B&B Transcript Monday 2/13/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/13/17


Episode # 7523 ~ A newly engaged couple are eager to walk down the aisle; Sasha returns to town with hopes of redeeming herself with Nicole & the Avant family.

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Nicole: So, yeah. I mean, I should have known. Why me? I'm not a model.

Vivienne: Oh, you could be!

Nicole: Oh, that's not my thing. But...Zende was the photographer, and he's been relentless with getting back with me, and I knew how sorry he was. But, anyway, this horse-drawn carriage pulls up, and there he is.

Maya: I mean, top hat, tails -- the whole thing.

Nicole: Exactly. And he said all those wonderful things that I told you about, mom, and he asked me to marry him, and I said, "yes." Oh, my God. I'm engaged.

Maya: You're engaged! Yay!

Vivienne: Oh, I am so happy -- for you and Zende! Oh, but you deserve this, after all you've been through. But you're okay with this, right? You weren't pressured by the moment? Not harboring any hard feelings?

Nicole: That's all behind us. I love him. And I trust him. All the way.

Zende: So, she totally bought the whole photo-shoot thing. She looked amazing.

Rick: Mm. Hey, you were looking pretty sharp, too.

Zende: Right. True.

R.J.: Well, what do you expect? Forrester male.

Thomas: Yeah. We're all about that romance.

Zende: I just laid it all out, all right? I said, "Nicole, look, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I'm sorry. All right?" I said, "also, I'm never gonna stop asking, so you should just say yes."


Zende: Boy, I was nervous. I was a wreck. I mean, yeah. I couldn't even talk. It was like that.

Eric: It was like that?

Zende: Yeah.

Eric: Good for you, my boy. Good for you. Congratulations. She's a terrific girl. I think we're all very happy to welcome her into the Forrester clan.

Rick: Hear, hear!

Eric: Nothing better than having the right person by your side.

Zende: Thanks, granddad.

Rick: You got the rings, right?

Eric: Yeah.

Saul: This line you're designing, sally -- you are throwing it up against the wall so fast and, what, praying it sticks? And that worries me.

Sally: We have got no choice, Saul. Time is our enemy. It marches on, nipping at our heels. Do you know how quickly six months goes by?

Darlita: Yeah. Feels like half a year.

Sally: Exactly. Yes. It is all the time we've got to turn a profit so we keep this roof over our heads. Okay? Saul, I need you to --

Darlita: Earth to Sal. Come in.

Saul: She looks catatonic.

Darlita: Ew! Is that contagious? [Claps hands] What the heck, Sal? Where'd you go?

Sally: I'm sorry. Sometimes I just have so many thoughts, it freezes my brain.

Saul: I don't know if that's a good thing.

Darlita: Want a hot-water bottle?

Sally: No. No, actually. I have to check my alerts.

Saul: Um, what -- what about the design?

Sally: What about it?

Saul: You wanted me to do something.

Sally: We will get back to that. But right now, this story still has legs.

Saul: Yeah. I still can't believe you started a food fight with Steffy Forrester in the middle of Il Giardino.

Sally: It paid off, though, didn't it?

Saul: Yeah. Did we get more followers?

Sally: Yes. Yes, we did. But not enough for a successful relaunch. I am going to have to top myself -- come up with an encore.

Rick: We have to live up to the women that we choose. And let me tell you, my friend, that is no small task.

R.J.: Nicole is pretty awesome.

Zende: Yeah, man. I know.

Thomas: When's the big day?

Zende: Tomorrow.

Rick: What?

Eric: Uh, that's pretty ambitious.

Zende: I know. Look, I've been running around like a crazy person, trying to get everything together. But this has to be the most unforgettable day of Nicole's life -- no exceptions.

Vivienne: I wish your father was here for this.

Nicole: I called him earlier, and he said he's so happy for me.

Vivienne: Oh, I can imagine. Well, don't worry. He will be back here for the wedding. There's no way he's gonna miss his baby girl's special day.

Maya: Are you sure he won't have another golf tournament?

Vivienne: Well, now, to be fair, we didn't know she was gonna get engaged.

Maya: I know.

Vivienne: [Laughing] Okay? Oh, my God. I can't believe it. My baby girl is getting married. Where did all the time go?

Nicole: Are you gonna cry?

Vivienne: No.

Maya: Yes. Here.

Vivienne: No, I'm not. Well, even if I do [Crying] I have the right to.


Nicole: I love you, mommy.

Vivienne: I love you back.

Maya: Aww. [Chuckles softly] Mm.

Nicole: And I think you know how I feel about you.

Maya: You can say it again.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Maya: [Laughs]

Nicole: You made me realize how much I love Zende and how that's what I was afraid of losing. And I am forever grateful. You are more than my sister. You're my best friend. And not to be greedy, but I have to ask you to be one more thing.

Maya: What's that?

Nicole: My matron of honor. Will you stand up for me, Maya?

Maya: I will stand with you through anything... and especially on your wedding day, so consider me honored. [Laughs] Aaah!

Vivienne: [Sniffling]

R.J.: Hey, I helped my dad re-create a giant heart in the sand, so if you need any assistance pulling off this wedding, I'm your guy.

Zende: Uh, I won't be afraid to ask, but I want to do most of this on my own. It's my gift to Nicole.

Rick: That's the right mind-set.

Eric: You know what they say -- happy wife, happy life.

Rick: Words to live by.

Zende: You're right. All I want to do is make Nicole happy.

Thomas: Man, you got it bad.

Zende: [Chuckles]

Rick: Really, though, Zende, is there anything that we can help you with?

Zende: Well, since you asked, uh...there is something you can do for me.

Rick: Yeah. Shoot.

Zende: You've been a good counsel for me since I moved to L.A. I trust you. You've always had my back, even though I've been wrong at times.

Rick: Well, Zende, you know I'm always there for you.

Zende: So I want you to be there for me tomorrow, by my side. I want you to be my best man.

Rick: Seriously?

Zende: It would mean a lot to me.

Rick: It would mean a lot to me, too.

Zende: Yeah?

Rick: Yeah, man! I would be honored!

Zende: All right.

Rick: Yeah.

Sally: Saul, how are the designs coming along?

Saul: You're expecting miracles, sally, on no budget with no time.

Sally: Well, that is how much faith I have in you, in us, in the spectra creativity and ingenuity. We are going to explode onto the scene, and we are gonna give the Forresters -- miss Steffy in particular -- a run for their money.

Darlita: Let's hope it doesn't come to that, since they have it and we don't.

Saul: Yeah, but we got sally. I mean, if anyone could pull off the impossible, she's sitting behind that desk.

Sally: The cake stunt was good. But we need to keep our names out there, synonymous with the Forresters. I've been researching Steffy. I even have alerts set. I just can't figure out what to do. Oh, that's it!

Saul: Uh-oh.

Sally: Oh, you cannot argue with fate, guys. There is a Forrester wedding happening.

Darlita: Steffy and Liam?

Sally: No, Zende and Nicole -- Steffy's cousin. My point is they are tying the knot. It is a bona fide Forrester event.

Saul: What are you gonna do?

Sally: What do you think? Crash the wedding!

Vivienne: I wanted this day to come. Zende's a good man. He's young, made some mistakes, but what matters is he knows it and he is sincerely sorry. But most important, he loves you like nobody's business. And with you by his side, keeping him in check, he could age like fine wine.

Maya: And maybe -- maybe -- grow into a man who deserves my exceptional sister as a wife.

Nicole: Wife. Huh! I'm gonna be a wife!

Vivienne: Yeah.

Maya: Yes!

Nicole: This is crazy. It's happening so fast.

[Cell phone chimes]

Nicole: Like, tomorrow fast.

Vivienne: [Laughs]

Nicole: Oh, a text from Dad.

Vivienne: Oh. What did he say?

Nicole: "I'm so happy for you, baby girl, but the father of the bride usually foots the bill."

Vivienne: Oh, geez.

Nicole: "A Forrester wedding won't come cheap, but what the hell -- short-term loss, long-term gain."

Maya: Leave it to dad to go right to money.

Vivienne: [Laughs]

Nicole: Zende won't take it. This wedding is his gift to me. He wants to plan everything.

Maya: Ohh. That is so romantic.

Nicole: And the way he's speaking, this dress is gonna be amazing.

Maya: Where are you having it?

Nicole: We're hoping for the Forrester estate, but... we'll see.

Vivienne: Hello, Sasha.

Sasha: Aunt Viv. Maya. So, um, I-I heard the news.

Nicole: Figured it'd get around.

Sasha: Wow. So, um... you and Zende are...engaged.

R.J.: You like redheads?

Thomas: What are you talking about?

R.J.: Oh, a girl just requested to follow me, so... I accept.

Thomas: You got a lot of cuties following you online?

R.J.: Oh, lots.

Thomas: Mm. Attaboy! True Forrester. I got to ask you a question.

Thomas: Shoot.

R.J.: Out of all the girls in the world... how do you know when the one standing right in front of you is the one?

Thomas: I'm still trying to figure that out myself.

Saul: I know this isn't an easy thing for you to do, but just, hey, give it a shot. Think before you go crashing someone's wedding.

Sally: Someone? Someone that's a Forrester. It's like a gift from above.

Saul: What if you get arrested for trespassing or being a public nuisance or something?

Sally: Oh. Ooh! Even better! Can you imagine the publicity? Actually, you know what? As a matter of fact, we should work something out. I will text you whenever you need to call the cops.

Saul: No, wait. No, no. No, no, no. I don't want any part of this cray-cray scheme!

Sally: It's not crazy! It is brilliant! It is exactly what aunt sally would do, okay? We need all eyes on us, attention paid. Piggybacking on the Forresters is the quickest, most effective way to generate that buzz.

Saul: [Sighs]

Sally: I have to call grams.

Saul: So, you really -- you really want to bring back the Forrester/spectra rivalry?

Sally: Clickbait gold. It can't go wrong. But... we do need to ignite that flame -- fire stoked and kept alive. But I can do that. Tomorrow, sally spectra strikes again.

Eric: Congratulations, Zende. She's a great girl. You couldn't do any better.

Zende: I still can't believe she said yes.

Eric: [Chuckles] You were persistent.

Zende: I was. I guess I wore her down, huh?

Eric: Whatever works.

Zende: There's something I want to ask you, granddad.

Eric: What? What is it?

Zende: So, uh, I was hoping that maybe we could have the wedding here, if it's not a big problem.

Eric: Nothing would give me more pleasure than to host your special day right here in the house.

Zende: Yeah?

Eric: Sure.

Zende: Perfect! Thank you.

Eric: My pleasure.

Zende: There's one more thing, if I could.

Eric: [Chuckling] What?

Zende: [Chuckles] All right, look -- I want to pull out all the stops, right?

Eric: Yeah.

Zende: I want to make this a real dream come true for Nicole, so I got to thinking, "what is the showstopper?" Right? The exclamation point.

Eric: Uh-huh.

Zende: I-it would only be for a day, with your permission, of course.

Sasha: I'm sorry, but would you ladies mind if I spoke to Nicole alone?

Nicole: It's okay.

Vivienne: Call me if you need me.

Maya: Same.

Nicole: What's up?

Sasha: Look, I'm really sorry, Nic. I know I did you wrong, but I-I swear, I-I thought it was over between you and Zende, and, look, I know -- I know that is no excuse. I just -- I came here today 'cause I really wanted to apologize to you and reassure you, if need be, there's been nothing going on between us, and there ne-- there never will be again. Zende is all about you. [Sighs] Okay. I'm not gonna lie. I left the door open. But... Zende didn't walk through it. You're it for him.

Nicole: Okay. Well...thanks.

Sasha: Okay, look, I'm not -- I'm not saying it's gonna happen overnight, and I know it's gonna take a long while for me to win back your trust, but I-I want to rebuild our relationship, okay? And, yes, I know that it's easier said than done, but if we just take it one step at a time, like -- like, um... I would really love it if I could...come to your wedding. What do you say, Nic? C-can I be there when you and Zende get married?

Eric: Now, this... is an exclamation point.

Zende: [Chuckles] I had it done as a wedding gift for Nicole. I figure someday we'd, uh, want to hang it over our fireplace -- continue the Forrester tradition.

Eric: Zende, it's beautiful. It's perfect. Good job.

Zende: Thank you. I don't want to overstep. You letting us have the wedding here is generous enough. But I was hoping that maybe Nicole's portrait could hang in our family home during the wedding. Obviously, after the reception, Quinn's picture will go right back up. You can -- you can say no. It's fine. Say yes, but "no" is okay, too.

Eric: I'll talk to Quinn. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Zende: Yeah?

Eric: Yeah.

Zende: I appreciate you even considering it. Thank you.

[Both chuckle]

Eric: This is gonna be a great day for the Forrester family. You'll see.

Zende: Oh, hope so. I really want to make this special for Nicole. Nothing can ruin this wedding day.

Nicole: You want to come to my wedding?

Sasha: Look, Nic, you're my sister, okay? And I certainly don't expect to be...maid of honor, but... just to be there and support, to witness, to forget all that bad stuff, put it all behind us, and be the family that we are. Look, I really just want to show everyone in the family that I am in total support of you and Zende. I want to share in your happiness on the most important day of your life -- finally being a real sister.

Nicole: A lot of forgiveness has been going around... and I'm not there with you yet.

Sasha: [Sighs]

Nicole: But... yes, okay, Sasha. You can come to my wedding.

Sasha: [Gasps, chuckles] Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much. Oh, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Look, I just want to say congratulations, sis. You know, they always say that, um, the best man wins, but, in this case... the best woman won.

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