B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/8/17


Episode # 7520 ~ Wyatt submits his resignation at Forrester Creations in order to move on to a life without Steffy; Steffy makes an attempt to resolve her issues with Thomas over lunch at Il Giardino.

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Wyatt: The hits just keep on coming.

Steffy: Huh. Nicole's hashtags are really paying off. When anyone posts about me in the media or on their personal pages, it links here.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Steffy: Huh. Wow.

Wyatt: Oh, look. Post about our divorce. Won't be reading the comments on that one.

Steffy: Look, it doesn't matter what they say. You're a great husband. And look, you're really important to me.

Wyatt: And I-I feel the same way. I just... I can't -- I can't be this close to you every day. I'll put on a brave face for the wedding. I'll support you and my brother. But I don't know. I just... I don't know, I think my time here at Forrester is done. I'm submitting my resignation.

Pam: Wait, wait. Where are you going?

Thomas: To see my sister.

Pam: No, she's in a meeting.

Thomas: She texted me. She wants to see me.

Pam: Well, you're just gonna have to wait, Thomas. Madam C.E.O. has a very busy schedule today.

Bill: Do I look happy to you, C.J.? This is not my happy face! I wanted that property!

C.J.: And I was ready to sell it to you.

Bill: And now you're backing out.

C.J.: Unfortunately, my cousin wants to be a fashion mogul, and I feel obligated to give her a shot.

Bill: A shot at what?

C.J.: Getting the old locomotive running again.

Bill: Spectra fashions?

C.J.: Yes. My cousin has my mother's name, and she thinks she has her head for fashion, too.

Bill: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So -- so your -- your cousin's name is --

C.J.: Sally Spectra.

Sally: Now, you listen to me. You just gave us the loan the other day, shifty. Yes, I am calling you shifty from now on. You will get your money based on the terms. No, shifty. With the interest you're charging, I should throw you behind bars.

Saul: Sally, sally, these machines, I-I-I can't. I can't. You got to call somebody about these sewing machines.

Sally: As long as one of them works, we're fine.

Saul: I cannot make a whole collection with one machine.

Sally: You are on team Spectra now, Saul. We do what needs to be done. Show a little initiative, would you? You, too, grams. We have six months to turn these designs into piles of cash, or this old building has a date with the wrecking ball.

Sally: We are going back to our roots.

Bill: This is your cousin?

C.J.: Yep, that's sally. Relaunching the brand.

Bill: Is this a joke?

C.J.: Believe me when I tell you I wish that it was. Look, it doesn't matter, okay? Spectra fashions isn't gonna make a comeback. In six months or less, my cousin is gonna fold, and you can do whatever you want with that building.

Bill: Well, you better be right about that, C.J. You don't want to break a deal with me once, let alone twice.

Sally: We need to get these designs stitched together and on the runway pronto.

Saul: I'm doing the best I can with what I got.

Sally: Use dental floss if you have to. I don't care if the designs are falling apart.

Shirley: Saul, honey, they only have to make one trip down the runway.

Sally: Yes, exactly. We will make the designs when we get the orders.

Saul: I love your energy. I-I do. It just, um, it seems risky.

Sally: It's a chance that we have to take, okay? We are flying by the seat of our pants here, people. Why do you think I have been sketching day and night? I have the whole world breathing down my back. C.J., Shifty the loan shark. Excuse me. Officer. It's gonna be crazy for a while, okay? But if we can pull this off -- when we pull this off, we are gonna be the toast of the fashion world. That is our goal -- to be as well-known as Steffy Forrester. That woman is everywhere.

Steffy: Being around me hurts that much, huh?

Wyatt: I... what hurts is -- is getting this tattoo removed. I mean, how many more treatments do I have to do?

Steffy: We were a great team. And I want to thank you for that.

Wyatt: Yeah, I mean, I-I had a great time here at Forrester. Creating your social media campaign. But Nicole's on it now, and she's doing an amazing job, you know?

Steffy: Yeah.

Wyatt: Look, all the time we spent together, it's always gonna be special to me. You know, the photo shoot on the Stella Maris. You know, all of that stuff. I'll never forget it. It's just... it's time for me to move on.

Thomas: So Wyatt's resigning?

Steffy: I mean, I shouldn't be surprised after everything that's happened. He just did such great work here. I-I'd hate to see him go.

Thomas: Is he going back to Spencer?

Steffy: Yeah, his family's company. He'll always have a spot there.

Thomas: Oh. Is that a message for me?

Steffy: Thomas, I-I hate the tension between us. I don't want you to feel this way. Can we, like, go and grab a bite and talk things out?

Thomas: As my boss?

Steffy: As your sister.

Bill: [Laughs] Well, look who decides to drop in and make an appearance!

Wyatt: Missed you, too, dad.

Bill: You know, you could have checked in a little more often. You are my son. I'd like to know you're all right.

Wyatt: I will be -- because I'll be here. You can check up on me whenever you want.

Bill: What are you talking about?

Wyatt: I resigned from Forrester today. I-I had a good run, but it's just -- it's... it's too difficult to be around Steffy right now.

Steffy: Pam, can you call Il Giardino and tell them we need a table for two? And clear my schedule till we get back.

Pam: Okay. Have a good time.

Steffy: Thanks.

Sally: Aunt sally tried to stand on the mountaintop with Forrester creations. She got close, but she couldn't match their grandeur. We will.

Shirley: Sally... your aunt spent years competing with Forrester creations. We do not have that kind of time!

Sally: We don't need it! Aunt sally used to stage huge events. It is a different world now. We don't have to go big. We just have to go viral. Look at Steffy Forrester. She posts one thing and it gets shared like a million times. I can do that, too. Better than any Forrester. I am a Spectra, and Spectras are all about self-promotion. I am gonna have millions of followers all over the world begging for my autograph and my designs.

Saul: Sally, uh, how many, uh, how many people liked your press conference?

Sally: 14.

Saul: Okay. Okay. Okay. Steffy Forrester had over a million likes for her boyfriend's tofu recipe.

Sally: Okay, I know! I know. I know, Saul, okay?

Shirley: Sally, honey, we cannot compete with that.

Sally: Maybe we don't have to. When was Steffy's last post?

Saul: Um... this morning.

Sally: So she's not live right now?

Saul: No.

Sally: I have to find out where she is.

Shirley: Oh, no. Why?

[Telephone rings]

Pam: Forrester creations.

Sally: Steffy Forrester.

Pam: Oh, I'm sorry. She's out of the office. Would you like to leave a message?

Sally: I would not. We have a meeting, and she is not here. Is this how Forrester is being run now?

Pam: Um, I'm sorry. She's at lunch. Who -- who am I speaking with?

Sally: [Scoffs] This is preposterous, insulting! I deserve an explanation. I have been waiting at this restaurant for a half an hour.

Pam: Oh! Are -- are you at Il Giardino?

Sally: Il Giardino?

Pam: Yeah, Steffy's on her way there right now. I'm sorry. I just assumed that she was having lunch alone with her brother. But if you're --


Pam: Hello?

Sally: Quick. Get a table for three at Il Giardino. We are going to lunch.

Steffy: Thomas, your work is essential at Forrester creations. You're an amazing designer. You share that with dad and granddad.

Thomas: Steffy, what I'm asking is to be treated as an equal. I'm just as qualified to be running the C.E.O. position as you.

Steffy: Okay, let's not debate qualifications. [Sighs] Okay, what can I do to make you feel better?

Thomas: Do you really want me to do this?

Steffy: Thomas, we're a team. You're my brother. We're supposed to be supporting one another. You know, it really hurts me when you say you're just gonna leave the company and start your own.

Sally: Look, I know we called last minute, but, uh, is this the best you can do?

Shirley: It's okay. It's okay. Holy moley! Do you see these prices? We can't even afford the water here!

Sally: Don't order anything.

Shirley: Then what are we doing here?!

Saul: Is that Steffy Forrester?

Sally: Yes. And her brother, Thomas, sitting at the best table in the joint. Take a good look, team. That is our future. And how do we get there? By using our brains and our history and a page out of aunt sally's playbook.

Wyatt: I get it, dad. I'll support Liam and Steffy's marriage. I'll even go to the wedding if they want me there.

Bill: Good man.

Wyatt: I just -- I can't work over at Forrester. It's too much.

Bill: Well, I'm sure Liam would prefer it that way.

Wyatt: I didn't resign 'cause of my brother's ego. I had a great thing going over at Forrester creations. My mother and Eric, they both -- they trusted me to do my job and...

Bill: Okay, well, I trust you to do your job here.

Wyatt: So I-I have your full support? That's your priority?

Bill: I'm not your mother. But I am proud of you, all right? In a tough situation, you made the right call.

Wyatt: It's just staying there would have been a whole lot worse.

Bill: Look, I don't want you to be too hard on yourself. All right? Your marriage didn't work out, but you and Steffy struck gold. All of her followers, her incredible internet presence, that happened why? Because of you. You made Steffy a star.

Sally: [Scoffs] Look at her. So oblivious, like she has no idea all eyes are on her. It is like this everywhere she goes, which is why we're here.

Shirley: Weren't you saying something about history?

Sally: Yes. It's almost poetic. I am aunt sally's namesake, and Steffy is named after her grandmother. After all of these years, sally and Stephanie together again.

Shirley: Honey, can't we just focus on our collection?

Sally: Yes, but I want the rest of the world to be focused on it, too. We need exposure, and Steffy's gonna give it to us.

Saul: Steffy?

Sally: And her millions of followers. Take out your phone.

Shirley: What are you gonna do?

Sally: Just watch and start recording when something interesting happens. Yoo-hoo! Thomas. Thomas Forrester. Wow, either it's my lucky day or you come here all the time.

Thomas: Uh, no. Just grabbing lunch with my sister.

Sally: The queen herself, Steffy Forrester, C.E.O. and super influencer of fashion. Enchanted, I'm sure. Ooh, you guys are having dessert. What do you recommend? I can't resist anything sweet.

Steffy: Sally Spectra.

Sally: That's me. Yeah, our families go way back. It's quite amazing, actually, the history that we have. Splendid, wonderful history between our families. Your uncle Thorne was actually married to my cousin, Macy Alexander. Anyway, I'm taking over Spectra fashions. We are coming back, and we are gonna give you a run for your money.

Steffy: I know. I saw the press conference. Who's the designer?

Sally: Oh, I'm doing the designs.

Steffy: Really?

Sally: Yeah, they're cutting edge. No one's doing anything like it.

Steffy: Well, um, actually, we're in the middle of something, so I would love to chat with --

Sally: No, no, no. I -- yeah. Too busy to talk to a Spectra. I get it. Some things never change.

Steffy: Not what this is about at all, actually.

Sally: Uh, excuse me. Waiter? Actually, I would like some dessert, too. Is this for everybody? Ooh, I love tiramisu. Are you gonna eat this? [Scoffs] No, probably never eaten a carb in your life.

Steffy: Huh.

Sally: Mm. Mm! Mm.

Steffy: What -- what are you doing?

Sally: Mm, no, it's good. It's good. You should try it. Here. Ooh! Oh! Oh, my god! I'm so sorry! Oh! Is that a -- is that a Forrester design? It's a little conservative and boring for my taste, but, you know, maybe it just needed a little -- a little touch of something.

Steffy: Don't -- don't touch me.

Sally: Sorry. [Chuckles]

Wyatt: You got it wrong, dad. I didn't make Steffy a star.

Bill: Who gave her the ability to be the influencer she is?

Wyatt: I-I gave her a platform. It's her audience.

Bill: Where is this modesty coming from?

Wyatt: I don't know!

Bill: I mean, you certainly didn't get it from me. Or -- or your mother, for that matter. Bugging me.

Wyatt: Okay. Okay, you're giving me a compliment. I got it.

Bill: I don't want any pushback.

Wyatt: Thank you.

Bill: Better.

Wyatt: But you're just -- you're giving me too much credit here.

Bill: [Sighs]

Wyatt: I'm just saying. All those hits are hers. The millions of followers. Yeah, I helped her reach them. But Steffy sells herself. She's a star 'cause she's -- she's confident and tough, sexy, sophisticated, a woman other women want to be and men want to be with. Wherever she goes, whatever she's doing just... she's always attracting attention.

Sally: Oh, what a mess. Here, let me help you.

Steffy: It's -- it's all right. It's all right.

Sally: Oh, wow. This must be expensive.

Steffy: Oh, no, no.

Sally: A status symbol should not be wearing this because it's flattering. Oh, geez. Oh, my god! I'm so sorry!

Steffy: [Gasping]

Sally: Look what I'm doing! [Gasps]

Steffy: Girl, you need to go back to your table, okay?

Sally: How rude. Geez. I was just trying to help.

Steffy: You've done enough. Thomas, get the check.

Sally: Oh, you're leaving?

Steffy: Yeah, we're leaving.

Sally: Oh, calm down, doll face. What's the matter? You afraid one of your followers are gonna see you looking less than perfect? You are nothing like your grandmother. She was all class. She would never beg for attention the way that you do.

Steffy: Excuse me?

Sally: That is why you are so uptight. You can't handle a little accident.

Steffy: That...is enough.

Sally: Oh, I have had enough of you, too. No wonder your brother is so grumpy. You did not tell me that your sister was such a stuck-up, self-absorbed queen bee! You need to show a little more gratitude.

Steffy: Ohh! Gratitude? Huh. You threw cake on me!

Sally: Oh, boo-hoo! It didn't hurt!

Steffy: Really?

Sally: Yes.

Steffy: How do you like it?

Sally: Aah!

Thomas: Steffy, come on. Come on, come on.

Steffy: How you like it?! How you like it?!

Sally: How dare you! This is a one-of-a-kind Spectra original!

Steffy: Oh, God, thank God there's not another. That thing is just God awful.

Sally: Ohh!

Thomas: That is fine. It's okay. We're gonna be fine.

Sally: You little -- [Screaming]

Thomas: What is happening?! Stop! Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

Steffy: Get her out of here!

Thomas: All right, get -- get -- go.

Sally: Take it easy, Queenie!

Steffy: Take one of these!

Sally: You have not seen the last of me!

Steffy: Come on! Bring it! [Gasping] Oh, my God.

Thomas: [Laughs]

Steffy: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Thomas: [Chuckles]

Steffy: Are -- are you laughing at me?

Thomas: No.

Steffy: Are you laughing at me? How -- how -- how did this just happen?!

Thomas: That's bad. I'm sorry.

Steffy: [Panting] She's back. Sally Spectra is back?!

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