B&B Transcript Monday 3/6/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/6/17


Episode # 7538 ~ Sally plots to get Spectra back in business, and she uses her sister in her scheme to infiltrate the competition; Ridge and Brooke share the news of their imminent wedding plans with RJ, not realizing a stranger is listening to them.

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Steffy: Oh, for the love of... why am I always walking in on you shirtless?

Thomas: Why don't you try knocking every once in a while?

Steffy: Because it's a design office, not the locker room.

Thomas: Geez. What can I do for you, miss C.E.O.?

Steffy: Well, you know, Liam and I, we are doing our destination wedding.

Thomas: Uh-huh. [Australian accent] Australia. [Normal voice] Very romantic.

Steffy: Yeah, we're really excited about it. But you wouldn't know that when I announced it to everyone in the meeting.

Thomas: Right, because I was busy doing my job, the one that you told me to do -- hire the interns. It's not that I'm not happy for you and Liam. I am.

Steffy: Well... do you want to come?

Thomas: Do you want me to come?

Steffy: Okay, I know you're not thrilled with the way things are around here. Dad and me co-C.E.O.S. I get it. But I just --

Thomas: Steff, that's business. That has nothing to do with your wedding.

Steffy: So, then you'll come to my wedding? Please, Thomas. I love you, and I want you to be a part of my wedding. Please.

Thomas: Why don't I just stay behind and run the company while you're doing that?

Steffy: No, rick is doing that. No.

Thomas: Of course he is. He's probably gonna be designing, as well, isn't he? You know what we should do? We should hire a bunch of people that aren't qualified to run the whole company while we're gone. That's a great idea.

Steffy: Okay, this is what I've been concerned about, this tension between us. Come to my wedding. Please come to my wedding. Please, Thomas.

Thomas: I appreciate the offer. I'll think about it, okay?

R.J.: And last but not least, where all the magic happens. [Chuckles] I can tell you're impressed.

Coco: Yeah, I mean, uh, so is -- is this the end of the tour?

R.J.: Well, I've showed you every nook and cranny of Forrester.

Coco: [Chuckles]

R.J.: Besides the executive steam room.

Coco: Wow!

R.J.: Yeah.

Coco: Wow. There's an executive steam room? There's nothing like that over at spectra.

R.J.: Well, I'd show it to you, but I like to keep my tours g-rated. Yeah.

Coco: Right. Uh, so what now?

R.J.: Oh, uh, we sort. Got a big shipment today.

Coco: Yeah.

R.J.: Uh, I know it's not the most glamorous job in the world.

Coco: No, no, no, no. It's cool. I'm just -- I'm here to work and learn as much as possible.

R.J.: What have you learned?

Coco: I've learned not to go anywhere near the executive steam room.

R.J.: All right.

Coco: [Chuckles] And also just how really nice the Forresters are.

Sally: There has got to be one kind word about spectra on here.

Saul: After Jarrett's hatchet job of our preview, I wouldn't hold my breath, sally.

Shirley: Hey. You hold your tongue talking that way.

Sally: It's just all doom and gloom. It's like people are predicting our quick demise.

Saul: If only we'd just held off on the preview and given ourselves more time.

Sally: We didn't have more time, Saul. Time is our enemy, unless some miracle happens soon.

Shirley: [Chuckles] You know how I spell miracle? C-o-c-O. Honey, your little sister's gonna save our bacon.

Sally: By poaching designs from Forrester creations? [Scoffs] And turning spectra back into a knockoff shop.

Thomas: So who's all coming to the wedding?

Steffy: Well, ivy's coming since she suggested Australia. It's actually been really nice for us. We've gotten a lot closer. She's helping me out a lot.

Thomas: That's cool. How about dad and Brooke?

Steffy: Yeah, they're eloping right after us.

Thomas: Wow. Uh, good to know.

Steffy: Oh. Okay, just act surprised when they tell you.

Thomas: Yeah, sure. [Clears throat] Granddad? Him and Quinn?

Steffy: Yeah, I mean, she is his wife.

Thomas: Yeah, she is. And she is the whole reason you got your C.E.O. Position in the first place. [Sighs] What about bill?

Steffy: Yeah, that's Liam's father. Of course he's coming.

Thomas: Mm-hmm. Wyatt?

Steffy: No, for obvious reasons. So that's it. Lean and mean. Destination wedding.

Thomas: Well, I'm glad I made the cut.

Steffy: So you'll let me know?

Thomas: I'll let you know.

Shirley: Sally, our best and only chance at getting back into the game is for coco to come through for us. And she will.

Saul: Shirley, I-I heard the girl with my own ears. Yeah, coco loves her family. Coco loves this company. But -- but stealing designs from the Forresters, from anyone? That's not who she is.

Sally: Yeah, it's not who any of us are.

Saul: Yeah.

Sally: We are up to our neck lines in debt, okay? We can't keep dodging shifty forever. One day soon, he's gonna slither in here demanding payment on our loan.

Saul: Sally, no, I know that it's dire, but we can't make your little sister do this.

Shirley: Says who?

Ridge: Oh, there's our boy hard at work.

Brooke: Oh! Yes.

Ridge: Hey.

R.J.: Hey, finally you two slackers show up.

Brooke: Oh, well, ridge and I had a late breakfast.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: [Chuckles]

R.J.: Well, what's up? Why'd you guys track me down?

Brooke: You know that Liam and Steffy are getting married in Australia.

R.J.: Yeah, yeah. Listen, I wish I could go, all right? But it just -- it just doesn't make sense to miss so much school, especially during midterms. And now that I'm in charge of interns.

Ridge: Yeah, I'm sure Steffy understands.

Brooke: And we hope that you understand, too, that while we're there for the wedding, your father and I are going to elope. [Chuckles]

R.J.: Are you serious?

Ridge: Mm-hmm. Serious.

R.J.: Guys, well, it's about time.

Brooke: So you're happy about it?

R.J.: Guys, I'm ecstatic. Come on. Come here.

Brooke: [Laughs]

R.J.: I love you guys so much.

Steffy: One good thing about a destination wedding -- no Spectras. I still can't believe sally crashed Zende and Nicole's wedding. Maybe if she was more focused on designing than publicity stunts. I still can't believe Jarrett's review was so bad. I mean, those outfits were terrible.

Thomas: They weren't that bad, Steff.

Steffy: They weren't great, either. They were, like, very theatrical.

Thomas: Well, yeah. Sometimes a designer has to do that to get noticed. Besides, Jarrett was way too hard on her.

Steffy: Think she'll close up shop?

Thomas: I don't know. Probably. I know she had some loans out, and if she defaults on those, then yeah, she's DOA.

Steffy: Then what happens to the property?

Thomas: Uh, apparently there's some developer that's just hot for it right now. He's waiting for spectra to fold so he can move in. Oh, and, uh, sally has a little sister named coco.

Steffy: Okay, I couldn't care less about sally spectra and if she has a little sister.

Thomas: Would you care more if I told you she was the newest Forrester intern?

Sally: We can't make coco do something that she's dead-set against.

Saul: Exactly. Exactly. I mean, I want to keep my job just as much as any of you. I was even okay with the idea of infiltrating Forrester if it meant keeping this tugboat afloat. But coco is this -- this sweet, young kid. She's made it clear how she feels about this.

Shirley: That doesn't mean she still can't come through for us.

Sally: I don't want to know what you're suggesting.

Shirley: So, you want to disappoint your great-aunt sally by abandoning ship before we've tried everything?

Sally: No. You know that it's the last thing that I want to do. I've literally poured all of my creativity and sweat into getting us this far. But Jarrett's review has us up on the ropes, grams. It is the 15th round, and the knockout punch is coming. And yes, okay? Coco could be our salvation, but she is my baby sister. I have been protecting her, her whole life. If she is adamant about not doing something, I am not using her.

Shirley: Sally, honey, there's using and then there's being used without knowing it. Guess which one I'm talking about.

R.J.: All right, all right. Enough with the sappy stuff.

Brooke: [Laughs]

R.J.: My parents are getting remarried. Cool. All right, I can't hide how excited I am for you guys, all right? Dad, I just got to say I'm proud of you. For being loyal and committed to mom. This is what I wanted when I came home -- for my parents to be reunited, us being a family again.

Ridge: Come here.

Brooke: [Laughs]

R.J.: So, what's the plan?

Brooke: Uh, yes. Your father and I are gonna plan something personal away from the others.

Ridge: Private, just the two of us.

R.J.: So no one could derail anything. Smart. But Spencer's probably gonna be there. Liam is his son.

Brooke: And you are ours, and we don't want you to feel cheated.

R.J.: Oh, um, no. You guys, it's fine. You guys have whatever type of wedding you want. I-I don't need to be there. Really. I got midterms and taking care of everyone. Don't worry.

Ridge: You sure?

R.J.: Yeah, yeah, I'm positive.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, honey. [Chuckles]

Coco: [Sneezes]

Brooke: Wh--

Ridge: Who was that?

R.J.: Great timing! Coco, can you come out here?

Coco: Yeah. Hi.

R.J.: Mom, dad, this is... coco spectra.

Ridge: Coco what? Spectra? Spectra. Like sally spectra?

Coco: Uh, yes. I'm -- I'm her sister.

Ridge: You're sally spectra's sister. The -- the same one that crashed Zende and Nicole's wedding, the same one that got cake all over Steff just to get some press?

R.J.: Okay, okay, hold on.

Ridge: No, you hold on! How are you an intern here? I didn't approve that.

R.J.: Thomas and I -- rick signed off on it.

Ridge: Thomas and rick signed off on it. Well, they should have known better. I'm sorry. Go grab your stuff. You got to leave. project you put me on.

Shirley: [Laughs] Guilty! Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is he a master cutter, but he's also a bit of a techie.

Saul: [Chuckles]

Sally: What does that have to do with anything?

Shirley: See, I got this idea. What if it was possible for coco to steal designs from Forrester for us without her knowing it? [Giggles] Then I turned to Saul!

Saul: And -- and I didn't know what Shirley was up to. You told me this was for security.

Shirley: Our job security! Listen, there are devices that we can plant on coco without her knowing it so she can be our spy. Genius, huh?

Steffy: Are you serious? Sally spectra's little sister is working here at Forrester?

Thomas: Whoa. Chill, Steff. Coco is a sweet kid. She's smart, she's sharp, and she's honest.

Steffy: She's sharp? She's probably a thief just like the rest of her family.

Thomas: That was a long time ago. Coco's honest. She's a smart kid. I believe in her.

Steffy: She could possibly steal our latest designs and funnel them to the enemy.

Thomas: Spectra isn't our enemy. They are on a life line. Besides, rick grilled her already.

Steffy: Next you'll be saying that you were impressed by her.

Thomas: I was impressed by her.

Steffy: [Sighs deeply]

Thomas: Even more than that, though, somebody else was impressed by her.

Steffy: Who?

Thomas: R.J.

R.J.: Dad, you're overreacting. Mom, back me up.

Brooke: Honey, we're not judging coco. I understand your father's concerns. The history between the Spectras and the Forresters --

R.J.: Yeah, exactly. It's history. It's in the past.

Ridge: Not if your sister's actions are any indication.

Coco: Yes, and I apologize for that, Mr. Forrester. But sally really didn't mean any harm. She just wants spectra's relaunch to be a success.

Ridge: No, what she wants is publicity at my daughter's expense.

R.J.: Oh, come on. Steffy gave as good as she got. Sally wound up face down in that cake, too.

Coco: No, it's -- it's okay. Your dad's right. Sally does get carried away sometimes. But I'm -- I'm not my sister. Yes, I love her, but I would never betray Forrester creations, family or no family. I just -- I want to work here, and -- and I want to learn as -- as much as I can about the fashion industry.

Ridge: I commend you for that. But you're not gonna work here.

R.J.: Dad.

Ridge: Your aunt -- your great-aunt, I'm sorry -- was a thief. She stole from us. How do I know that this new generation's gonna be any different?

R.J.: You don't even know coco.

Ridge: Here's what I need you to do. Get your stuff, clear out your locker, and get out. This was a big mistake.

R.J.: [Scoffs] Yeah, the only mistake is --

Coco: No, no, no. It's okay. It's okay. Your father's just doing what he thinks he needs to.

Shirley: Sally, honey, I know it's a bit out there, but you said it yourself. We're on the ropes.

Saul: I think it's worth a shot, Sal.

Sally: Okay, coco flat-out said that she wouldn't spy. So instead you want to plant a device on her, making her an unsuspecting spy for spectra fashions. [Sighs] It just might work. [Sighs]

[Birds chirping]

Ridge: So how did rick and Thomas get roped into bringing a spectra on board?

R.J.: They weren't roped in. Coco's one of our best candidates.

Ridge: Hmm.

Brooke: Even so, it seems like they were a bit naive.

R.J.: What's wrong with extending a hand of friendship?

Ridge: R.J., If you lived through what I lived through with the Spectras, you wouldn't be asking that question.

Brooke: Your father can help you find another intern, sweetheart.

Ridge: Of course I can. We'll find one with a different last name.

Steffy: Great. R.J.'S a spectra fan, too.

Thomas: So what? Look, Spectras may not have been born with silver spoons in their mouths --

Steffy: Cheap spoons, like cheap plastic.

Thomas: It doesn't mean that they don't have potential, like coco has potential here.

Steffy: I still don't like it. It's a risk bringing in a spectra.

Thomas: That was the past. This is now. Besides, I made the decision.

Steffy: One you made to appease the girl's red-headed sister.

Thomas: Okay, look, if you're opposing this just because I made a decision without your approval on that --

Steffy: Can you not go there? I trust your judgment. But I'm the one being harassed by sally, not you. Okay, fine. Coco can stay. But if this spectra screws with us or the company, it's on your head, Thomas.

R.J.: Coco, wait. I did not know my dad was gonna react like that. I knew he had problems with your family, but...I'm sorry.

Coco: Hey, don't -- don't be sorry. Your father has every right to be cautious, especially when it comes to my sister and grandma. But I-I would never do anything to hurt Forrester.

R.J.: I know. I know. I believe you. I hate to see you go. But you're gonna have a good future. I can tell.

Coco: Thanks. That means a lot. I should go. Goodbye, R.J.

R.J.: Bye.

Coco: R.J.! R.J.!!

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