...

Brooke: I don't know what it means.

Ridge: Maybe it means we can try. Maybe we can still get married tomorrow. Think about that. Think about R.J. At home.

Brooke: Please don't bring up R.J. You weren't thinking about our son when you were kissing Quinn.

Ridge: I just thought --

Brooke: No, you're just being manipulative, Ridge, just like you always do.

Ridge: I'm not --

Brooke: You make it seem like I'm the wrong one, that I can't hold onto you, but really, it's you. You with the wandering eye, always looking for something better, and that is why I can't marry you tomorrow. And on the beach, when I saw you kissing... ugh.

Ridge: It's -- it doesn't have to be there. I'm sorry, it's not -- we can go anywhere. It doesn't have to be in Australia. We can go jump on the plane, go to Fiji.

Brooke: You don't get it, do you? How much you've really hurt me. You betrayed me, Ridge. You made me believe in you again. I can't do this anymore.

Ridge: Don't say that.

Brooke: No. No, it's true. A marriage? A life with you? It's not going to happen.

Steffy: A flawless wedding, yeah?

Liam: Yeah. I mean, everything about today was perfect. From the moment I saw you till right now.

Steffy: And you wouldn't change anything?

Liam: Not a thing.

Steffy: What about moving forward?

Liam: Oh, well... I suppose an ideal wedding requires an ideal wedding night.

Singer: Hours and hours tick away and I'm faithfully waiting for you left my porch light on all night long burning bright as the sun to guide you through when you're lost in a crowd and your heart is pounding out loud you'll have nothing to fear because I'll always be near I'm standing with you I'm standing with you I'm standing with you I'm standing with you I'm standing with you I'm standing with you I'm standing with I'm standing with you mmm, mmmmmm, mmm mm, mm, mm, mm, mm-mm-mm, mm mm, mm, mm, mm, mm mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm I'm standing with you

Eric: Well, I guess we'll see tomorrow if Ridge and Brooke can overcome this. Whatever this is.

Quinn: You don't think they will?

Eric: I don't know. You saw how upset Brooke was. I just hope they can work through it.

Quinn: They're Ridge and Brooke. Fashion supercouple. It's what they do, they work through things.

Eric: Usually.

Quinn: Yeah.

Eric: You really care about my son, don't you? You really want Ridge to marry Brooke.

Ridge: Think about what you're saying. You can't mean this.

Brooke: I can't expect more from you, you mean? I can't finally stand up for myself and tell you the way that I want to be treated, the way any woman should be treated by the man she's about to marry?

Ridge: I -- I kissed another woman. That's all.

Brooke: Oh, I know. You keep saying that, as if that makes it okay. You know what, Ridge? Go ahead. Kiss any woman you want. That is the life that I want for you because you obviously can't live any other way.

Ridge: I'm asking for another chance, not for me -- yes, I don't deserve it -- but R.J. does, our family does.

Brooke: R.J.'s going to be disappointed, but he just wanted us to be happy. You know what? I am not happy. So I will have to explain how I'm feeling to him.

Ridge: You don't have to do that at all. You don't have to disappoint our son.

Brooke: That is you. You are disappointing him and you betrayed him. Just like you betrayed Eric and the way you betrayed me. You're now betraying our son, and all of a sudden, he doesn't have that happy, loving life to look forward to. It is gone. All for Quinn. I hope it was worth it.

Steffy: This is where I'm staying -- all night in your arms.

Liam: What? No, man. I'm ready to hit the clubs!


Steffy: What? I don't think so. You're a married man now. The clubbing lifestyle, that's over.

Liam: One day, not even one day into the marriage and she's already laying down the law.

Steffy: Yep, that's it. I got you.

Liam: Look at that.

Steffy: I got you, my husband.

Liam: Say that again.

Steffy: My husband.

Liam: [Exhales sharply] Husband. Finally.

Steffy: Worth the wait?

Liam: Eh, time will tell. [Laughs] Yes. Yes, I hated the wait. I hated it, but... you're worth it. We're worth it. Just to have you in my arms like this, the most daring, adventurous woman I know... completely unpredictable, completely sexy, completely...

Steffy: Completely yours.

Eric: All right, that's enough talk about Ridge and Brooke.

Quinn: Yes, please.

Eric: I hope they make it, but regardless, it has nothing to do with you and me.

Quinn: Right.

Eric: [Clears throat] May I have this dance?

Quinn: Who, me?

Eric: The prettiest girl in the room? Yes, you.

Quinn: Of course. Mmm.

Eric: [Sighs] An amazing trip.

Quinn: Once in a lifetime.

Eric: Let's make it last forever.

Ridge: I don't want Quinn. I know you understand that.

Brooke: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know you don't want her in the end. But you do love the thrill of the chase. You love to flirt. You want to drive her crazy. So she kisses you. She falls for you. She ruins her marriage. And then what, Ridge? You come running back to me?

Ridge: Don't do that.

Brooke: Well, I'm not available for you to come back to. Not anymore.

Ridge: Don't give up on us. We have to put our family back together.

Brooke: Do you know what? Maybe you do want her in the end.

Ridge: I don't! Don't be ridiculous!

Brooke: No, there is something deeper going on here. It's not like when you were 20, when you'd sleep with the models and forget their names. You were targeting your father's wife.

Ridge: Yes, I did target her because I wanted my dad to see who she really was, and --

Brooke: Right. That naturally led you to kiss her.

Ridge: You're the only one I want.

Brooke: As much as I want you, as much as I will always want you... I'm not gonna marry you, Ridge. I just didn't think that it would end this way. I have loved you for so many years. I think back to that first time I laid eyes on you.

Ridge: It was destiny.

Brooke: But it's not. It's not destiny. Because destiny wouldn't hurt this much. Destiny wouldn't be this hard. Marrying you is only gonna bring me more pain. So it's -- it's better this way. I can finally just go back to loving you without expecting anything in return. Goodbye, Ridge.

Ridge: Brooke, don't do this. Brooke.

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