B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/1/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/1/17


Episode # 7535 ~ Spectra Fashions fall upon hard times, forcing the entire company to make sacrifices, especially Sally; Thomas and RJ are met with significant resistance from the rest of the Forrester Creations' crew regarding the new intern's employment.

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Rick: R.J., Are you sure you're ready to take this on?

R.J.: It's babysitting interns -- how hard can it be?

Rick: Well, I think it's a little more than just babysitting interns. You got to show leadership, you got to show them the ropes, make sure they're having a good time, make sure it stays professional, right, Thomas?

Nicole: Hey!

Maya: You're back! Oh!

Rick: Hey!

Zende: Hey!

Maya: How was your honeymoon?

Nicole: Amazing.

Maya: Yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: That's great. Where'd you guys go?

Zende: Virgin islands, man!

Thomas: Ohhh!

Rick: Did my boy hook you up?

Zende: He did. We had this beautiful yacht. It was amazing.

Nicole: Hotel was amazing, too.

Zende: Nightlife -- I mean, the clubs... spectacular.

Maya: Well, marrying a Forrester does have its perks.

Rick: [Chuckles]

Maya: [Giggles]

Sally: Leaking?

Saul: Everywhere.

Darlita: I can call a plumber.

Shirley: No, no. You call C.J. It's his building, his problem. We can't afford a plumber.

Sally: Saul, did you print out those signs?

Saul: The "Jarrett Maxwell is not allowed in this building" signs?

Sally: Yes.

Saul: Can't. Printer's out of ink.

Sally: Seriously? Is anything in this building working?

Darlita: Shifty, line 2.

Shirley: The phones are, obviously.

Sally: I am not taking his calls, Darlita. Hang up on him.

Saul: How will you ever pay him back? How will ever pay us?

Shirley: Oh. Hey, coco.

Sally: Well, there are ways that we could bounce back.

Coco: Me, you mean? I'm the way?

Shirley: How was your first day as a Forrester intern, and as a spectra spy?

Coco: I feel bad things aren't going well here at spectra, but I don't feel comfortable stealing.

Darlita: Isn't it more like borrowing?

Shirley: Exactly! Just like my sister used to do. You borrow a design, you tweak it just enough so you don't get sued, and...

Saul: And use a different fabric!

Sally: Yes, much cheaper fabric.

Shirley: Absolutely, and voilà! [Chuckles] Not stealing. Borrowing.

Coco: I'm sorry, I -- I can't do it.

Sally: Hey, it's okay. It's okay. We understand. Look, you should go. This is your first big day in your new internship.

Coco: I just -- I don't want to be the reason spectra fails.

Sally: Hey. Nonsense. Spectra's not gonna fail. Okay? Just go. You guys, coco has a chance, an in at a legit company. I am not gonna let her risk her future for us.

Shirley: You've got to.

Sally: Thomas went out on a limb for me hiring her.

Saul: Oh, you're worried about how Mr... [Stammering] ...Wearing the shirts and the muscles. You're worried about what he's gonna think?

Sally: I appreciate what Thomas has done for us, okay? Yes, we need something to turn around for us, but can we really use his kindness against him? Can we really steal from Forrester creations?

Maya: Oh, wow.

Nicole: Yeah. The water was so clear there.

Maya: It's endless sand. It's just -- was it hot?

Nicole: Mm-hmm, that's why I was in that bathing suit.

Maya: Um, who told you you could wear that?

Zende: She look good, though.

Nicole: Me, myself, and I.

Maya: I hope you're not showing it off.

Rick: Oh, it's romantic.

Maya: No, it is. It is.

Rick: And the honeymoon is now over.

Maya: Oh, stop it!

Nicole: Really?

Maya: No, it's just beginning, don't listen to him. [Sighs] Gorgeous. Aww. [Giggles]

R.J.: Let's hear it.

Maya: Yeah. Nicely done. That looks incredible. So many gorgeous pictures!

Rick: Yeah, if only you married a professional photographer.

Maya: Right?

Nicole: So, what have we missed around here?

Maya: Well, your wedding has inspired others. Steffy and Liam finally made their plans.

Zende: Right! I heard Australia!

Maya: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Yep, and I'm counting on you two to help keep this company in good hands while our C.E.O.S are MIA.

Nicole: Happy to help, however we can.

R.J.: Want to start by giving the new interns a building tour?

Nicole: Sure.

Thomas: I went ahead and made R.J. In charge of the interns.

Nicole: Mm.

Zende: Uh-oh. [Laughs]

R.J.: Well, I felt like I've been an intern here since I could crawl, and I'm proud to be part of this company. So, um, here's the list of interns, résumés included. Basically, I think we should all memorize their names, make them feel more welcomed, you know what I mean? So just instead of a "hey, you," we could like say "Charles" or something.

Rick: Wow, one day and now R.J. Is suddenly trying to turn Forrester into a friendlier place. [Laughter] I'm just not sure that that's gonna fly. [Laughs] Let me -- wait.

R.J.: What?

Rick: Coco spectra? That's not -- I mean, we're not talking about --

Thomas: It is that spectra, yeah. R.J. And I interviewed her together. I actually think she's gonna be a great fit.

Rick: A spectra working at Forrester? No. No. That's not happening.

Shirley: Oh! Hey, C.J. How's the leak?

C.J.: It's getting fixed now. Can't tell you how much I enjoy pouring more money into a building I was supposed to sell.

Sally: You will be so glad that you did not sell it.

C.J.: Oh, I'll be glad... and why is that? Because of the tremendous amount of money that you'll be bringing in? Can you refresh me on how that happens again, considering it does not look like you are in production?

Sally: We have produced a few designs, okay? But it takes time to produce a full collection. Saul, Darlita, come on. Back to work. Chop, chop.

Darlita: Uh...what work, Sal?

Sally: Work, like the work, all the work! Come on! Come on! Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!

C.J.: Sally, stop pretending, okay? I saw the review. One person with a keyboard and an opinion can make or break you.

Shirley: Jarrett Maxwell did not break us. He just gave us a minor --

C.J.: He tore you guys apart, aunt Shirley. Now, how do you bounce back from this, huh? How do you think you can make any of those designs and expect them to sell? I'm assuming you don't have any orders, right?

Sally: We actually don't know that yet. No, we haven't checked yet today, have we?

C.J.: Sally, come on. Spectra fashions isn't going to make a comeback. You just have to accept it.

Thomas: Cut the girl some slack, rick.

Rick: I don't want a spectra working here.

R.J.: I already gave her the job, rick. What do you want me to do, say "never mind?"

Rick: Yes.

Nicole: You might want to get carter's counsel on that first.

Zende: It's a good idea.

Rick: I suppose her résumé looks normal enough.

Thomas: Rick, I'm telling you, she's smart and she's gonna be a great hire.

Rick: Okay. If she tries to pull anything, tries to embarrass our company, tries to grab some attention --

R.J.: Oh, my God, she won't. She's here to work. She's an intern.

Rick: Let's just hope she's not like that sister of hers.

Thomas: Well, then keep her away from the desserts, and everything's gonna be fine.

Rick: Thomas, what do you think? You think this is funny?

Thomas: Yeah, it kind of is, actually. The thing that sally's doing's hilarious.

Rick: Something tells me that Steffy would think otherwise.

Thomas: We're not all sticks in the mud, rick. Even Steffy sees the humor in this.

Maya: Uh, from what I hear, Steffy is not at all happy about the followers that sally is gaining with these food fight videos.

Thomas: Yeah, but what do followers matter if sally doesn't have a company to promote? I mean, do any of us actually think that spectra's gonna be around much longer after Jarrett's review?

Maya: And if spectra isn't around, what possible threat could coco pose?

R.J.: Exactly.

[Knocks on door]

Coco: Hey, may I --

Thomas: Coco! Glad you're here. Come on in.

Coco: I -- you're in a meeting. I didn't mean to interrupt. Um... I just wanted to let you know that I'm here and if you need anything, I'll be with the other interns.

Thomas: Awesome. Thanks.

Coco: Okay.

R.J.: Oh, no, no, no, no. Actually, don't go. I want to introduce you. Uh, so you already know Thomas.

Coco: Right. Hi.

R.J.: But this is Zende. He's our photographer.

Coco: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Zende: Hello.

R.J.: And his beautiful wife Nicole.

Nicole: Hi.

R.J.: She does marketing.

R.J.: And over here is my brother rick. He's the vice president of Forrester.

Coco: Mm-hmm.

R.J.: Runs international. And here's Maya. She's our model extraordinaire.

Coco: Yes. Hi!

Maya: Lovely to meet you.

Coco: Yes. Hi! Of course. It's -- it's really a pleasure meeting all of you. I'm -- I'm just really honored to be here.

Rick: Should you, though?

Coco: Excuse me?

Rick: Should you be here? A spectra at Forrester. Do you really think that we should trust you?

Sally: Listen here, Mr. Doom-and-gloom, we are not accepting defeat!

Shirley: I have half a mind to call your mama and tell her that you are trying to browbeat us into quittin'!

C.J.: You do have half a mind. Please, call my mom. She'll tell you exactly what I am.

Sally: This is your mother's dream. Spectra, up and running again.

C.J.: Oh, I'm sorry. In what way do you see what's happening here as up and running? Like it or not, the fashion industry still remembers what spectra was, and no matter how good your designs might actually be, and they are, the name will hold you back. You guys, please do not waste any more of your time on this.

Shirley: We have a plan!

C.J.: A plan? What is it? Please share.

Shirley: We have a plan to get spectra afloat. And, honey, just like you said, we are Spectras. And Spectras do not go down without a fight.

Coco: I'm confused. You don't want me here?

Rick: Should I want you here? Spectra has spent years stealing from Forrester, creating knock-offs of our designs.

Thomas: Rick, listen. Coco's sweet. She's gonna --

Coco: It's okay. Rick is right. Our families do have a complicated history, and I'm actually glad you brought that up. If I may say something...

Thomas: Of course, coco. Go ahead.

Coco: Okay, um... whatever spectra was, whatever damage was caused, it -- it has nothing to do with me. My aunt sally may have compromised your business, but I never will. Look, I'm an honest person. Get to know me. You'll see. You'll never question my loyalty. And I want you to know that if you allow me to stay, if you allow me to intern here, I will be forever grateful. I will be true to your company. My name may be spectra, but when I'm here, I'm Forrester.

Rick: Would you mind just giving us a moment?

Coco: Sure.

R.J.: I'll come with you.

Coco: Okay.

Rick: I think I've heard enough.

Thomas: You want her gone?

Rick: I want what's best for Forrester.

Coco: What? Why are you smiling like that?

R.J.: I don't know, I -- I guess I'm just impressed.

Coco: I am, too, with how intimidating your brother is.

R.J.: I'm talking about you. That was really cool, what you said in there.

Coco: It was just the truth. So, do you trust me?

R.J.: I do. I just hope rick can trust you, too.

Zende: She sounded sincere. But I understand Rick's concern. The name spectra does bring pretty heavy baggage.

Nicole: But there's an honesty about coco.

Zende: Good thing is, we don't really need to worry about what rick does.

Nicole: No, we don't.

Zende: No, we don't. We only have to worry about our own newly-wedded selves.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Have I thanked you for my honeymoon?

Zende: About 1,000 times, yeah.

Nicole: Have I told you that it was incredible?

Zende: Yeah. Yeah, you did.

Nicole: [Giggles] And that you're incredible?

Zende: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Good.

Zende: I told you, right?

Nicole: You've shown me.

C.J.: All right. I'll bite. What's the plan?

Shirley: Never you mind.

C.J.: Yeah, no, this is my building, so if you guys are hatching some sort of crazy scheme, I'm gonna know about it.

Sally: Okay, yeah, why would you jump to that conclusion?

C.J.: Gee, I don't know, sally. Maybe because every plan that's been hatched from this office has been a crazy scheme.

Sally: Just give us some time. Please! Okay? Don't pull the plug on us. Just a few more days. That's all we need.

C.J.: You can't turn this around in a few days.

Shirley: We're very close! We have the right person at the right place at the right time.

C.J.: Who are you even talking about, 'cause that sound reasonably difficult.

Sally: It's not. She's already there.

R.J.: You know, staring at that door won't make rick decide any sooner.

Coco: Mental telepathy. Oh, it totally works. I'm sending my thoughts straight through that door.

R.J.: [Chuckles] I thought you were serious.

Coco: Oh, I mean... I mean, it could work, I just haven't mastered it yet.

R.J.: Well, you don't need to. What you said in there was more than enough.

Coco: You think?

R.J.: Rick put you on the spot. And you didn't even flinch. It's obvious you can handle yourself.

Thomas: We're ready for you.

R.J.: Okay.

Rick: Coco, thank you for giving us some time to discuss.

Coco: Oh, of course. I'm a spectra. The enemy.

Rick: It's -- it's not that you're an enemy. Look, I want to trust you, but the first time people see our designs, it's critical. And if for some reason, the press catches a glimpse of a knock-off from some other fashion house, that's months and months of work down the drain.

Coco: And as a Forrester intern, I would make sure that kind of compromise never happens.

Maya: Everyone in this building must be held to the highest level of confidentiality.

Coco: And that's why I understand your reservations, having a spectra around.

Rick: Then you'd understand why I'd have to let you go.

Coco: Yes, I'd -- I'd understand.

Rick: Good. Remember that. If I ever have to let you go.

R.J.: If?

Thomas: Rick agrees that you are a risk worth taking.

Coco: Seriously?

Rick: R.J. And Thomas trust you. That's why I'm giving you one chance -- one -- so don't mess it up.

Coco: No, thank you! Thank you, I won't let you down. I -- I promise you, I would not mess up an opportunity like this. Thank you for believing in me. All of you. All of you.

Sally: You're right, grams. We have to do it. We have no choice. Coco is on the inside at Forrester now.

Shirley: And it doesn't matter how loyal she thinks she has to be to them. She's a spectra.

Sally: She has to be loyal to us because we're family. Whether she likes it or not, coco has to rob them blind.

R.J.: Welcome, our newest intern, coco spectra.

Bold & Beautiful 30th Anniversary Time Capsule

Brooke: Uh, Mr. Forrester?

Eric: Yes?

Brooke: Can I get you anything?

Eric: Like what?

Brooke: Well, I just thought that maybe...

Eric: My name's Eric.

Brooke: I'm Brooke.

Eric: Hi, Brooke.

Caroline: Well, I'm gonna have to think about it.

Stephanie: While you think about it, think about the consequences. Think of Brooke Logan as Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Ridge: I love you. I do love you.

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