B&B Transcript Tuesday 1/31/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 1/31/17


Episode # 7510 ~ Eric & Ridge share a cathartic moment before revisiting the topic of the CEO position; Thomas unloads about his family and career frustrations to a friendly stranger over drinks at Il Giardino.

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Zende: I know I wasn't gone that long.

Thomas: It's a good thing, man, believe me.

Zende: But it did give me a chance to think about things, figure out where I am with Nicole.

Thomas: Which is?

Zende: Right where I was when I left.

Thomas: Hmm.

Zende: But I am gonna change that.

Thomas: Mm-hmm?

Zende: Got to. Look, I want a future and a life with Nicole.

Thomas: Cheers to that. Wish my time away clarified things like that.

Zende: Hmm. You said Caroline was still in new York with Douglas.

Thomas: Yeah. And while I was out there trying to sort out my personal life, Steffy was here getting herself appointed to C.E.O.

Nicole: Liam has great taste. But, of course, we already knew that.

Steffy: Gosh. After everything we've been through, it just feels so good to have this ring on my finger.

Nicole: It's good to see you so happy.

Steffy: I don't know. It's just, like, after all the struggle and confusion, it just feels like everything's finally clicking into place, you know?

Nicole: Well, yeah. Give yourself some credit, woman. You've worked hard to get here. Look at all that you've done. You're a huge impact on culture and fashion. You're running your family business. And you're engaged to the man that you're meant to be with.

Steffy: I know. I know. I'm grateful for all of it. It's like... I feel like I have so many blessings and good fortune in my life right now.

Ridge: So the trip was successful?

Eric: Yes, it was. Very.

Ridge: I heard whispers about Fenmore's and a possible investment deal.

Eric: Well, I helped her close that.

Ridge: Oh.

Eric: She's a savvy businesswoman, you know. She can't wait to meet you next time she's out.

Quinn: I would love that.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: But it was a good trip and your stamina is good, dad?

Eric: Yeah, I'm still standing. And the flight home gave me time to think about what we were discussing before I left -- the future of the C.E.O. chair at Forrester.

Thomas: Now, you did it right, man. You took time off, you evaluated things, and you made sure it's what you wanted. Now you're back in the game.

Zende: I got a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm gonna make things right with Nicole.

Thomas: What about work?

Zende: What about work?

Thomas: You're an excellent photographer, Zende, but is that all you want?

Zende: You know something I don't? Steffy has other plans for me?

Thomas: I'm just saying maybe it's time for you to start making your own plans.

Zende: Well, I'm not shutting any doors.

Thomas: Good. Well, it's time you know that there's two factions at work right now. Those who are in -- Steffy. And those who aren't. Steffy and I are both Forresters, and for whatever reason, she's the heir apparent. I wasn't even considered. I'm just supposed to sit back and be okay with all this.

Nicole: Steffy, you deserve every blessing you've got, including that ring on your finger.

Steffy: [Sighs] It's still hard to believe. It's just crazy to think, like, last year, I mean, even six months ago, I never thought I would be in this position ever. Like, this ring on my finger, sitting behind this desk, and I'm just so proud and thankful. I know I-I really could mess things up, especially with my grandfather. He could have turned his back on me. But instead he put his faith in me, and he made me C.E.O. Of this company.

Ridge: Well, that is an intriguing idea, me being co-C.E.O. With Steffy.

Eric: It comes from an intriguing woman. My wife's always thinking of ideas to bring our family closer together.

Quinn: And to help my husband.

Eric: Quinn knows how important this relationship is and how difficult it is for us to be at odds.

Ridge: Yeah, and I appreciate the thought.

Quinn: There's been enough tension in this family and the company. It's time to put all of our mistakes and misunderstandings behind us and move on.

Ridge: I agree. So what are we doing here? What, uh, what is it? You made a decision? Are you making me an offer?

Eric: I want to make something clear before I say anything else. I'm very pleased with Steffy's performance as C.E.O.

Quinn: Yeah, she's respected by the clients and well-liked by the employees. I know how hard that can be.

Eric: She brought a whole-new edge and, uh, electricity to the company. It's been very exciting.

Ridge: But what? That kind of energy is more effective when it's grounded, maybe?

Eric: And tempered by experience and your kind of talent, which is very nearly unparalleled anywhere else in the industry.

Ridge: I learned from the best.

Eric: You learned well. And you're dedicated to the company. In spite of the fact you were passed over, you -- you stayed.

Quinn: I told him that was because you were being stubborn.

Eric: That's not entirely true. Quinn had some very insightful things to say about you. She's very generous and compassionate. I look forward to the day when you see the same things in her that I do. She helped me see that the real lesson in all this is forgiveness.

Quinn: It's the only way we can move forward. If we forgive each other and ourselves.

Ridge: I never meant to hurt you.

Eric: I was betrayed. I was disrespected. I thought I could no longer trust you, and I choose now -- I choose now not to think that way anymore.

Ridge: I don't want that, either.

Eric: It's time for us to move on. I loved it when you and I ran the company together, son. And you and your daughter running the company together as co-C.E.O.S, you'll be unbeatable.

Ridge: We won't let you down.

Eric: No, I don't think you will.

Ridge: Thank you.

Eric: Yeah. Uh, I haven't said anything to Steffy yet.

Ridge: If it's all the same to you, maybe I can tell her. I want her to understand how much I appreciate you supporting me and forgiving me. I can't thank you enough.

Eric: The person you should thank is Quinn.

Steffy: I wish everyone was happy for me as you are, Nicole. My brother's having issues with my promotion.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm sure he is. But working with you and watching you, I see how hard you work. You're accomplished. You deserve to run this company.

Steffy: I just don't want Thomas to feel like he's being overlooked.

Thomas: I mean, we put in all this effort and all this work, and what's the payoff?

Zende: Come on. It's not for nothing.

Thomas: I want to believe that. I do. But look at Steffy, right? This big social influencer. She's gonna be hot for six months and then gone. It's all gonna be gone. Me, on the other hand, I've been working hard for years. I've studied under my father. [Chuckles] And I've proved myself countless times as a designer.

Zende: You're a damn good one, too, man. Don't forget it.

Thomas: I just hope nobody else forgets that.

Zende: [Sighs] Hang in there, man.

Thomas: Hey, don't worry about it, man. I got it.

Zende: You sure?

Thomas: Yeah.

Zende: All right.

Thomas: See ya, man.

Cheer up, bucko. You are way too handsome to be wearing a sourpuss like that.

Steffy: Hey, dad. What's up?

Ridge: Your grandfather's back from his trip. I just saw him at the house, saw him and Quinn.

Steffy: Is everything okay?

Ridge: Yeah, um... just talking about the business, and your grandfather wants to make some changes on the executive level. That's what I want to discuss with you.

Steffy: What kind of changes?

Ridge: Good changes, I think. A good change, I hope. He wants me to be co-C.E.O. With you.

Nicole: I just updated the website, so text me if the links aren't live.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Nicole: Thanks.

Zende: Don't mind me. Keep working.

Nicole: Zende, what are you doing?

Zende: I am capturing Forrester's hottest young executive in her element.

Nicole: I'm not an executive yet.

Zende: Ah, but you don't deny that you're hot.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Nicole: I don't think that's appropriate talk for the office.

Zende: Good idea. You know, we could always take this conversation somewhere else.

Nicole: I thought you were still out of town.

Zende: Couldn't stay away. Had to come back. I missed you too much.

What a shame. A specimen like you moping into his drink. With a face like that, you should be lighting up a room. You know, maybe another drink will help? What's your poison?

Thomas: I'm good, thanks.

Too depressed to have a drink with a pretty girl. Wow, you are in bad shape.

Thomas: [Sighs] Sorry. You're, uh, you're trying to be nice. I, uh, I see that.

Yeah. Yeah, I am, and I don't do it very often, so...

Thomas: Well, I appreciate the effort. It's, uh, it's refreshing, but whatever you're gonna try and do is not gonna change my mood.

Challenge accepted. So, tell me, bucko, what's got you down?

Thomas: Usual.

Money troubles?

Thomas: Nope.

Internet trolls hacked your sexy selfies.

Thomas: No. It's family issues.

Oh, wow. Yeah. There's something I know about.

Thomas: Oh, wow. It's more business.

You said family.

Thomas: Yeah, well, business is family.

Oh, yeah? What line of work?

Thomas: Fashion.

Eric: How do you think she's gonna react?

Quinn: Well, Steffy took the C.E.O. job to bring the family together. Sharing the position with ridge is just another step in that direction.

Eric: Thank you. Thank you for suggesting it and for reminding me of the power of forgiveness.

Steffy: Granddad gave you my job?

Ridge: No, he did not. You're still C.E.O. You've been here a short while. You've already put a great mark on this company. And I know Thomas has a chip on his shoulder about it, and Ricky, well, he's -- he's never happy. But yes, you're still C.E.O.

Steffy: Co-C.E.O. with you.

Ridge: We'll be a team.

Steffy: Wait, how is that gonna work? I'm gonna handle business and you're gonna handle production?

Ridge: We're gonna work all that out. That's not why I'm here. We're gonna discuss all that later. The reason I'm here is 'cause I don't want you to think that you're -- you're being demoted for any reason. They don't want you to think that I'm brought in because you can't handle it, because you can.

Steffy: "They"? Who's "they"?

Ridge: Dad and Quinn. It was her idea.

Steffy: Quinn asked Granddad to promote you?

Ridge: Granddad made the decision, but Quinn talked to him about it, the same way she talked to him about you being C.E.O., yes.

Steffy: So Granddad forgave you?

Ridge: Finally the family's back together, and he wants us to lead this company into the future.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Ridge: I know, Steffy. I know. I know this isn't -- this isn't easy, but we can do this. You know, your innovation, my insight. I'm still gonna be head designer of this company. We can take this place to new heights. I was running Forrester before you were born. And I have relationships, I've built relationships, a reputation. And dad thinks that we could complement each other. I agree with him. The fact that dad is forgiving me, that he's trying to trust me again, that's -- that's a big deal. And working with you the way that I used to work with dad, that -- that makes me really, really happy. I know you weren't expecting this. But here we are. What do you think?

Steffy: [Sighs]

Zende: I know I messed up. I'll always regret hurting you.

Nicole: You don't have to keep apologizing, Zende.

Zende: It's just, you know, sometimes it's hard to know what else to say. I still love you, Nicole. Maybe that's not what you want to hear, either, but it's true. Hell, it's the only thing I know for sure. These feelings won't change. They won't go away. You are it for me. And I won't give up on us again. Now, I know these are just words, and words aren't enough. You want me to show you. You want me to prove to you how much I love you. I will. I'm fighting for us, Nicole. I'm fighting for our relationship and our future.

Ridge: I want you to be honest with me. If we can't be C.E.O. Together, that's okay. I'll make a phone call right now.

Steffy: [Sighs] I'd be honored to share my title with you.

Ridge: You would?

Steffy: Are you kidding? I heard all the stories about you and granddad, how you guys challenged each other and inspired each other. I would love to work with you that way. Father-daughter running this company. Of course I'd want that.

Ridge: I want that, too.

Steffy: You know, being C.E.O., it was a huge challenge for me, but I was ready for it because everything you taught me.

Ridge: Now I'm ready to learn from you.

Steffy: I can't wait to start.

Ridge: Wow. Spoken like a natural-born leader.

Steffy: Yep. When do you think granddad's gonna make it official?

Ridge: It's up to us. There is one phone call I need to make first.

Steffy: Thomas.

Fashion, huh? You're a model.

Thomas: A designer.

So that swank jacket of yours is gonna be all the rage next season?

Thomas: Yeah. I do the men's fashion, as well.

Ooh. Whose? I'm in fashion.

[Cell phone rings]

Thomas: Ah. Hold on one second. Yeah, dad.

Ridge: Hey, Thomas, I need to see you at the office.

Thomas: What's up?

Ridge: Just get here as soon as you can.

Thomas: Okay. [Clears throat] I am sorry, but I have to go.

Oh, what a shame. We were just getting to know each other. I'm sally. What's your name, handsome?

Thomas: Thomas.

Sally: So, Thomas, you never told me what fashion house you work for.

Thomas: Forrester creations.

Sally: Forrester?

Thomas: Mm-hmm. You've heard of it?

Sally: Who hasn't?

Thomas: I appreciate you trying to cheer me up. I, uh, I didn't catch your last name.

Sally: It's not important.

Thomas: Huh.

Sally: It's really nice to meet you, Thomas. Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

Thomas: Maybe.

Sally: Forrester. Can I close out, barkeep?

Sure. Uh, name on the card?

Sally: Spectra. Sally spectra.

Steffy: Just one question about this new arrangement. Who gets the desk?

Ridge: You like the desk, huh?

Steffy: Helm of the ship.

Ridge: You steered it well, so, yes, you can have the desk.

Steffy: Thank you. This is really exciting. I did feel like you got passed over. I wasn't happy about that.

Ridge: I never blamed you for it.

Steffy: Well, I'm glad that you and granddad were able to work it out.

Ridge: Like you said before, we always challenged each other, but we figured it out. Doesn't mean you and me, we have to have that same kind of relationship.

Steffy: No, that was that fire that made you guys such an amazing team.

Ridge: Guess so. We had a passion for this place. But you and me, we share a vision. And we're gonna make this company great. I respect your abilities, and I know you respect mine. And when I'm old and gray and full of sleep and I can't lift a pencil anymore, I will cheer you on from the sidelines, because I'm so incredibly proud of you and grateful that we get to do this together. We'll create our own legacy at Forrester Creations.

Steffy: [Sighs] Co-C.E.O.s. Co-C.E.O.s.

Ridge: Yeah.

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