B&B Transcript Thursday 2/23/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/23/17


Episode # 7531 ~ The Spectra crew await the review of their new collection, which will determine their success. Bill meets with a shady business associate to ensure that he acquires his intended real-estate investment.

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Sally: Well, we pulled off the preview, guys. It was no small feat, but I have each and everyone one of you to thank for your hard work and your dedication. I could not have done it without you guys.

Shirley: You can count on us, babe! Always! Right?

Saul: Yeah, we -- we did the best we could, given the circumstances.

Darlita: Saul! Don't be a Daryl downer.

Saul: So sue me and my realistic nature. Out of, what, 110 invited guests, one shows up?

Sally: Yes, but Jarrett is the only one that counts. His review could make or break us. And I think he was impressed. Okay? The designs are good. Jarrett did not walk out on us. He did not laugh in our faces. His write-up is exactly what we need to kick-start this company. I hope you guys are ready 'cause spectra fashions is back! Yes!

Shirley: Yes!

Saul: [Laughs] Yeah.

[Knocks on door]

Bill: Come in! Do you have the review?

Jarrett: Before we do anything irrevocable, would you just hear me out?

Bill: Oh, I think I have very generously done that.

Jarrett: I need to be true to myself.

Bill: [Groans]

Jarrett: Sally spectra's talent is raw. It needs refining. But she's fresh, interesting. I saw potential there!

Bill: Then she'll do well. Just not in that location. Read!

Jarrett: [Sighs] "Spectra fashions is back in the person of young sally spectra, great-niece of her namesake, a woman who made her..."

Bill: Can you just get to the part where you trash the line?

Jarrett: "This is definitely not couture. In fact, I'm not quite sure what it is. Ms. Spectra has a rather unique vision. Not to everyone's taste, but I'm sure there's a market for playful whimsy, however small..."

Bill: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. "Playful whimsy?" Did you not understand your marching orders?

Jarrett: Mr. Spencer, I --

Bill: Stop! I knew this would happen, that you didn't have the stones for it, so I did your job for you. There's the review. Publish it. I want spectra out of business by the end of the day.

Shirley: Nothing!

Darlita: Should be any minute now.

Saul: How long can it take to write a glowing review?

Thomas: Ooh. Well, this is familiar.

Sally: Flowers.

Thomas: Mm. To brighten up your day and apologize for missing your preview.

Sally: Well, aren't you sweet?

Thomas: Yeah, don't spread it around. I've got a reputation to keep.

Sally: Uh, Thomas Forrester, this is my crew. Shirley, Saul, and you already know Darlita.

Shirley: Hiya, Thomas.

Saul: Hello.

Thomas: Well, it's nice meeting you all, finally. Uh, how'd it go?

Saul: It could have gone better.

Sally: It went well.

Darlita: Yeah, don't listen to Saul. He's our resident wet rug.

Shirley: Blanket.

Darlita: I don't think we have one.

Sally: Still glad you stopped by? Welcome to my world.

Thomas: Yeah, it seems a lot more fun than mine.

Sally: Yes, well, once Jarrett's review comes out, we are gonna leave Forrester creations choking on our dust.

Thomas: From last night?

Sally: Yes. But please be nice. Last time you opinionated on my work, you called them, uh, "interesting" and "not bad."

Thomas: There are odd. They're unexpected. But they have staying power, right? Like this one -- I saw it in the sketch and I kept trying to imagine in my head what the evolved product would look like.

Sally: Well, is it like you imagined?

Thomas: No. Not at all. It's completely unique.

Shirley: Hmm, why don't we give the designers a little privacy? I'll put these in water.

Sally: Darlita, can you go man that laptop, please?

Darlita: On it like rice on white.

Thomas: Well, I guess it's just us.

Sally: How about that?

Jarrett: You wrote the review?

Bill: Mm-hmm. Read.

Jarrett: [Sighs] It's harsh.

Bill: That's the point.

Jarrett: But it's not true. Sally's designs were hastily put together and it showed, but they certainly weren't an abomination or a joke played on the entire fashion industry.

Bill: I love the "abomination" part.

Jarrett: [Sighs]

Bill: So what is this, you being true to your journalistic standards?

Jarrett: You could say that.

Bill: Then maybe you should try being true to the man who pays your salary. Unless, of course, you don't need one anymore, in which case I'd be happy to replace you with someone who understands the importance of loyalty and cooperation. Is that what you want?

Jarrett: Not at all.

Bill: Then you better learn to live with that review. I want sally and her merry band of spectra buffoons out of business A.S.A.P.

Thomas: That's, uh, quite the crew you've assembled.

Sally: Aren't they awesome? Dedicated, loyal. I love them.

Thomas: Well, it seems like a fun place to work. But, hey, I want to know everything about the preview. You said you gave an exclusive to Jarrett Maxwell.

Sally: Yeah, it's pretty impressive, isn't it? We must have created enough buzz, obviously, for him to bother, but he said that he was going to put a review up first thing in the morning, and... it hasn't surfaced.

Thomas: It'll be up soon.

Sally: I hope it's good because I kind of have everything riding on it.

Bill: Have a seat. Relax. You seem nervous.

Shifty: Not every day I'm summoned by someone as powerful as you. Why does bill Spencer even know that I exist?

Bill: We have a mutual interest -- sally spectra.

Shifty: Oh. Her.

Bill: Something about "her" you don't like?

Shifty: Sally is a smarty-pants. For example, my name is shifter. She think it's funny to call me "shifty."

Bill: So you've been lending her money.

Shifty: Now, my interest rate is fair...

Bill: Yeah, I don't give a damn about that. Sally may come to you for an emergency extension. In fact, I have no doubt she will. When she does, you're going to turn her down. I want ms. Spectra boxed in. No cash flow.

Shifty: But how will she pay back my loan?

Bill: She won't. Don't worry. I'll make it worth your while. Do we have an understanding?

Shifty: Uh, yes, Mr. Spencer. I understand you completely.

Bill: Good.

Shirley: What do we think of him?

Darlita: Thomas? Dreamy.

Saul: Yeah, if you're into that sort of thing.

Darlita: Obvious hunkiness? Yeah! [Laughs]

Saul: He wears his entitlement like a suit.

Shirley: Saul, all the Forresters do.

Darlita: I mean, did you see the way he was looking at Sal?

Saul: The way he's checking her out, you mean? Yeah. It's unseemly.

Darlita: Yeah, I wish he'd unseem me. Talk about a catch.

Shirley: [Chuckles]

Saul: You can't unseem someone. That's not a thing.

Darlita: You just said it was.

Shirley: Still nothing posted!

Darlita: Guys, just saying, Thomas Forrester looks at sally like she's the best thing he's ever seen.

Sally: Why is this review taking so long? It should be up by now!

Thomas: Jarrett's a meticulous guy. He's probably just choosing his words. You're really nervous.

Sally: Yeah! Yeah, I am. It's not a feeling I'm used to. I don't leave room in my day for anxiety, but this waiting, this whole -- my entire future in balance? I'm not good at it.

Thomas: It's just a review.

Sally: Yeah, that's easy for you to say. One bad review for you, not that you would ever get one, just rolls right off of a Forrester. But for us, it's the difference between success and failure, and I cannot fail.

Thomas: Okay. Come here. Sit. There you go. Breathe. Take a breath. You cannot be putting the responsibility of all this on your shoulders.

Sally: But I am responsible. Everyone is counting on me to revive spectra fashions. I have an entire crew that practically works for free because they believe that I can do it and they support me. My great-aunt sally. She created this place with her heart and her soul and her grit. I'm not gonna let all of that be for nothing. This is my legacy. These are my people. I have to take care. Darlita! Still nothing?

Darlita: I could call him, see what's up.

Sally: No. No, no, no. As soon as it hits...

Darlita: You'll know.

[Door closes]

Sally: You are giving me that look again.

Thomas: I like you. You're this nutty woman who makes me laugh, goes around starting food fights with my sister, crashing weddings, and ending up with her face in a cake. And at the same time, you chase your dreams. I'm glad I'm here.

Sally: And why is that?

Thomas: Well, any minute now, you're going to be getting a glowing review from Jarrett, the first of many, by the way, and I get a front-row seat.

Shirley: Is sally freaking out?

Darlita: Not as much as she would be if Thomas wasn't there. But yeah. Quietly inside.

Shirley: She's got everything riding on this relaunch.

Saul: What's he doing?

Darlita: Thomas? He's sitting.

Saul: I don't like that this review's taking so long. It does not feel good.

Jarrett: The review you wrote under my byline will post any moment.

Bill: Excellent. Oh, come on, Jarrett. Do I have to get you a box of tissues? Will you lighten up? It's not the end of the world.

Jarrett: Not ours, anyway.

Bill: When did you become such a softie?

Jarrett: Look, this puts me in a terrible position. First, to violate journalistic ethics...

Bill: The only ethics that count around here are mine! You pleased your boss. You kept your job. All in all, that's a pretty good day! You should feel great about that!

Jarrett: But the preview wasn't horrible. I mean, was it rough? Yes.

Bill: Enough! You are killing me. Trust me. You'll get over this when you see the nice bonus in this week's paycheck.

Jarrett: If you'd been there yesterday...

Bill: If I had been there yesterday, I would have taken a bulldozer to that pile of rubble myself. Why didn't I think of that?

Sally: You must feel like you dropped into this parallel universe. Me, sweating out a review like it is the end of the world.

Thomas: I am not judging you, if that's what you're thinking.

Sally: Yeah, but how can you relate? The Forrester prince. An heir apparent. An insanely successful design house all yours whenever you want to take it.

Thomas: Yeah, you couldn't be more wrong about that, actually. I'm so far down the line of succession, I honestly think my family forgets about me.

Sally: Do you want to be C.E.O.?

Thomas: That's not the point. I should be offered the chance.

Sally: Yeah, I hear you.

Thomas: But what's even more unacceptable is my grandfather isn't even speaking for himself. He's parroting his wife. I'm sorry. This is not about me. This is your day. I'm sorry.

Sally: Yes, the day that I have been busting my butt for. The day when I can finally say "spectra is back and we are taking no prisoners." And that includes Forrester, bucko. I am not cutting you any slack just because you brought me flowers.

Thomas: It's gonna happen for you, sally. Everything you want.

Jarrett: I implore you, sir. Reconsider. There's still time to pull the review.

Bill: Why would I possibly want to do that when I put that much effort into writing it?

Jarrett: Because it isn't true or fair. Look, mild criticism is justified, but you took it way too far.

Bill: It's a means to an end, Jarrett -- nothing more.

Jarrett: It's more for sally. She doesn't have the track record to survive a scathing takedown.

Bill: All right, look. I get it. You think I'm a monster. I didn't build this empire worrying about people's feelings. I built this empire by doing what needs to be done. Look at her. Smoked windows. Glistening chrome. Mirrors everywhere. Did I tell you how much I love mirrors?

Jarrett: You did mention that.

[Cell phone chimes]

Bill: The review just hit the site. Spectra fashions is about to implode.

Thomas: I should probably go.

Sally: Well, thanks for stopping by.

Thomas: Couldn't stay away. Something kept, uh, pulling me back.

Darlita: It's up! It's up!

Shirley: Review's on the website.

Saul: We haven't looked.

Sally: This is it! [Exhales sharply] "Sally spectra, former knock-off queen of the '90s, now has a namesake. Occupying the same premise downtown, her great-niece has attempted to do the impossible -- resurrect the forgotten moniker. The following review of last night's preview will be the only review you will read. I'd call it an exclusive, but I cannot, because out of over 100 invitees, this fashion reporter was the only one to show up. No glitz, no glam. Total bare-bones held in their battered, war-torn rag shop of a building."

Darlita: So he didn't like the building. So what?

Sally: "Upon meeting this new sally spectra, she has a glint in her eye, a broad smile, and a shoot-for-the-stars mindset."

Shirley: There you go. See, I knew he'd come around, doll.

Sally: "But this pitiful attempt at a preview was an abomination that categorically proved two things -- sally spectra has a sense of humor, since she played a joke on the entire fashion industry, and that she has absolutely [Sighs] No talent. He creations are hideous, vulgar, and clumsy. Sally spectra, do us all a favor and go back to wherever you came from. Spectra fashions should have remained buried in the past. This last-ditch effort to revive spectra is the final blow, the proverbial wrecking ball that will most certainly bring spectra fashions crumbling down. How could Jarrett say all of those horrible things?

Bill: Spectra fashions.

Shirley: I don't know what to say, kid.

Saul: The guy's a jerk.

Darlita: I think I'm gonna cry.

Sally: No. No. No tears. We gave it our best shot. It was a good shot. It just wasn't meant to be.

Darlita: Don't say that.

Sally: [Scoffs] We got to know when to cut our losses, and I'm pretty sure this is it.

Saul: Are you sure?

Sally: Yeah. We are up to our necks in debt, serious debt, and we have no way to pay it back.

Shirley: Sally, honey, we'll find a way.

Sally: Grams... Saul... Darlita... I'm so sorry. You guys came all-in with me, and I let you down.

Saul: No! No, never!

Sally: Look, it was a wonderful dream. It was the best dream I ever had. But that's all it was. Spectra fashions... is dead.

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