B&B Transcript Monday 3/27/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/27/17


Episode # 7551 ~ Bill contemplates starting a new life outside of Los Angeles, because he thinks he's lost Brooke forever; Ridge & Quinn anxiously await word about their fates.

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Maya: Mmm. It's nice to see you behind that desk again.

Rick: [Chuckles] Well, don't get used to it. They'll be home soon enough.

Maya: Well, then you'll have to enjoy it while it lasts. So? Did you hear about the wedding?

Rick: Not yet. Dad said he would call after. You know what they say. No news is good news, right? [Chuckles] I'm sure it's a wonderful affair, after all.

Quinn: Brooke... if you're looking for ridge...

Brooke: How big a fool do you think I am?

Quinn: It's not what it looked like.

Brooke: How long has this been going, this little affair of yours?

Quinn: There was never an affair. Ridge would never, I would never --

Brooke: Oh, shut up, Quinn! You don't even know when you're lying, do you? I saw you!

Eric: What's this drink called again?

House special. It's called a dead man's drop.

Eric: Uh-huh. Really. Hmm.

Ridge: Where is everybody?

Eric: We are everybody.

Katie: A big boatload just left with ivy.

Eric: Yeah, Liam, Steffy, Thomas, and sally ii.

Ridge: And Brooke went with them?

Katie: No, she wouldn't leave without you.

Eric: She didn't catch up with you?

Ridge: No, she didn't.

Quinn: Brooke, there is nothing between ridge and me. He'll tell you himself!

Brooke: You're sick. You're evil. You're like a disease that's come over us one by one. That is it! Your time is done.

Rick: You got to be kidding me! Well, I guess she's not afraid of heights. Steffy ziplined into the wedding.

Maya: What? No!

Rick: Well, uh, thank you for the update, dad. It sounds like you're having a great time down there. Oh, and, uh, tell mom I'm thinking about her, that I love her, and hope that everything goes great tomorrow. Yeah, of course. Take care.

Maya: Okay. Hold on. Steffy ziplined into the wedding?

Rick: Well, you know Steffy. She's always got to make her grand entrance, you know, Steffy style.

Maya: That's why she's a star.

Rick: Yeah. Maybe they'll ask her to perform the halftime show next year.

Maya: So... how was the wedding?

Rick: Dad said it was beautiful. No drama.

Maya: That's good to hear. Steffy and Liam had their big day, and Brooke and ridge are next. How do you feel about that?

Rick: I am trying to be supportive. Mom deserves some stability, some peace in her life.

Maya: But can ridge really provide that?

Rick: Well, isn't that the question of the hour? I know that they love one another, and there's R.J. Trying to reunite them. I mean, that's motivation enough for them to get it right this time.

Maya: But you're still worried.

Rick: Yeah. Why not? I mean, mom's been through so much -- almost marrying bill, then back to ridge. You know, it's like every time she's on the precipice of getting something that she wants, then some foreign object gets thrown in the way.

Eric: How much do you think we would miss L.A. If we stayed here?

Ridge: I think you'd miss your house.

Eric: Actually, I think you're right. When your mom died, at first I thought I would never have a life there again, just a former life, but Quinn loves the house so much, it gives me great joy. It feels -- it feels like a home again.

Ridge: That's nice to hear you say that.

Eric: Mm. Well, I think I'm about to retreat to the hotel. Did you see Quinn on the beach?

Ridge: Probably headed back.

Eric: Huh.

Bill: You're the father of the bride. When is that damn shuttle coming to take us back to the hotel?

Ridge: Why don't you swim back? I think you can do it.

Bill: Probably could do it. Don't you have a wedding to rehearse for? And a loving, trusting woman's heart to break? Again.

Quinn: We wished each other well, that's all. There's nothing beyond that between ridge and me.

Brooke: Nothing?

Quinn: No, it never led to anything more and it never will! I swear to you!

Brooke: And that's the saddest part of all! You destroyed two marriages because of nothing!

Quinn: No, there's no reason to destroy anything!

Brooke: If you were gonna cheat on Eric, did it really have to be with his own son? Did it have to be with the man that I've loved for most of my life?!

Quinn: No! There was foolishness and there was carelessness, but there has never been anything like cheating!

Brooke: That is for Eric to decide.

Rick: I got to admit, dad sounded good.

Maya: Mm, there's a lot to be happy about. His granddaughter just got married, zipline and all... ridge and Brooke are next, and all with Quinn by his side.

Rick: Husband-to-wife privilege. Never to be repeated.

Maya: Okay...

Rick: She's been good for him.

Maya: [Squeals] What?!

Rick: I know, I know. Maybe Quinn really wants what's best for my dad. Maybe I've been wrong. Maybe she won't hurt him.

Quinn: Brooke! Wait! Please, don't tell Eric.

Brooke: Why shouldn't I?

Quinn: Because he'll believe you.

Brooke: I just finished telling him what a loving, loyal wife you've become.

Quinn: And I am, and I will continue to be if you just hear me out!

Brooke: Eric deserves to know, and I'm gonna tell him the truth.

Quinn: How, when you don't even know what it is!

Brooke: I know what I saw!

Quinn: You saw what you expected to see! It's what you feared the most! Ridge has betrayed you before, he's deserted you without warning! It's an experience you know all too well, but that is not what happened here!

Brooke: You're just telling me what didn't happen. You're denying, denying, denying, and that's what you do. You haven't changed one bit!

Quinn: No...

Brooke: You're married to a man who adores you, and this is how you treat him? This gives you permission to cheat? You're the same monster you've always been.

Quinn: Fine, Brooke! Please! If you want to know what happened between me and ridge, I will tell you.

Bill: You see, this is why I hire a personal driver, but you have to go with the shuttle. Which supposedly is on its way.

Ridge: You just called them. Give it a minute, bill.

Katie: I hear the shuttle.

Bill: Finally. Hey, Eric. You coming?

Eric: No, I think better wait for Quinn.

Bill: Suit yourself.

Ridge: I'll wait with you.

Eric: All right. Did you say you saw Quinn on the beach?

Ridge: Yeah, I -- I did. She was deep in thought.

Quinn: Something happened while you were visiting hope in Paris. Ridge planned to humiliate me and discredit me with Eric.

Brooke: How?

Quinn: It doesn't even matter, it never got that far.

Brooke: He was postponing our wedding in order to get you out of our lives.

Quinn: I know. He told me that, too.

Brooke: So what changed his mind?

Quinn: I was angry and... and a little drunk. And I poured my heart out to him. I told him things that I had never told anyone else before, and -- you're just gonna have to ask him because for some reason, ridge just stopped hating me. And it was such a gift. Because it made a reconciliation between him and Eric possible. It brought the whole family back together. And... it allowed me to give my husband something to make up for all the pain that loving me had caused him. I was grateful to ridge. And I still am.

Brooke: And then you kissed him. Tomorrow, here on this beach, was supposed to be the end of anything and everything that felt broken in my life, but I guess I was wrong.

Quinn: No. You're not wrong. You don't have to cancel your wedding tomorrow. Brooke, ridge loves you. And only you.

Brooke: Do you really think I'd get married to a man that you have to explain to me? After what I saw today, I won't have a husband tomorrow, and neither will you.

Katie: [Laughs] You can come in, it's not scandalous.

Bill: No, no. I, uh... I have things to do.

Katie: No, you don't. You flew halfway around the world to attend a wedding that's already happened. Mini bar's stocked if you want a drink.

Bill: No, no. No more alcohol. Drinking all day in the sun does not agree with me.

Katie: Well, clearly something doesn't. Ridge get under your skin?

Bill: Not really.

Katie: But Brooke certainly has.

Bill: This is not a good subject for us, Katie.

Katie: Oh, come on. Who can you talk to and not have to explain everything? I was sure it would be over by now between those two.

Katie: They always get back together. Their relationship may be precarious, maybe they don't even understand it themselves, but... it's the way they're wired.

Bill: Well, I'm not used to not knowing what comes next.

Katie: You go home. You pick up the pieces. Look at me.

Bill: Well, see, maybe you're tougher than I am in some ways.

Katie: Tougher than dollar bill Spencer? Really?

Bill: [Chuckles] [Sighs] They're gonna be in-laws now. I'll see them all the time.

Katie: What's the alternative?

Bill: I don't know, maybe, uh... maybe start anew. I can build a brand-new gleaming Spencer tower right here in Sydney. I mean, I do speak the language, right?

Katie: Yeah, right.

Ridge: You want anything?

Eric: Yeah, my wife.

Ridge: Oh, does she have her phone with her?

Eric: Well, she probably does, but there's no reception here. I can't get anything. Look, if another shuttle comes, hang onto them. Have them wait for us, will you?

Ridge: Sure, sure. And if you run into my bride...

Eric: They probably intercepted each other.

Brooke: I saw things. I noticed things that were a little bit different between the two of you. But I didn't want to believe anything was happening. "Ridge would never..."

Quinn: You're right. And if you don't marry him tomorrow, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

Brooke: How could you? How could do this to Eric? A man who loves you and adores you, the sweetest person in the world. How could you not love him? I honestly believed that you did. How could you betray him with his own son?

Ridge: There's no reception anywhere, is there? Come on, Logan. Intercepted each other...

Quinn: There was never any betrayal.

Brooke: No betrayal? I saw you kissing ridge! I saw the way he kissed you!

Quinn: Because it was safe! It was an impulse that we could give into because it was just foolish! I knew he was marrying you tomorrow, and he knows that his father is my entire world.

Brooke: It seemed so easy for you. That wasn't the first time, was it?

Ridge: Dad! Dad! Man, you can't hear me? The shuttle is here. You should take it.

Eric: No, no, no. Quinn will worry.

Ridge: I'll find Quinn and Brooke. Come on, you got to be exhausted. I know I am. [Exhales sharply]

Eric: All right. You're a good son. All right, all right.

Quinn: It happened before, but it was the same. It was just a kiss. That's all.

Brooke: And then he came home to me. And he kissed me. Made love to me. While thinking of you.

Quinn: No. No, I am absolutely nothing to ridge. Brooke, hate me all you want, but don't deny yourself and him the future that you have always wanted. Please, tell me what I can do. There's got to be a way to make this right.

Brooke: No, Quinn! There is nothing you can do! But I can. By going to Eric and telling him how despicably you abused his faith in you.

Eric: All right. Bye!

Ridge: All right. I'll catch up.

Brooke: Eric! Eric, wait!

Ridge: Hey! Brooke! What are you doing? I was looking for you.

Brooke: Why did you have to make me fall in love with you again?

Quinn: Ridge! She saw us.

Ridge: She's gone after my father.

Quinn: We can't let that happen. Taxi!

Ridge: You should have seen the look in her eyes.

Quinn: You can make her understand.

Ridge: How am I gonna do that? What the hell is wrong with me?

Quinn: Brooke loves you. She'll forgive you. I can't see that same look in Eric's eyes, I can't. My loyalty -- that's all he ever talks about. This is gonna destroy him.

Katie: The wedding was beautiful.

Bill: It was, wasn't it? I'm so happy for my son. He waited a long time to get the love of his life back. But he did. It's a beautiful thing. Everything else seems so, uh... insignificant.

Katie: Careful.

Bill: Not will. And not you. I'm talking about material things.

Katie: Wow, uh, you were in the sun too long. Did it seem weird that Brooke and Quinn disappeared at the same time? Maybe they ran into each other and discovered that they have something to talk about.

Eric: Sweetheart, hi. I'm back in the hotel now. I hope you had a good walk on the beach. I know you're in good hands. I sent ridge to take care of you. I just know how you worry, so, uh, I'm letting you know I'm back in room, I'm fine. I'll see you when you get back.

[Knocks on door]

[Pounding on door]

Eric: Brooke. Are you okay?

Brooke: No. No, Eric, I'm not okay. Not at all. [Sighs] Something horrible.... horrible is going on, and you need to know about it.

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