B&B Transcript Tuesday 3/28/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 3/28/17


Episode # 7552 ~ Ridge scrambles to keep his affair with Quinn from being exposed to the wrong person; back in Los Angeles, the Forrester family eagerly anticipate details regarding the weddings in Australia.

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Eric: Brooke, what is it? What's happened? Why -- why are you so upset?

Brooke: [Voice breaking] It's horrible. [Sighs]

Eric: Tell me. Tell me.

Brooke: I-I can't even believe this is happening. I... I can't believe that it's actually real.

Eric: That what's -- what's happening? What's going on? Please. Come on. Let me help.

Brooke: This isn't gonna be easy for me to say, Eric. But it's something you need to know. It's Ridge.

Eric: What about him? Did Ridge do something?

Brooke: [Sighs]

Eric: Did Ridge hurt you?

Brooke: I was walking on the beach, and I saw something. [Sighs]

Ridge: Whatever you're saying, you got to stop.

Quinn: Are you all right?

Eric: Yes, yes. I'm all right. It's Brooke I'm worried about. What -- what -- what's going on here?

Ridge: Nothing. I just got to -- I got to talk to Brooke alone.

Eric: Wait, are you still getting married tomorrow?

Ridge: Everything is fine. We just need to talk this through right now.

Brooke: How?

Eric: Brooke, tell me what's going on. I need to know.

Brooke: Yeah. Tell him. Eric needs to know.

Ridge: Let's just go to our room and talk about it. Hear me out. Please.

Eric: What the hell is going on here? Do you know?

Rick: I'm glad that they're having a great time down there.

Maya: How could they not? It's Australia.

Rick: I know.

Maya: Oh! Hello.

Nicole: Hi.

Zende: Hi.

Nicole: So, those photos of Steffy in front of the opera house?

Rick: Yeah?

Nicole: They've been shared more than any other Forrester creations post.

Maya: I can't say I'm surprised. The girl looked good.

Rick: Sexy C.E.O.

Nicole: Sexy bride, too. Those photos of her getting ready? Forrester creations is definitely benefiting. We were trending. Did you see the hashtags today?

Rick: Uh, no, I didn't. But that's why I have you as the head of social media -- so I don't have to. But I hope you're ready for another big day tomorrow. With one Forrester wedding down and another to go.

Eric: Quinn, do you know what's going on?

Quinn: I'm not entirely sure.

Eric: Did you see them? Were -- were they arguing?

Quinn: Um, well...

Eric: I mean, you -- you were out there on the beach for a long time. You were walking on the beach. Did you run into the two of them? Quinn, you can tell me. I-I just want to help them.

Quinn: Yeah, no, I want to help them, too. I just... I-I think maybe they just need a little bit of time.

Eric: No, the way Brooke was -- was upset, I don't think time's gonna heal this at all. I think a trust has been broken. She was so hurt. Whatever this is, this is something big. This is bad. [Sighs] I wonder if there's another woman involved.

Brooke: You better start talking.

Ridge: What can I say?

Brooke: Tell me that I'm wrong, that I didn't see what I saw. How could you, Ridge? Have you no respect, no boundaries? Not only were you kissing another woman! It was Quinn, your father's wife!

Zende: All right. Now, it won't take me long to pack up. You ready to go?

Nicole: Sure. We still getting drinks at bikini?

Zende: You know, I was thinking maybe we could do something more, uh, romantic, just the two of us. Or -- or four. You know, I could always alter the reservation if you guys don't have plans.

Rick: Our plans? Our plans involve diapers.

Maya: Yes, an evening almost as romantic as yours will be.

Rick: So many newlyweds rubbing their carefree lives in our faces.

Maya: [Chuckles]

Rick: Zende and Nicole and Liam and Steffy.

Maya: Brooke and Ridge.

Rick: Right, because my mom's a newlywed?

Maya: You're worried she's making a mistake, aren't you?

Rick: No, I-I -- you know, I... she wants this life, and I'm happy that she can trust in that. What I am worried about is Ridge making a mistake, the same mistake that he's made his whole life -- thinking that he's not gonna hurt her. Because that's always what ends up happening. Somehow, some way he always lets my mom down.

Quinn: Another woman? Why would you think that?

Eric: I don't necessarily, but it's Ridge, you know. It's -- it's easy to assume.

Quinn: But he's committed to Brooke.

Eric: Until he's not. Look, I don't want to say anything bad about my son, but -- but... when a woman looks at him, he has a very difficult time. He... I mean, my god. Even my own wife. You know about that. When I was married to Brooke. I mean, I know firsthand his weakness for an attractive woman. And I think maybe that's what's bothering Brooke. I hope it's not, but maybe it is. [Sighs] He doesn't mean to, but Ridge hurts the people he loves.

Ridge: Logan, what you saw --

Brooke: Don't. Don't try to deny it, Ridge. Don't try to twist it around and pretend you weren't kissing Quinn!

Ridge: I'm not trying to deny anything. I did kiss Quinn, and you have every right to be angry.

Brooke: Do you want her?

Ridge: No. No.

Brooke: You used to despise that woman!

Ridge: And I still despise her. What you saw, we -- we were -- we were flirting. That's all.

Brooke: Flirting? "That's all"? It's more to it than that, Ridge, and you know it! Are you really that determined to hurt me and to hurt Eric?

Ridge: I don't want to hurt anyone. This whole thing started out because I wanted to protect dad.

Brooke: Oh, bull!

Ridge: I wanted Quinn gone!

Brooke: Until you wanted her in your bed!

Ridge: I don't want that!

Brooke: How could you do this to me?!

Again? I really thought you were committed this time!

Ridge: I'm committed. I want to spend my life with you.

Brooke: No, no, you don't want to spend your life with me. You want me in the sidelines waiting for you, Ridge, while you go out and you get any woman that you want just to prove that you can! And the more inappropriate for you, the better.

Ridge: That's -- that's not it.

Brooke: There is something wrong with you. There's some deep-seated anger with your father, with women, with me. It's not normal, Ridge. The way you behave, that is just not acceptable, and I don't want to be a part of it! Not anymore!

Ridge: What are you saying?

Brooke: I want a decent life for me, for R.J., And I really thought that was with you. But obviously it isn't because you're still the same. You are in the same place that you were 30 years ago! Well, I'm not! I deserve something better for me, and so does R.J. Better than you.

Rick: Look, I'm bringing everybody's mood down, aren't I? Don't listen to me. I'm sure my mom and Ridge will be just fine.

Zende: You have reservations. That's okay. They haven't exactly been successful at staying together. But it's encouraging -- they're still trying all these years later.

Nicole: Yeah, and there's something incredible about the way they keep finding their way back to each other.

Maya: If there is a couple that can prove you can overcome anything, it is your mom and Ridge.

Quinn: Hey. Whatever is going on between Brooke and Ridge, I'm sure they're gonna work it out.

Eric: Is he cheating on her? Quinn, you can tell me. What did you see out there on the beach? Did you see another woman? [Sighs] When you saw Ridge and Brooke, were they fighting?

Quinn: No. No, no, they weren't fighting. I-I-I saw Ridge, and he -- he was alone, and we talked. And -- and then later, I ran into Brooke.

Eric: Was she upset?

Quinn: Well, um... come to think of it, yeah, um, at -- at that point, she -- she looked upset. I guess whatever was going on between them had -- had already happened. But I could -- I could hear in her voice how she feels about Ridge and -- and -- and how -- how excited she was to marry him. I mean, this -- this -- this final, lasting marriage. They're going to get married. A relationship like this just... can't be thrown away.

Ridge: You can't walk away from us.

Brooke: Why not? You did.

Ridge: No, I didn't. I understand you're angry with me, but --

Brooke: You betrayed me, Ridge.

Ridge: I was reckless. I took a walk on the wild side.

Brooke: My god. You are not 20 years old! You don't have oats to sow! You've been there, done that countless times! But it's never enough for you, is it? I'm never enough.

Ridge: That's not true.

Brooke: Then how else do you explain kissing another woman before the day you're supposed to get married?!

Ridge: I can't explain that. If I knew how to do that, if I knew how to explain half the stupid stuff I've done in my life, we wouldn't be here right now. I lost my way for a second, you know? I made a wrong turn, and I was -- I was driven by desire and --

Brooke: Oh, god. You desire her?

Ridge: No, I -- no, I don't. No. I don't desire her. But maybe I desire the chase. Like you said, maybe I'm still trying to prove that I can, you know? And you understand that 'cause that's -- that's part of you, too. Maybe that's why we're attracted to each other.

Brooke: I don't find anything attractive about you kissing Quinn. I think it's quite disgusting.

Ridge: Yes, okay. I kissed Quinn. I betrayed you. I betrayed my dad. I'm -- I'm not denying that. I'm not denying that at all. It was awful. It was horrible. Temptation was standing right in front of me, and... and I couldn't sidestep it.

Brooke: So what am I supposed to do? I'm just supposed to understand this and accept it?

Ridge: Just understand it's not gonna happen again, not with Quinn, not with anyone. It can't. I promise you. Please, whatever you do, just don't pull away from me.

Brooke: [Sighs] I can't -- I can't do this, Ridge.

Ridge: You have to do it. You have to stay and fight. Smack me around if you want. You can destroy this whole room. You can take a baseball bat to my car. But don't walk away from us, not now. We've worked too hard. We've worked too hard to get here. We're this close. We can have our family back. And this is not just for us. This is for R.J. I know what I want. I want to marry you tomorrow. Tell me that's what you want, too.

Eric: I hope you're right. I hope whatever it is that's bothering Brooke isn't enough to break her and Ridge apart.

Quinn: He'll get through to her. He has to.

Eric: You know how much this means to me?

Quinn: What?

Eric: How much you care about Ridge. Your relationship's really come a long way, hasn't it?

[Cell phone rings]

Eric: Ah, it's Rick.

Quinn: Oh, you should take it.

Eric: No, you know what? If it's about business, it's gonna take awhile.

Quinn: Yeah, that -- that's fine.

Eric: All right. Rick. Hi. Okay. No, no, we just got back from the reception just now.

Rick: All in one piece?

Eric: Yes, all in one piece. Why would you say that?

Rick: Well, this is Steffy we're talking about, the girl who ziplines down the aisle. [Laughs] I figured if she was having a beach reception, it would involve feeding the sharks or some sort of synchronized surfing.

Eric: Maybe that's where everybody got off to while I was sitting in the comparative safety of the beach bar.

Rick: [Chuckles] I'm sure you did. Hey, Nicole's with me. She was wondering if, uh, you had any updates about mom's wedding so she could tease her online followers.

Eric: I'd advise on holding off posting anything about Brooke and Ridge.

Rick: Is there a problem?

Eric: I hope not. Your mom and Ridge seem to be going through something right now, but don't worry about it. Ridge insists they're getting married tomorrow.

Rick: What did mom have to say about that?

Eric: I believe they'll be okay. I mean, if -- if Ridge and your mom can't make it, who can?

Rick: Yeah, makes you realize just how lucky we are.

Eric: Beyond lucky.

Ridge: We can still get married. Tell me you want that as much as I do.

Brooke: I want to marry the man you were this morning, the man I pretend you are.

Ridge: You know exactly who I am.

Brooke: Yes. You're someone who hurts me over and over again, who reels me in with false promises and makes me feel secure.

Ridge: You are secure. This relationship is secure. Just trust in us. We're meant to be together. Just...let's get married tomorrow.

Brooke: Ridge, how could I possibly say vows to you? How could I look in your eyes and say those vows after this? How could you?

Ridge: Same way I'm looking you in the eyes right now and asking you to forgive me. 'Cause there's no way I can live my life without you. Forgive me and let's -- let's just start over tomorrow.

Brooke: No. We are not getting married.

Ridge: You don't want to put our family back together?

Brooke: [Scoffs]

Quinn: Are you all right?

Brooke: What do you think?

Quinn: I'm with Eric. You're with Ridge. There's nothing to question. There is nothing going on between me and Ridge. What -- what -- what was happening, what we were -- I-I-I -- I-I-I don't even know! We -- we hate each other!

Brooke: It's funny how passionate hate can be.

Quinn: No! There's only one person on this planet that I am passionate about. That is my husband. He's my life. He is my whole world! I don't know what's gonna happen between the two of you, whether you're gonna kiss and make up and -- and follow your destiny, or you're gonna go your separate ways, but the only person that matters to me is Eric!

Brooke: I think Eric deserves to know what his wife's been up to.

Quinn: I'm never gonna kiss Ridge again. I-I-I'm never gonna kiss any other man ever again. Ridge was right to call it foolish. We -- we -- we weren't thinking! But we are now! We -- we -- we don't even want each other! We know who we want! It isn't each other! It's... there's no reason -- there's no reason to break Eric's heart. He loves me. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Please, please don't hurt him, Brooke. Please. Don't tell Eric. Don't tell anyone.

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