B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/22/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/22/17


Episode # 7530 ~ An already-bitter Thomas gets his feathers ruffled when Steffy criticizes his latest designs. Spectra Fashions debut their first collection in an intimate and informal setting.

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Shirley: Never fear! Grams is here!

Sally: Can you believe it? Today's the day!

Shirley: [Squeals]

Sally: Mwah! Have you seen Saul?

Shirley: Oh, he's downstairs with the models.

Sally: [Sighs]

Shirley: Are you sure that, uh, this isn't too soon, sally? I mean, are we really ready to preview these designs?

Sally: Uh, we have to be. Shifty, the loan sh...officer is hot on our tails. [Sighs] And C.J.'s six-month clock is ticking fast, so it sink or swim time.

Shirley: [Groans] Sinkin' or swimmin' based on one man's review.

Sally: Yeah, but that makes it easier. All we have to do is impress Jarrett Maxwell. We can manage that. If we impress Jarrett, spectra fashions will be back in business!

Jarrett: I can't believe you're making me do this, sir.

Bill: I'm not making you do anything. If you don't want a paycheck anymore, that's completely up to you.

Jarrett: No one else in the fashion world is covering this preview.

Bill: Since when did you start complaining about having an exclusive?

Jarrett: If it were a Forrester showing...

Bill: Eh, deh, deh, deh!

Jarrett: If were a Forrester showing, sure. But spectra?

Bill: Spectra needs to be buried. They're squatters, wasting time in that building. I can't wait to tear it down. But, first, we have to tear them down. That's your mission. Squash sally spectra's dreams.

Darlita: [Sighs] Can someone help me blow these up? I'm hyperventilating here.

Sally: Forget the balloons, Darlita. We don't need them.

Shirley: Honey, are you sure we shouldn't do this in the showroom?

Saul: With all that junk down there? We don't have time to clear it out.

Sally: And, besides, we have to impress eye on fashion. And if we do it down in the showroom, we're gonna need music and lights and all of that jazz, and we cannot afford that pomp and circumstance.

Saul: No.

Shirley: Okay! We do it here. Simple. Direct. [Sighs] We let the designs speak for themselves.

Sally: Yes, and speak they will. Today is the day that we make our mark on the fashion world. Even the Forresters are gonna notice. Especially queen Steffy.

Thomas: Hey.

Steffy: We do have a locker room.

Thomas: Oh, I'm aware. Uh, Charlie was in there lecturing Jake on how to properly do a dead lift wearing nothing but a hand towel.

Steffy: Oh, ew. No. Gross.

Thomas: Well, there's got to be some extra benefits if you're gonna be occupying this office.

Steffy: [Sighs] Okay, you hate that I'm C.E.O. I get it. But, Thomas, even though I'm your boss, being your sister is always gonna be more important to me.

Thomas: I know you're trying to make things right, Stef. Make me feel all warm and fuzzy about you being in charge.

Steffy: I'm not trying to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Thomas: It still stings, knowing that I was passed over, that my little sister, who has zero design experience is criticizing my designs.

Steffy: I'm not criticizing, I'm critiquing, and I don't apologize for it. If I don't think one of your designs is up to par, I'm gonna tell you to take another look or shelve it.

Thomas: You know what? Those designs from yesterday, consider them shelved.

Steffy: Fine!

Thomas: Fine.

Steffy: [Sighs] So, big day for your favorite redhead, huh?

Thomas: Yeah. Her first fashion preview.

Steffy: Mm, I'm sure it'll be another hot mess.

Shirley: Don't skimp on the eye shadow!

Sally: Well, they have to skimp, grams, 'cause that's all I bought.

Shirley: What about the lipstick?

Sally: There's a tube over there. You girls don't mind sharing, do you?

Darlita: Sal? How many pigs in a blanket should I warm up?

Sally: Uh, just fill the plate.

Darlita: For just one guy?

Sally: It's not just any old guy, Darlita. He's from Spencer publications. I want his belly full and his mind blown. Today is the day that we give Jarrett Maxwell a show to remember.

Jarrett: I think it's safe to say sally's dreams will be squashed on their own. Making me suffer through that preview...

Bill: I don't want to wait around for that ragtag group of imbeciles to fizzle out 6 months from now. I want that land. And I want my new building!

Jarrett: I'll be the only person there, spectra's entire future riding on my review.

Bill: Yes! Exactly! Ah, I love how things always work out for me. Why are you still standing here? Be gone! Do your job!

Katie: Oh! Hi, Jarrett. Oh. Huh. What's up with him?

Bill: Oh, uh, you know how grumpy he gets when he doesn't have his nap.

Katie: Yeah.

Bill: [Chuckles] Of course, he's heading over to see the spectra fashion preview. Something tells me that would put anyone to sleep.

Katie: So, is there a problem with this new spectra?

Bill: Oh, I'm sure there will be a million problems. Why?

Katie: Well, Jarrett just seemed so...out of sorts. I mean, if it's just a fashion preview, what's the big deal?

Bill: Oh, you know him. He likes the events with caviar and champagne.

Katie: Well, hopefully, he won't let his bad mood color his review.

Bill: Jarrett's a professional. He would never let any mood get in the way of his job.

Thomas: You seem so certain that sally's just gonna fail.

Steffy: She's a spectra. Her failures are gonna be as big and embarrassing just like her great-aunt's always were.

Thomas: Okay.

Steffy: What, you doubt that?

Thomas: Yeah. I do.

Steffy: Thomas, the woman has nothing going for her. The only chance at getting any kind of attention is to latch onto my online success.

Thomas: Seems to be working.

Steffy: Mm, it's not. You can't run a fashion house on some outdated memory that your great-aunt created years ago.

Thomas: She's got her own designs and her own ideas, Stef.

Steffy: I don't think any of them will be good.

Thomas: I told you, I've seen them. They're not bad.

Steffy: Yeah, but I don't think it's gonna send, like, shock waves through the fashion industry, really.

Thomas: She's dedicated. That counts for something.

Steffy: Yeah, it counts for a lot. But if you have no talent behind your dedication, Thomas...

Thomas: Maybe when you're full of surprises like sally spectra, the talent comes to you.

Steffy: Huh.

Saul: What if he doesn't come?

Shirley: [Sighs]

Sally: He will come.

Shirley: Darlita! Check the RSVPs again.

Darlita: Excuse me, sir. I just have to check something real quick.

Jarrett: Yeah, if you could just point me to the showroom --

Darlita: No change in RSVPs! He'll be here! Now, what's this about the showroom?

Sally: Mr. Maxwell. You made it!

Jarrett: I did, indeed. Um, you must be sally.

Sally: Sally spectra, at your service. It's nice to finally meet you. My great-aunt told me you were the best of the best.

Jarrett: She said that? I wasn't always kind to spectra back in the day.

Sally: Yeah, well, your superb writing makes even the harshest review a joy to read.

Jarrett: Oh, well, thank you. [Chuckles]

Sally: Yes. Come into my office.

Jarrett: Oh, well, you know, I don't have a lot of time.

Darlita: Hungry?

Jarrett: Oh. Uh, no. Not hungry. Thank you.

Darlita: [Sighs]

Sally: This is my grandmother, Shirley spectra.

Jarrett: Pleased to meet you. You remind me of your sister.

Shirley: [Gasps] Well, thank you. What a lovely compliment.

Sally: And, um, this is Saul Feinberg, spectra's very own man-of-all-trades.

Jarrett: Hello.

Saul: Hi, hi, we're really glad you could be here. If you could just keep in mind, this is only a preview.

Sally: Hey, Saul, why don't you go let the models know that we're ready?

Saul: I will.

Jarrett: Is the preview happening in here?

Sally: Yes. Yes. You know, I thought it best. It is an exclusive sneak preview, Mr. Maxwell, for your eyes only. So I figured if it was down, you know, in the showroom, there'd be too much distance between you and the models, and I just wanted it a little more up close and personal. So you can touch the fabric if you want to and ask the models questions.

Shirley: Looks like we're ready!

Sally: All right, Mr. Maxwell, I am proud to present the maiden voyage of the new spectra fashions. Darlita! Music! Now!

[Upbeat dance music plays]


Thomas: You know, it might be a little more fun around here if sally's preview is a success.

Steffy: What?

Thomas: A little healthy competition, keep us on our toes.

Steffy: Competition? From sally spectra? [Laughs] You can't be serious. We have enough competition from actual fashion houses. They are thieves, and that's all they'll ever be.

Thomas: Well, that seems a little close-minded. This sally is not that sally.

Steffy: Thomas, please. Think about what she's pulled. That fight at Il Giardino, crashing Zende's wedding... it's like she's trying to take over exactly where her great-aunt left off.

Thomas: Well, one thing's for sure. Whether her preview is a success or not, it's gonna be fun to watch.

Katie: You know what you should do? You should sent Jarrett over to Forrester creations.

Bill: Why would I do that? It's a spectra preview.

Katie: Well, sure, but wouldn't a reaction statement from Forrester make sense? Spectra and Forrester creations have a long history, none of it good. Spectra used to steal from Forrester and knock off versions of their own designs. What would a young Steffy Forrester say about a young sally spectra making her fashion debut?

Bill: You know, I don't think I want to give spectra any more publicity than necessary.

Katie: Why not? I mean, maybe the preview will go well. Maybe this new version of spectra will succeed.

Bill: It could, but I'm willing to bet they won't.

Sally: And now, Mr. Maxwell, the pièce de résistance! If this were an actual event onstage, this would hands down stop the show. You could hear the gasps from the audience, you could actually imagine their jaws dropping. So feast your eyes on this.

Jarrett: Well done.

Sally: Yeah?

Jarrett: And not just the showstopper. Your sense of style is unique. In a good way!

Shirley: Listen, and we hope that you'll put that in your review.

Sally: Yes, yes, 'cause you're the only one, the lucky one, to come to the preview. You've seen what we have to offer, and I could tell that you like it.

Jarrett: Well, sure, but a lot goes into a review.

Sally: Of course! Yeah. Yes. But I'm saying, like, if you happen to like it, right, the extra buzz -- it couldn't hurt. You know? 'Cause we're standing on the edge of a precipice, Mr. Maxwell, looking out at what could be. We could just use that little extra push, you know? We're like the little engine that could. Right? We think we can! We know we can! And with a good review from someone as well-esteemed as you are, you know, the rest of the world will know we can, too.

Jarrett: I think you overestimate my influence.

Sally: Don't be modest.

Jarrett: Thank you for inviting me to your preview.

Sally: No, thank you for coming! We will be eagerly awaiting your review! [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Bill: Hey! Look at you! Back already. See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Well, correction. I'm sure it was bad. In fact, I'm sure it was horrible. Worst preview you've ever seen. What I meant was, it didn't take up too much of your time.

Jarrett: No. They were very organized. Uh, may I?

Bill: Oh, yeah. By all means. Pour one for me while you're at it.

Jarrett: They had it all ready to go, right there in sally's office.

Bill: What? In her office? They didn't even bother to put it up on a stage?

Jarrett: Well, it was an exclusive preview, just for me. It made sense.

Bill: [Chuckles] All right. Well, whatever. I'm just glad you survived it.

Jarrett: It actually wasn't that...that terrible.

Bill: Well, you're a kinder man than I. Just make sure you aren't when you write the review.

Jarrett: Right. Right. About the review, though. Um, see... I can definitely write some negative things for you, like how I was dreading it, about my low expectations...

Bill: Yes. Perfect. Right on point.

Jarrett: But much to my surprise... young sally spectra's designs were somewhat not painful.

Bill: Excuse me?

Jarrett: They were interesting. And since I was the only one there, it's only fair that I give them an honest --

Bill: Zip it. Absolutely not. [Laughing] Fair? Honest? Have you forgotten who you work for?

Jarrett: I know. I know, but --

Bill: No, no, there's no buts! You want to talk about fair and honest? I had a deal in place to buy that land and that building from C.J. Garrison. But what does that pipsqueak do? He reneges. Why? So he can give his cousin a chance to play fashion designer for 6 months. I'm not having it! Now, you know what your assignment is. So go to your cubicle and write a scathing career-ending review.

Sally: Oh, we did it! We pulled it off! Yes! Darlita, crack open the champagne!

Darlita: There's champagne?!

Shirley: We didn't buy champagne!

Sally: Well, we should have! We should have known we would have been celebrating! Guys, what a show! What a day!

Saul: Yeah, it did -- it did seem to go well.

Sally: Better than well. Were you paying attention, Saul? Jarrett Maxwell was practically captivated.

Saul: I mean, he hardly said a word.

Sally: Stunned silence is what that was. Stunned by our hard work and our talent! Look at what we've accomplished, guys! Aunt sally's dream to revive spectra fashions is coming true. Spectra is thriving and this building is humming with life! Today, we stopped that wrecking ball.

Shirley: We did.

Saul: Yes.

[Cell phone rings]

Sally: Oh, I have to take this.

Shirley: Well, we'll keep the celebrating going. Come on, let's grab some of those pigs in a blanket!

Sally: [Clears throat] Thomas?

Thomas: Hey. Sally, how'd the preview go?

Sally: Flawlessly.

Thomas: Yeah?

Sally: Yeah, I could not have asked for a better experience. It was a private showing, you know.

Thomas: Oh, I didn't know that.

Sally: Yes. Yeah. We, uh, gave it to Spencer publications. Have you heard of Jarrett Maxwell?

Thomas: Oh, yeah, of course. He's extremely influential.

Sally: Don't I know it.

Thomas: [Chuckles] Well, it's a smart move. I mean, if he gives you a positive review, it could make all the difference in the world.

Sally: Well, from your lips...

Thomas: Now, why are you thinking about my lips?


Sally: Um, you know what? I should go back and join the celebration. We're partying over at spectra today.

Thomas: Yeah, I bet you are.

Sally: Yes, uh, thank you for calling.

Thomas: Thank you for answering.

Sally: You know, you probably shouldn't tell your sister you're checking up on me. She would probably have a cow.

Thomas: [Chuckles] Well, I think Steffy can handle it.

Sally: Yeah, well, hopefully she can handle reading the fashion news tomorrow. I will be making headlines. I can see it now. "Spectra fashions back in business."

Jarrett: I understand you want that property.

Bill: Oh, you bet I do. And I will have it! I want your review on my desk first thing tomorrow morning. We are putting spectra out of business.

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